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10, Downing Street. Egon Jameson. Cs2D76
100 Best After-Dinner Stories. Phyllis Shindler (CollectorCs4F13
100 Best Loved Poems. J. Danson Smith. Cs2F36
1973 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Philadelphia 1972Cs3D103
A Basket of Eggs. Esther Miskimmin. Cs3B60
A Batchelor in Search of a Wife. Annie S. Swan. Cs3B3
A Book of Heroic Verse. Arthur Burrell. Cs3D47
A Brief History of Preaching. Yngve Brilioth. Cs2C71
A Brief Spanish Grammar. [copy 1]E.S. Ingraham. Cs2E31
A Brief Spanish Grammar. [copy 2]E.S. IngrahamCs2E37
A Bunch of Grapes. William Easton. Cs3F5
A Catholic Dictionary. William E. Addis/ T.Arnold. Cs6C6
A Christian Philosophy of Education. Gordon H. Clark. Jefferson Cs3B92
A Christmas Carol.Charles DickensCs2D38
A Conquest of Grace: Alfred Russell. By his Mother. Cs6E36
A Creative Guide to Stitch Embroidery. Jan Eaton. Cs1D20
A Cultural Traditions Directory for Northern Ireland. Cs2D48
A Daughter of Destiny. Annie S. Swan. Cs3B11
A Defence of Virginia. Prof. Robert L. Dabney. Cs5A8
A Directory of Ceremonial. Part I. A.S. Duncan-Jones et al.Cs2C65
A Directory of Ceremonial. Part II. A.S. Duncan-Jones et al. Cs2C59
A Europe of Towns and Cities. A Practical Guide to Town-Twinning. Cs4G31
A First Greek Course. Sir William Smith. Cs2E33
A Flower grows in Ireland. Ron Wilson. Cs2A73
A General History of England 1688-1832. W.A. Barker et al.Cs5H8
A History of Civilization in Palestine. R.A.S. Macalister. Cs4B20
A History of England 1815-1918. J.R.M. Butler. Cs4F35
A History of Evangelistic Hymnody. Jales Sallee. Cs2G13
A History of Modern Europe 1789-1939. Robert L. Peacock. Cs2C81
A History of Our Own Times. Vol. I [Copy 2]Justin McCarthy. Cs5F13
A History of Our Own Times. Vol. I [Copy 1]Justin McCarthy. Cs5F12
A History of Our Own Times. Vol. II [Copy 1]Justin McCarthy. Cs5F14
A History of Our Own Times. Vol. II [Copy 2]Justin McCarthy. Cs5F15
A History of Our Own Times. Vol. IIIJustin McCarthy. Cs5F16
A History of Our Own Times. Vol. IVJustin McCarthy. Cs5F17
A History of Our Own Times. Vol. VJustin McCarthy. Cs5F18
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. Vol. I. The Birth of Britain. Winston S. Churchill.Cs4E13
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. Vol. II. The New World. Winston S. Churchill.Cs4E14
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. Vol. III. Winston S. Churchill. Cs4E39
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. Vol. III. The Age of Revolution. Winston S. Churchill.Cs4E15
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. Vol. IV. The Great DemocraciesWinston S. Churchill.Cs4E16
A History of the Evangelical Party in the Church of England. G.R. Balleine. Cs5D30
A History of the Scottish People. Vol. IRev. Thomas ThomsonCs5F6
A History of the Scottish People. Vol. IIRev. Thomas Thomson. Cs5F7
A History of the Scottish People. Vol. IIIRev. Thomas Thomson. Cs5F8
A History of the Scottish People. Vol. VIRev. Thomas Thomson. Cs5F10
A History of the Scottish People. Vol. VIRev. Thomas Thomson. Cs5F11
A History of the Scottish People. Vol.VIRev. Thomas Thomson. Cs5F9
A History of the United States. C.P. Hill. Cs5B22
A History of the United States. Cecil ChestertonCs5A10
A Homiletic Commentary on the Book of Proverbs. Rev. W. Harris. Cs2A50
A Hymn Companion. Insight into 300 Christian Hymns. Cs2G19
A Leg to Stand on. Oliver Sacks. Cs2F3
A Little of Everything. E.V. Lucas. Cs2F39
A Man Called Mr. Pentecost. David Du Plessis, Bob Slosser. Cs4G36
A Man of No Sorrows. Coulson Kernahan. Cs3D61
A Man’s Foes. E.H. Strain. Cs2D84
A Man’s Foes. J. Russell Howden. Cs3B76
A Marvelous Work and Wonder Legrand Richards Cs6G24
A Memoir of Herbert Edward Ryle. Rev. Maurice H. FitzgeraldCs4C39
A Memoir of Miss Mary Jane Graham. Rev. Charles BridgesCs2G94
A Memoir of the Rev. John Keble. Rt. Hon. Sir J.T. Coleridge. Cs4B39
A Memorial of John Henry Godsen. Letters and Sermons. S.F. Paul. Cs2G92
A Modern Telemachus. Charlotte M. Yonge. Cs2B52
A Monk of Fife. Norman LeslieCs5G30
A Monument of Mercy. Thomas Russell. Cs6B11
A New History of Methodism. Vol I.W.J. Townsend et al. (Ed.). Cs2D40
A New History of Methodism. Vol II. W.J. Townsend et al. (Ed.). Cs2D41
A New Theory of Vision. George Berkeley. Cs2C85
A Parish of Wheels. Rev. J. Howard Swinstead. Cs2C27
A Pocket History of the United States. Allan Nevins and Henry Steele CommagerCs5A17
A Pocketful of Sixpences. George W.E. Russell. Cs5C15
A Pocketful of Sixpences. George W.E. Russell. Cs5C28
A Practical Commentary upon the Epistle of St. Peter. Robert Leighton. Cs3C34
A Practical View. William Wilberforce. Cs2F28
A Price too High. An Autobiography. Peter Rawlinson. Cs4F39
A Private Devotional Diary. John Birkbeck (Ed.). Cs3D84
A Rage against Heaven. Fred M. Stewart. Cs2F10
A Religious Encyclopaedia of Biblical, Doctrinal, and Practical Theology. I. Philip Schaff (EdCs1A4
A Religious Encyclopaedia of Biblical, Doctrinal, and Practical Theology. II. Philip Schaff (Ed.). Cs1A5
A Religious Encyclopaedia of Biblical, Doctrinal, and Practical Theology. III. Philip Schaff (Ed.). Cs1A6
A Religious Encyclopaedia of Biblical, Doctrinal, and Practical Theology. IV. Philip Schaff (EdCs1A7
A Reputed Changeling. Charlotte M. Yonge. Cs2B55
A Scriptural Illustration of Genesis 26 and 27 addressed to Man. Anon. Cs3C37
A Short History of Hampton Court. Ernest Law. Cs3F13
A Short History of Our Own Times. Justin McCarthyCs4F20
A Short History of the English People. John Richard Green. Cs4F32
A Short History of the English People. John Richard Green. Cs6D8
A Short History of the English People. Vol. IJohn Richard Green. Cs4F34
A Short History of the Hebrews from Moses to Herod the Great. B.K. Rattney. Cs4B32
A Short History of the Hebrews to the Roman Period. R.L. Ottley. Cs4A13
A Social History of England. George Guest.Cs4H13
A Son of the People. Baroness Orczy. Cs3B6
A Tamarisk Garden Blessed with Rain, or, the Autobiography of Pastor Ren. Cs6B14
A Tatter of Scarlet. S.R. Crockett. Cs3B36
A Theological Interpretation of American History. C. Gregg Singer. Cs5A31
A Translation of the Old Testament Scriptures from the Original Hebrew. Helen SpurrellCs4G40
A Treatise Concerning Scandal. James Durham. Cs5G23
A Treatise on Knowledge. A.H. Smith. Cs2E86
A Wanderer in Florence. E.V. Lucas. Cs2B56
A Wanderer in Holland. E.V. Lucas. Cs2A76
A Window in Thrums. J.M. Barrie. Cs2E18
A Window in Thrums. J.M. Barrie. Cs2G89
A Window in Thrums. Auld Licht Idylls. J.M. Barrie. Cs3C9
A Witness Forever Michael Cassidy Cs6G41
A Woman of Samaria. James Wesley Ingles. Cs3C26
A.A. Road Atlas Europe Cs1C11
A.A. Road Atlas of Europe Cs1D21
Abel Redevivus, or, The Dead yet Speaking, Vol IIThomas Fuller. Cs5C4
Abel Redevivus, or, The Dead yet Speaking, Vol. IThomas Fuller. Cs5C3
Abraham Kuyper. A Biography. Frank Vanden Berg. Cs4B47
Adam and Evolution. Michael Pitman. Cs2D11
Advent Testimony Addresses. Queen’s Hall Meetings December 13, 1917Cs2D1
Aeschylus. Sophocles Cs1D26
After Conversion – What ? Lionel B. Fletcher. Cs2C32
Against Home rule. The Case for the Union. Arthur J. Balfour et al.Cs2D96
Aggrey of Africa. Edwin Smith. Cs2D39
Agony at Easter. The 1916 Irish Uprising. Thomas M. Coffey.Cs2G38
Al Smith’s Treasury of Hymn Histories. Alfred B. Smith. Cs1D13
Alexander Mackay. The Christian Hero who changed the Face of Uganda. J.J. Ellis. Cs6A29
Alexander Moody Stuart. A Memoir. Kenneth Moody Stuart. Cs4C3
Alias Jungle Doctor. An Autobiography. Paul White. ExeterCs5A26
All for Jesus: Memorials of James Carlisle. Edward ThomasCs5G4
All in the Name of the Lord. Bill Stringfellow. Cs2A70
Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible. John W. Haley. Cs4G14
Along the Puzzle Trial. 150 Bible Puzzles and Facts for Children. Ian Brown. Cs3B94
Altogether Lovely. H.D. Brown. Cs3D110
Always Abounding! A Pen Sketch of Oswald J. Smith of Toronto. J. Edwin Orr. Cs4C15
America in Person. 96 first-person accounts of America’s PastCs5A22
American History in Verse. Burton Stevenson. Cs5A36
American Life and Institutions. D.K. Stevenson. Cs1D30
American Poems 1776-1922. Augustus White Long. Cs3D33
An Apology for Rogues. James Black. Cs2C43
An Asian Prime Minister’s Story. Sir John Kotelawala. Cs5B33
An Exposition of The Epistle to The Romans IRKP Cs6G36
An Introduction to Evangelical Christian Educaction. J. Edward Hakes (Ed.). Cs2A47
An Introduction to Politics. Harold J. Laski. Cs3D14
An Introductory History of England (Vol 1) C.R.L. Fletcher Cs6F31
An Introductory History of England (Vol 2)  C.L.R. Fletcher Cs6F32
An Introductory History of England from Henry VII to the Restoration. C.R.L. Fletcher. Cs5G16
An Introductory History of England: The Great European War. C.R.L. FletcherCs5G17
An Open Letter to Ian Paisley. Derry Kelleher. Cs2D92
An Outline of the History of English Literature  J.M.D.Meiklejohn Cs6F36
Analytic Psychology. Vol. 1G.F. Stout. Cs2G51
Ange Pitou. Vol. I. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C45
Ange Pitou. Vol. II. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C46
Angels and Devils Joan C. Cruz Cs6G31
Ann of the Barricades. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A16
Annals of the Poor. Rev. Leigh Richmond. Cs6E18
Anthony Norris Groves. Saint and Pioneer. G.H. Lang. Cs2G91
Apocalypse 2000. The Future. Patrick Heron. Cs3B73
Appian Civil Wars. Book I. J.L. Strachan-Davidson. Cs3E59
Appreciations and Addresses. Lord Rosebery. Cs3E41
Aristophanis Comoediae. Vol. I. F.W. Hall & W.M. Geldart Cs2C11
Aristotelis Ethica Nicomachea. I. Bywater (Ed.)Cs2G32
Arithmetic. D.A. Young. Cs2E5
Armstrongism’s 300 Errors Exposed by 13,000 Bible Verses. S.E. Anderson. Cs2F89
Arthur James Balfour. Blanche E.C. Dugdale. Cs4D18
Arthur Rendle Short. Surgeon and Christian. W. Melville Capper and Douglas JohnsonCs5G31
Arthur Samuel Peake (1865-1929). A Biography. John T. Wilkinson. Cs6A21
As He Walked. Talks on Christian Experience. Oswald Chambers. Cs3D81
As I Remember. [Copy 1]E.E. Kellett. Cs5B30
As I Remember. [Copy 2]E.E. Kellett. Cs5B35
Aspects of Sanctification. The Westminster Conference 1981. Cs3C63
Atlas of Prehistoric Britain. John ManleyCs1C29
Auld Licht Idylls. [Copy 1]J.M. Barrie. Cs3C3
Auld Licht Idylls. [Copy 2]J.M. Barrie. Cs3C7
Auriol, or, The Elixir of Life. William Harrison Ainsworth Cs2A39
Author of Liberty. Carl McIntire. Cs2C86
Author of Liberty. Carl. McIntire. Cs3D18
Autobiographical Reminiscences. James Paterson. Cs6A28
Autobiography and Diary of Mr. James MelvillJames MelvillCs4A30
Autobiography of George Müller. G. Fred. Bergin. Cs3F63
Autobiography of Mrs. Hester Ann Rogers. H. A. RogersCs5C18
Autobiography of Robert Flockhart, the Street Preacher. Thomas Guthrie. Cs4G39
Autobiography of the Rev. Dr. Alexander CarlyleA. CarlyleCs5G11
Autobiography, Correspondence, etc. of Lyman Beecher. Vol. IICharles Beecher (Ed.)Cs4D25
Avice. A Story of Imperial Rome. Eliza F. PollardCs5A20
Awakening from History. Edmond Taylor. Cs2E52
Babylonian Life and History. E.A. Wallis BudgeCs4A11
Ballads Ancient and Modern. Robert Macintyre (Ed.).Cs3D58
Balliol College Register 1833-1933. Sir Ivor Elliott (Ed.). Cs2C41
Battle for Israel. Lance Lambert. Cs2D9
BBC Handbook 1971.Cs2E14
BBC Handbook 1972Cs3D28
Beautiful Patchwork Gifts. Linda Seward. Cs1D18
Beaverbrook. A Study in Power and Frustration. Tom Driberg. Cs4D2
Before the Colours Fade. Portrait of a Soldier: George S. Patton. Fred Ayer.Cs6A10
Behaviourism and Christianity. Gordon H. Clark. Jefferson Cs3B65
Behind Closed Doors. The Hidden Structure within the Orange Camp. W.P. Malcolmson. Cs3C68
Behind the Shield. “Legion”. Cs3C22
Belgium and the Belgians. Cyril Scudamore. Cs2C10
Bentley. R.C. Webb. Cs6B2
Bertie Ahern. Ken Whelan and Eugene MastersonCs3F57
Betrayed David Leigh Cs6G18
Between You and Me. Autobiography. Wilfred PicklesCs6B32
Bible Cycolpaedia. John Eadie (Ed.). Cs2F81
Bible Histories and Prophecies. J. Earl McOuat. Cs2F85
Bible Histories and Prophecies. [copy 1]J. Earl McOuat. Cs2G7
Bible History & Prophecies. J. Earl McOuat.Cs2G43
Big Boys’ Rules. The Secret Struggle against the IRA. Mark Urban. Cs4F15
Billy Graham and the Church of Rome. A Startling Exposure [copy 2]IRKPCs2G45
Billy Graham and the Church of Rome. A Startling Exposure. [copy1]IRKPCs2G44
Bishop Patteson, the Martyr of Melanesia. Jesse Page. Cs6A23
Black Beauty. Anna Sewell. Cs4H15
Black Martinigue – Red Guiana. Nicol Smith.Cs2C83
Blitz-Krieg. From the Rise of Hitler to the Fall of Dunkirk. Len Deighton. Cs5E24
Bob Jones University Vintage 1970 Cs1C7
Bob Jones University Vintage 1985 Cs1C8
Bob Jones University Vintage 1994 Cs1C6
Bob Jones University Vintage 1998. Cs1C36
Bob Jones University. 50 Years under God. 1925-1977. Greenville 1976Cs1A21
Bob Jones University. 50 Years under God. 1925-1977. Greenville 1976Cs1A22
Body and Soul. Percy Dreamer.Cs3E40
Bog-Myrtle and Peat. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A25
Book of Favourite Poems. David B. StewartCs2E49
Books Relating to Ireland. Cs2D28
Born with the Century. William Kinsolving. Cs2F15
Bowdrie, Texas Ranger. Louis L’Amour. Cs2F31
Brazil in 1911.J.C. Oakenfull. Cs2E82
Brazil. Lawrence Hill (Ed.). Cs3F20
Breaking and Preserving the Mould: The Third Direct Elections to the European Parliament (1989) – the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland. Paul Hainsworth (Ed.) Cs4G10
Brian Faulkner and the Crisis of Ulster Unionism. Andrew Boyd. Cs4G38
Brief Memorials of the late Rev. Thomas Toye, Belfast. By his Widow. Cs6E19
Bristol Fashion. Hugh RedwoodCs5C7
Britain and the Beast. Peter Howard. Cs5D29
Britain and the British People. Ernest Barker.Cs5H32
Britain without God. An Exposure of Anti-Godism.‘A London Journalist’Cs2C5
Britain’s Greatness Foretold. Cs4D22
British and Foreign History. R.F.G. Hollett Cs3B51
British Historical Portraits. A Selection from the National Portrait Gallery. Cs3E51
Broad Horizons.Ivor Powell. Cs6B3
Brother Indeed. The Life of Robert Cleaver Chapman. Frank Holmes. Cs5G32
Brownlow North. Kenneth Moody-Stuart. Cs6A18
Bud Robinson. A Brother Beloved. J.B. Chapman. Cs4C11
Burlesques; Novels by Eminent Hands. William Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E20
Burnet’s History of his Own Time. LCs6C8
Burning and Shining Lights. A Souvenir of Primitive Methodist Radiant
Personalities. Rev. Joseph Pearce. Cs4C9
Burr. A Novel. Gore Vidal. Cs4D15
Bush Aglow. The Life of Dwight Lyman Moody. Richard Ellsworth Day. Cs4A5
By Searching. Isobel Kuhn. Cs4B30
By Searching. An Autobiography. Isobel Kuhn.Cs4B31
Call Back. E. & L. Harvey. Cs2F6
Called unto Holiness. Ruth Paxson. Cs3D105
Calvin’s Institutes (Abridged). Timothy Tow. Cs2C8
Cameras in the Commons. Alastair Hetherington (Ed.). Cs2D43
Campingplätze in Deutschland. ADAC.Cs3D101
Canterbury Tales. Geoffrey Chaucer. Cs2E34
Cardinal Beaton J. Herkless Cs6H5
Carson. H. Mongomery Hyde. Cs2A33
Cash Grants. The Northern Ireland Opportunity. Cs3C66
Catherine: A Story; Mens’ Wives; The Bedford Row Conspiracy. W.Makepiece ThackerayCs3E17
Catholic Cults. André McNicoll. Cs3D98
Chaplet of Pearls. Charlotte M. YongeCs2F19
Chapters on Flowers. Cs2F20
Chapters on the Higher Criticism vs. Egyptology and Archeology. Francis J. KirbyCs3D112
Character and Claims of Freemasonry. Charles G. Finney. Cs3C65
Charles Kingsley. His Life and Memories of his Life. Edited by his Wife. Cs4B1
Charles O’Malley. The Irish Dragoon. Charles LeverCs2F52
Charles Simeon (1759-1856). A. Pollard and M. Hennell Cs4C18
Charles Stewart Parnell. Vol IIKatherine O’SheaCs2A28
Charles Stewart Parnell. Vol.IKatherine O’SheaCs2A27
Chilean Voices. Colin Henfrey (Ed.). Cs4A17
Christ and Present World Issues. Stanley Jones. L 1937Cs2A64
Christ in all the Scriptures. A.M. Hodgkin. Cs3C15
Christ is all. The Gospel of the Pentateuch. Very Rev. Henry Law. Cs3C4
Christ Superior to Angels, Moses, and Aaron. A Comment on the Epistle to
the Hebrews. R. GovettCs3F62
Christ Unlimited. Henry Daniel Voss. Cs2G96
Christian Faith and The Spirit of the Age. Clarence Edward Macartney. Cs2E83
Christian Faith. Reader’s Digest. Vol. 61. September 1952Cs2E84
Christian Foundations.IRKPCs2D5
Christian Hymn Writers. Elsie Houghton. Cs2G 20
Christian Hymn-Writers. Elsie Houghton. Cs3D88
Christian Ideas in Political History. Holland Memorial Lectures 1925. C.E. Osborne. Cs5H13
Christian Politics in Four Parts. Ely Bates. Cs5F22
Christian Social Reformers of the Nineteenth Century. James Adderley et alCs5G33
Christian Workers’ Commentary on the Old and New Testaments. James M. GrayCs6C7
Christianity and its Critics. Donald Soper. Cs2G5
Christianity and the Religions of the World. Albert SchweitzerCs2A18
Christianity in European History. Herbert Butterfield. Cs4B14
Christianity in the Cartoons. W.W. Lloyd. L 1865 Cs2C19
Christians Foundations IRKP Cs6G38
Christians in Ulster. E. Gallagher/S. WorrallCs4F4
Christmas Books. W. Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E5
Christus Consolator. Words for Hearts in Trouble. Cs2C52
Chronicles of Tudor Kings. David Loades (Ed)Cs1C12
Church and People, 1789-1889. S.C. Carpenter. Cs2E28
Church and State in England to the Death of Queen Anne H.M.Watkin Cs6G10
Church and State in England to the Death of Queen Anne. Henry Melvill Gwatkin. Cs5B20
Church Teaching. A Handbook for Members of the Church of Ireland. W. G. Wilson. Cs3C32
Churches Working Together. ohnston McMaster. Cs2D60
Churchill. By his Contemporaries. Charles Eade (Ed.)Cs4E32
Churchill. His Life and Times.Malcolm Thomson. Cs5G10
Cinderella. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A13
Cinderella. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A34
Civic Training in Switzerland. Robert Clarkson Brooks. Cs2C30
Civilization in Crisis. Richard A. Fowler /H. Wayne HouseCs2D7
Climax of History. R.C. MowatCs5F24
Collections and Recollections. George W.E. Russell. Cs5C11
Collegians Rugby Football Club 1890-1990. Pierre Paul Fry. Cs5H34
Collins Albatross Book of Verse. Louis Untermeyer. Cs3D48
Common-Sense Christianity. C. Silvester Horne. Cs3D111
Concerning Penal Laws. Rev. T.C. Hammond. Cs2D51
Confessions of an English Opion-Eater and Other Writings. Thomas De Quincey. Cs3F45
Congo Saga. David W. Truby. Cs2E2
Conquering the Capital “I”. A. Lindsay Clegg. Cs3B58
Conqueror. Tabernacle Baptist Bible Institute. Cs1D14
Constable’s Miscellany of Original and Selected Publications. Vol. XLII.
Rebellions in Scotland 1689-1715. Edinburgh 1829 ConstableCs5F30
Constitution of Ireland. Dublin 1941 Cs2C67
Contemplations on the Historical Passages of the Old and New Testament. Rev. Joseph Hall. Cs3F46
Contemporary Europe. A History. H. Stuart Hughes. Cs2C84
Contemporary Portraits of Reformers. Beza’s “Icones”. C.G. McCrie. Cs5C6
Contemporary Winds and Other Sermons. William M. Taylor Cs2A37
Controversial Letter. Rev. John Fitzsimons. Cs3B67
Conversations with Allende. Socialism in Chile. Régis Debray. Cs4B15
Cornish Saints and Sinners. J. Henry Harris. Cs3D113
Cottage Lectures, or, The Pilgrim’s Progress. Rev. Charles Overton. Cs2E60
Course of Lectures illustrative of the Pilgrim’s Progress. Daniel Warr. Cs2D34
Cowboy Boots in Darkest Africa. Dr. Bill Rice. Cs3D17
Craigavon. Ulsterman.St. John ErvineCs5H19
Creeds or No Creeds?Charles Harris. Cs2E73
Cressy and Poictiers. J.G. Edgar. Cs3C69
Crichton. William Harrison AinsworthCs2A38
Crowned Masterpieces of Eloquence. Section 2, International University Society. Cs4F24
Crowned Masterpieces of Eloquence. Section 4, International University Society. Cs4F26
Crowned Masterpieces of Eloquence. Section 5, International University Society. Cs4F25
Crowned with Victory. Forgotten Irish Firebrands. Tom Haire et al. Cs3B48
Crusade in Europe. Dwight D. Eisenhower.Cs3F21
Culloden. John Brebble. Cs3B34
Cultural Traditions in Northern Ireland. All Europeans Now? Maurna Crozier. Cs2D81
Cultural Traditions in Northern Ireland. Varieties of Britishness. Maurna Crozier Cs2D82
Culture in Ireland. Division or Diversity? Cs2D47
Culture in Ireland. Regions: Identity and Power. Proinsias Ó Drisceoil. Cs2D61
Cyprus – The Plundering of a 9,000-Year-Old Civilization. Ministry of Culture. Cs1C24
D. Iunii Iuuenalis. Fourteen Satires of Juvenal. J.D. Duff (Ed.). Cs2F67
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. The First Forty Years 1899-1939. Iain H. Murray. Cs4F28
Dail Eireann. Session December 1921-January 1922. Official Report on the Debate on the Treaty between Great Britain and Ireland. Dublin Cs1D36
Daily Bible Readings. Rev. James Smith. Cs2C28
Daniel Boone, Wilderness Scout. Stewart Edward White. Cs4D24
Daniel Boone. John S.C. Scott. Cs4D9
Daniel Henry Charles Bartlett. A Memoir. Professor G.W. BromileyCs4D28
Darkness Visible. A Revelation and Interpretation of Freemasonry. Walton Hanna. Cs2E48
David James Burrell. A Biography. David DeForest Burrell. Cs4D8
David Rea. Evangelist. His Life and Labour. Tom Rea. Cs4A14
Daylight Must Come. The Story of Dr. Helen Roseveare. Alan Burgess. Cs4C29
De Burca Rare Books. Books of Irish Interest. Catalogue 8. Winter 1986 Cs2A58
De Officiis. M. Tullii Ciceronis (Cicero). Cs2G71
Dean Stanley. Rowland E. Prothero. Cs6B10
Dear and Glorius Physician. The Story of St. Luke. Taylor Caldwell. Cs4D5
Dearer than Life. Joseph Hocking. Cs3B19
Debrett’s Presidents of the United States of America.David Williamson. Cs1C26
Decameròn. Volume Primo. Giovanni Boccaccio.Cs3D63
Decisions and the Furies. Two Narratives of Napoleonic Times. Maurits L. Boas. Cs4A25
Deeds Done for Christ. Sir James Marchant. Cs4H19
Defence of Fredom. The Editors of La Prensa . Cs3D35
Definitions of Doctrines. Vol. I. Claude Duval Cole. Cs3E55
Demonology and Witchcraft. Robert Brown. Cs2C69
Denmark’s Day of Doom. Joachim Joesten. Cs2B57
Departmental Ditties and Other Verses. Rudyard KiplingCs2E43
Devil’s Decade. Portraits of the Nineteen-Thirties. Colin Brooks.Cs5H6
Diatessaron. (History of Jesus Christ.) J. White (Ed.) Cs2E23
Dick Turpin. Highwayman. Harrison Ainswirth. Cs2D19
Dictionary of the Bible. Vol. I. Aaron – Juttah William Smith (Ed.)Cs6A1
Dictionary of the Bible. Vol. II. Kabzeel – Red-Heifer William Smith (Ed.)Cs6A2
Dictionary of the Bible. Vol. III. Red-Sea – Zuzims William Smith (Ed)Cs6A3
Did Man Just Happen W. A. Chriswell Cs6G33
Did You Know? Fascinating Facts from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Cs1D31
Die Evangelische Kirche von Westfalen. Werner Danielsmeyer. Cs2F68
Diocesan Histories: Salisbury. William Henry Jones. Cs3D25
Discourses on Christian Faith and Practice. Rev. Milton Ward. Cs2F50
Disraeli. A Picture of the Victorian Age. André Maurois. Trans Cs4H31
Ditto. Space for missing Vol. 2 Cs1D8
Divine Intervention. Studies in the Book of Judges [copy 2]IRKPCs3D69
Divine Intervention. Studies in the Book of Judges. [copy 1]IRKPCs3D68
Divine Intervention. Studies in the Book of Judges. [copy 3] IRKPCs3D70
Divine Intervention. Studies in the Book of Judges. [copy 4] IRKPCs3D71
Divine Intervention. Studies in the Book of Judges. [copy 5] IRKPCs3D72
Doctor John. Crusading Doctor & Politician. Dr. John O’Connell. Cs2D86
Documents of English History. W.A. Barker et al. (Eds)Cs5D35
Dombey and Son. Charles Dickens. Cs3F29
Donald Soper. A Biography. Douglas Thompson. Cs4C19
Dorothea Kirke. Annie S. Swan. Cs3B27
Dorothy Kerin. Called by Christ to Heal. Dorothy Musgrave Arnold.Cs3E66
Down the Years. Sir Austen Chamberlain. Cs5G5
Dr, Pusey. [Note comment by Dr. Paisley] Rt. Hon. George RussellCs6A31
Dr. Archibald Fleming of St. Columba’s. Alexander Gammie. Cs4G4
Dr. Kidd of Aberdeen. A Picture of Religious Life in Bygone Days. James Stark Cs4B4
Dr. Kidd of Aberdeen. A Picture of Religious Life in Bygone Days. James StarkCs4B10
Drafts for Sections. Uppsala 68. Fourth Assembly of the WCC. Uppsala WCCCs2C15
Dream Maker. The Rise and Fall of John Z. DeLorean. Ivan Fallon/James Srodes. Cs4G35
Drummondtown.L. Floyd Nock III. Cs6D2
Dune. Frank Herbert.Cs2F7
Dunkirk. A Miracle of Deliverance. Frederick Grossmith. Cs5H31
Early Modern Europe. Sir George Clark. Cs2F1
Early Victorian Britain J.F.C. Harrison Cs6G6
Echoes and Memories. Bramwell Booth. Cs4D7
Echoes of the War. J.M. Barrie. Cs3C18
Edward Carson Jean V. Bates Cs6G34
Edwin Drood; Hard Times. Charles Dickens. Cs3F24
Egypt’s Making. The Origins of Ancient Egypt 5000-2000 BC. Michael Rice. Cs5G27
Elements of Astronomy. George W. Parker. Cs2G48
Elijah of the Alps. Don P. Shidler. Cs2C70
Elizabeth and Leicester. Milton Waldman. Cs4G11
Elizabeth. David StarkeyCs3E36
England in 1815. Elie Halevy. Cs6E16
England in the Age of Wycliffe. George Macaulay Trevelyan. Cs4E30
England in the Days of Old. William AndrewsCs5F19
England Under the Stuarts G.M.Trevelyan Cs6G11
England Under the Stuarts G.M.Trevelyan Cs6G12
England’s Churches. Their Rise and Witness. H.A.L. Jefferson. Cs2F42
England’s Voice of Freedom. Henry W. Nevinson Cs4G13
English Pronunciation. Peter A.D. MacCarthyCs2A4
English Puritan Divines in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. Cartwright et alCs6E13
English Saga (1840-1940). Arthur Bryant.Cs5H9
English Social History  G.M. Trevelyan Cs6F37
Enoch Powell on 1992. Richard Ritchie (Ed.)Cs4F2
Entertaining Anecdotes, Facts and Observations. [copy 1]Richard Cope. Cs2F11
Entertaining Anecdotes, Facts and Observations. [copy 2]Richard Cope. Cs2F17
Ernest Kevan. Pastor and Principal. Gilbert W. Kirby. Cs4B37
Ernest Renan. J.N. Robertson. Cs4C33
Essays be Divers Hands. Vo. XXXIV.L.P. HartleyCs2D26
Essays by Divers Hands. Vol. XXIX. Richard Church (Ed.). Cs2G79
Essays by Divers Hands. Vol. XXXIII. Richard Church (Ed.). Cs2G78
Essays of Baptismal Regeneration. John Campbell.Cs2C3
Essays on the Death Penalty. C.S. Lewis et al. Cs2G63
Euripidis Fabulae. Vol. II. Gilbert MurrayCs2A77
Euripidis Fabulae. Vol. III. Gilbert Murray. Oxford 1913Cs3D30
Euro Facts. 2001-2006. Cs1A25
Europe 1815-1945. Anthony Wood. Cs5A35
Europe in the Eighteenth Century 1713-1783. M.S. Anderson.Cs2G34
Europe in the Sixteenth Century. David MalandCs2F4
Europe Since Hitler Walter Laqueur  Cs6G42
Europe. A History of its Peoples. Jean-Baptiste DuroselleCs1C14
European History. Great Leaders Landmarks. Vol. I. Early Times to Rise
of Mohammedanism. A.R. Hope MoncrieffCs1D1
European History. Great Leaders Landmarks. Vol. II. The Middle Ages. A.R. Hope Moncrieff Cs1D2
European History. Great Leaders Landmarks. Vol. III. Renaissance to
Frederick the Great. H.J. ChaytorCs1D3
European History. Great Leaders Landmarks. Vol. IV. The Making of
Modern Europe. Rev. H.J. Chaytor. Cs1D4
European History. Great Leaders Landmarks. Vol. V. The Powers in
Modern Times; The Great War. Walter Murray. Cs1D5
European History. Great Leaders Landmarks. Vol. VI. The Great War. Edwin Sharpe Grew. Cs1D6
Events and Enbroideries. E.V. Lucas. Cs2F29
Every Living Thing. James Herriot. Cs3B12
Evolution of Creation. Professor H. Enoch. Cs3D20
Ex-Jesuit. E. Boyd Barrett. Cs4D16
Exploring English Character. Geoffrey Gorer. Cs3F23
Exposition on the Sermon on the Mount. Richard Chenevix TrenchCs3B25
Expository Sermons IRKPCs6G37
Fair Sunshine. Further Studies of the Scottish Covenanters. Jock Purves. Cs6B8
Faith Healing. Alfred T. Schofield.Cs3E64
Faith in Ulster Alwin Thompson Cs6G21
Faithful unto Death. The Martyrs of East Anglia. Philip H. Rand Cs4C12
Faithful unto Death. The Martyrs of East Anglia. Philip H. Rand Cs4C13
Fanny Crosby. The Sighted Songstress.J. Reginald Casswell. Cs2A46
Fanny Crosby’s Story of Ninety-Four Years. S. Trevana Jackson. Cs5G34
Faust, Part II. Vol. I : The Text. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. H.G. Fiedler (Ed.). Cs2B47
Feats on the Fiord. Harriet Martineau. Cs2G46
Fifth Years on the Trail. Life among the Redskins. Harrington O’Reilly. Cs4C1
Fifty Years. A Composite Picture of the Period 1882-1932. George Macaulay TrevelyanCs4H14
File on the Shroud. H. David SoxCs2F80
Fire Inside. The Harry Rimmer Story. Mignon Brandon Rimmer. Cs5C12
First and Second Thessalonians. Gordon H. Clark. Jefferson Cs3B64
First French Book. D. Mackay and F.J. Curtis. Cs2E46
Five Points of Calvinism. Horatius Bonar (Ed.). Cs2C7
Five Years in Ireland 1895- 1900. Michael J.F. McCarthyCs2G52
Flame of Freedom. The Romantic Story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. Owen RattenburyCs2A3
Flashes of Thought. C.H. Spurgeon. Cs3F3
Flower Arranging Course. Susan Conder Cs1C3
Flower o’ the Corn. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A6
Footprints of Faith. Alan Cairns (Ed.). Cs3B86
For Days of Youth. Rev. Charles A. Salmond. Cs3F51
For Jerusalem. Teddy Kollek. Cs2D79
For Jesus’ Sake. The Life and Ministry of John Booth, with Sermons. Cs4D21
For this Cross I’ll Kill You. Bruce OlsonCs4C45
Fordham International Law Journal. Vol. 22, April 1999, Number 4Cs6C1
Foundations of Anatomy & Physiology. Ross & Wilson. Cs1D17
Fourscore Years. An Autobiography. G.C. Coulton. Cs5G3
France 1940-1955.Alexander Werth. Cs2C36
Frank Knox. J.G. Hutchinson. Cs5B16
Freedom and Stability in the World Economy. D. Evans & R. Body. Cs3D16
Freedom from Fear. Churches Together in Northern Ireland. Simon Lee Cs2D67
Freedom to Starve. Paul Gallet. Cs2E77
Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement. E. Cahill. Cs2G8
Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher: An Autobiography. Edited by his Daughter.Cs4B8
From the Bench. Cecil Chapman. Cs5G9
From the Hills of West Virginnia to the Hills of Palestine C.P. Mikhail Cs6G40
Fruit for Tomorrow. Francena H. Arnold. Cs2G87
Fruits from Canaan’s Boughs. John Rudall. Cs3F68
Frustration. E. & L. Harvey. Cs2F5
Fulfilling the Great Commission. The Westminster Conference. Cs3B56
Fulfilling. Dorothy Kerin. Cs3E62
Fulness of Grace: The Believer’s Heritage.I.E. Page. Cs2A17
Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Ethics.Immanuel Kant. (Trans)Cs2F65
Gabon. The Development of a Nation. Marc Aicardi de Saint-Paul. Cs2D68
Galloway. The Spell of its Hills and Glens. Andrew McCormick. Cs5F26
Gallowglass, or, Life in the Land of the Priests.Michael J.F. McCarthyCs4H32
Garrick and his Circle. Mrs. Clement ParsonsCs6B26
Geese in their Hoods. Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Cs3B 44
General Assembly of the Presbyterian Chruch in Ireland, 1974. Annual Reports. Cs3E43
George IV Prince of Wales 1762-1811. Christopher Hibbert. Cs5D15
George Jeffreys. A Ministry of the Miraculous. Ernest C.W. Boulton. Cs3F60
George Müller of Bristol. Arthur T. PiersonCs4A3
George Müller. The Modern Apostle of Faith. Frederick G. Warne. Cs4B19
George Otto Simms. Lesley Whiteside. Cs2A15
George Wilson McCree: His Life and Work. By his elder son. Cs4A2
Germany and its Evolution in Modern Times. Henri Lichtenberger. Cs4B48
Germany and the German Emperor. George Herbert Perris. Cs4B23
Germany. A Companion to German Studies. Jethro Bithell Cs2C80
Getting the Most out of Food. F.B. Kitchen (Ed.). Cs2G61
Giants Cast Long Shadows. Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart. Cs2F69
Gifts from the Home. Anika Pretorius Cs1D32
Gipsy Smith. His Life and Work. By Himself. Cs4C36
Give me this Mountain. An Autobiography. Helen Roseveare. Cs4C41
Gladstone and His Contemporaries. Vol IThomas Archer. Cs6D22
Gladstone and His Contemporaries. Vol IIThomas Archer. Cs6D23
Gladstone and His Contemporaries. Vol IIIThomas Archer. Cs6D24
Gladstone and His Contemporaries. Vol IVThomas Archer. Cs6D25
Gleg Kelly. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A2
Glencoe. John Prebble. Cs3B32
Go for it! Martyn Lewis. Cs2D44
God so Loved the World. A Life of Christ. Elizabeth GoudgeCs2G70
God’s Work in God’s Way. A Memoir of James Stephens. John Wilmott/James H. Pizy. Cs4C38
Gone with the Wind. Margaret Mitchell. Cs2E16
Grave Business. Alfred Hitchcock. Cs3B21
Gray. Edmund W. GosseCs6B6
Great Battlefields of the World. John MacdonaldCs1C19
Great Britain. Essays in Regional Geography. Cs3F14
Great Chrstians. R.S. FormanCs4H30
Great Contemporaries. Winston S. Churchill. Cs2A25
Great Contemporaries. Winston S. Churchill. Cs4E18
Great Contemporaries. Winston S. Churchill. Cs6E1
Great Essays of All Nations. F.H. Pritchard (Ed.) Cs2B58
Great Expectations. Charles Dickens. Cs3F25
Great Hymns and their StoriesW.J. Limmer ShepherdCs2G54
Great Northerners. Art Byrne/Sean McMahon. Cs4F30
Great Thoughts from Master Minds. Vol. IX. Fifth Series. April to September 1906Cs1A14
Great Wonders and Miracles in England. John W. Kingston. Cs4H21
Greek Syntax. Rev. Frederic W. Farrar. Cs2E47
Gulliver’s Travels. Jonathan Swift. Cs4H25
Guns or Butter. R.H. Bruce Lockhart. Cs3B13
Habsburg and Bourbon Europe 1470-1720. Roger Lockyer. Cs2G35
Half-Hours with Best Authors. Vol 1Charles Knight.Cs3E32
Half-Hours with Best Authors. Vol IICharles Knight.. Cs3E33
Half-Hours with Best Authors. Vol IIICharles Knight.. Cs3E34
Half-Hours with Best Authors. Vol IVCharles Knight.Cs3E35
Hallowed Harringay. Edward O. England. Cs2F41
Handbook for Europe 1984. EDG Secretariat. Cs3C67
Hands free from Violence. God’s Answer to the gun in Northern Ireland. J. Eric Mayer. Cs2D83
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. Illustrated. Cs1D38
Hart of Lisburn. The Story of Sir Robert Hart. Stanley Bell.Cs5H26
Harvest Home. E.V. Lucas Cs2B33
Have I committed the Unpardonable Sin? C. Donald Cole. Cs2A78
He Lives! Seven Studies of the Resurrection Appearances of the Lord
Jesus Christ. C. Ernest Tatham. Cs2A9
He must reign till ….F. J. Perryman. Cs2D45
Healing Adventure. Anne S. White. Cs2E11
Heart Thoughts. Theodore L. Cuyler. Cs3F53
Hell on Earth. Bob Larson. Cs2D10
Henrietta Maria. Carola OmanCs6B31
Henry A. Kissinger. Memoiren 1973-1974. Band/Vol. 2 (in German). Cs5B32
Henry of Navarre and the Huguenots of France. P.F. Willert.Cs6A15
Henry Ponsonby. Queen Victoria’s Private Secretary. Arthur Ponsonby. Cs6A6
Henry Scougal and the Oxford Methodists.Rev. D. ButlerCs4C4
Henry Ward Beecher: An American Portrait. Paxton Hibben. Cs4D12
Henry Wheeler Robinson. A Memoir. Ernest A. Payne. Cs6E20
Her Infinite Variety. A Feminine Portrait Gallery. E.V. LucasCs2B29
Here and Hereafter. J.E. Watts-Ditchfield. Cs3C30
Here I Stand. A Life of Martin Luther. Roland H. Bainton. Cs2D98
Herein is Love. H.D. BrownCs2G27
Hereward the Wake, “The Last of the English”.Charles KingsleyCs5B10
Hereward the Wake. Charles KindsleyCs2F9
Hero Worship. Thomas Carlyle. Cs3D41
Herodoti Historiae. Carolus Hude. Cs3D23
Heroes and Heroines of the Scottish Covernanters. Rev. J. Meldrum Dryerre. Cs3E54
Hidden Government. J. Creagh Scott.. Cs5D36
High Church Prophet. (1733-1806)Bishop Samuel HorsleyCs3E57
Highlights in the Life of C.H. Spurgeon. Eric W. Hayden. Cs3B45
His Name was Tom. The Biography of Tom Rees. Jean Rees. Cs3F47
His Name was Tom. The Biography of Tom Rees. Jean Rees. Cs6E39
His Personal Life. Stories of Railroad Life. William John PinkertonCs6B4
Historical Essays. James Ford Rhodes. Cs4D14
History of Cyprus. Costas P. Kyrris. Cs4A19
History of England. Div. I.Anon.Cs6C21
History of England. Div. II.Anon.Cs6C22
History of England. Div. III.Anon.Cs6C23
History of England. Div. IV.Anon.Cs6C24
History of England. Div. IX.Anon.Cs6C29
History of England. Div. V.Anon.Cs6C25
History of England. Div. VI.Anon.Cs6C26
History of England. Div. VII.Anon.Cs6C27
History of England. Div. VIII.Anon.Cs6C28
History of England. Div. X.Anon.Cs6C30
History of England. Div. XI. Anon.Cs6C31
History of England. Div. XII. Anon.Cs6C32
History of Modern France. Vol. II. 1815-1913. Émile Bourgeois.Cs3D38
History of the American Revolution, Samuel F. Wilson. Cs5A7
History of the English People. Vol. IJohn Richard Green.Cs4H1
History of the English People. Vol. IIJohn Richard Green.Cs4H2
History of the English People. Vol. IIIJohn Richard Green. Cs4H3
History of the English People. Vol. IVJohn Richard Green. Cs4H4
History of the English People. Vol. V John Richard Green. Cs4H5
History of the English People. Vol. VIJohn Richard Green. CsH6
History of the English People. Vol. VIIJohn Richard Green. Cs4H7
History of the English People. Vol. VIIIJohn Richard Green. CS4H8
History of the Homeland. Henry HamiltonCs2C42
History of the Irish Presbyterian Church. Rev. T. HamiltonCs2A1
History of the Plague and Fire of London. Daniel De Foe & G.Harvey. Cs6E14
History of the Town of Belfast. George Benn. Cs2G15
Holland. Story of a Nation. James E. Thorold RogersCs2E81
Homer: The Odyssey. A New Translation. E.V. Rieu. Cs3D27
Hours with the Bible. Creation to Patriarchs. Cunninham Geikie.Cs2A52
Hours with the Bible. Manasseh to Zedekiah. Cunningham Geike.Cs2A53
Hours with the Bible. New Testament: St. Peter to Revelation.Cunningham Geikie. Cs3C31
House of Commons Manual of Procedure in the Public BusinessCs2D72
House of Commons Manual of Procedure in the Public Business.1974Cs2G65
How I can Make Prayer more Effective. Herbert Lockyer. Cs3B89
How to Live the Christian Life. Rev. William J. Patton. Cs2G14
How to Live the Victorious Life. By “An Unknown Christian”.Cs3D86
Hugh Redwood: With God in Fleet Street. William Clark. Cs6B12
Human Sympathies of Christ. Rev. Cunningham GeikieCs2D2
Humanisme Intégral. Jacques Maritain. Cs2G72
Hunger for Reality. George Verwer. Cs3D9
Hymns that Came to Life. H.L. GeeCs2G23
Hymns that have Helped. T.W. Stead. Cs3D92
I and Thou. Martin Buber. TranslationRonald Gregor SmithCs2F37
I Believe in Miracles. Katherine Kuhlman. Cs4B44
I Call it Heresy! A.W. Tozer. Cs2G10
I Chose Freedom. Victor Kravchenko. Cs4B26
Ian Paisley agus Tuisceart Éireann. Risteárd Ó Glaisne. Cs5C32
Iceland. The First American Republic. Vilhjalmur Stefansson. Cs2E85
Ideology in Social Science. Robin Blackburn (Ed.). Cs2G56
If Christ came to Chicago. W.T. Stead. L 1894 Cs2C20
If it had Happened Otherwise. Lapses into Imaginary History. J.C. Squire (Ed.). Cs2F55
Ilka. The Captive Maiden. ‘S.G.’ Cs2E4
Illustrations from the Great War. J.W.W. Moeran. Cs5F20
Images of the Spanish Civil War. Raymond Carr (Ed.).Cs1C25
In for a Penny. The Unauthorised Biography of Jeffrey Archer. Jonathan Mantle. Cs4F7
In God’s Underground. Richard Wurmbrand.Cs2E44
In My Tower. Vol. I. Walburga, Lady Paget. Cs6B34
In My Tower. Vol. II. Walburga, Lady PagetCs6B35
In Search of Myself. The Autobiography of D.R. Davies. D.R. DaviesCs4G26
In the Beginning was Information. Werner Gitt. Cs5G21
In the days of Victoria Thomas F. Ploughman Cs6G7
In the Valley of Decision.[ Includes Sermon: “Cast behind the Back”]Archibald G. Brown. Cs5H33
Infidelity; its Aspects, Causes, and Agencies. Cs2E71
Inside Europe (Revised). John Gunther. Cs4A26
Inside Europe Today. John GuntherCs4A24
Inside Story of Mormonism. Einar Anderson. Cs2C73
Inside the Council. The Story of Vatican II. Robert Kaiser. Cs2E55
Inspiring Poems. Compiled by C.B. Eavey. Cs3D43
Interpreting Revelation.Merrill C. Tenney. Cs3F43
Intolerance in Ireland. An IrishmanCs2G41
Invasion. Saddam Hussain’s Reign of Terror in Kuwait. Ali Mohammed Al-Damkhi. Cs4B16
Ione March. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A28
Ireland 1912-1985. Politics and Society. J.J. Lee. Cs5G14
Ireland and the English Crisis. Tom Paulin. Cs6E4
Ireland. Some Episodes from her Past. Howard Smith. Cs1D19
Ireland’s Fate. The Boyne and After. Robert ShepherdCs4F37
Ireland’s Hope. Phillip Streeter. Cs2C61
Irish Battles. A Military History of Ireland.G.A. Hayes-McCoy.Cs2D46
Irish Politics Now. Shane Kenny & Fergal Keane. Cs1D37
Irish Sketch Book and Critical Reviews. William Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E11
Is Not This a Brand? An Authenticated Witness of Redeeming Grace. Percy Rush.Cs6A34
Italy from Liberalism to Fascism. Christopher Seton-Watson. Cs2B60
J. Guinness Rogers. An AutobiographyJ. Guinness RogersCs5C5
J.C. Ryle. A Self-Portrait. A Partial Autobiography. Peter Toon (Ed.)Cs6E41
J.D. Drysdale. Prophet of Holiness. Norman Grubb. Cs4H24
J.M. Barry and his Books. J.A. Hemmerton. Cs3F37
Jack Sheppard. William Harrison Ainsworth. Cs2A41
Jack. A Life of C.S. Lewis. George Sayer. Cs6E21
James Archer Spurgeon. G. Holden Pike. Cs3E27
James Chalmers. His Autobiography and Letters. [Copy 2]Richard Lovett. Cs5G29
James Chalmers. His Autobiography and Letters.[Copy 1]Richard LovettCs5G28
James Hervey. Preacher of Righteousness. George M. Ella. Cs3E39
Jerusalem Inn. Martha Grimes.Cs3B33
Jerusalem. Let there be Peace!Francis CramerCs1A19
Jesus – 100% Man of Faith. Henry Daniel Voss. Cs2G12
Jesus Christ and Mythology. Rudolf Bultmann. Cs2G9
Joan of the Sword Hand. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A4
John Brendin  R.H. Gallagher Cs6H7
John Brown, the Cordwainer. Rev. George Huntington. Cs6A33
John Bunyan and his Church. Christopher Hill. Cs2D69
John Charles Ryle 1816-1900. Marcus L. Loane. Cs6E42
John Davidson of Prestonpans. R. Moffat Gillon. Cs4G27
John F. Kennedy: Portrait of a President. Hugh Sidey. Cs5B34
John Hampden’s England. John DrinkwaterCs5H4
John Kensit. Reformer and Martyr [Cover missing]Cs4B38
John Kensit. Reformer and Martyr. Rev. J.C. Wilcox. Cs4B34
John Knox in Controversy. [Copy 1]Hugh Watt.Cs5B13
John Knox in Controversy. [Copy 2]Hugh Watt.Cs5B14
John Knox in Controversy. [Copy 3]Hugh Watt.Cs5B15
John Knox. G.R. PearceCs5B25
John Paul II. A Biography. Michael WalshCs5G19
John Ruskin. Frederic Harrison. Cs6E40
John Tamson’s Bairns and Other Poems. Thomas Dunlop. Cs3D3
John Wesley and his World. John Pudney. Cs4C46
John Wesley. G. Holden Pike. Cs2A19
Johnson and Boswell. R.W. Chapman (Ed.). Cs5D32
Jonathan Edwards. Theologian of Revival. IRKP 1987 Cs2A45
Joseph Chamberlain and the Tariff Reform Campaign. Vol. 5: 1901-1903. Cs4H17
Josephine Tey. The Daughter of Time. Cs2G86
Josephus. A Historical Romance. Lion Feuchtwanger. Cs2D23
Journal of the Transactions of the Victoria Institute. Vol. LXXIV. L 1942Cs2G40
Just for You. A Special Collection of Inspirational Verses. Helen Steiner Rice. Cs2D4
Just One Blue Bonnet. The Life Story of Ada Florence Kinton. Sara A. Randleson. Cs5B12
Kevin O’Higgins. Terence de Vere White. Cs4C20
Key to Outline of English Grammar. J.C. Nesfield. Cs3D46
Kilvert’s Diary 1870-1879. Rev. Francis Kilvert,Cs6A27
King Emperor’s Jubilee 1910-1935. F.G.H. Salisbury. Cs1A20
Kingfisher Historical Atlas of Trade and Religion. AD 456-1450Cs1C16
Kit Kennedy. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A24
Knock Methodist Church. 100 Years. Rev. Walter Bingham. Cs2D52
Know Your Faith. Nels F.S. Ferré. Cs2C87
Kohila. The Shaping of an Indian Murse. Cs4B46
La Comptesse de Charny. Alexandre Dumas.Cs3A36
La Comptesse de Charny. Vol. I. Alexandre Dumas.Cs3C51
La Comptesse de Charny. Vol. III. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C52
La Comptesse de Charny. Vol. IV. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C53
La Dame de Monsoreau. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C62
Lad’s Love. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A23
Landmarks in English Industrial History. George Townsend Warner. Cs4H12
Landmarks. E.V. Lucas Cs2B36
Lands of the Nile. Cs1D23
Lavengro. George Borrow. Cs2D20
Law and the Moral Order. W.D. Lamont. Cs2F73
Lay Sermons. Margot Asquith. Cs2F62
Lays of Life and Hope. William Blane. Cs3D90
Le Chavalier de Maison Rouge. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C61
Learn Swedish. Nils-Gustav HildemanCs2C17
Leaves from the Life of the Apostle Peter.‘L.T.’ Cs2A13
Lebanon: The New Future. Beirut 1974Cs4B22
Lectures on Preaching. Rt. Rev. Phillips Brooks. Cs2E76
Lectures to Professing Christians. Charles G. Finney. Cs2G25
Lectures upon Jonah. Delivered at York 1594. John KingCs1C18
Lectures.Rev. W. Morley Punshon. Cs4C8
Legendary Stories. The Carlingford Lough District. Michael George Crawford. Cs2D54
Lending Ears. Rev. T.W. Roff. Cs2B48
Lester Roloff. Living by Faith. Marie Brady Roloff. Cs6E29
Letters of Andrew Jukes. Herbert H. Jeaffreson. Cs3E29
Letters of the Rev. Samuel Rutherford 1639-1661. Rev. Thomas Smith (Ed.). Cs5C22
Liberal Studies. An Outline Course. Vol. 1. N.C. Dexter/E.G. Rayner. Cs5H27
Life and Death. Mrs. Booth Cs2G22
Life and Labours of Duncan Matheson the Scottish Evangelist. Rev. John Macpherson. Cs4A34
Life and Letters of Dean Church. Mary C. Church. Cs5G8
Life and Letters of Frederick W. Robertson. Stopford A. BrookCs6B15
Life and Letters of Phillips Brooks. Vol. I. Alexander V.G. AllenCs4D29
Life and Letters of Phillips Brooks. Vol. II. Alexander V.G. AllenCs4D19
Life Changers. Harold Begbie. Cs3D85
Life in Elizabethan England  A.H. Dodd Cs6F33
Life in the Southern Isles. Rev. William Wyatt Gill. Cs2D87
Life of the First Marquess of Ripon. Vol. I. Lucien Wolf. Cs6B27
Life of William B. Robertson. James Brown. Cs6E31
Life up a Standard. The Centenary Story of the Society for Irish Church
Missions. A.E. Hughes. Cs4E36
Life without Strain. Henry Thomas Hamblin. Cs3F49
Life, Death and the Law. Norman St. John.StevasCs3F12
Like a Mighty Army. Rev. Maurice A.P. Wood. Cs3C23
Listener’s Lure. An Oblique Narration. E.B. Lucas. Cs2B27
Little Anna Mark. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A18
Little Anna Mark. S.R. Crockett. Cs3B43
Living on the Ragged Edge. Charles R. Swindoll. Cs2F77
Lloyd C. Douglas. An Intimate Biography. Virginia Douglas Dawson & Betty Douglas WilsonCs4G22
Logic, or, The Morphology of Knowledge. Vol. I. Bernard Bosanquet. Cs2F70
Loiterer’s Harvest. E.V. LucasCs2B35
London at War 1939-1945. Philip ZieglerCs4F36
London Hears Billy Graham.Charles T. CookCs2G95
London Lavender. E.V. LucasCs2B37
Londoner’s Post. Letters to Gog and Magog. Frank SwinnertonCs5D31
Long Climb on the Xingu. Horace Banner. Cs3B61
Longman’s Latin Course. Grammar and Exercises. Part I. J.W. Bartram. Cs2E38
Looking Back. A Series of Reminiscences, Sketches and Studies. Rev. J.B. Sturrock. Cs4C10
Looking Backwards – and Forwards. George Lansbury. Cs3F42
Lord Chesterfield. Samuel ShellabargerCs5G7
Lord Macaulay’s Essays and Lays of Ancient RomeLord MacaulayCs4A31
Lord of the Flies. William Golding. Cs2F14
Lord Palmerston. Marquis of Lorne. Cs6B1
Lord Rosebery. The Marquess of Crewe. Vol. I. Cs5C1
Lord Rosebery. The Marquess of Crewe. Vol. II. Cs5C2
Lorenzo Dow’s Complete Works. The Dealings of God, Man,
and the Devil. Vol. 1. L DowCs4G30
Loved and Chastened. The Autobiography of Robert Parminter Knill. Robert Parminter KnillCs4B35
Lovel the Widower; The Wolves and the Lamb; Denis Duval. William Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E19
Lovest Thou Me? George F. DempsterCs2C24
Loyalists. Peter Taylor. Cs5G26
Lucreti. De Rerum Natura. Cyril Bailey. Cs2G30
Lucy Guinness Kumm. Her Life Story. H. Grattan Guinness. Cs4B36
M.C.B. Magazine. Vol. LXXII. December 1985. Methodist College BelfastCs5H35
Macartney’s Illustrations from the Sermons. C. E. Macartney.Cs2E39
Macaulay’s Essays and Lays of Ancient Rome. C. E. MacartneyCs6D12
Macaulay’s History of England. Vol. I. C. E. MacartneyCs6D9
Macaulay’s History of England. Vol. II. C. E. MacartneyCs6D10
Macaulay’s History of England. Vol. III. C. E. MacartneyCs6D11
Macaulay’s Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches. C. E. MacartneyCs6D13
Macaulay’s Reviews, Essays and Poems  Lord Macaulay Cs6G8
Madam How and Lady Why. Charles KingsleyCs2E3
Maid Margaret. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A8
Making Peace. George J. Mitchell. Cs5G25
Man Sent from God. A Biography of Dr. John R. Rice.Robert L. Sumner. Cs6B18
Man’s Origin, Man’s Destiny. A.E.Wilder Smith. Cs2G81
Manuel de Lecture Expliquée XIXe Siècle. S.A. Richards (Ed.) Cs2C6
Maranatha. The Lord is Coming. Ellen G. White. Cs2D13
Margret Ogilvy. By her Son J.M. Barrie.Cs4C22
Marguerite de Valois. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C58
Martin Luther’s 95 Theses. Kurt Aland. Cs2C92
Mary Jones and her Bible. Mary Carter. Cs3B91
Mary P. Autobiography. Mary Peters/Ian WoodridgeCs6A26
Masterpieces of English and American Literature. Fernand Nathan. Cs2D66
Matriculation Selections from Latin Authors. A.F. Watt & B.J. HayesCs2B28
Mediaeval Panorama. The English Scene from Conquest to Revolution. G.G. Coulton. Cs5A24
Meditatio Mea. Canon Raffaele Muscolo. Cs3D64
Melbourne. The Young Melbourne and Lord M. in one Volume.David Cecil Cs2F61
Memoir of John Brown. John Cairns. Cs4D11
Memoir of The Rev. William Rogers. Rev. Robert BarronCs4H20
Memoir of William Smith of Tunbridge Wells. Cs4C34
Memoir, Diary and Remains of the Rev. Donald Macfarlane, Dingwall. Rev. Donald Beaton. Cs4A1
Memoir. The Autobiography of John Kershaw. John KershawCs4B42
Memoirs of a Physician. Alexandre Dumas.Cs3A35
Memoirs of a Physician. Vol. II.Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C49
Memoirs of a Physician. Vol. III. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C50
Memoirs of Barry Lyndon, Esq.; The Fatal Boots.W. Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E12
Memoirs of Joseph Stewart. Joseph StewartCs4C43
Memoirs of the Life of Martha Laurens Ramsay. David Ramsay. Cs5C23
Memoirs of the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Peel. Part I: 1828-1829Robert PeelCs6A19
Memoirs of the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Peel. Part II: 1834-1835 and Part III:
Repeal of the Corn Laws 1845-1846. Robert PeelCs6A20
Memoirs. Franz von Papen. Translated by Brian Connell. Cs6B23
Memorial Volume to the Rev. James Kerr (1847-1905). Rev. A. Holmes. Cs4B6
Memorials of a Ministry. Extracts from the Unpublished WritingsJames Sieveright. Cs4C16
Memories of Two Cities: Edinburgh and Aberdeen. David Massoon. Cs5D14
Memories of William Kelly. Heyman Wreford. Cs4B27
Men and Power 1917-1918. Lord Beaverbrook. Cs4F1
Men on Trial Peter Howard Cs6G4
Men+God=. Dr. B.H. Pearson. Cs2F35
Menander. The Principal Fragments. Francis G. Allinson Cs2C16
Michael Portillo. The Future of the Right. Michael Gove. Cs3F67
Mid-Antrim 1983. Articles on the History of Ballymena and District. Cs5F32
Milestones. The Marquis of Huntley. Cs5G1
Mind-Energy. Lectures and Essays. Henri Bergson.Cs2F78
Minutes 1974. Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland. Belfast 1974Cs2G33
Miracles. A Preliminary Study. C.S. Lewis. Cs2E40
Miscellaneous Essays. William Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E16
Miscellanies Literary and Historical. Vol. II. Lord Rosebery.Cs5H7
Mistress Nancy Molesworth. Joseph Hocking. Cs3B23
Mixed Vintages. E.V. LucasCs2A79
Modern Britain 1885-1955. Henry Pelling.Cs5H10
Modern England before the Reform Bill. Vol. I. Justin McCarthy. Cs5A5
Modern England before the Reform Bill. Vol. II. Justin McCarthy. Cs5A6
Modern English Statesmen. G.R. Stirling Taylor. Cs4A16
Modern Evangelism. William MacDonald. Cs2E74
Modern France. Vol. I. 1815-1913. Émile Bourgeois. Cs3D36
Monsieur de Chauvelin’s Will. The Woman with the Velvet Necklace. Blanche de Beaulieu. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C59
Moody Still Lives. Arthur Percy Fitt. Cs4A7
More Bulls and Blunders. J.C. Percy. Cs2E42
More Secrets of Happy Children. Steve Biddulph. Cs6E6
Moulin Rouge. A Novel based on the Life of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Pierre La Mure. Cs5C10
Mr. Ingleside. E.V. Lucas. Cs2B38
Murder at the Villa Maderia Sir David Napley Cs6G25
Murder in Samarkand Craig Murray Cs6G20
Murray’s History of England. M.A. TuckerCs4H10
Mutiny at the Curragh. A.P. Ryan. Cs2D93
My Early Life. A Roving Commission. Winston S. Churchill. Cs4E21
My Father. Maria RasputinCs5C25
My Garden of Verse. Henry Beer. Milford Cs3D49
My Lady Nicotine. J.M. Barrie. Cs3C8
My Own Way. An Autobiography. Sir Edward ParryCs6A7
My Scottish Youth. R.H. Bruce Lockhart. Cs3B14
My Utmost for His Highest. Oswald Chambers. Cs3B72
My Way of Preaching. Robert J. Smithson.Cs2A10
Narrative of a Visit to the Holy Land. Rev. Andrew A. Bonar & Rev. R. M McCheyneCs4A29
National Suidice: Military Aid to the Soviet Union. Cs4B13
Nemesis? Douglas Reed. Cs4C6
New Delhi to Uppsala. 1961-1968. Geneva 1968 Cs3D8
New Forms of the Old Faith. James Black. Cs2F48
New Testament in Latin. John Wordsworth and Henry WhiteCs2G57
Nil Desperandum. A Doctionary of Latin Tags and Useful Phrases. Eugene Ehrlich.Cs5G17
Nineteenth Century Preachers and their Methods. Rev. John Edwards. Cs3B70
No Title (cover and title page missing). Arthur Mursell. Cs4H33
Nonconformist Chapels and Meeting-Houses in Central England. Royal
Commission on the Historical Monuments of England. Cs1C17
None dare Call it Conspiracy. Gary Allen. Cs2G64
None Dare Call it Conspiracy. Gary Allen. Cs3D12
None of these Diseases. S.I. McMillen. Cs3C25
Northcliffe in History. An Intimate Study of Press Power. Tom Clarke.Cs2F71
Northern Epirus Crucified, Cs2D36
Northern Ireland Assembly. Standing Orders Committee. 1973 Cs1A16
Northern Ireland Convention. Rules Committee. 1975Cs1A17
Northern Ireland Statutory Rules 1983. Part I. Cs5D16
Northern Ireland: A Role for the United States? Cs2F92
Northern Ireland. A Personal Perspetive. Merlyn Rees. Cs4F12
Nothing Remains but to Fight. The Defence of Rorke’s Drift, Cs1C33
Nothing to Fear! Rev. D.M. Cummings. Cs3D80
Novels, Tales and Sketches. J.M. Barrie. Cs3C2
Objections to Humanism. H.J. Blackburn. Cs2E41
Occultism. The True Origin of Mormonism. W.J. McK. McCormick. Cs2C77
Oceana. J.A. Froude. Cs2A31
Oddities in Southern Life and Character. Henry Waterson (Ed.). Cs2D70
Odds and Ends. [Copy 1]Francis Pigou. Cs6B25
Odds and Ends. [Copy 2]Francis PigouCs6B30
Old England: Its Scenery, Art, and People. James M. Hopkin. Cs6E15
Old Highland Days. The Reminiscences of Dr. John KennedyDr. John KennedyCs4B5
Old is… great! Marcella MarkhamCs2A68
Old London Town. Will Owen. Cs4C2
Old Rowley. A Private Life of Charles II. Dennis Wheatley. Cs4C27
Old Saint Paul’s. A Tale of the Plague and the Fire. William Harrison Ainsworth. Cs2A40
Old Things New. Hugh Thompson Kerr. Cs2B50
Oliver Twist; A Child’s Hostory of England. Charles Dickens. Cs3F31
On Accepting Ourselves. John A. Hutton. Cs2C37
On England, and Other Addresses. Stanley Baldwin. Cs3D77
On Heroes, Hero-Worship and the Heroic in Hostory. Thomas Carlyle. Cs2B46
One Day and Another. E.V. Lucas. Cs2A75
One Vision Only. A Biography of Isobel Kuhn. Carolyn Canfield. Cs4B29
One Vision Only. The Story of Isobel Kuhn. Carolyn Canfield. Cs4B41
Oral Roberts. An American Life. David Edwin Harrell, Jr. Cs5C29
Our Faith in God through Jesus Christ. J. Ernest Davey. Cs2E69
Our Fathers (1870-1900). Manners and Customs of the Ancient Victorians. Alan Bott. Cs5D10
Our House. An Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure. Lord Bossom. Cs2D75
Our Little Lady. E.S. Holt. Cs2F21
Our Lord’s Messages to the Seven Churches of Asia. John Hutchison. Cs3C39
Our Most Proceless Heritage. The Lasting Legacy of the Scots-Irish in
America. Billy Kennedy Cs2A22
Our Mutual Friend. Charles Dickens. Cs3F27
Our Own Times 1913-1938. Stephen King-Hall. Cs2C29
Our Own Times 1913-1938. [Copy 2]Stephen King-Hall. Cs5B19
Our Own Times 1913-1938. [Copy 1]Stephen King-Hall.Cs5B18
Our Own Times 1913-1938. Vol. 2 [ Copy 3]Stephen King-HallCs5B36
Our Protestant Heritage. W. St. Clair Taylor.Cs2A7
Our Protestant Heritage. W. St. Clair Taylor.Cs2A8
Our Work in Palestine. Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund in 1865. Cs2C45
Out of a Clear Sky. Essays and Fantasies about Birds. E.V. LucasCs2B31
Out of Darkness into Light. Rev. Asa Mahan. Cs3D106
Out of the Labyrinth. L.H. Lehmann. Cs3F58
Outline of English History. Samuel R. Gardiner. Cs5F29
Outside the Gate. Carl McIntireCs3D11
Outside the Gate. Carl McIntire. Cs3D62
Outside the Gate. [copy 1]Carl McIntire.Cs2F82
Outside the Gate. [copy 2]Carl McIntire. Cs2F83
Ovidius. Vol. 1. R. Ehwald (Ed.). Cs2C4
Oxford Apostles. Geoffrey Faber. Cs5G16
P. Vergili Maroni Opera. Vol. II. Notes. A. Sidgwick (Ed). Cs3C33
Paisley. The Man and his Message. CompilationCs2D31
Paisley. The Man and his Message. IRKPCs3D74
Palestine and the Bible. Rev. Samuel Schor. Cs4A12
Palestine. The Land of My Adoption. J.W. Clapham. Cs4A28
Paradise Lost [Poor condition]John MiltonCs2D18
Paradise Lost. John Milton. Alastair Fowler (Ed.). Cs3F44
Parcel of Rogues. Jane Lane. Cs5C13
Paris, Irish and Eastern Sketches. W. Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E3
Parliament and the Glorious Revolution 1688-1988. Anon. Cs5A29
Parliament Past and Present. Arnold Wright/Philip Smith. Cs1C15
Parochial and Plain Sermons. John Henry Newman. Cs3B38
Past and Present. Thomas Carlyle. Cs2B39
Past and Present. Thomas Carlyle. Cs2B45
Pastor D.J. Findlay. Alexander Gammie. Cs4G19
Pat Robertson. David Edwin Harrell, JrCs5C30
Paul Clifford. Edward Bulwer Lytton Cs2B24
Peace, Print and Protestantism 1450-1558. C.S.L. Davies. Cs5D25
Pelham, or, Adventures of a Gentleman. Edward Bulwer Lytton Cs2B23
Pentecostal Baptism: Is it Regeneration? Thomas Payne. Cs2G58
People in Parliament. A Collection of Photographs. Roland BoyesCs1C21
Peron. His Rise and Fall. Frank Owen.Cs6A13
Perspectives on History. William Dray. Cs2F46
Philip Dodridge. His Life and Labours. John Stoughton. Cs4G2
Philip Eulenburg: The Kaiser’s Friend. Vol. 1. Johannes Haller. Trans Ethel Colburg MayneCs4G29
Philip II of Spain. Sir Charles Petrie. Cs6B19
Philosophy of Theism. Alexander Campbell FraserCs2G50
Pig in the Middle. The Army in Northern Ireland 1969-1984. Desmond Hamill.Cs4F11
Pilgrim’s Progress in the Twentieth Century. Gary G. Cohen. Cs2C93
Pilgrims of the Wild. Wa-Sha-Quon-Asin Cs2F87
Pitt the Younger. Derek Jarrett. Cs6B33
Pitt versus Fox. Father and Son. 1735-1806. Erich Eyck. Cs3E31
Plain Mr. Knox. [Copy 1]Elizabeth Whitley. Cs5B8
Plain Mr. Knox. [Copy 2]Elizabeth Whitley. Cs5B9
Planethood. Benjamin B. Ferencz. Cs3D109
Platonis Apologia Socratis. J. Adam (Ed)Cs2B62
Platonis Opera. Vol. III.Ioannes Burnet.Cs3D29
Platonis Res Publica. Ioannes Burnet. Cs3E63
Plays and Puritans and Other Historical Essays. Charles KingsleyCs4B11
Please Pardon my Poetry. Dr. Jack Hyles. Cs3D67
Poems of Protest and Pilgrimage. Philip Willoughby-Higson. Cs3D42
Points of View. Vol I Earl of Birkenhead.Cs2A23
Points of View. Vol II Earl of Birkenhead. Cs2A24
Poison of Kali. Robert Harding. Cs2E30
Political Adverture. The Memoirs of the Earl of Kilmuir. Earl of Kilmuir. Cs5B31
Political Ideals Delisle Burns Cs6G23
Political Strikes. The State and Trade Unionism in Britain. Peter Hain. Cs6E12
Politics in Western Europe. Gordon Smith. Cs2B59
Politics, Religion and Literature in the Seventeenth Century. William Lamont (Ed.). Cs5H28
Pop Goes the Gospel. John Blanchard. Cs3B77
Popery – a Gigantic Swindle of the Devil. Robert Brown. L n d Cs2A66
Popular Romances of the West of England. Robert Hunt. Cs2F53
Portrait of London. Arthur Buch. Cs2E32
Portrait of Obedience. The Biography of Robert T. Ketcham. J.Murray Murdoch. Cs5B29
Powell and the 1970 Election. Enoch Powell’s Five Election Speeches. John Wood (Ed.)Cs4E37
Power for Living.James Buckingham. Cs2A72
Power through Prayer. E.M. Bounds. Cs3B85
Practical Divinity: Sermons on the Shorter Catechism. Thomas Watson. Cs2A49
Prayer and Praying Men. E.M. Bounds. Cs3B83
Preacher Mike. The Life of Dr. Merton S. Rice. Elaine Rice Chabut. Cs5C9
Preachers with Power. Four Stalwarts of The South. Douglas F. Kelly. Cs4H18
Preces Privatae Quotidianae. Rev. Peter LandelotCs2C55
Predestination. Gordon Clark. Cs3B75
Present-Day Evangelism. J. Wilbur Chapman. Cs3C17
President Charles Bradlaugh M.P. David Tribe. Cs4D17
Pressing Problems of the Closing Age. Christabel Pankhurst.Cs6A14
Prime and Hours. The Sarum Office Book. Cs2A80
Princes of the Modern Pulpit. Ernest H. JeffsCs4B2
Princess and Queen of England. Life of Mary II. Mary F. SandarsCs4A32
Principles of the Refirmation. Very Rev. Henry Wace. Cs2A51
Private and Official. Nourah Waterhouse. Cs4A20
Processions. Colin Dunlop. Cs2C66
Promoted. The Memorials of Charles Dison Kimber. Ada ThomsonCs5B4
Property. Edward Erdman. Cs1D27
Prophets of Yesterday. Gerhard Masur. Cs3E52
Protestant Thought before Kant. Arthur Cushman McGiffert. Cs2E75
Prove Me Now! Edwin Orr. & A. Lindsay Glegg et al. (Eds)Cs4C21
Provenance. Frank McDonald. Cs6A11
Provincial Letters. Blaise Pascal. Cs6A30
Pulpit and Platform Oratory. Harold Ford. Cs3B69
Purnell’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weapons and Warfare. Vol. 1.Cs1D35
Purpose in Prayer. E.M. Bounds. Cs3B84
Queen Victoria in her Letters and Journals. Christopher Hibbert.Cs4C7
Quotations in History 800 to the Present. Alan and Victoria PalmerCs4F6
Races and Immigrants in America. John R. Commons. Cs5A34
Railroad! U.S.A. vs. Lyndon LaRouche et al. Cs2D65
Ramillies and the Union with Scotland. G. Macaulay Trevelyan. Cs5E16
Ranke’s History of the Popes. Cs5A9
Rape:My Story Jill Saward Cs6G17
Real Democracy in Operation. Felix Bonjour. Cs3F19
Recollections of Rev. James Porter. J.H. Porter-Hatton. Cs2D94
Recollections. John Grace. Cs2G93
Recollections. Jonah Barrington. Cs3D91
Redemption. The New Song in Heaven. Robert Philip. Cs2G59
Reflecting God’s Light. Facets of a Miracle. Bob Jones University.
Diamond Jubilee Comemorative. ]Cs1C37
Regency Ladies. Lewis Melville. Cs2G16
Religion and the European Mind. Adolf Keller. Cs4A9
Religion and the Rise of Capitalism. [copy 2]R.H. Tawney. Cs2E79
Religion and the Rise of Capitalism. [copy1]R.H. Tawney. Cs2E78
Religion in the Victorian Era. L.E. Elliott-BinnsCs5E18
Religion, Reason and Revelation. Gordon H. Clark. Cs3B49
Religious Liberty in Latin America? George P. HowardCs2E20
Remarkable Conversions, Interesting Incidents and Striking Illustrations. Rev. H.C. Morrison. Cs6A25
Reminiscences of a Long Life. W.D. Killen. Cs4B3
Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character. Dean Ramsay. Cs6E38
Renaissance Europe 1480-1520. J.R. Hale. Cs2D91
Report of the First Anglo-Catholic Priests’ Convention 1921. Cs3D73
Reveille in Washington 1860-1865. Margaret Leech. Cs6D4
Revolving Conflict in Africa. Leonard W. Doob. Cs3D13
Rhodes. Sarah Gertrude Millin.Cs4C25
Rhodesia Lardner-Burke Cs6G22
Richelieu. Hilaire Belloc. Cs5C8
Rivers of Living Water. T. Austin-SparksCs2F2
Road to Revolution: Communist Guerilla Warfare in the U.S.A. Phillip Abbott Luce. Cs3D10
Road to Revolution. Communist Guerrilla Warfare in the U.S.A. Phillip Abbott Luce. Cs2C62
Roaring Century 1846-1946. R.J. CruikshankCs5D18
Robert Aske. A Story of the Reformation. Eliza F. Pollard. Cs3B5
Robert Morrison. A Master-Builder. Marshall Broomhall.Cs6A16
Robert Raikes, Founder of Sunday Schools. Thomas B. Walters. Cs6B7
Robert the Bruce. Nigel TranterCs4D31
Robertson of Brighton. Hensley HensonCs5C19
Robertson of Irvine. Poet-Preacher. Arthur Guthrie. Cs6E30
Roman Itineraries. Ettore Della Riccia. Cs2C47
Roundabout Papers; The Second Funeral of Napoleon. W. Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E18
Roundabout Papers: The Four Georges; The English Humourists. W. Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E1
Royal Commission on the Constitution 1969-1973. Vol. I. Report. Cs5D17
Royal Ulster Constabulary Constable’s Guide.Cs2D85
Rrime-Time Religion, Jerry Sholes. Cs6B16
Rudyard Kipling. A New Appreciation. Hilton Brown.Cs4B28
Rudyard Kipling. His Life and Work. Charles Carrington. Cs4B40
Rumours of Wars. A.J.P. Taylor. Cs5D33
Ruth. Under the Shadow of His Wings. Spencer Walton. Cs2E7
Samuel Crowther. The Slave Boy of the Niger. Jesse Page. Cs5G2
Samuel Rutherford and Some of his Contemporaries. [Copy 1]Alexander Whyte.Cs6E32
Samuel Rutherford and Some of his Contemporaries. [Copy 2]Alexander Whyte. Cs6E33
Samuel Rutherford. Rev. Andrew Thomson. Cs6E25
Sao Paulo. Growth and Poverty. Anon.Cs2E65
Sartor Resartus. The Life and opinions of Herr Teufelsdrockh. Thomas Carlyle. Cs2B44
Savonarola. Piero Misciattelli. Cs4C23
Scenes of Clerical Life. George Eliot. Cs2F33
Scientists who Believe. 21 Tell their own Stories. Eric C. Barrett & David FischerCs2C35
Scottish Abbeys. Stewart Cruden. Cs5D26
Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology. Vol. 10, No. 1. Spring 1992Cs3B74
Scottish Catechisms of the Second Reformation, [copy 1]Anon. Hoogeveen Cs3D94
Scottish Catechisms of the Second Reformation, [copy 2]Anon. Hoogeveen Cs3D95
Scottish Catechisms of the Second Reformation, [copy 3]Anon. Hoogeveen Cs3D96
Scottish Catechisms of the Second Reformation, [copy 4]Anon. Hoogeveen Cs3D97
Scripture View of the Heavenly World. Rev. J. Edmondson. Cs3F48
Secret History. An Eyewitness Account of Mormonism. John Ahmandson. Cs2C57
Secret Service under Pitt. W..J. Fitzpatrick. Cs6D7
Secret Session Speeches. Winston S. Churchill. Compiled by Charles Eade. Cs4E31
Self-Help. Samuel Smiles. Cs2C31
Sentimental Tommy. The Story of his Boyhood. J.M. Barrie. Cs3C10
Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life. William Law. Cs3B16
Sermon Substance. Fredecir C. SpurrCs2C9
Sermons and Remains of Hugh Latimer. Rev. George Elwes Corrie. Cs4E29
Sermons that have won Souls. C.H. SpurgeonCs2A21
Sermons. Rev. T. De Will Talmage. Cs3C38
Servants of Apostasy. Carl McIntire Cs2C91
Service of our Lives. Last Speeches as Prime Minister. Stanley Baldwin. Cs2C44
Shields of Canada. T.T. Shields (1873-1955).Leslie K. Tarr. Cs4C37
Short Studies on Great Subjects. Vol. II. J.A. Froude. Cs2A32
Sighs from Hell, or, The Groans of a Lost Soul. John Bunyan. Swengel Cs3F1
Signs of the Saviour’s Return. Theodore C. Danson Smith.Cs2G4
Silver Sand. S.R. Crockett.Cs3A7
Simon Peter. Hugh Martin. Cs4B18
Simon Peter. Apostle and Living Stone. W.W. Fereday. Cs2G84
Single, but not Sorry. Joyce Parks. Cs2C88
Sir Francis Drake. James A. Williamson. Cs4G3
Sir Walter Raleigh. Philip Magnus. Cs4C40
Sir Walter Scott.Richard H. Hutton. Cs4C32
Six Kings of the American Pulpit. Clarence Edward MacartneyCs6A22
Six Makers of English Religion 1500-1700. Gordon Rupp. Cs6E34
Six Months in a Syrian Monastery. Oswald H. Parry. Cs2E87
Six Royal Ladies of the House of HanoverSarah TylerCs2G53
Sixty Years in the Wilderness. Henry W. Lucy. Cs3E44
Sixty Years of Power. The Earl of Swinton.Cs2D59
Skerry’s Practical Spelling and Dictation Book. George E. Skerry. Cs2E61
Sketches by Boz; etc. Charles Dickens. Cs3F30
Skin o’ my Tooth.Baroness Orczy (Ed.) Cs3B35
Social Change in Latin America Today. Richard N. Adams et al. Cs3F7
Soldier Saint: George Scott Railton. Bernard Watson. Cs6E27
Some Dartmoor Saints and Shrines. Lewis H. Court. Cs3E50
Some Experiences of an Irish R.M. E.O. Somerville/Martin RossCs4C14
Some Favourite Hymns. H.E. Langhorne. Cs2G21
Some Leading Ideas of Hinduism. Henry Haigh. Cs2G1
Something Understood. An Autobiography. Gerald Priestland. Cs6B5
Sören Kierkegaard. Johannes Hohlenberg. Cs5B6
Spain for the Sovereigns. Jean Plaidy. Cs3B7
Spain. George Hills. Cs3F22
Spain. S. de Madariaga. Cs2E63
Sparks from the Anvil of Elder Michaux. Cs2C39
Speeches from the Dock, or, Protests of Irish Patriotism. T.D. Sullivan. Cs2G55
Speeches on Questions of Public Policy. Richard CobdenCs4F21
Spiritual Blessings. C.A. Coates. Cs2C21
Spiritual Songs. J.N. Darby. Cs2G67
Spiritual Wives. Vol I. William Hepworth Dixon. Cs4G15
Spiritual Wives. Vol II. William Hepworth Dixon. Cs4G32
Spy Catcher William Rushton Cs6G29
St. Augustine’s Confessions. Vol. I. William Watts (Translator). Cs2A55
St. Giles’ Lectures. Various. Cs5D21
St. Giles’ Lectures. The Scottish Church. W. Chambers. Cs5D22
St. Paul in Britain, or, The Origin of British as opposed to Papal Christianity. Cs3F18
St. Veda’s. Annie S. Swan. Cs3B9
Standing Rules and Orders of the Legislative Assembly. New South Wales, 1874. Cs3F15
States of Terror. Democracy and Political Violence. Peter Taylor. Cs5G24
Steinberg’s History of British History. S.H. Steinberg/I.H. Evans Cs4F5
Step by Step. 1936-1939. Winston S. Churchill. Cs4E20
Stepping Heavenward. Elizabeth Prentiss. Cs3C16
Stevenson Arthur Blackwood  Edited by Blackwood Cs6H4
Still Talking at Random. Douglas WoodruffCs3B78
Stonehenge. Julian Richards. Cs1D29
Strange Vagabond of God. The Story of John Bradburne.John Dove. Cs2F74
Stranger than Truth. Best Short Stories. Hannen Swaffer. Cs2E15
Strong Mac. S.R. Crockett. Cs3B47
Studies and Sketches. H.H. Asquith. Cs3E42
Studies in Contemporary Biography. James Bryce. Cs4D27
Studies in Modern History. G.P. Gooch. L 1932 Cs2C18
Summary Justice. Sarah Michaels. Cs2D89
Summoned by Bells.John Betjeman. Cs2C14
Sunshine and Smiles. Bud Robinson. Cs5C17
Surviving Motherhood. Maggie Comport. Cs6E11
Sweet Believing. Jock Purves. Cs3F9
Sweet Singers of Wales. H. Elvet Lewis. Cs3B87
Sweetheart Travellers. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A32
Tabernacle Treasures. H.F.G. Cole. Cs3F38
Tage Danielssons Bok. Tage Denielsonson. Cs2A71
Teddy Bare. The Last Days of the Kennedy Clan. Zad Rust. Cs4B25
Tell me about Moody. Dr. Will Houghton and
Rev. Charles T. Cook. Cs4A8
Ten Imperishable Words. H.E. Govan. Cs3D104
Testimony of Sceptics to the Truth of Christianity. Anon. Cs3D99
Text-Book of Physics. J.D. Everett. Cs2D17
Tha Palestinian Covenant and its Meaning. Y. HarkabiCs2D12
The ‘B’ Specials. A History of The Ulster Special Constabulary. Sir Arthur Hezlet. Cs6E7
The “Fifty Nine” Revival. IRKPCs2D22
The “Fifty Nine” Revival. IRKPCs3D34
The “Fifty Nine” Revival. IRKPCs3D55
The Adventurer in Spain. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A5
The Adventures of Philip. Vol. II. W. Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E22
The Adventures of Robin Hood. Major Charles GilsonCs2F27
The Advertures of Philip; A Shabby Genteel Story. Vol. I.W. Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E21
The Age of Illusion. England in the Twenties and Thirties 1919-1940. Donald Blythe. Cs2C78
The Age of Louis XIV. Will and Ariel Durant. Cs4A27
The Age of Peel. Norman Gash. Cs2E54
The Age of William III and Mary II. 1688-1702Cs1C13
The Ages: Past, Present and FutureCs2A5
The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking. Norman Vincent Peale. Cs6B13
The American Conflict: A History of the Great Rebellion 1860-1864. Cs5B37
The American People and their Old World Ancestors. Grace Vollintine. Cs5A12
The American Sunday School. John H. Vincent. Cs5A27
The Anglo-Irish Agreement. A Legacy of Violence. Cs1A23
The Annals of Derry. Robert Simpson. Cs4F31
The Antichrist Bible. The Revised English Bible. An ExposureIRKPCs2D14
The Antichrist Bible. The Revised English Bible. An Exposure.IRKPCs2G68
The Antigone of Sophocles. Sir Richard C. Jebb (Ed.). Cs2C68
The Anvil. Tabernacle Baptist Bible Institute. Cs1D15
The Anvil. Tabernacle Baptist Bible Institute. Cs1D16
The Apostle of the Gentiles. B.P. PaskCs2A2
The Apostolic Fathers. Vol. II. Kirsopp Lake. Cs4H23
The Art and Science of Government  Duncan H McNeill Cs6F35
The Art of Dramatic Writing.Lajos Egri. Cs3D59
The Ashes of Roses and Other Bible Studies. Rev. William L. Watkinson. Cs3C28
The Atlas of the Ancient World. Margaret OliphantCs1C35
The Atonement. Gordon H. Clark. Cs3B59
The Authentic Servant in Mark’s Gospel. Victor Maxwell. Cs6E9
The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford. Reuben Shapcott (Ed.).Cs5C24
The Babington Plot J.F.C. Shepherd Cs6G5
The Balliol College Register 1900-1950. Sir Ivor Elliott. Cs2F58
The Banner of Blue. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A31
The Belief of Christendom. John BurnabyCs2A16
The Best of Lamb. E.V. LucasCs2B32
The Bible Jesus Read. Cs3B62
The Bible References of John Ruskin. Mary and Ellen Gibbs. Cs5C14
The Bible Speaks to You. Robert McAfee Brown. Cs2A35
The Biblical Doctrine of Man. Gordon H. Clark. Jefferson Cs3B93
The Birth of Christ Recalculated. Ernest L. Martin. Cs2F86
The Birth of the New Testament. C.F.D. MouleCs2C13
The Blue Ballon. A Tale of the Shenandoah Valley. Reginald Horsley. Cs3E47
The Book Genesis. A True History. Rev. F. Watson. Cs3C13
The Book of Genesis. S.R. Driver. Cs2F57
The Book of Mormon. Salt Lake City 1920 Cs2C64
The Book of Snobs; Sketches of Life and Character. W.Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E4
The Boyne Water. Peter Berresford Ellis. Cs4F19
The Boyne Water. Peter Berresford Ellis. Cs5G20
The British Monarchy at Home. James A. Free. Cs5D19
The Building of the Empire. Vol. II. Alfred Thomas Story. Cs5H2
The Canons of the Church of England. Canterbury and York 1964 and 1969. Cs2F75
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The Carson Trail. Sam Wilson. Cs2D55
The Character of England. Ernest Barker (Ed.) Cs2C82
The Charismatic Movement. Dr. John R. Rice. Cs3D22
The Charismatic Renewal and the Irish Experience. Thomas FlynnCs2C50
The Charismatic Renewal and the Irish Experience. Thomas Flynn. Cs2G11
The Cherry Ribband. S.R. CrockettCs3A20
The Child’s First History of Rome. Elizabeth M. SewellCs5B23
The Children’s Study. Ireland. R. Larry O’Brien (Ed.). Cs2D71
The Christian as Protestant. Rev. R.J. Drummond. Cs2A56
The Christian Confrontation with Shinto Nationalism. Kun Sam Lee. Cs2F84
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The Christian Minister: His Aims and Methods. James RobertsonCs2A12
The Christian State. Augustine J. Osgniach. Cs2E50
The Christian World Pulpit. Vol. CLXXIV, July to December 1927 Cs6C10
The Christian World Pulpit. Vol. CLXXIV, July to December 1958 Cs6C9
The Christian Year in Thoughts and Verse. Anon. Cs2G36
The Christians in the U.S.S.R. Alexander de ChalandeauCs3B57
The Christmas Books of Mr. M.A. Titmarsh. William Makepiece Thackeray Cs3E14
The Christmas Crib. Nesta de RobeckCs2C40
The Church’s Song. A Companion to the Church Hymnal. T.S. Lindsay. Cs3D89
The Churchillians John Colville Cs6G2
The City and the Castle. A Study of the Reformation in Switzerland. Annie LucasCs2A6
The Civil Service Spelling-Book. R. Johnston. Cs3D45
The Cloister and the Hearth. Charles Reade. Cs3E45
The Cobbet of the West. A Study of Thomas Latimer and the Life of Exeter. R.S. Lambert. Cs3F35
The Coming of the Lord. Arthur T. Pierson. Cs3D19
The Coming World Dictator. John Wesley White. Cs2C53
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. II. Cs3A40
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. III. Cs3A41
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. IV. Cs3A42
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. IX. Cs3A46
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. V. Cs3A43
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. VI. Cs3A44
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. VIICs3A39
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. VIII. Cs3A45
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. X. Cs3A47
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. XI. Cs3A48
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. XII. Cs3A52
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. XIII. Cs3A53
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. XIV. Cs3A54
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. XV. Cs3A49
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. XVI. Cs3A50
The Complete Works of John L. Motley, Vol. XVII. Cs3A51
The Complete Works of John L. Motley. Vol I. Cs3A38
The Complete Works of Thomas Manton, Vol. IV. Thomas Manton. Cs3B30
The Condition of Labour. An Open Letter to Pope Leo XIII. Henry George. Cs5D20
The Confession of Faith. Rev. John Macpherson. Cs2A11
The Confession of Faith. Edinburgh 1889Cs2F76
The Constitutional History of England 1760-1860. Sir Thomas Erskine May.Cs4F33
The Constitutional History of England. Vol. I. 1760-1860 [Copy 2]Sir Thomas Erskine May. Cs5F5
The Constitutional History of England. Vol. I. 1760-1860. [Copy 1}Sir Thomas Erskine May. Cs5F1
The Constitutional History of England. Vol. I. 1760-1860. [Copy 2]Sir Thomas Erskine May. Cs5F2
The Constitutional History of England. Vol. II. 1760-1860. [Copy 1]Sir Thomas Erskine May. Cs5F3
The Constitutional History of England. Vol. III. 1760-1860 [Copy 1]Sir Thomas Erskine May. Cs5F4
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The Cornish Coast and Moors. A.G. Folliott-Stokes. Cs5D13
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The Count of Monte Cristo. Vol. II. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C41
The Count of Monte Cristo. Vol. III. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C42
The Court at Windsor. A Domestic History. Christopher Hibbert.Cs5H30
The Covenants and the Covenanters. Rev. James Kerr. Cs3F69
The Critical and Expository Bible Cyclopaedia. A.R. Faucett. Cs1A18
The Crown of Wild Olive & The Cestus of Aglaia. John Ruskin.Cs2A60
The Dairyman’s Daughter and other Annals of the Poor. Leigh Richmond. Cs6E28
The Dark o’ the Moon. S.R. Crockett.Cs3A12
The Daughters of Cain Colin Dexter Cs6G26
The Decline and Fall of the Habsburg Empire 1915-1918. Alan Sked.Cs2D53
The Derry and Antrim Yearbook 1979.. Cs5H29
The Devil’s Disciples. The Truth about Rock. Jeff Godwin. Cs3B53
The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister. Vol. IIRichard Crossman. Cs5G6
The Difficulties of the Soul. W. Hay M.H. Aitken. Cs3D75
The Dilemma of Mexico’s Development. Raymond VernonCs2E64
The Divine Commedy. Dante Alighieri. Translated by C.E. WheelerCs2F25
The Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Anon. Cs2C76
The Dove in the Eagle’s Nest. Charlotte M. Yonge. Cs2B54
The Dutch Experience. The inside story: Noel van Shaik. Cs2F72
The Dynamics of Irish Politics. Paul Bew et al. Cs5G13
The Early Career of Lord North the Prime Minister. Charles Daniel Smith. Cs2C49
The Early Life of Mark Rutherford (W. Hale White) by Himself. Cs5C26
The Ebb-Tide. A trio and Quartette. R.L. Stevenson
Lloyd Osbourne. Cs2E17
The EEC. A Guide to the Maze. Stanley A. Budd. Cs4G9
The Eighth Square. Herbert Lieberman. Cs2F43
The Election. A Voter’s Guide. Cs1D39
The Elements of Ethics. J.H. Muirhead. Cs2E10
The Encyclopedia of Drawing Techniques. Ian Simpson Cs1D33.
The Encyclopedia of Watercolour Techniques. Hazel Harrison. Cs1C4
The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology. Russell Hope Robbins. Cs1D34
The End of an Age and Other Essays. William Ralph IngeCs2F54
The End of an Epoch. Reflections on Contemporary History. A.L. Rowse. Cs4C24
The English Illustrated Magazine 1887-1888.Cs5D12
The English Puritans. John Brown. Cs5F27
The English Rite. A Synopsis of the Sources and Revisions of the Book of Common Prayer Vol IIF.E. Brightman Cs2C26
The English. Rev. G.F. Maclear.Cs6E8
The Englishman’s Bible. How he got it and Why he keeps it. Rev. J. Boyes. Cs2C54
The Epistle to the Hebrews. Charles F. Pfeiffer. Cs3B88
The Epistles of Paul. Rev. W.J. Conybeare.Cs2D16
The Essentials of Prayer. E.M. Bounds. Cs3B81
The Eternal Masquerade H. D.Bradley Cs6H1
The European Inheritance. Sir Ernest Barker et al. (Eds.)Cs4A23
The Everlasting Righteousness, or, How Shall Man be Just with God? Horatius Bonar.Cs2A59
The Evolution of Parliament.A.F. Pollard. Cs2D57
The Expansion of Islam. W. Wilson CashCs2G2
The Face of London  Harold P. Clunn Cs6F38 
The Failure of Faith. Muir Weissinger. Cs2E72
The Faith of a Modern Christian. James Orr. Cs2F51
The Faithful Tribe. An Intimate Portrait of the Loyal Institutions. Ruth Dudley EdwardsCs6C3
The Fall of the House of Habsburg. Edward Crankshaw. Cs3F10
The Fight for Fundamentalism. George W. Dollar. Cs2E70
The Fine Art of Political Wit. Leon Harris. Cs5H14
The Fire and the Rose. Arthur BryantCs5H3
The Firebrand. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A19
The Fireside Book. David Hope. Cs3D44
The First Seven Divisions (Mons to Ypres)  Lord Earnest Hamilton Cs6F34
The First Tripper.Peter Dawlish. Cs2E9
The Fitzgeralds and The Kennedys D.K.Goodwin Cs6G16
The Forty-Five. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C60
The Four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles in the Authorized Version. Oxford 1929 Cs4H9
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The French Revolution. A History. Vol. II. The Constitution. Thomas Carlyle. Cs2B41
The French Revolution. A History. Vol. III. The Bastille. Thomas Carlyle Cs2B43
The French Revolution. A History. Vol. III. The Guillotine. Thomas Carlyle.Cs2B42
The French Revolution. Voices from a momentous epoch. Colin Jones (Ed.)Cs1C22
The French Revolution. Vol. I. The Bastille. Thomas Carlyle. Cs3D39
The French Revolution. Vol. II. The Constitution. Thomas Carlyle. Cs3D40
The Friendly Town. E.V. Lucas Cs2B25
The Friendly Town. E.V. Lucas Cs2B34
The Friendship Book 1967. Francis Gay. Cs2G83
The Friendship Book 1967. Francis Gay. L 1967Cs3D54
The Friendship Book 1969.Francis Gay. L 1969Cs3D53
The Friendship Book 1970. Francis Gay. L 1970Cs3D52
The Friendship Book 1972. Francis Gay. L 1972Cs3D50
The Friendship Book 1979.Francis Gay. L 1979Cs3D51
The Friendship Book 1981. Francis Gay. Cs3D32
The Friendship Book. A Thought for Each Day 2010. Francis Gay.Cs2D3
The Frogs of Aristophanes. Benjamin Bickley Rogers. Cs2E88
The Fullness of Sacrifice. F.C.N. Hicks Cs2C90
The Garments of Christ. IRKP Cs2B61
The Gate of the Year. A book of Poems. M. Louise Haskins. Cs2E29
The Gates of Eden. Annie S. Swain. Cs3B24
The Gates of Eden. Annie S. Swan. Cs3B28
The General Public Acts 1971. Cs5D24
The Glorious Obsession. Maurice Rheims. Cs5C36
The Glorious Revolution of 1688. G.R. Kesteven. Cs5D27
The God Makers. A Shocking Exposé of what the Mormon Church really believes. Cs2C74
The God Makers. A Shocking Exposé of what the Mormon Church really believes. Cs2C75
The God that Failed. Six Studies in Communism. Arthur Koestler Cs2E53
The Golden Chain, or, The Christian Graces.John Harvey. Cs2G26
The Golden Treasury of Ancient Greek Poetry. R.S. Wright. Cs3D24
The Good Selling Dictionary.Alan C. Jenkins (Ed.). Cs2D27
The Gospel According to Peanuts. Robert L. Short. Richmond Cs2E24
The Gospel according to Revelation. Delber H. Elliott. Cs3C6
The Gospel for a World of Sin. Henry Van Dyke. Cs3C27
The Gospel in Great Britain from St. Patrick to John Knox and John Wesley. Rev. Samuel MacNaughton. Cs5H12
The Gospel Witness Magazine, June 1926Cs3D31
The Governance of England. Sidney Low.Cs4H11
The Government of France (Second Edition). Jean Blondel. Cs5A30
The Government of France. Jean Blondel and
E. Drexel Godfrey Jr. Cs5A28
The Great Hogarty Diamond; Memoirs of Mr. C. C. Yellowplush; Burlesques. W. Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E 8
The Great Swindlers. Judge Gerald Sparrow. Cs3B20
The Great War in Europe. Vol. I Frank R. CanaCs5D1
The Great War in Europe. Vol. II Frank R. Cana,. Cs5D2
The Great War in Europe. Vol. IIIFrank R. Cana.Cs5D3
The Great War in Europe. Vol. IVFrank R. CanaCs5D4
The Great War in Europe. Vol. IVFrank R. CanaCs5D5
The Great War in Europe. Vol. VI Frank R. CanaCs5D6
The Great War in Europe. Vol. VIIFrank R. CanaCs5D7
The Great War in Europe. Vol. VIIIFrank R. CanaCs5D8
The Green Grassy Slopes. W.A. Ballinger. Cs2G60
The Greenwood Hat. A Memoir of James Anon 1885-1887. J.M. Barrie. Cs3C11
The Grey Man. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A22
The Growing Boy. The First Book of an Autobiography 1892-1908. Cecil Roberts. Cs4C28
The Growth of British Industry and Commerce W. Cunningham Cs6G43
The Guineapigs. John McGuffin. Cs2G62
The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956. Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Cs4B33
The Hangman’s Tale Syd Dernley Cs6G30
The Happiest People on Earth. The Story of Demos Shakarian. John and Elizabeth Sherrill. Cs4C17
The Hebrew Prophets for English Readers. Vol. III. Francis H. Woods (Ed.) Cs3F4
The Hidden Romance of the New Testament. James Alexander Robertson. Cs3C21
The Historian’s History of the World. Vol. XXVIIHenry Smith Willliams.. Cs3E37
The Historians’ History of the World. Vol. XIX. England 1475-1642. Cs3F64
The Historians’ History of the World. Vols. 17-18. Henry Smith Williams.Cs4E26
The Historians’ History of the World. Vols. 19-20. Henry Smith Williams.Cs4E25
The Historians’ History of the World. Vols. 21-22.Henry Smith Williams. Cs4E28
The Historians’ History of the World. Vols. 23-24. Henry Smith Williams.Cs4E27
The Historians’ History of the World. Vols. 3-4Henry Smith Williams.Cs4E22
The Historians’ History of the World. Vols. 9-10. Henry Smith Williams.Cs4E23
The Historians’ History of the World.. Vols. 13-14. Henry Smith Williams.Cs4E24
The History of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688. Vol IDavid Hume. Cs4F22
The History of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688. Vol IIDavid Hume. Cs4F23
The History of England. Vol. I.Anon.Cs6C11
The History of England. Vol. II.Anon.Cs6C12
The History of England. Vol. III. Anon.Cs6C13
The History of England. Vol. III. David Hume. Cs5F23
The History of England. Vol. IV.Anon.Cs6C14
The History of England. Vol. IX.Anon.Cs6C19
The History of England. Vol. V.Anon.Cs6C15
The History of England. Vol. VI.Anon.Cs6C16
The History of England. Vol. VII.Anon.Cs6C17
The History of England. Vol. VIII.Anon.Cs6C18
The History of England. Vol. X.Anon.Cs6C20
The History of Henry Esmond; The Memoirs of Barry Lyndon. W.Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E6
The History of Jerusalem. W.Besant and E.H. Palmer Cs4A22
The History of Pendennis. W. Makepiece Thackeray.Cs3E2
The History of Protestantism. Part 2. Rev. J.A. Wylie. Cs1D24
The History of Protestantism. Volume I Rev. J.A. WileyCs1A1
The History of Protestantism. Volume II Rev. J.A. WileyCs1A2
The History of Protestantism. Volume III Rev. J.A. Wiley. Cs1A3
The History of Samuel Titmarsh; The Great Hoggarty Diamond. W. Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E15
The History of Scotland William Robertson Cs6F30
The History of the Church of Christ from A.D. 1 to A.D. 313. Rev. Islay Burns. Cs2G49
The History of the Popes from the Foundation of the See of Rome to the Present Time Vol IArchibald Bower Cs1A8
The History of the Popes from the Foundation of the See of Rome to the Present Time Vol IIArchibald Bower Cs1A9
The History of the Popes from the Foundation of the See of Rome to the Present Time Vol IIIArchibald Bower Cs1A10
The History of the Popes from the Foundation of the See of Rome to the Present Time Vol IVArchibald Bower Cs1A11
The History of the Popes from the Foundation of the See of Rome to the Present Time Vol VArchibald Bower Cs1A12
The History of the Popes from the Foundation of the See of Rome to the Present Time Vol VIArchibald Bower Cs1A13
The Honest to God Debate. John A.T. Robinson & David L. EdwardsCs2D95
The House of Commons at Work. Eric Taylor. Cs2D73
The Houses of Parliament. Sir Bryan H. FelllCs2D50
The Human Machine. E.R. Thompson. Cs3F8
The Hundred Years. Philip Guedalla. Cs5E26
The Illustrated Biographical Dictionary. Simon BoughtonCs6C5
The Incredible Father Divine. Sara Harris. Cs4G23
The Industrial History of England. H. de B. Gibbins.Cs4H13
The Influence of Scepticism on Character. Rev. William L. Watkinson. Cs3D102
The Influence of Scepticism on Character. William L. Watkinson. Cs2F88
The Innocents Abroad, or, The New Pilgrims’ Progress. Mark Twain. Cs2F40
The Innocents at Home.Lord KinrossCs5B17
The Inside of the Cup. Winston Churchill. Cs2F63
The Interpreter’s House and what I learnt there. Rev J.E. Arnold. Cs3F39
The Irish Troubles. A Generation of Violence 1967-1992. J. Bowyer Bell. Cs6C4
The Irish World. Brian de Breffney.Cs1C34
The Irish. Donald S. Connery. Cs4G24
The J. Frank Norris I have Known. Dr. Louis Entzminger. Cs4B17
The Jest Book. Mark Lemon. Cs2B51
The Jesus Generation. Billy Graham. Cs4H29
The Johannine Logos. Gordon H. Clark. Cs3B95
The Journalist’s Handbook. Kenneth Roy (Ed.). Cs2D64
The Kennedy Conspiracy. Anthony Summers. Cs5B2
The Key of the Grave. W. Robertson Nicoll. Cs3D83
The Keys of this Blood. Malachi Martin. Cs6C2
The King James Version Defended.Edward F. Hills. Cs4F16
The King’s Peace 1637-1641. C.V. Wedgwood. Cs5E17
The King’s Son; or, A Memoir of Billy Bray. F.W. Bourne.Cs4D26
The Lances of Lynwood. Charlotte M. Yonge. Cs2D25
The Last Days of Pompeii. Edward Bulwer Lytton Cs2B22
The Last Governor. Chris Patten and the Handover of Hong Kong. Jonathan Dimbleby. Cs3F33
The Life and Labours of David Rea, Evangelist. [Copy 1]Tom Rea (Compiler Cs5C31
The Life and Labours of David Rea, Evangelist. [Copy 2]Tom Rea (Compiler) Cs5C33
The Life and Letters of Benjamin Morgan Palmer. Thomas Carey Johnson. Cs6A12
The Life and Letters of Frederick W. Robertson. Vol. IStopford A. Brooke. Cs5C35
The Life and Times of David Brainerd Jonathan Edwards Cs6H6
The Life and Times of John Knox. Rev. Robert Wilkes GosseCs5B24
The Life and Times of Queen Victoria. Eva Hope. Cs4C5
The Life and Times of the Rt. Hon. William Ewart Gladstone. Vol. I. J. Erwing Ritchie. Cs1D11
The Life and Times of the Rt. Hon. William Ewart Gladstone. Vol. II.J. Erwing Ritchie Cs1D12
The Life and Work of St. Paul. Vol. I. F.W. Farrar. Cs6B36
The Life and Work of St. Paul. Vol. II. F.W. Farrar. Cs6B37
The Life of a Century. 1800 to 1900. Edwin Hodder. Cs6D6
The Life of Alexander Duff. Vol. I. George Smith. Cs4G20
The Life of Alexander Duff. Vol. II. George Smith.Cs4G21
The Life of Archibald Alexander. James W. Alexander. Cs3F32
The Life of Cesare Borgia. Rafael Sabatini. Cs4D30
The Life of Charles James Fox. Edward Lascelles. Cs4G16
The Life of D.L. Moody. A.P. Arthur P. Fitt. Cs4A6
The Life of F.E. Smith, First Earl of Birkenhead. By his SonCs4D20
The Life of Faith. John Thomson. Cs2F60
The Life of Friedrich Schiller. Thomas Carlyle. Cs3D37
The Life of Henry Montgomery, LL.D., Dunmurry, Belfast. Vol. I. Rev. John A. Crozier. Cs4B9
The Life of John Brainerd [Cover missing]. Thomas Brainerd. Cs4D4
The Life of John Keble. Walter Lock. Cs4B7
The Life of John Knox, the Scottish Reformer. Thomas McCrie. Cs5B5
The Life of John Knox. Rev. Thomas McCrie. Cs5B28
The Life of John Knox. Rev. Thomas McCrie. Cs5B7
The Life of John Sterling. Thomas Carlyle. Cs4G1
The Life of John Wesley. Edith C. Kenyon.Cs4B12
The Life of Lord Kitchener. Vol. I. Sir George Arthur. Cs5A16
The Life of Lord Kitchener. Vol. II.Sir George ArthurCs5A17
The Life of Lord Kitchener. Vol. III. Sir George Arthur. Cs5A16
The Life of Lord Russell of Killowen. [Copy 1]R. Barry O’Brien.Cs6E17
The Life of Lord Russell of Killowen. [Copy 2]R. Barry O’Brien. Cs6E35
The Life of Oliver Goldsmith. Austin Dobson. Cs2G80
The Life of Phillips Brooks. William Lawrence. Cs4D32
The Life of Principal Rainy. Patrick Carnegie Simpson. Cs6E26
The Life of The Earl of Beaconsfield. J.A. Froude. Cs4H16
The Life of the Rev. Rowland Hill. Rev. Edwin Sidney. Cs3F61
The Life of William Robertson Smith. John Sutherland Black and George ChrystalCs4C30
The Life, Walk and Triumph of Faith. [Frail condition]RomaineCs2C2
The Light in my Window. Francena H. Arnold. Cs2F8
The Lilac Sunbonnet. [copy 2]S.R. Crockett. Cs3A21
The Lilac Sunbonnet. [copy1]S.R. Crockett. Cs3A14
The Listener’s Guide to Music. Percy A. Scholes. Cs3D26
The Little White Bird. J.M. BarrieCs3C36
The Liturgies of SS. Mark, James, Clement, Chrysostom, Basil and the
Church of Malabar. Reb. J.M. Neale et al. Cs2C89
The Lives of the Principal Reformers, both Englishmen and Foreigners. Cs1C38
The Log of a Cowboy. Andy WilliamsCs3E30
The Lost Ring. A Romance of Scottish History. M. Clerke Melville. Cs3E53
The Lost Years. The Emergency in Ireland 1939-45. Tony Gray. Cs2F90
The Love of Motorcycling. Graham ForsdykeCs1A24
The Loves of Miss Anne. S.R. CrockettCs3A1
The Maclure Mystery. Annie S. Swan. Cs3B50
The Mad Officials  C.Booker & R.North Cs6F39
The Majority Text: Essays and Reviews in the Continuing Debate. VariousCs6E10
The Man in the Pulpit. James Douglas. Cs4G37
The Man who Walked Backwards. Ena McRostie. LCs6A17
The Man with the Iron Mask. Marius Topin. Cs5D28
The Maréchale. Founder of the Salvation Army in France and Switzerland. James Strahan. Cs4A4
The Marriage Market. Charles Kingston. Cs2E57
The Marxist Minstrels. A Handbook on Communist Subversion of Music. David A. Noebel. Cs3B54
The Massacre of Saint Bartholomew. Ian R.K. Paisley. Cs2G66
The Massacre of St. Bartholomew. IRKP Cs2A20
The Master of Ballantrae. Robert Louis Stevenson. Cs2E59
The Meaning of Suffering in Human Life. Rev. Buchanan Blake.Cs3E49
The Meaning of Treason. Rebecca West.Cs3F16
The Member of Parliament and his Information. A. Barker &M. Rush. Cs2D78
The Memoirs of Field-Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, K.GCs6A4
The Memoirs of Field-Marshall the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, K.GCs4H28
The Memoirs of Mr. Charles J. Yellowplush; The Fitz-Boodle Papers;
Cox’s Diary; Character Sketches. W. Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E10
The Memories of Dean HoleDean HoleCs2G76
The Men of the Moss-Hags. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A11
The Men of the Mountain. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A26
The Merry Past. Ralph Nevill.) Cs5D11
The Metamorphoses or Golden Ass of Apuleius of Madaura. Vol. I. Cs3E60
The Mill on The Floss. George EliotCs2E36
The Ministry of the Spirit. A.J. Gordon. Cs2D8
The Miracle. A True Story. Leonidas Koumakis. Cs5H24
The Misty Isle of Skye. J.A. MacCulloch.. Cs3E46
The Modern Mind. Michael Roberts. Cs3E61
The Modern Tower of Babel. Carl McIntire. Cs3D6
The Mormon Papers. Harry L. Ropp. Cs2C63
The Mormon Story. A Pictorial Account of Mormonism. Rulon S. Howells.Cs1D28
The Mutiny on Board H.M.S. Bounty. William Bligh. Cs3B22
The Mysterious Numbers of the HebrewKings. Edwin R. Thiele. Cs2D35
The Nassacre of Saint Bartholomew. Sir W.S.R. Cockburn. Cs2F32
The Netherlands. Bartholomew Landheer (Ed.)Cs2E22
The New Right Papers. Robert W. Whitaker (Ed.). Cs2E68
The New Royal Readers. No. V. Cs2E58
The New Testament and New Pentecostalism. George W. Dollar. Cs2G82
The Newcomes. W. Makepiece Thackeray Cs3E7
The Nine Famous Crusades of the Middle Ages. Anne E. Keeling.Cs5F31
The Ninth Earl.Geoffrey Farnol. Cs2D24
The Northern Ireland Assembly 1982-1986. Cornelius O’Leary et al. Cs4F29
The Numerical Structure of Scripture. F.W. Grant. Cs3F36
The Old Attorney General. A Biography of Richard John Uniacke. Brian Cuthbertson. Cs4G28
The Old Curiosity Shop. Charles Dickens. Cs3F28
The One Hundred Texts. T.C. Hammond. Cs3B42
The One Hundred Texts. [copy 1]T.C. Hammond. Cs3F70
The One Hundred Texts. [copy 2]T.C. Hammond. Cs3F71
The Only Place for me. An Ulsterman’s Verse. Bill Nesbitt. Cs3D2
The Open Fountain, or, The Sure Way to Heaven. Rev. Robert Lang. Cs3D87
The Open Road. A Little Book for Wayfarers. E.V. Lucas Cs2B30
The Origins of Ulster Unionism. Peter Gibbon. Cs4F17
The Oxford Book of Political Anecdotes. Paul Johnson (Ed.). Cs6E2
The Oxford History of England. From Domesday Book to Magna
Carta 1087-1216Austin Lane Poole. Cs5E20
The Oxford History of England. The Fourteenth Century 1307-1399. May McKisack. Cs5E21
The Oxford History of England. The Later Stuarts 1660-1714. Sir George Clark. Cs5E22
The Oxford History of England. The Reign of Elizabeth 1558-1603. J.B. Black. Cs5E23
The Papacy and Modern Times. A Political Sketch, 1303-1870. William BarryCs5A11
The Parables of our Lord. Rev. W. Arnot. Cs3F41
The Parables of the Synoptic Gospels. B.T.D. Smith. Cs2G47
The Paris Commune of 1871. Frank Jellinek. Cs2F22
The Paris Sketch Book; Little Travels and Road-Side Sketches. W. Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E13
The Pastor of Ettrick. Thomas Boston. Cs4D1
The Pastoral Epistles. Gordon H. Clark. Cs3B46
The Path of Valour. R.H. Boyd. Cs2F38
The Path of Valour. R.H. Boyd. Cs2G88
The Pathway to the City. Helen K. GoodwinCs2A61
The Pathway to the City. Helen K. Goodwin. Cs2A62
The Pathway to the City. Helen K. Goodwin. Cs3D107
The Pattern of Christian Truth. H.E.W. Turner. Cs2G18
The Pattern of Freedom. Bruce LCs2E13
The Peace of Europe and other Writings. William Penn. Cs4A10
The Penguin Book of Twentieth-Century Speeches. Brian MacArthur (Ed.). Cs2A48
The Penguin Guide to Supplementary Benefits. Tony Lynes. Cs2D74
The Pentalcostal Theology of Edward Irving Gordan Strachan Cs6H3
The People’s Bible.. Vol. XVII. Hosea to Malachy. L 1892Joseph ParkerCs3B40
The People’s Palace and Glasgow Green. Elspeth King. Cs3D60
The Phantom Journal. E.V. Lucas. L 1919 Cs2A63
The Phenomenon of Man. Teilhard de Chardin. Cs3C24
The Philosophy of Science and Belief in God.Gordon H. Clark. Cs3B63
The Pickwick Papers. Charles Dickens. Cs3F26
The Picts and the Martyrs. Arthur RansomeCs2F 24
The Pilgrim’s Progress. John BunyanCs2D6
The Pilgrimage of Adam and David. A Bible Anthology. James Gallaher. Cs3F34
The Plains of Abraham. Brian Connell. Cs5A18
The Plantagenet Chronicles. Elizabeth Hallam (Ed.).Cs1C30
The Plantagenet Encyclopedia. Elizabeth HallamCs1C28
The Planter of the Tree. Ruby M. Ayres. Cs3B1
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The Political History of England in Twelve Volumes. Vol. VIII. 1660-1702. William Hunt (Ed.). Cs5H15
The Politics of Frustration. Harry Midgley and the Failure of Labour in
Northern Ireland. Graham S. Walker. Cs4F27
The Poor Man’s Commentary on the Bible. Jeremiah to Malachy. Robert Hawker. Cs3B39
The Popular History of England. Vol. I.Charles Knight. Cs5E1
The Popular History of England. Vol. II. Charles Knight. Cs5E2
The Popular History of England. Vol. IV.Charles Knight. Cs5E4
The Popular History of England. Vol. VII.Charles Knight.Cs5E7
The Popular History of England.. Vol. III. Charles Knight. Cs5E3
The Popular History of England.. Vol. V.Charles Knight. Cs5E5
The Popular History of England.. Vol. VI. Charles Knight. Cs5E6
The Port of London. J. Grosvenor. Cs3F17
The Power of Godliness. A Memoir of Mr. James Riddall of Armagh. John Graham. Cs6E24
The Power to Heal. FrancisMacNutt. Cs2C60
The Practice of Journalism.John Dodge (Ed.). Cs2D62
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The Preaching of Ian R.K. Paisley. Vol. I. IRKPCs2G75
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The Prince of Army Chaplains, or, A Regicide’s Career. Colonel Colomb. Cs6B24
The Prince of the House of David. Rev. J.H. Ingraham. Cs4G25
The Principle of Duty. David Selbourne. Cs5G15
The Private Life of Helen of Troy. John Erskine. Cs4G17
The Promise is to You. J. Edwin Orr.Cs2C23
The Protest of a Troubled Protestant. Harold O.J. Brown. Cs3D21
The Proud Servant. Margaret Irwin. Cs3C70
The Proud Tower. A Portrait of the World Before the War 1890-1914. Barbara W. Tuchman. Cs5D9
The Provincial Letters of Pascal. M. Villemain. Cs6A5
The Psalter. Vol. II (Psalms xlii to lxxxix). William Graham Scroggie Cs3C29
The Puritan Tradition in America 1620-1730. Alden T. Vaughan (Ed.). Cs5A19
The Puritans. Their Origins and Successors. D.M. Lloyd-Jones. Cs4F8
The Queen v. Charles Bradlaugh and Annie Besant. Anon. Cs3C12
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The Queen’s Necklace. Vol. II. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C48
The Raiders. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A15
The Reader’s Digest Guide to Creative Gardening. Allen Patterson (Ed.).Cs1C5
The Real Extremists – The Far Left. Billy James HargisCs3D7
The Realities Behind Diplomacy. Background Influences on British
External Policy 1865-1980. Paul Kennedy. Cs2G37
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The Rebel Church in Latin America. Alain Gheerbrant. Cs3F2
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The Redeemed: Who are They? Rev. James M. Sangar. Cs3D108
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The Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin. Vol. IJ.H. Merle D’Aubigné. Cs5E8
The Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin. Vol. IIJ.H. Merle D’Aubigné. Cs5E8
The Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin. Vol. III [Copy 1]J.H. Merle D’Aubigné. Cs5E9
The Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin. Vol. III [Copy 2]J.H. Merle D’Aubigné. Cs5E10
The Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin. Vol. IVJ.H. Merle D’Aubigné. Cs5E11
The Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin. Vol. VJ.H. Merle D’Aubigné. Cs5E12
The Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin. Vol. VIJ.H. Merle D’Aubigné. Cs5E13
The Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin. Vol. VIIJ.H. Merle D’Aubigné. Cs5E14
The Reign of Elizabeth. Vol. 2. James Anthony Froude. Cs5A1
The Reign of Elizabeth. Vol. 3. James Anthony Froude. Cs5A2
The Reign of Elizabeth. Vol. 4. James Anthony Froude. Cs5A3
The Reign of Elizabeth. Vol. 5. James Anthony Froude. Cs5A4
The Reign of Sir Edward Carson. Hon. George Peel. Cs2D77
The Relevance of History. Gordon Connell-Smith. Cs2F56
The Religio Medici. Sir Thomas BrowneCs4B21
The Republic. Plato. (In Greek). PlatoCs2C12
The Retreat from Mons. A. Corbett-Smith. Cs5F28
The Reverend Charles Waters Banks. Adeline Mary Banks. Cs4D33
The Reverend Mark Matthews. Dale E. Soden.Cs3E38
The Revival at Broad Lane. Kate Drew. Cs3E56
The Reward of Faith in the Life of Barclay Fowell Buxton. B. Godfrey Buxton. Cs4D6
The Richest Man in the World. Cornelius Vanderbreggan, Cs2F26
The Richest Man in the World. Cornelius Vanderbreggen. Cs3D56
The Rise and Fall of a Young turk. R.D. Muldoon. Cs6A24
The Rise and Fall of the Roman Catholic Church. F. Paul Peterson. Cs2D49
The Road to Bellapais. The Turkish Cypriot Exodus to Northern Cyprus. Pierre Oberling. Cs4A18
The Roman Catholic Church in Latin America. Karl M. Schmitt. Cs2E56
The Romance of Words. Ernest Weekley. Cs2E45
The Rosary. Florence L. Barclay. Cs3B29
The Rothschilds. A Family Portrait. Frederic Morton. Cs6B17
The Royal Geographical Society World Exploration. John Keay (Ed.) Cs1C9
The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Beaconsfield and His Times. Vol. IAlexander Charles Ewald. Cs6C33
The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Beaconsfield and His Times. Vol. IIAlexander Charles Ewald. Cs6C34
The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Beaconsfield and His Times. Vol. IIIAlexander Charles Ewald. Cs6C35
The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Beaconsfield and His Times. Vol. IVAlexander Charles Ewald. Cs6C36
The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Beaconsfield and His Times. Vol. VAlexander Charles Ewald. Cs6C37
The Rule of Faith. W.P. Paterson. Cs2F59
The Russian Chronicles. Norman Stone (Ed.). Cs1C31
The Sabbath in Puritan New England. Alice Morse Earle. Cs5A32
The Saving Work of the Holy Spirit. Rev. E.F. KevanCs4F9
The Scarlet Pimpernel. Baroness Orczy. Cs3B4
The School of Obedience. Rev. Andrew Murray. Cs3F55
The School Question. Zachary Montgomery. Cs5A25
The Scott Country. S.R. Crockett.Cs3A9
The Scottish Protestant. Vol. I. 1852. James Gibson (Ed.) Cs5B1
The Screwtape Letters. C.S. Lewis. Cs2E6
The Search for Faith and the Witness of the Church. Mission Theological Advisory Group. Cs3B55
The Secession in the North. The Story of an Old Presbytery 1688-1897. [Copy 1] Cs5A23
The Secession in the North. The Story of an Old Presbytery 1688-1897. [Copy 2 ]Cs5A33
The Second Book of SamuelSamuel. W.G. BlaikieCs2D15
The Second Lady Gillan. Agnes C. Mitchell. Cs3B18
The Second World War. 1. The Gathering Storm. Winston S. Churchill.Cs4E1
The Second World War. 10. Assault from the Air. Winston S. ChurchillCs4E10
The Second World War. 11. The Tide of VictoryWinston S. ChurchillCs4E11
The Second World War. 12. Triumph and Tragedy. Winston S. ChurchillCs4E12
The Second World War. 2. The Twilight War. Winston S. Churchill.Cs4E2
The Second World War. 3. The Fall of France. Winston S. Churchill.Cs4E3
The Second World War. 5. Germany Drives East. Winston S. ChurchillCs4E5
The Second World War. 6. War Comes to America. Winston S. ChurchillCs4E6
The Second World War. 9. The Invasion of Italy. Winston S. ChurchillCs4E9
The Second World War.. 4. The Commonwealth Alone. Winston S. Churchill Cs4E4
The Second World War.. 7. The Onslaught of Japan. Winston S. ChurchillCs4E7
The Second World War.. 8. Victory in Africa. Winston S. ChurchillCs4E8
The Secret History of the Mormons. C. McCluer StevensCs2C58
The Sermon Bible. Genesis to 2 Samuel.Cs3E48
The Sermon Bible. Peter – Revelation Cs3E25
The Sermon on the Mount. Clovis G. Chappell. Cs3F40
The Seven Lamps of Advocacy.Edward Abbot Parry. Cs6B22
The Seventeenth Century.Jacques Boulenger. (Trans)Cs5H20
The Shining Highway. H.L. GeeCs2F30
The Silver Skull. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A10
The Slimming Secret. Dr. S. Klinger. Cs2D37
The Social Ideal and Dr. Chalmers’ Contribution to Christian Economics. J. Wilson Harper. Cs2G17
The Socialist Movement. J. Ramsay MacDonaldCs4E38
The Solitary Throne. Dr. S.M. Zwemer. Cs3F54
The Soul-Winner. C.H. Spurgeon. Cs2A74
The Spanish Brothers. Deborah Alcock. Cs2F18
The Spendthrift. William Harrison Ainsworth. Cs2A44
The Spirit of English History. A.L. RowseCs5D23
The Spirit of Man. Anon.Cs2C33
The Spreading Chestnut Tree. Bennet Finck. Cs2F12
The St Andrews Seven Piggin & Roxborogh Cs6H2
The Stalker Affair. John Stalker. Cs4F14
The Standard Bearer. [copy 1]S.R. Crockett. Cs3A29
The Standard Bearer. [copy 2]S.R. Crockett.Cs3A30
The Star-Chamber. William Harrison Ainsworth. Cs2A43
The Stars Speak. Astronomy in the Bible. Stewart Custer. Cs2F91
The State of Latin America. Germán Arciniegas.Cs2A54
The Stickit Minister. S.R. CrockettCs3A3
The Stickit Minister. S.R. Crockett. Cs2C79
The Stickit Minister. S.R. Crockett. Cs3B10
The Stories behing Great Hymns. James McClelland. Cs2G69
The Story of “The Reason Why”. Robert A. LaidlawCs2E66
The Story of Bill Rice Ranch. Peter Rice. Cs2G3
The Story of Gladstone’s Life. Justin McCarthy. Cs2G73
The Story of J.M.B. (Sir James Barrie). Denis Mackail. Cs4D3
The Story of My Life. Charles S. Price. Cs6A35
The Story of Our Parliament. Agnes Allen. Cs2D63
The Story of the British Race. Vol. 4Alice CorkranCs6D17
The Story of the British Race. Vol. 5Alice Corkran Cs6D18
The Story of the British Race. Vol. 6 Alice Corkran Cs6D19
The Story of the British Race. Vol. 7Alice Corkran Cs6D20
The Story of the British Race. Vol. 8 Alice Corkran Cs6D21
The Story of the British Race. Vol. 1 Alice Corkran Cs6D14
The Story of the British Race. Vol. 2Alice CorkranCs6D15
The Story of the British Race. Vol. 3. Alice Corkran Cs6D16
The Story of the Life of the Prince Consort. Rev. W.W. Tulloch. Cs4G18
The Story of the Merchant Navy Douglas Duff Cs6G3
The Story of The Pilgrim Fathers, 1606-1623. Edward Arber. Cs4D13
The Strange Death of Liberal England. George DangerfieldCs2F66
The Street Trader’s Lot – London: 1851. M. Dorothy GeorgeCs2E21
The Struggle with Puritanism. Bruce Blaxland.Cs5H11
The Sun King. Nancy MitfordCs5A37
The Sunday at Home 1911-12 Cs1C2
The Sunday Home Family Magazine 1879 Cs1C1
The Susan Howatch Collection S Howatch Cs6G19
The Table Talk of Martin Luther. Thomas S. Kepler (Ed.). Cs5B26
The Temperance Autobiography of the Rev. William ReidWilliam ReidCs6E37
The Theological Library. Vol. I. History of the Reformed Religion in France. Rev. Edward SmedleyCs2G97
The Thesmophoriazusae of Aristophanes. Benjamin Bickley Rogers. Cs2A69
The Thirties Malcolm Muggeridge Cs6G1
The Thread of Gold. Arthur Christopher Benson. Cs2F47
The Three Cardinals: Newman – Wiseman – Manning. E.E. Reynolds. Cs3D93
The Three Musketeers. Vol. I. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C43
The Three Musketeers. Vol. II. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C44
The Throne of David. Rev. J.H. Ingram.Cs4G34
The Thundering Scot. A Portrait of John Knox. Geddes MacGregor. Cs5B27
The Tidings brought to Mary. Paul Claudel. Cs3E65
The Times and Young Men. Josiah Strong. Cs3F59
The Times Guide to 1992. Britain in a Europe without Frontiers. Cs4G8
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 1. Cs2B1
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 10 Cs2B10
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 11 Cs2B11
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 12 Cs2B12
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 13 Cs2B13
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 14 Cs2B14
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 15 Cs2B15
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 16 Cs2B16
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 17 Cs2B17
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 18 Cs2B18
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 19 Cs2B19
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 2.Cs2B2
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 20 Cs2B20
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 21 Cs2B21
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 3 Cs2B3
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 4 Cs2B4
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 5 Cs2B5
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 6 Cs2B6
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 7 Cs2B7
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 8 Cs2B8
The Times Illustrated History of the War (1914-1918), Vol. 9 Cs2B9
The Tough-Minded Optimist. Norman Vincent Peale Cs2G31
The Tower of London. William Harrison Ainsworth. Cs2A42
The Trampled Cross. Joseph Hocking. Cs3B79
The Transforming Experience. H.G. Tunnicliff. Cs3F50
The Transforming Friendship. Leslie D. Weatherhead. Cs3D76
The Transformist IllusionCs2G74
The Treasure House of Good Books. James Alexander Stewart. Cs2A67
The Trinity. Gordon H. Clark. Jefferson Cs3B66
The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel. Baroness Orczy. Cs3B8
The Triumphs of Faith. G. Campbell MorganCs2E67
The Trumpet Sounds for Britain. Vol. 2. God’s Great Miracles. David E. Gardner. Cs3C64
The Truth about Ireland. The Priests, Pests and Perils. Junius Junior. Cs2G42
The Truth and Error of Communism. H.G. Wood. Cs2E62
The Twist in The Tale. Twelve Short Stories. Geoffrey Archer. Cs5H23
The Two Kingdoms. Elizabeth Whitley. Cs2G6
The Two-headed Dragon of Africa. Edward and Jody Mitchell. Cs2D56
The Ulster Crisis. Resistance to Home Rule, 1912-1914. Cs2D58
The Ulster Defence Regiment. An Instrument of Peace? Chris Ryder. Cs4F3
The Ulster Scot. His History and Religion. Rev. J. Barkley Woodburn. Cs2D80
The United Kingdom. A Political History. Vol. I. Goldwin Smith. Cs5H21
The United Kingdom. A Political History. Vol. II. Goldwin Smith. Cs5H22
The United States and Britain in Prophecy. Herbert W. Armstrong.Cs2D29
The United States of Europe. Édouard Herriot. (Trans)Cs5A14
The Unity we Seek. Robert Runcie. Cs5C21
The Unlisted Legion. Jock Purves. Cs2F13
The Unseen Hand in English History. Ian D. Colvin. Cs5H1
The Unutterable Beauty. G.A. Studdert KennedyCs3D5
The Uses of History. A.L. Rowse. Cs5E27
The Valley of Blessing and How you may Enter it. Anon. Cs3D78
The Vicompte de Barcelone, or, Ten Years Later. Vol. I. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C54
The Vicompte de Barcelone, or, Ten Years Later. Vol. III. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C55
The Vicomte de Bragelonne. Alexandre Dumas.Cs3A37
The Virginians. William Makepiece Thackeray. L Cs3E9
The Virginians. Vol. I. William Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E23
The Virginians. Vol. II. William Makepiece Thackeray. Cs3E24
The Visions and Prophecies of Zechariah. David Baron. Cs3C5
The Vote Catcher. Michael Carey.Cs2E8
The Wall between Church and State. Dallin H. Oaks (Ed.). Cs3D82
The Warp and the Woof. Studies in the Development of a Christian Soul. Rev. George Steven. Cs2G29
The Wars of the Roses.Elizabeth Hallam (Ed)Cs1C32
The Way to the Kingdom. J.D. Jones. Cs3F66
The Weapon of Prayer. E.M. Bounds. Cs3B82
The Well by the Way. Alexander SmellieCs2C34
The West. An Illustrated History. Geoffrey C. WardCs1C27
The Western Pioneers (Rev. Richard Boardman and Rev. Joseph Pilmoor).John P. LockwoodCs6A32
The Western Protestant Army. Ireland 1688-90. Oliver C. Gibson. Cs4F18
The White Plumes of Navarre. S.R. Crockett.Cs3A27
The Wicket Gate, or, Plain Bread. G.A. Studdert Kennedy. Cs2F23
The Wild Seventies. Vol. I. Denis Tilden Lynch. Cs5A15
The Winning of the West. Part VITheodore Roosevelt Cs6D1
The Witness. Vol. 60Cs1A15
The Wolf from Scotland. The Story of Robert Reid Kalley W.B. Forsyth. Cs5B3
The Women Martyrs of the Reformation. Walter Walsh. Cs2D33
The Wonderful World Tomorrow. What it will be Like. Herbert W. Armstrong. Cs2A65
The Wooden Horse. Eric Williams. Cs5F25
The Works of Bishop Ridley. Martyr, 1555. Rev. Henry Christmas (Ed)Cs6B28
The Works of Stephen Charnock. Vol. I. John C. Miller (Ed.). Cs3B31
The Works of William Makepiece Thackeray. Vol. XIV. W. Makepiece ThackerayCs3C19
The Works of William Shakespeare. Victorian Edition. Cs2E19
The World at War. Mark Arnold-ForsterCs3B68
The World Council of Churces in International Affairs. Darril Hudson. Cs2C56
The World’s Great Sermons. Grenville Kleiser. Cs4B45
The World’s Greatest Unsolved Crimes. Roger Boar/Nigel Blundell.Cs4G7
The World’s Most Evil Men. Neil Blandford/Bruce Jones. Cs4G5
The World’s Most Infamous Murders Boar & Blundell Cs6G27
The World’s Wickedest Women Margaret Nicholas Cs6G28
The writing of EnglishWilliam T BrewsterCs2C1
The Writing on the Wall. Britain in the Seventies. Philip WhiteheadCs5E25
The Wrong Man. Danny Morrison. Cs4G6
The Years of Endurance 1793-1802. Arthur Bryant. Cs5F21
The Years of Promise. Cecil RobertsCs5C16
Their Cry was “No Surrender”. Peter Robinson. Cs4F10
Theodore Roosevelt. The Boy and the Man. James Morgan. Cs5C34
Theophilus Subrahmanyam. The Story of a Pilgrimage. Charles M. Monahan. Cs4C31
Theophilus Walton, or, The Majesty of Trugh. ‘A Member of the Alabama Conference’. Nashville 1858 Cs2C38
There’s Nothing in it. James Edgar. Cs3D15
These are our Masters. Annie S. Swan. Cs3B2
These Miracles did Jesus in Ireland. John W. Kingston. Cs5B11
Thirteen Lectures on the Ruin of Souls. Various. Cs3C20
This – is London… Stuart Hibberd. Cs2G77
This History and Character of Calvinism  J.T.McNeill Cs6G13
This is America’s Story. Howard B. Wilder et al. Cs6D5
Thomas Alexander Smyth. A Memoir. T.A.B. SmythCs4C42
Thomas Carlyle. Vol. IJ.A. FroudeCs2A29
Thomas Carlyle. Vol. II.J.A. FroudeCs2A30
Thomas J. Comber. Missionary Pioneer to the Congo.John Brown Myers. Cs4H27
Thomas Shillitoe, The Quaker Missionary. William Tallack. Cs4C35
Those are Real Bullets, aren’t they? Bloody Sunday, 30 January 1972. P. Pringle/P. JacobsonCs5G22
Though the Heavens Fall. Lord Russell of Liverpool. Cs6E23
Thoughts and Adventures. [Copy 1]Winston S. Churchill. Cs4E17
Thoughts and Adventures. [Copy 2]Winston S. Churchill. Cs4E19
Thoughts and Adventures. [Copy 3]Winston S. Churchill. Cs4E33
Through a Tent Door. Robert William Mackenna. Cs2G90
Through Many Dangers. The Story of John Newton. Brian H. Edwards. Cs4A15
Through Sunshine and Shadows. Monroe “Monk” Parker. Cs4H22
Through the Gates of Hope. R.H. Boyd. Cs2B49
Thus shalt thou Live. Hints and Advice for the Healthy and the Sick. Sebastian Kneipp. Cs5B21
Time Bomb. The Guilford Four. Grant McKee & Ros Franey. Cs2D90
Timothy Richard. China Missionary, Statesman and Reformer. Rev. B. Reeve. Cs5C27
Titans and Others. Rt. Hon. Malcolm MacDonald.Cs6A9
To Encourage The Others David Yallop Cs6G39
To make Love’s Harbour. Philip Willoughby-Higson. Cs3D66
Tom Brown’s Schooldays. Thomas Hughes. Cs2F16
Tom Brown’s Schooldays. Thomas Hughes. Cs2F45
Tombs, Graves abd Mummies. 50 Discoveries in World Archaeology. Paul G. Bahn Cs1A26
Tommy and Grizel. J.M. Barrie. Cs3C35
Tornado Down. RAF Flight Lieutenants John Peters and John Nichol. Their Gulf War OrdealJ. Peters & J. NicholCs4F38
Tracts. [Poor condition – front cover missing] Anon. Cs2C48
Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry. Vol. 1. Cs2D88
Travels in Eighteenth-Century Russia. Pallas, Johnston and Miller. Cs1C10
Treasure Island. Robert Louis StevensonCs4H26
Treaties Establishung the European Communities. Cs2G39
Triumph through Tribulation. The Westminster Conference. Cs3B52
True Values and Other Poems. George Huntington. Cs3D2
Tudor Puritanism. M.M. Knappen. Cs5H25
Twelve Lectures to the Men of Liverpool. Hugh Stowell Brown. Cs2G28
Twelve Live-Wire Questions in Religious Dynamics. Christian H. Shirk. Cs2G24
Twenty Years After. Vol. I. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C56
Twenty Years After. Vol. II. Alexandre Dumas. Cs3C57
Twice Burned. A Novel. Bruce Porterfield. Cs6B21
Two Centuries of Irish History 1691- 1870. W.K. Sullivan et al. Cs6E22
Two Cheers for Democracy. E.M. Forster. Cs2C51
Tyne Chylde: My Life and Teaching. Joseph Parker. Cs5G12
Types in Genesis. Andrew Jukes. Cs3C14
Ulster in the X-Rays. J. Logan. Cs2D97
Ulster. Hugh Shearman. Cs2A26
Ulster. The Facts. IRKP et alCs2F64
Unbelief in the Nineteenth Century. Henry C. Sheldon. Cs4D10
Uncensored Celebrities. E.T. Raymond. Cs5C20
Uncle John Vassar. Rev. E.T. Vassar. Cs3F65
Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Harriet Beecher Stowe. Cs2F34
Under God’s Spell. Frontier Evangelists 1772- 1915. Cathy LuchettiCs1C20
Understanding the Gospel with St. Paul. W.C.G. ProctorCs2A14
Understanding the New Age. Roy Livesey. Cs3F6
Ungava. R.M. Ballantyne. Cs2E1
Union Jack. A Scrapbook 1939-1945. British Forces’ Newspapers Cs1D25
Unity Mitford. A Quest. David Pryce-JonesCs6A8
Unwritten Sayings of our Lord. David SmithCs2A34
Ustinov in Russia. Peter Ustinov. Cs1D22
UVF. Jim Cusack/Henry McDonaldCs5G18
Valentina. Evelyn AnthonyCs2D21
Valiant in Fight. B.F.C. Atkinson.Cs2C22
Variety Lane.E.V. Lucas. Cs2B26
Verses Grave and Gladsome. James Logan. Cs2E51
Victorian England  G.M. Young Cs6F40
Vida of the Iron Lord. S.R. Crockett. Cs3A33
Virgil. The Eclogues et al. Vol. I. Wrangham (TranslatorCs2E35
Vital Religion. The Personal Knowledge of Christ. G.H.S. Walpole. Cs2C46
Voices of American Fundamentalism. C. Allyn RussellCs6D3
Voices of the Soul. Rev. John ReidCs2C25
Voices of Twelve Hebrew Prophets, commonly called the Minor Prophets. Dr. G. Campbell Morgan. Cs3B37
Wales Today and Tomorrow T. Stephens (Ed) Cs6G9
Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler. Antony C. Sutton. Cs5A21
War in the Air. Gerald BowmanCs5D34
Warday and the Journey Onward. Whitley Strieber and James KunetkaCs2E25
The State of Latin America. Germán ArciniegasCs2E26
Watercolour. Patricia MonahanCs1C23
We Are But Women Roger Sawyer Cs6G35
We Offer Christ. Arthur Preston. Cs2C72
Welsh Hillside Saints. William Parry. Cs2E12
Wesley’s England. J.H. WhiteleyCs5H5
Westminster Confession of Faith. Publications Committee of the
Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Edinburgh 1976 Cs2F49
What God Can Do. Lal Din. Cs4G33
What God hath Wrought. Rev. G.C. Grubb.Cs3E28
What is the Baha’I Faith? William McElwee Miller.Cs3D100
What Jesus Said. Talks to Boys and Girls. Will ReasonCs2A36
When God Changes a Man. W.F.P. BurtonCs4D23
When The Country Went To Town Duff Heart-Davis Cs6G32
When the Vilest are Exalted: A Tale of Scotland’s Fight for Freedom. Cyril Grey. Cs4E35
When the Wind Blows. The Kilsyth and Cambuslang Revivals. Rev. James Robe. Cs2G85
Where God Weeps. Werenfried van Straaten. Cs2A57
Where the Famous Lived in London. Christopher Mann. Cs2D42
Who Killed Hanratty? Paul FootCs5A13
Who killed Kennedy? Thomas G. Buchanan. Cs4B24
Who really wrote the Book of Mormon? Wayne L. Cowdrey et al. Cs3E58
Why England Slept. John F. Kennedy. Cs3D79
Why Sunday? A London Journalist. Cs3B90
Will God Heal Me? Ronald Dunn Cs6G15
William Ewart Gladstone and his Contemporaries. Vol. 1. Thomas Archer. Cs1D7
William Ewart Gladstone and his Contemporaries. Vol. 3. Thomas Archer. Cs1D9
William Ewart Gladstone and his Contemporaries. Vol. 4. Thomas Archer.Cs1D10
William of Orange. G.J. Renier. Cs4C44
William Robertson of the Carrubber’s Close Mission. Rev. R.M. Robertson. Cs6B9
Wilson Carlile and the Church Army.A.E. Reffold. Cs2F44
With Wolfe in Canada. G.A. Henty.Cs3E26
Without Fear or Favour. Cecil King. Cs3B71
Women who have Worked and Won. Jennie Chappell. Cs2D30
Wonderfully Made. A. Rendle Short. Cs3F52
Word Power from the Reader’s Digest. Cs4G12
Workers’ Pardise Lost. The 50-Year Failure of Soviet Communism. Eugene Lyons. Cs4A33
Works of Edgar Allen Poe. Charles Baudelaire. Cs3C1
Woven of the Wind. Annie S. Swan. Cs3B26
Writing and Action. Mary Palmer. Cs3F11
Writing Home Alan Bennett Cs6G14
Years of Victory 1802-1812. Arthur BryantCs2E27
You can Trusts the Communists (to be Communists). Dr. Fred Schwarz. Cs2F79
You owe me Five Farthin’s. An Adventure with St.-Martin-in-the-FieldsCs3B41
Your Days and Mine. Herbert J. Brandon. Cs2D32
Your England.R.H. Bruce Lockhart. Cs3B17
Yours Truly. True Life Stories from the Good and the Great. Arthur Frank. Cs6E5
Zionism, Imperialism and Racism. A.W. Kayyali (Ed.)Cs4A21