Ulster’s part in the Battle of the Somme





This little booklet was published in 1966 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Battle which ran from 1st July to 15th November 1916. It was printed by The Northern Whig. Ltd., Waring Street, Belfast and it was written by Lt. Colonel W.A. Shooter, O.B.E.

Its frontispiece is a minute map of the battlefield and it opens with the words “Ulster has reason to be proud of the part played by her sons in the Great War of 1014-16, particularly so during the great Battle of the Somme.”

It is just 23 pages in length and systematically looks at the role played by the 36th (Ulster) Division; Guards, and the Cavalry Units.

Its style is neither flowery nor emotive. Its power lies in its plain language and factual recording of what occurred.

It concludes with a list of Ulster’s V.C.s and those of non-Ulstermen who served with the Ulster Regiments.

It is part of our Small Booklet and Pamphlet Collection and available for you to read.

(Note: Currently you will not find it on our site catalogue as that part of our collection is not as yet fully ready to be downloaded. For your convenience its reference is T1E6).

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