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Study Notes

Each month for your interest we will post notes from one or other of Lord Bannside’s Bibles or Sermon notebooks.

These notes have not been viewed before.

They are his private reading notes which are the basis from which he developed sermons, deeper studies, and writings for publication.

March 2017:

Additional notes for a study of “The Lamb” The theme of the Lamb with all its recurring pictures in Scripture was central in the ministry of Lord Bannside. Particularly he drew upon it in his Communion addresses to believers. This note, added to another study of the Lamb, was the basis for one such short message.

The Lamb, as the underling, was alone worthy to cleanse, to cure, and to comfort, until His return.

February 2017:

The Divine Library A useful little summary of the 66 books of the Bible often used by Lord Bannside to help guide others through the Scriptures and encourage them to see the Bible as the Book full of Books.

January 2017:

Study notes alongside Psalm 146 in reading Bible. Looking at the Lord as our Liberator, Enlightener, Comforter, Lover, Preserver, Reliever, and Confounder.

December 2016:

This little margin note from Lord Bannside’s daily reading Bible gives insight to the manner in which initial thoughts on a Scripture were formed and then expanded in relation to their wider implication. Such notes are the little seeds of sermon development. They pepper the pages of his reading Bibles.

October 2016:

Personal study notes which from the initial thoughts for sermon development taken from reading Bibles.

August 2016: Revival

Revival was a constant theme of Lord Bannside’s ministry.

He constantly encouraged believers to take up the challenge of prayer for personal, national, and world-wide revival of the Christian message in all its Redemptive power.

His own ministry was punctuated with times of unique periods of blessing when many hundreds of people came to a personal knowledge of Christ as their Saviour. Often his tent missions and those of his Ministerial colleagues went beyond their allocated time, extending to several more weeks of meetings, because there was an out pouring of the Spirit of God. Believers were refreshed and renewed in their faith, an unbelievers were redeemed. These missions dug the foundation of almost every one of the Free Presbyterian Churches in existence today. He was a Revivalist! We could do worse than to sign up to membership of that club ourselves!

July 2016: 10 Commandments for Bible Study

Several of Lord Bannside’s Bibles have contained therein an alphabetical note of each of the sermons he prepared using that particular Bible. The margins and inserted leaves beside the actual Scripture reference contain the fuller sermon notes. Here you can see one such list of notes. Following the letter ‘W’ he has noted what he heads “10 Commandments for Bible Study.

March 2016: The Thrust of Life Versus the Drift of Death

You will see from the notes that these were used as a basis for sermons preached in the following locations between August and November 1987:

  • Enniskillen Summer Conference, August 1987
  • Oulton Broad, August 1987
  • Portavogie September 1987
  • Lurgan, September 1987
  • Mountmerion, September 1987
  • Mulvin, October 1987
  • Randalstown, October 1987
  • Greenville South Carolina, USA, October 1987
  • Virginia Beech, USA, October 1987
  • Toronto, Canada, November 1987

The text is John 10:10 – “The their cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they may have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

Usually when dealing with a text during a conference just one section of the notes would have provided material for one sermon, the whole of the notes forming a study which would lend itself to the full term of the conference.

As the notes indicate sometimes one section would be preached on in a location, not the whole. The cross references would then form the main body of that particular sermon.

February 2016: Revival

You will see from the top of his notes when he first used these thoughts:

Opening HC Hall 5/9/87 ~ indicates the opening that Saturday afternoon at 3pm of The Henry Cooke Memorial Hall, Finaghy, Belfast, an extension work of his own Ministry in Belfast.

Rasharkin ~ indicates he preached that same Saturday evening in Co Antrim, most likely in the Free Presbyterian Church or in relation to the work of the church there.

B’mena morning 6/8/87 ~ refers to the Morning Worship service held in the James Kyle Memorial Free Presbyterian Church. That church grew out of the Ministry of Lord Bannside’s father, James Kyle and was further consolidated through the ministry of Lord Bannside’s brother-in-law, Rev James Beggs. Lord Bannside often ministered there and was the preacher at two pivotal gospel campaigns held in the town of Ballymena in 1950 and again in 1976 when several hundred persons professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The subject of Revival was always dealt with by Lord Bannside ahead of gospel campaigns when his messages were geared to the believers who were planning the mission and when extensive prayer times were held in preparation for the work.

Read in this context, these notes will be of particular interest and blessing to those who are already children of the Resurrection!

Times Past

Fifty nine years ago in March 1957 a series of meetings were held by Lord Bannside (then Rev Ian Paisley) and his Father, Rev J K Paisley. The Sunday meetings were in the Town Hall and the week night meetings were in the Gospel Tabenacle. The leaflet announcing these meetings is shown here.

After the meetings were held Pastor Paisley gave his son a gift of ‘The Works of Rev Jn Newton’ which you can see from the picture, was well used in the years to come! You can also see his inscription to his son.

Ballymena Town Hall played an important role in the ministry of both the Paisley preachers – father and son. Scores of people came to Christ as a result of gospel campaigns held there and the impact of these continues to this day.

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