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Membership of Bannside Library will be £10 per calendar month.

However, if you join between now and Christmas you will enjoy a special discount making it an ideal seasonal gift to yourself or a loved one!


*Join now and pay just £100 for one years membership – a saving of £20! – two free months.

*Join now and pay just £50 for 6months membership – a saving of £10! – one free month.

Membership entitles you to enjoy exclusive use of the Library facilities at all times and entry to events we host.

If you bring a friend, their first visit is free, and £5 thereafter – unless they join – and, if they do join, you will receive a free months membership off your next annual subscription.

After Santa has been and gone annual membership will be £120, and six monthly membership will be £60.


Large groups – maximum 30 persons

£30 per group plus £3 per head for refreshments.

Small groups – up to 10 persons.

No group fee. £3 per head for refreshments

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Patronage Schemes

The Longfellows

James Kyle Paisley, the Father of Harold and Ian Paisley was a tall man. As it happened, his two sons, like him, grew long in the leg. When they were youngsters, James nicknamed his two tall sons The Longfellows. Ian the Longfellow certainly put in a mile or two with his long legs over his lifetime. Our patronage scheme is named in honour of his lifetime of journeying to proclaim the Gospel he loved and his years of public service for those who elected him.

You may become a bronze, silver or gold Longfellow.

Bronze: donations of £1-£100
Silver: donations of £101-£1000
Gold: donations of £1001 plus.

Bannside Library was viewed by Ian Paisley as another vehicle to carry the love of his Saviour. In a world that grows faster by the day, a quiet place to read, study, reflect and dream becomes ever more precious. Additionally the opportunity to bring The Story to the marketplace whether via the web or via local projects is to be taken up and progressed. Your patronage will help us to “keep the story alive” – both the story of redemptive grace and the story of one man whose influence changed the history of Northern Ireland.

If you are interested in becoming a Longfellow, please click here to fill in our form.

Thank you.

The Shepherds

Ian Paisley came to Christ as a young child through his Mother, Isabella, relating the story of the lost sheep. “I am the good shepherd, the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.” When visiting primary schools and talking to children, he told them how he realised he was a lost sheep and how he became a found sheep. To reinforce the message he gave them a little chocolate sheep. Working with a local chocolatier, we continue this tradition. Packaged along with a little card we pass this message along to every child our Library encounters.

If you would like to become a Shepherd to one sheep or a whole flock here’s how –

£1 buys one chocy sheep packaged with a little card and work pack, so it follows that £30 provides for a classroom of sheep. You may choose to feed one sheep or any number of sheep you please!.

If you are interested in becoming a Shepherd please click here to fill in our form.

Thank you.