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February 2017

Earthly Footsteps of the Man of Galilee

Earthly Footsteps of the Man of Galilee and The Journeys of His Apostles

“Earthly Footsteps of the Man of Galilee and The Journeys of His Apostles” is illustrated in 384 original photographic views.

Scenes of His prayers, tears, miracles and sermons are laid out before the viewer.
This is a beautifully presented edition, well worth a look!

March 2016

The Rent Veils at Calvary

The Rent Veils at Calvary

The power and the hope of Calvary are masterfully dealt with in this book.

It looks at seven aspects of Calvary’s atoning power.

Its themes are darkness, separation, death, the temple, the rocks and earth, the grave, and the flesh of the Saviour.

It takes the reader to the foot of the cross and bids them listen to the “heart work” of the dying Saviour. The breaking of his heart, by an act of love for all humankind, opened a fountain of cleansing for sin and all uncleanness.

In addition there are two brief appendixes by the “Prince of Preachers”, C.H. Spurgeon on the Blood of Christ which add an extra dimension to this study of the Cross.

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Feburary 2016


NORTHERN IRELAND – Our Lesser Known Story

A Top of the Poll production from Bannside Library

In 1937, aged 12, Ian Paisley received a ‘Special’ prize for attendance at Sunday School.

He likely had little say in the matter as his Father was the Minister and his Mother the organist and one of the teachers!

The prize was a book called ‘Sketches of Olden days in Northern Ireland’ written by Canon Hugh Forde of Londonderry.

The book remains in tact and is today still in Lord Bannside’s Library, it was one of his treasures.

To mark the opening of his Library for public access, Lord Bannside choose to reproduce this book given that it has preserved the stories behind some of our best loved places.

Here is a taster menu to whet your appetite!

  • Will golfing star Rory survive the War Hollow?
  • The Dog and the disappearing Piper! Another great tale… sorry about that!
  • Nine hundred dead monks in Bangor – not a hair of their heads was spared!
  • Wanted! The Scottish General responsible for the destruction of Antrim’s stately castles!

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