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Archive Room Douglas – D

1991 Watch: Review of Soviet Human Rights Performance Since Jan 1989D1A8
1991 Watch: Review of Soviet Human Rights Performance Since Jan 1989D1A9
A Backdoor to Heaven; An AutobiographyLionel BlueD3D15
A Biographical Sketch of Sir Henry HavelockRev. William BrockD1G8
A Body of DivinityThomas WatsonD4B17
A Body of Divinity; Sermons Upon The Assembly’s Catechism Rev. Thomas Watson, Rev. George Rogers & C. H. SpurgeonD6G33
A Book of Earnest Lives W. H. Davenport AdamsD3E10
A Book of Great Men and Women D. A. MackenzieD3E20
A Book of RemembranceJohn Stuart HoldenD1G26
A Bookman’s Letters W. Robertson NicollD3B33
A Brief Chronicle Concerning the Examination and Death of the Blessed Martyr of Christ Sir Johan OldecraftJohan BaleD4D14
A Bundle of MemoriesHenry Scott HollandD1G30
A Child’s Guide to American History Henry W. ElsonD1A18
A Christian Library; Extracts from and Abridgements of the Choicest Pieces of Practical DivinityJohn WesleyD4H14
A Circuit Rider’s RightCorra HarrisD2G4
A Citizen’s Inquiry Andy PollakD4G26
A Critical & Exegetical Commentary on the Book of AmosRichard S. CrippsD6G26
A Critical History of the Athanasian CreedDaniel WaterlandD4H20
A Dictionary of the Eastern Orthodox ChurchR.LL. Langford- JamesD6H9
A Dictionary of the Holy Bible John BrownD1A34
A Doctor of the Old School Ian MacLarenD2B11
A Forgotten Great Englishman James BakerD5B28
A Garland of Memories Robert BoydD2H24
A General View of the History of the English BibleBrooke Foss WestcottD6B21
A Gift of Love Gail MagruderD4F17
A Great Conspiracy Robert AndersonD4G19
A Heroine of France E. Everett-GreenD5C33
A History of European NationsAngelo S. RappoportD5H35
A History of European NationsAngelo S. RappoportD6B29
A History of Fundamentalism in AmericaGeorge W. DollarD6D27
A History of Fundamentalism in AmericaGeorge W. DollarD6D28
A History of Modern EuropeRichard LodgeD6A23
A History of Modern Times; From 1789 to the Present DayD.M. KetelbeyD5H36
A History of the English Church and People BedeD2H7
A History of the Nineteenth Century Year by Year. Vol. IEdwin EmersonD6B30
A History of the Nineteenth Century Year by Year. Vol. IIIEdwin EmersonD6B31
A Hundred Years Evangelistic Work at Surrey ChapelBenjamin SeniorD3F26
A Legal Man and The BibleI.H. LintonD6B24
A Life of Archbishop Parker V. J. K. BrookD3B17
A Literary History of Religious Thought in France. Vol. IHenri BremondD6H11
A Literary History of Religious Thought in France. Vol. IIHenri BremondD6H12
A Literary History of Religious Thought in France. Vol. IIIHenri BremondD6H13
A Memoir of Adolph Saphir Gavin CarlyleD2F15
A Memoir of the Christian Labors of Thomas ChalmersFrancis WaylandD3H6
A Methodist Pageant B. Aquila BarberD2H26
A Minister in Clogs: Reminiscences of the Late Rev. Mungo PatersonM. Paterson & J. S. HastieD3A30
A Missionary Arrives in Brazil T. Bentley DuncanD1H25
A New Song Pat BooneD2H15
A Packet of Letters; A Selection from the Correspondence of John Henry NewmanJoyce SuggD3H28
A Pair of Lawn Sleeves: A Biography of William Smith Thomas Firth JonesD4A23
A Pastor’s ReverieF. KirbyD4C18
A Pathway of Roses; An AutobiographyF.W. BorehamD5D30
A Pictorial Biography of C.H. SpurgeonD3H17
A Preacher’s Life Joseph ParkerD2B6
A Private Life of Charles IIDennis WheatleyD3D17
A Prophet with Honour Alan CairnsD1F17
A Religious Rebel Tearsail SmithD4A29
A Scientific Man and The BibleHoward A. KellyD6B2
A Scripture Help, Designed to Assist in Reading the Bible ProfitablyRev. Edward BickerstethD4H17
A Sham Prince Harry DomelaD1H27
A Short History of Germany John K. DunlopD1A22
A Short View of the Whole Scripture HistoryIsaac WattsD3A2
A Socialist AnthologyNorman LongmateD5H25
A Study of Calvin and Other PapersAllan MenziesD3H10
A Terrible Beauty is Born Ulick O’ConnorD5B8
A Texan Looks at Lyndon J. Evetts HaleyD5C21
A Tribute to Newman; Essays on Aspects of His Life and Thought. Patrick Rogers, Michael Tierney Jeremiah J. Hogan et alD5A22
A View from the Pew; Extracts from an Elders Diary Robert Murray M’Cheyne & William LambD4E7
A Voice Crying in the Wilderness H.Christopherson MortonD4F3
A Voice from the DesertRev. Robert SimpsonD2G30
A Window in Thrums J. M. BarrieD2H30
Able to the UttermostC.H. SpurgeonD4H39
Abodes of LoveJohn MontgomeryD5F31
About Catherine de MediciHonoré De BalzacD6E29
Abraham Lincoln John G. NicolayD5E23
Abraham Lincoln Lord CharnwoodD5E24
Abraham Lincoln Lord CharnwoodD5E25
Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Speech and Other Papers Carl SchurzD5E22
Abrégé D’Histoire de FranceJ. MicheletD6H15
Acres of DiamondsRussell H. ConwellD2E9
Adventures of an AgnosticMary R. HookerD1G7
Aeschyli TragoediaeArturus SidgwickD6A26
Afternoon Light; Some Memories of Men and EventsSir Robert Gordon MenziesD4B38
Alexander Duff: Pioneer of Missionary Education William PatonD1H14
Alexander Peden: The Prophet of the Covenant John C. JohnstonD3B32
All of GraceC.H. SpurgeonD3H16
All Things Are YoursRev. C.S. HorneD2G6
Alpha and Omega Vol. IGeorge GilfillanD3A1
Alpha and Omega Vol. IIGeorge GilfillanD3A12
Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet Rev. Charles KingsleyD6E11
Alton Locke: Tailor and Poet Charles KingsleyD5E40
Amanda Smith; The King’s Daughter; An AutobiographyAmanda SmithD5A6
American Reformers Carlos MartynD2H21
An Alarm to the UnconvertedJoseph AlleineD4H5
An Ancient Mariner; A Biography of John NewtonBernard MartinD3D23
An Anthology of Modern BiographyLord David CecilD2E22
An Autobiography and Other EssaysG.M. TrevelyanD5D43
An Ideology for Filipinos Ferdinand E. MarcosD4F13
An Inquiry Into the Assassination of Abraham LincolnEmmett McLoughlinD6E15
An Introduction to the Revised Standard Version of the Old Testament. Luther A. Weigle D3C27
An Irishman’s StoryJustin McCarthyD5F35
An Ordered Life; The Autobiography of G.H. LangG.H. LangD6F22
Andrew Bonar: Diary and Life Marjory BonarD2H5
Andrew Murray and His MessageRev. W.M. DouglasD6F40
Anecdotes of Luther and the ReformationG.H.PD4C9
Angola; The Real StoryDr. P.K. HuibregtseD6A14
Anthology of Friendship Edward CarpenterD1A26
Antichrist in Our Midst Rand WinburnD4G33
Apes, Angels, and Victorians. A Joint Biography of Darwin and HuxleyWilliam IrvineD1G24
Apologia Pro Vita SuaJ.H. NewmanD4B34
Archbishop Laud: A Study A. C. BensonD5E1
Archbishop Mowll Marcus L. LoaneD2B28
Arthur Rendle Short; Surgeon and ChristianW.M. Capper & D. JohnsonD4E33
Arthur Rendle Short; Surgeon and ChristianW.M. Capper & D. JohnsonD6C19
As God Made Them Gamaliel BradfordD2D24
Ash Heap LivesFrancis A. SchaefferD3D10
At The End of the Day Viscount MaughamD4D18
At the End of the Day 1961- 1963Harold MacmillanD5D24
Atlantic Meeting H. V. MortonD2B29
Australian Democrat; the Career of Edward William O’Sullivan 1846-1910Bruce MansfieldD5D22
Autobiographies I Sean O’CaseyD5B7
Autobiography of George MüllerGeorge MüllerD2B10
Autobiography of Rev. James Reid Dill James Reid DillD2H2
B. R. Lakin: 50 Years of Plowing, Planting and Watering William K. McComasD5E10
Back to The Bible; The Triumphs of TruthA.C. DixonD6B1
Baptist Worthies William LandelsD4D24
Barnes’s Elementary History of the United StatesJames BaldwinD6H24
Basic BookbindingA.W. LewisD3D31
Ben Johnson of Westminster Marchette ChuteD5C28
Bernard Shaw: Vol. 1: The Search for Love Michael HolroydD4A8
Bible Themes for Busy WorkersCharles InglisD3D30
Bible Themes From Matthew HenrySelwyn GummerD4H19
Bible Words and Biblical NotesWalter ScottD4B18
Big MacraeG.N.M. CollinsD4E6
Billy SundayThe Man and His MessageWilliam T. EllisD5A7
Biographical Lectures George DawsonD3E16
Biographical Series ID3G40
Biographical Sketches of Eminent British PoetsMultiple AuthorsD1E14
Biographical Sketches of Eminent Christians (Fifth Series)D3G8
Biographies of Highland ClergymenMultiple AuthorsD5D8
Biography of J. Ernest Davey Austin FultonD2H4
Biography of Self-Taught MenMultiple AuthorsD1E15
Biography: Varieties and Parallels Dwight DurlingD3G6
Bishop Butler an Appreciation Alexander WhyteD2H28
Bishop Handley Moule Harford & MacdonaldD2B35
Bishop Lightfoot. Quarterly ReviewD6E10
Black Eagle; Colonel Hubert JulianJohn BullochD6C9
Bob Shuler Met These on the Trail R. P. ShulerD3G36
Bog- Myrtle and Peat; tales Chiefly of GallowayS.R. CrockettD3D21
Bonnet and Shawl Philip GuedallaD2D17
Books Relating to Ireland. Catalogue 94J. & J. GambleD6A15
Borden of Yale ’09 Mrs Howard TaylorD2H9
Born AgainCharles W. ColsonD2E4
Brave Men Choose Garth LeanD5C5
Break-ThroughTom ReesD2C32
Breakfast Table AutocratRichard Ellsworth DayD2E3
Bright Talks on Favourite HymnsJ.M.KD2G27
Britain and the DictatorsR.W. Seton- WatsonD6A33
Britain and the Stuarts D. L. FarmerD5G7
British Political Leaders Justin McCarthyD1H1
British Preachers (1925) James MarchantD3G33
British Preachers (Second Series) James MarchantD3G32
Brother Luther Walter Von MoloD5C18
Brother Sheffey Willard Sanders BarberyD2F41
Bud Robinson; A Brother BelovedJ.B. ChapmanD2C33
Builder of Bridges: Biography of Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. R. K. JohnsonD5C31
Building Trust in Ireland Forum for Peace and ReconciliationD4G38
Bunhill Fields Alfred W. LightD5E6
By a Way They Knew NotMartha RigdenD5H14
By Definition James W. KnoxD4G15
By Paths of Bible Knowledge III; Recent Discoveries on The Temple HillRev. James KingD3D29
C. H. Spurgeon W. Y. FullertonD1F42
C. H. Spurgeon: An Interpretative Biography J. C. CarlileD2F10
C. H. Spurgeon: His Life and Ministry Jesse PageD2F9
C.H. Spurgeon’s Autobiography. Vol. IMrs. C.H. SpurgeonD6D8
C.H. Spurgeon’s Autobiography. Vol. IIMrs. C.H. SpurgeonD6D9
C.H. Spurgeon’s Autobiography. Vol. IIIMrs. C.H. SpurgeonD6D10
C.H. Spurgeon’s Autobiography. Vol. IVMrs. C.H. SpurgeonD6D11
CalvinEmanuel StickelbergerD3H2
Calvin and English Calvinism to 1649R.T. KendallD3H11
Calvin; His Life, Principles and MissionsRev. William ThompsonD3H5
Campbell Morgan, Bible TeacherHarold MurrayD6E32
Can We Trust The Bible? Rev. Frank Ballard, Rev. Hubert Brooke & OthersD6B27
Captive to the World A. Skevington WoodD5C1
Cardinal Manning A. W. HuttonD2B13
Cardinal Pole Harrison AinsworthD3B26
Carson on BaptismAlexander CarsonD3C20
Catch-My-Pal; A Story of Good SamaritanshipRev. R.J. PattersonD4E35
Catherine Booth; The Story of Her LovesCatherine Bramwell- BoothD5D16
Catholic Radicals in BrazilEmanuel de KadtD6A29
Cavaliers and Roundheads Christopher HibbertD4G14
Chalmer’s Works Vol. IV. Evidence of ChristianityThomas ChalmersD2A7
Chalmers’ Posthumous Works Vol. IX Thomas ChalmersD2D4
Champions of Change; Profiles of 20 th Century Historical Figures for Transition YearMaura Farrell & Karen GrayD4E37
Chaplains at the Front Owen S. WatkinsD1F19
Chapman & AlexanderJ. Kennedy MacleanD2C35
Chapters from my Life Henry S. LunnD5G24
Chapters in European History Vol. IWilliam Samuel LillyD5H34
Chapters in European History Vol. IIWilliam Samuel LillyD5H33
Chapters of AutobiographyArthur JamesD2A34
Characters and Characteristics of William Law W. Law & Alexander WhyteD4E45
Charles Grandison Finney 1792-1875. Revivalist and ReformerKeith J. HardmanD5D28
Charles H. Spurgeon: His Faith and Works H. L. WaylandD2F1
Charles H. Spurgeon: London’s Most Popular Preacher W. Y. FullertonD1F33
Charles Haddon Spurgeon By One Who Knew Him WellAnonD2F3
Charles Haddon Spurgeon J. J. EllisD2F2
Charles Lindley Viscount Halifax Part One 1839-1885J.G. LockhartD4C25
Charles Lindley Viscount Halifax. Part Two 1885-1934J.G. LockhartD1G34
Charles O’Malley Harry LorrequerD5B1
Charles SimeonH.C.G. MouleD4E32
Charles Simeon; Biography of Sane SaintRev. Handley C.G. MouleD1E25
Charles Wesley: A Study D. M. JonesD3B22
Chats Over a Pipe; A Tale of Two BrothersJames GlassD2G26
Cherrill of the YardFred CherrillD2E14
Cheshire V.C. A Story of War and PeaceRussell BraddonD2E8
Chief Men Among the Brethren Hy. PickeringD3E29
Chosen By GodMartyn Lloyd- JonesD5A25
Christ Indwelling and EnthronedJ. Oswald SandersD4H25
Christian Heroes in the Army and Navy Charles RogersD3G24
Christian Singers of Germany Catherine WinkworthD3G22
Christian Social Reformers of the Nineteenth Century Hugh Martin et al.D2D31
Church and State in American Law: Cases and MaterialsJohn J. McGrath & OthersD6A4
Church FolksIan MaclarenD4E31
Citizens: Strengthening Global Civil SocietyD4G12
Civil Liberties Brice DicksonD4G21
Clark’s College and Pastoral LifeRev. John CairnsD2E12
Classics of the Soul’s QuestR.E. WelshD5F17
Clerical CameosT. H. WalkerD3E14
Clews to Holy WritMary L. Georgina PetrieD5F9
Climbing on Track; A Biography of Fred MitchellPhyllis ThompsonD6E36
Collections and Recollections UnknownD2F20
Commentary on The Psalms. Vol. IDr. G. Heinrich EwaldD6G32
Commentary on The Psalms. Vol. IIDr. G. Heinrich EwaldD6G30
Companion to The BibleD4B30
Completing the Course: Lindsay Clegg J. D. DouglasD1F31
Conflicts: A Better Way to Resolve Them Edward De BonoD4G17
Congregational Worthies. The Life of John MiltonJohn A. HamiltonD2G28
Contemplations on The God of IsraelWilliam HuntingtonD5F12
Contemporary PersonalitiesEarl of BirkenheadD2G31
Contemporary PersonalitiesEarl of BirkenheadD2G32
Contemporary Portraits (Fourth Series) Frank HarrisD3G7
Cosmo Gordon LangJ.G. LockhartD6E1
Cosmo Gordon LangJ.G. LockhartD6E3
Cosmo Gordon Lang J. G. LockhartD4G6
Cosmo Gordon Lang J. G. LockhartD4G7
Couriers of ChristJ.C. HarrisD3F2
Crime-Check - Cartoon BookD4G41
Critical and Historical Essays Vol.I Thomas Babington MacauleyD5H42
Critics or Christ? God’s Witness to His WordHugh D. BrownD6C28
Crown, People and Commonwealth Patrick LarkinD1A20
Crusade in Spain Jason GurneyD1A2
Curiosities of Literature Vol. 3 I. Disraeli D4D28
Curiosities of the Bible UnknownD2D22
Curiosities of the Bible A Sunday School SuperintendentD1E10
D. Martyn Lloyd Jones; The Fight of Faith 1939-1981Iain H. MurrayD2A28
D. Martyn Lloyd- Jones; The First Forty Years 1899-1939Iain H. MurrayD5A20
D. Martyn Lloyd- Jones; The First Forty Years 1899-1939Iain H. MurrayD5A21
D.L. Moody and His WorkRev. W.H. DanielsD6D15
Daily Bible Illustrations. Antediluvians and PatriarchsDr. John KittoD4B9
Daily Bible Illustrations. Isaiah and The ProphetsDr. John KittoD4B12
Daily Bible Illustrations. Job and the Poetical BooksDr. John KittoD4B13
Daily Bible Illustrations. Moses and The JudgesDr. John KittoD4B10
Daily Bible Illustrations. Samuel, Saul and DavidDr. John KittoD4B11
Daily Bible Illustrations. Solomon and the KingsDr. John KittoD4B15
Daily Bible Illustrations. The Apostles and Early ChurchDr. John KittoD4B8
Daily Bible Illustrations. The Life and Death of Our LordDr. John KittoD4B14
Dauntless Heroines John RitchieD3E23
David Brainerd: The Apostle to the North American Indians Jesse PageD2H16
David Garrick Carola OmanD5B21
David Jones; Dauntless PioneerErnest H. HayesD2A30
David LivingstonSir H.H. JohnstonD4E44
David Livingstone C. Silvester HorneD5E13
David Livingstone: The Triumph Decline and Fall Cecil NorthcottD5E4
Days of the Past. A Medley of MemoriesAlexander Innes ShandD5A10
Dead Towns and Living Men C. L. WoolleyD4D27
Deeds Done for Christ Sir James MarchantD1F9
Diary of an Old SoulGeorge MacdonaldD4E1
Dictionary of Contemporaries A. J. LaunayD2F35
Dictionary of Familiar QuotationsD4G27
Digest of British HistoryLouise & Peter CochraneD6A27
Digging for Britain: Autobiography of Lord Williams of BarnburghLord WilliamsD1F28
Disputed Barricade Fitzroy MacleanD2H8
Doctor Johnson: His Religious Life and His DeathRobert ArmitageD5A24
Doctor SangsterPaul SangsterD6G9
Documents Illustrative of the History of The Church Vol. IB.J. KiddD4B3
Documents Illustrative of the History of The Church. Vol. IIB.J. KiddD5F10
Does Inspiration Demand Inerrancy? Stewart CusterD1B26
Doing Good Robert SteelD2F29
Donald Maclean G. N. M. CollinsD4G2
Dr. Guthrie. Father Mathew, Elihu Burritt, Joseph Livesey & John William KirktonD3E27
Dr. Isabel Mitchell of ManchuriaRev. F.W.S. O’NeillD4E24
Dr. Isabel Mitchell of ManchuriaRev. F.W.S. O’NeillD4E27
Dr. M’Adam Muir’s Ministry 1896-1915John HendersonD5F36
Dr. McLaren of ManchesterE.T. McLarenD6D18
Dr. Parker and His Friends G. H. PikeD2B3
Dr. Pierson and his Message J. Kennedy MacleanD5B15
Duncan Campbell; A Biography Andrew WoolseyD2E7
Duncan Matheson; The Scottish EvangelistRev. John MacphersonD6F8
Duncan Matheson; The Scottish EvangelistRev. John MacphersonD6F9
E. J. Poole-Connor: Contender for the Faith D. G. FountainD3B23
Each Day a New DayW. ‘Speedy’ MooreD6E28
Early Modern Europe Sir George ClarkD1A7
Earnest Men Various AuthorsD2D29
Eccentricities of GeniusMajor J.B. PondD5D5
Ecclesiastical Memorials, Relating Chielfy to Religion and Its Reformation. Vol. IIIJohn StrypeD1D12
Ecclesiastical Memorials, Relating Chielfy to Religion and Its Reformation. Vol. VIIJohn StrypeD1D13
Echoes of Big Ben Alexander MackintoshD4F4
Echoes of Big Ben Alexander MackintoshD4F5
Edgar Wallace: The Biography of a PhenomenonMargaret LaneD3D9
Edward Burrough; A MemoirWilliam and Thomas EvansD3H12
Edward Paxton Hood. Poet and PreacherGeorge H. GiddinsD3F12
El Alamein to the River SangroField Marshal MontgomeryD4E2
Elections & RecollectionSir Alfred E. PeaseD3A31
Elijah of the AlpsDon P. ShidlerD3H3
Elizabeth FryKitty BarneD3H30
Encounter with Spurgeon Helmut ThielickeD1F12
Enemies of SocietyCharles KingstonD4C6
English Men of Action; David LivingstonThomas HughesD4E43
English Men of Letters; MiltonMark PattisonD6F41
English Puritanism and Its LeadersPrincipal TullochD2E32
English Saga Arthur BryantD1C4
English Social History; Chaucer to Queen VictoriaG.M. TrevelyanD5A37
Eric & Ernie. The Autobiography of Morecambe & Wise E Morecambe & E WiseD5D20
Essays in Ecclesiastical Biography James StephenD2D35
Esther the QueenMildred Duff & Noel HopeD6B35
Et CeteraAugustine BirrellD3F3
Eugenie and Napoleon IIIDavid DuffD3A35
Europe in the 17 th CenturyDavid OggD5H39
Europe Since 1815Charles Downer HazenD6H27
Europe Since the Second World War J. R. ThackrahD1A35
European Diary 1977-1981 Roy JenkinsD5B32
European Revolutions (1492-1992) Charles TillyD4G13
Evangelicalism; By Members of the Fellowship of Evangelical ChurchmenRev. J. Russell HowdenD5F14
Everyman’s Library No. 226. Essays and Belles- Lettres T. Babington Macauley D5H27
Everyman’s Library; Essays and Belles LettresGeorge GilfillanD2E21
Everyman’s Library; History; Conquest of Mexico Vol. I W.H. PrescottD2A1
Everyman’s Library; History; Conquest of Mexico Vol. IIW.H. PrescottD2A2
Exploits of a Politician Gerald NabarroD3B34
Extraordinary Men; Their Boyhood & Early LifeWilliam RussellD2C18
F.B. Meyer; A BiographyW. Y. FullertonD6F1
Facing FactsFritz P. WoodD4B4
Faith and InspirationRobert WattsD1B23
Fame and Failure Julian EllisD3G2
Family Readings on the ThessaloniansRev. William NivenD6G23
Famous American Trials Sir Roland Burrows & Bechhofer RobertsD6B16
Famous and Infamous CasesPatrick HastingsD1G25
Famous English Books and Their Stories Amy CruseD4D12
Famous Hymns and Their AuthorsF.A. JonesD3F20
Famous Scots Series; John KnoxA. Taylor InnesD5F18
Famous Scots: Series; Andrew MelvilleWilliam MorisonD2C1
Famous Scots: Series; Andrew MelvilleWilliam MorisonD2C14
Famous Scots: Series; Andrew MelvilleWilliam MorisonD2C2
Famous Scots: Series; Andrew MelvilleWilliam MorrisonD2C5
Famous Scots: Series; David LivingstoneT. Banks MaclachlanD2C3
Famous Scots: Series; Henry DrummondJames Young SimpsonD2C6
Famous Scots: Series; Johnston of WarristonWilliam MorisonD2C10
Famous Scots: Series; Johnston of WarristonWilliam MorisonD2C11
Famous Scots: Series; Pollock & AytounRosaline MassonD2C9
Famous Scots: Series; R. Louis StevensonMargaret Moyes BlackD2C12
Famous Scots: Series; Richard CameronJohn HerklessD2C7
Famous Scots: Series; Robert FergusonA.B. GrosartD2C4
Famous Scots: Series; The Blackwood GroupSir George DouglasD2C8
Famous Scots: Series; The ErskinesA.R. MacEwanD2C16
Famous Scots: Series; Thomas GuthrieOliphant SmeatonD2C15
Famous Scots: Series; Thomas ReidA. Campbell FraserD2C13
Famous Scots: Series; Viscount DundeeLouis A. BarbéD2C17
Father Figures; A Volume of AutobiographyKingsley MartinD3H22
Fifty Years of Fleet StreetL.W. ‘Bill’ NeedhamD3A24
Fifty Years of Public ServiceShelby M. CullomD3F40
Fifty-Two Spiritual MessagesJohn ThomasD6G1
Fighting Liberal; An AutobiographyGeorge W. NorrisD3A20
Fire in the Ashes: Europe in Mid-Century Theodore H. WhiteD1A17
First Principles of the Reformation Martin LutherD3B3
Five Evangelical Leaders (Stott, Lloyd-Jones, Schaeffer, Packer, Graham) Christopher CatherwoodD3E39
Fleet Street & Downing StreetKennedy JonesD5A36
Florence Nightingale Annie MathesonD2B9
Florence Nightingale Cecil Woodham SmithD2B22
Florence Nightingale Cecil Woodham SmithD2B8
Footprints of Faith Alan CairnsD2D20
Footprints of Faith IRKPD2D23
Footprints of Famous Men J. G. EdgarD2F38
Footsteps of Truth C. Russell HurditchD5C19
Footsteps of Truth C. Russell HurditchD5C20
For Better? For Worse? Notes on Social ChangesGeorge W.E. RussellD6A25
For Ever Beginning; Two Hundred Years of Methodism in the Western Area Methodist Church D6A16
Foreigners in the ConfederacyElla LonnD6H22
Forgive Me, Natasha Sergei KourdakovD2F18
Fortress of Faith; The Story of Bob Jones UniversityMelton WrightD6A8
Forty Years Evangelising in BritainJohn McAlpineD6F30
Forty Years On;Lord Ernest HamiltonD1G29
Foundation Truths of ScriptureProf. J. LaidlowD1B2
Four Northwest Fundamentalists John W. FosterD3E38
Four PortraitsPeter QuinnellD3E15
Four Portraits Peter QuennellD2D1
Foxe’s Book of Martyrs John FoxeD2D2
Foxe’s Book of Martyrs John FoxeD2D3
Foxe’s Book of Martyrs; Persecution of the ProtestantsJohn Foxe & Dr. A. ClarkeD1D20
France; Her Martyrs and ReformersBritish LibraryD1E26
Frances E. Willard; The Story of a Noble LifeFlorence WittsD5D17
Frank Buchman: A Life Garth LeanD2H10
Frank Longford: The Grain of Wheat Frank LongfordD5E38
Frank Penfold: His Life-StoryD2B5
From Cortes to Castro: Introduction to the History of Latin America (1492-1973) Simon CollierD1A6
From Darkness to Light Francisco LacuevaD5E30
From Death Into LifeRev. W. HaslamD3F28
From Faith to Faith W. E. OrchardD5B20
From Gun to Gavel; The Courtroom Recollections of James Mathers of OklahomaMarshall HoutsD4B36
From One Century to AnotherElizabeth S. HaldaneD2G14
From the Forest I Came David LazellD4A27
From the Usher’s Desk to the Tabernacle Pulpit; Pastor C.H. SpurgeonRev. R. ShindlerD3H25
From Then Till NowC.H.K Marten & E H CarterD6A20
From U-Boat to PulpitMartin NiemöllerD6G29
Fulness of DaysEarl of HalifaxD2G2
Fundamentalism and the Word of GodJ.I. PackerD6C32
G.A. Studdert Kennedy by His Friends. Rev. J.K. Mozley, Rev. W. M. Ede & OthersD2C25
Gems of Truth in Simple SettingsAlice H. HopkinsD1G22
George Adam Smith; A Personal Memoir and Family ChronicleGeorge Adam SmithD5A5
George Augustus Selwyn,D.D. F. W. BorehamD4A30
George Buchanan: Humanist and Reformer P. Hume BrownD2H17
George H. MorrisonAlexander GammieD6F19
George Jeffreys; A Ministry of the MiraculousErnest C.W. BoultonD6A7
George Jeffreys; Man of GodAlbert W. EdsorD6A13
George Müller of BristolArthur T. PiersonD6G20
George Muller; The Man of FaithFred G. WarneD6D16
Getting to Yes Roger Fisher & William UryD4G22
Giants Cast Long ShadowsR.H. Bruce LockhartD4C26
Giants in Dressing Gowns Julian B. ArnoldD3G4
Giants of the Faith John A. O’BrienD3E22
Gibraltar and Its SiegesThomas Nelson & SonsD5A30
Gideon Ouseley G. S. RailtonD5B23
Gil Dodds: The Flying Parson Mel LarsonD1H31
Glad Did I Live; Memoirs of a Long LifeWilliam CorkeyD3F41
Gleanings from the Life of Charles Morton Grace & Mary MortonD5G4
Glimpses Through Life’s WindowsJ.R. MillerD4E29
Glow of Candlelight; The Story of Patricia MurphyPatricia MurphyD5F25
God Made them Great John TallachD1H5
God Made Them Great John TallachD3G18
God’s FaithfulnessMarcus S. BergmannD5A29
God’s Heroes and the World’s HeroesJ.H. GurneyD1E16
God’s Outsider. John Penri: A Puritan MartyrI.D.E. ThomasD3A17
God’s Statesman: The Life and Works of John Owen Peter ToonD5B2
God’s Way of Reconciliation (Ephesians 2) D. Martyn Lloyd-JonesD4G25
God’s Witness to His WordHugh D. BrownD5F8
God’s Word SupremeArthur H. CarterD1E9
God’s Work in God’s Way; A Memoir of James Stephens John Wilmot & James H. PizeyD5A14
Going to a CityLeon F. MaurerD4E21
Gospel Gems from the Four Gospels Minor C. HawkD4D22
Gospel of St. JohnRev. B.F. WestcottD4H38
Graded Bible Lessons from Joshua to The CaptivityJudah. W. TaylorD5F30
Graven in the Rock; The Historical Accuracy of The Bible Vol. ISamuel KingsD1B37
Graven in the Rock; The Historical Accuracy of The Bible Vol. IISamuel KingsD1B38
Great Books of the Western World; AugustineRobert Maynard HutchinsD4H9
Great Christians R. S. FormanD2F36
Great Christians R. S. FormanD3G17
Great English Statesmen W. H. Davenport AdamsD3E26
Great Epochs of Sacred HistoryJames M. GrayD3D24
Great Hymns and Their StoriesW.J. Limmer SheppardD3F15
Great Lives VariousD3G34
Great Lives Divinely Planned; A Study in the Making of MenJane T. StoddartD2E31
Great Lives; ManningSidney DarkD6F4
Great Lives; MiltonRose MacauleyD4E4
Great Men and Movements of the Christian Church Allan CameronD3G9
Great Names in History Claud GoldingD1F11
Great Thinkers and Workers Robert CochraneD2D12
Great Thinkers and Workers Robert CochraneD2D13
Great Triumphs of Great Men James MasonD1C31
Great Women of Faith Edith DeenD1H20
Guiding Lights: Lives of the Great and GoodF.E. CookeD1E17
Guilty MenCatoD3H23
Guilty Men CatoD3G14
Guns of Butter R. H. Bruce LockhartD5C9
Hand Books for Bibles Classes and Private Students; EphesiansProf. CandlishD5H7
Handbook for Speakers and PreachersD.B. KnoxD5F27
Handfuls on Purpose. Series IIJames SmithD3C23
Handfuls on Purpose. Series XIRobert LeeD3C22
Hankey; Man of Secrets. Vol. I. 1877-1918Stephen RoskillD3F31
Harmony of the GospelsBenjamin Davies et al.D3C26
Have Faith in God Sermons & Sermon NotesRev. William RogersD4H31
He Dared to Believe Jean A. ReesD5G35
He Dared to Believe: Ernest Luff Jean A. ReesD5E39
He Lives! Seven Studies of the Resurrection Appearences of the Lord Jesus ChristC. Ernest TathamD6G2
He Was There! The Story of Brigadier CoxF. Hayter CoxD3F39
Hebich of India; A Passionate Soul- WinnerAlfred MathiesonD1G19
Henry Francis Lyte and the Story of Abide With Me Henry James GarlandD5E5
Henry Francis Lyte and the Story of Abide With Me Henry James GarlandD5E18
Henry Martyn; Confessor of the FaithC.E. PadwickD6D19
Henry Martyn; Confessor of the FaithConstance E. PadwickD6F7
Henry Martyn; Confessor of the FaithConstance PadwickD4E17
Henry Parry LiddonRev. Aug. B. DonaldsonD6F26
Henry the EighthFrancis HackettD1G2
Heralds of Salvation W. MoisterD3G11
Here I Stand; A Life of Martin LutherRoland H. BaintonD6C16
Here I Stand. The Classic Biography of Martin LutherRoland BaintonD4C36
Heroes of Discovery Samuel MossmanD1H11
Heroes of modern Europe Alice BirkheadD3E24
Heroes of our Life: Martin LutherEstelle RossD4C29
Heroes of the Faith James C. HefleyD1H9
Heroes of the Faith in Modern ItalyJ.S. AndersonD2G29
Heroes of the Reformation Henry CowanD5B35
Heroines of Faith and CharityAnnie E. KeelingD1E13
Heroines of the Faith; True Stories of Noble WomenJohn RitchieD2G25
Heroines of the Mission Field Emma Raymond PitmanD3E36
History of EnglandG. Macauley TrevelyanD5A32
History of England Vol. I Thomas Babington MacaulayD1C20
History of England Vol. II Thomas Babington MacaulayD1C21
History of England Vol. III Thomas Babington MacaulayD1C22
History of England Vol. IV Thomas Babington MacaulayD1C23
History of GreeceWilliam Francis CollierD5H30
History of Latin Christianity. Vol. IXHenry Hart MilmanD5H22
History of Latin Christianity. Vol. VIIIHenry Hart MilmanD5H21
History of the Communist Party of the Soviet UnionCPSUD5H38
History of the Conquest of Mexico William H. PrescottD1A21
History of the French Protestant Refugees. Vol.IM. Charles WeissD6H32
History of the French Protestant Refugees. Vol.IIM. Charles WeissD6H33
History of the Italian Republics in the Middle Ages J. C. L. SismondiD1A16
Hogan and Hogan; A Book of Religious HumorCharles A. McAlpineD1G15
Holy Bible. New International VersionD6C29
Homes and Haunts of LutherJohn StoughtonD4C1
Horace Vol. I: The Odes, Carmen Saeculare and Epodes E. C. WickhamD1A24
How Christ Came to Church; A Spiritual AutobiographyA.J. GordonD5D31
How I Reached the MassesRev. Charles LeachD5D32
How to Enjoy Your BibleJohn BlanchardD6B15
How to Study The BibleI.M. HaldemanD4B7
How We Got Our BibleJ. Paterson SmythD1E8
Howell Harris and the Welsh RevivalistsH. Elvet LewisD2G9
Hugh Latimer R. DemausD5E31
Hugh Latimer; A BiographyRobert DemausD6E5
Hugh Price HughesJ. Gregory MantleD2C44
Human Rights on Duty Mary O’RaweD4G20
Human Rights on Duty Mary O’RaweD4G9
Humble Life: A Tale for Humble Homes UnknownD5G20
Huntington; Pastor of ProvidenceGeorge M. EllaD1G27
Hymnal Robert D. Workman, William R. Arnold & Ivan L. BennettD2E38
Hymns and Hymn Writers of the Church HymnaryJohn BrownlieD3F19
Hymns; Stories of the Hundred Most Popular Hymns We LoveArthur TempleD6G35
I BelievedDouglas HydeD2G13
I BelievedDouglas HydeD2G15
I Saw the LightH.J. HeggerD1G10
I…An Anthology of DiaristsBarbara WillardD3D16
Ian MacFarlane: Soldier and Missionary N. C. MD4F2
If Christ Came Today; A Series of LecturesRev. T. BetterbyD6G36
If I Were YoungClovis G. ChappellD2E6
Ignatius Loyola; The Founder of the JesuitsPaul Van DykeD6E14
Il Nuovo Testamento E Il Libro Dei SalmiVersione RivedutaD6B8
Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason F. Max MüllerD1A23
Imperial Israel Michael PalumboD4A6
Imprisoned Preachers and Religious Liberty in Virginia Lewis Peyton LittleD3G5
In Black and White Viscount KnutsfordD3B5
In Defence of the Rhodesian Constitutional AgreementNdabaningi SitholeD5A26
In His Pathway. The Story of Rev. William McCreaDavid PorterD6F34
In His Pathway. The Story of Rev. William McCreaDavid PorterD6F35
In His Pathway. The Story of Rev. William McCreaDavid PorterD6F36
In His Steps Charles SheldonD4A26
In Quest of JusticeClaud MullinsD6E39
In Search of Two Characters; Some Intimate Aspects of Nephew and his SonDormer CrestonD3A26
In The Beginning; The Story of the King James BibleAlister McGrathD6B20
In the Days of the Dandies Alexander LamingtonD5E35
In the Service of the King Aimee Semple McPhersonD4G3
In Turkey’s Image Christos P. IoannidesD1A10
Inasmuch: A History of the Aged Pilgrims’ Friend Society 1807-1907John E. HazeltonD5H41
Independent MembertA.P. HerbertD1G12
Insanity FairDouglas ReedD6A34
Into God’s Family Andrew GihD1F4
Introduction to the Books of the New Testament T. H. Richards & R. BryantD4F30
Introduction to the Study of HistoryW.B. BoyceD5H24
Ireland and the Death of Kindness Andrew GaileyD4G16
Irish Evangelists Now With the Lord James G. HutchinsonD2D30
Irish Historical Documents since 1800 Alan O’Day & John StevensonD4G10
Is The Bible True? B.F.C. AtkinsonD1B1
Is The Bible True? H.J. HornD1B11
Is The Bible True? H.J. HornD6B14
Isabella Macpherson; A Devoted LifeRev. John MacphersonD6E24
J. Frank Norris Roy E. FallsD2B14
J. Gresham Machem; A Biographical MemoirNed B. StonehouseD5F32
J. Gresham Machen; A SilhouetteHenry W. CorayD6E12
J. Taylor Smith; Everybody’s BishopMaurice WhitlowD5A1
Jacob Primmer in Rome Jacob PrimmerD5B22
James Boswell W. Keith LeaskD2H12
James I: The Fool as King. Vol. I. The Sacred Fool QuartetOtto ScottD1B8
James Kidwell Popham J. H. GosdenD2B2
Jerry McAuley; An Apostle to the Lost R.M. Offord, A.S. Hatch & OthersD6F24
Jesus Christ and The Christian CharacterFrancis G. PeabodyD5F3
Joan of ArcLord Ronald GowerD6C2
John and Sarah: Duke & Duchess of Marlsborough Stuart J. ReidD2B17
John Angell James John CampbellD5C23
John Bull’s Other IslandBernard ShawD5A12
John Bunyan; A Story of His LifeFrank Mott HarrisonD2G21
John Calvin T. H. L. ParkerD2H39
John Calvin: A Sixteenth Century Portrait William J. BouwsmaD1H13
John Calvin: His Life, His Teaching and His InfluenceD2H38
John Clifford Charles T. BatemanD4F31
John Clifford; A Fighting Free ChurchmanG.W. ByrtD2E18
John Frith; Scholar and MartyrBrian RaynorD4H12
John G. Paton: An Autobiography John G. PatonD3B8
John G. Paton: Later Years and Farewell A. K. LangridgeD5B5
John Harper: A Man of God John ClimieD3E4
John Harper: A Man of God John ClimieD3E5
John Henry Jowett Arthur PorrittD5C24
John Henry NewmanJohn MoodyD5A23
John Howard; Prison Reformer. An Account of His Life and TravelsMartin SouthwoodD3F13
John Hus at the Council of ConstanceJ. Hus & M. SpinkaD1G3
John Jasper: The Unmatched Black Philosopher and Preacher William E. HatcherD5C30
John Jewel and the Problem of Doctrinal AuthorityW.M. SouthgateD2A19
John Kenneth Mackenzie; Medical Missionary to ChinaMrs. BrysonD6F6
John KnoxLord Eustace PercyD2A36
John Knox W. M. TaylorD5B34
John Knox and his House Charles John GuthrieD5B36
John Knox and His TimesMiss WarrenD2A14
John Knox Vol.IP. Hume BrownD2A32
John Knox Vol.IIP. Hume BrownD2A33
John Knox; A Criticism and an AppreciationJohn GlasseD2A16
John Knox: His Ideas and IdealsRev. James StalkerD2A22
John Knox’s BairnsMargaret H. RobertsonD2A24
John Law; A BiographyH. Montgomery HydeD2G12
John Macleod G. N. M. CollinsD4G1
John Murker of BanffJames StarkD6F11
John Thadeus Delane; His Life and Correspondence. Vol. IArthur Irwin DasentD6D31
John Thadeus Delane; His Life and Correspondence. Vol. IIArthur Irwin DasentD6D32
John Wycliffe and His English Precursors LechlerD4A19
John XXIII Leone AlgisiD3B15
Joined to The Lord; Thoughts of the Song of SolomonAnnie W. MarstonD5H17
Journal et Pensée de Chaque Jour R. P. JanvierD5C17
Joy; My FirmamentWilliam ClelandD2C22
Jubilee of the Rev. William OrrD5B4
Judith; The Incredible, True Life Story of a Young Russian Woman N.I. Saloff- Astakhoff D2A17
Judson, The Hero of BurmaJesse PageD6C3
Just Glorious!Leonard MessengerD4E3
Justice in South AfricaJohn D. JacksonD6C13
King James IHugh Ross WilliamsonD2A21
King Mob Christopher HibbertD2B24
Kings of Commerce T.C Bridges & H.H TiltmanD4D10
Kings of Fortune Walter R. HoughtonD3E32
Knowing the Scriptures; Rules and Methods of Bible StudyDr. A.T. PiersonD1B4
Knox and the Reformation Times T. L. WatsonD5B33
Knox and the Reformation Times in ScotlandJean L. WatsonD2A23
Kuwait: Facts and FiguresD1A5
L’AbriEdith SchaefferD3H31
Labour & Triumph; Hugh MillerThomas N. BrownD6F32
Lady ColquhounJames HamiltonD5D15
Lamplighter and SonCraig SkinnerD3H18
Lancelot AndrewesFlorence HighamD3H24
Last Changes Last Chances H. W. NevinsonD2B19
Lax His Book Lax of PoplarD5E32
Lecky J. J. AuchmutyD5C6
Lectures W. Morley PunshonD2B4
Lectures W. Morley PunshonD4D32
Lectures on Preaching, Yale 1879Rev. Matthew SimpsonD5H16
Lectures on the Gospel According to Luke. Vol. IRev. James FooteD5H6
Lectures to My StudentsC.H. SpurgeonD4H37
Lectures to My Students C. H. SpurgeonD2F4
Lectures to My Students Second Series C. H. SpurgeonD2F5
Legal Responsibility of the Drunkard Norman BarnettD2D16
Letters and Memoir J. C. PhilpottD3B31
Letters and Papers by Theodosia AViscountess PowerscourtD3B20
Letters of A. W. Pink (1924-1951) A. W. PinkD3B24
Life & Letters of Dean Stanley Vol. II Arthur Penrhyn StanleyD4A1
Life and Campaigns of General T. J. (Stonewall) Jackson R. L. DabneyD5C22
Life and Labors of C. H. Spurgeon Geo C. NeedhamD1F41
Life and Labours of J. G. PavlikD5B31
Life and Letters of Edgar Allan Poe John H. IngramD2F33
Life and Letters of Lord MacAulay George Otto TrevelyanD4F7
Life and Letters of William Fleming StevensonMrs. W.F. StevensonD5A13
Life and LightR.E. SearsD6G27
Life and Sayings of Sam P. JonesMrs S. JonesD2A26
Life and Times of Rev. Alex Peden the Prophet and Rev. James Renwick Jean L. WatsonD5B14
Life in His NameD.M. M’IntyreD2C26
Life of Cardinal Manning Vol. 1 Edmund Sheridan PurcellD2B12
Life of Cardinal Manning. Vol. IEdmund Sheridan PurcellD6E26
Life of Cardinal Manning. Vol. IIEdmund Sheridan PurcellD6E27
Life of Cardinal Vaughan Vol. I J. G. Snead-CoxD4A15
Life of Cardinal Vaughan Vol. II J. G. Snead-CoxD4A12
Life of David Livingstone William Garden BlaikieD5E8
Life of E.B. Pusey. Vol. IH.P. LiddonD3A34
Life of E.B. Pusey. Vol. IIH.P. LiddonD3A19
Life of E.B. Pusey. Vol. IIIH.P. LiddonD3A27
Life of E.B. Pusey. Vol. IVH.P. LiddonD3A28
Life of Gen. (Stonewall) JacksonR.L. DabneyD6C4
Life of Jacob Primmer J. Boyd PrimmerD3B12
Life of Jacob Primmer J. Boyd PrimmerD3B13
Life of Jacob Primmer J. Boyd PrimmerD3B14
Life of James HamiltonRev. William ArnottD2G10
Life of LutherJulius KöstlinD4C17
Life of LutherMartin Luther & M. MicheletD4C28
Life of Madame De La Mothe GuyonThomas C. UphamD2C34
Life of Nelson Joseph AllenD2B34
Life of R. W. Dale of Birmingham A. W. W. DaleD1H17
Life of Rev. Richard Knill C. M. BirrellD3B1
Life of the Right Honourable W. E. Forster T. Wemyss ReidD5G12
Life of William Booth; The Founder of the Salvation Army. Vol. IHarold BegbieD5F34
Life of William Booth; The Founder of the Salvation Army. Vol. IIHarold BegbieD5F33
Lights and Shadows of Church LifeJohn StoughtonD6G11
Literary Characteristics of The BibleRev. W. TrailD3C13
Literary Portraits of Contemporary Classical Authors Vol. ID3E35
Little Abe; The Bishop of Berry Brow. The Life of Abraham LockwoodF. JewellD6E7
Lives of Eminent and Illustrious Englishmen George G. CunninghamD1F1
Lives of Eminent Englishmen. Vol. IGeorge G. CunninghamD3D1
Lives of Eminent Englishmen. Vol. IIGeorge G. CunninghamD3D2
Lives of Eminent Englishmen. Vol. IIIGeorge G. CunninghamD3D3
Lives of Eminent Englishmen. Vol. VGeorge G. CunninghamD3D5
Lives of Eminent Englishmen. Vol. VIGeorge G. CunninghamD3D4
Lives of Eminent Englishmen. Vol. VIIGeorge G. CunninghamD3D6
Lives of Eminent Englishmen. Vol. VIIIGeorge G. CunninghamD3D7
Lives of Henderson and GuthrieRev. Thomas McCrieD5D12
Lives of St. Liguori. St. de Girolamo & OthersN. WisemanD6F16
Lives of the Fathers Vol. I F. W. FarrarD4D3
Lives of the Fathers Vol. II F. W. FarrarD4D4
Lives of the Most Eminent English PoetsSamuel JohnstonD2G24
Lives of Twelve Good Men Vol. I John William BurgonD4D1
Lives of Twelve Good Men Vol. II John William BurgonD4D2
Living Messages Over the AirJohn ThomasD6G16
Living Papers on Present Day Themes. Vol. IV Rev. Noah Porter, Rev. Canon Rawlinson & OthersD6B18
Long Shadows Cast Before C. E. B. BrettD2H33
Lord Change Me!Evelyn ChristensonD2G16
Lord Shaftesbury and Social-Industrial Progress J. Wesley BreadyD4A13
Lords and CommonersSir Henry LucyD6E6
Louis XIVChristopher MartinD6E34
Louis XIV David OggD5E36
Love is Revolution; The Story of Camille DesmoulinsJohn HartcupD2C29
Lucilla: or the Reading of The BibleAdolphe MonodD4B1
Lucy Guinness Kumm; Her Life StoryH. Grattan GuinessD6F2
Lucy Guinness Kumm; Her Life StoryH. Grattan GuinessD6F3
LutherRichard FriedenthalD6C1
Luther And The Reformation V. H. H. GreenD5C13
Luther Discovers the GospelUuras SaarnivaaraD4C13
Luther in Mid- Career 1521-1530Heinrich BornkammD4C7
Luther; on Rome and the ReformationRobert MontgomeryD4C35
Luther; the Reformer. The Story of the Man and His CareerJames M. KittelsonD4C15
Luther: The Reformer James M. KittelsonD3B2
Lyric Thoughts of the Late Thomas Jones; The Poet PreacherThomas JonesD1E4
Mackay of the Great LakeC.E. PadwickD2C27
Macmillan; A Study in AmbiguityAnthony SampsonD5D23
Maids of Honour; Sketches of Distinguished Single WomenA.J. Green- ArmytageD5D3
Makers of English FictionW.J. DawsonD2E24
Makers of Religious Freedom Marcus L. LoaneD3E30
Manual of Bible HistoryProfessor BlaikieD2A4
Manual of Romish Controversy; A Complete Refutation of the Creed of Pope Pius IVRev. R.P. BlakeneyD5F22
Many Infallible ProofsArthur T. PiersonD1B30
Maria Monk’s DaughterMrs. L. St. John EckelD6E37
Mark Guy Pearse; Preacher, Author, Artist Mrs. George Unwin & John TelfordD6G7
Martin LutherWilliam DallmannD4C33
Martin Luther Saint and SinnerTheodore J. KleinhansD4C12
Martin Luther; Hero of FaithFrederick NohlD4C30
Martin Luther; The Prophet of GermanyRev. J. Shaw BanksD4C10
Martin Luther: Saint and Sinner Theodore J. KeinhansD5C15
Martin Luther: Student, Monk, Reformer John RaeD5C12
Martin Luther. German Student Life. PoetryWilliam B. RobertsonD4C31
Mary Lincoln; Wife and Widow Carl Sandberg & Paul M. AngleD6E2
Mary Stuart F. A. MaccunnD4F9
Master Mariners J. R. SpearsD3G13
Master PreachersHarold L. CalkinsD2E27
Master Workers Harold BegbieD1H2
Matthew Henry and His ChapelH.D. RobertsD3H38
Matthew Henry’s Sermon OutlinesSheldon B. QuincerD4H7
Max Reichner: Pastor H. O. WardD5G6
McIlmoyle of Dervock: Pastor of Two Flocks Robert HannaD1H24
Mein KampfAdolf HitlerD1G13
Memoir and Letter James Kidwell PophamD2B1
Memoir of John Duncan David BrownD2H1
Memoir of Rev. William JayRev. S.S. WilsonD6A12
Memoir of Robert Paterson John PatersonD5B17
Memoir of the Late Rev. Edward PaysonD3B28
Memoir of the Life and Writings of Thomas CartwrightRev. B. BrookD2C30
Memoir of the Rev. Henry MartynRev. John SargentD6F37
Memoir of the Rev. W. J. Hewitson John BaillieD3E3
Memoir With SermonsTheodor ChristliebD2E10
Memoirs of a British AgentR.H. Bruce LockhartD4C27
Memoirs of an Old Parliamentarian (Vol. I) T. P. O’ConnorD5B24
Memoirs of an Old Parliamentarian (Vol. II) T. P. O’ConnorD5B25
Memoirs of Dr. Chalmers Vol. III William HannaD2H34
Memoirs of Dr. Chalmers Vol. III William HannaD2H35
Memoirs of J. P. Boyce John A. BroadusD2H18
Memoirs of Joseph ParkerJames IrvingD5B29
Memoirs of Marguerite de Valois Ludovic LalanneD4F16
Memoirs of Mrs William Veitch, Mr Thomas Hog of Kiltearn, Mr Henry Erskine and
Mr John Carstairs VariousD3G12
Memoirs of Rev. Cornelius WinterWilliam JayD6A10
Memoirs of Rev. Matthew HenryJ.B. WilliamsD6G25
Memoirs of Septimus Sears Septimus SearsD4A21
Memoirs of The Life and Writings of Thomas ChalmersRev. William HannaD3H15
Memoirs of The Pretenders John Heneage JesseD3E25
Memorials and Musings of a ModeratorRev. A.F. MoodyD6F27
Memorials of a Father & Mother H. & M. ShepheardD4A28
Memorials of Bishop McIlvaineRev. William CarusD6F25
Memorials of Frances Ridley HavergalMaria V.G. HavergalD1G18
Memorials of Frances Ridley HavergalMaria V.G. HavergalD3F23
Memorials of the English Martyrs C. B. TaylorD3E31
Memories and Hopes Edward LytteltonD5E14
Memories of a VicarageRev. Handley C.G. MouleD1E24
Memories of Christian ServiceAnonD6E23
Memories of Disruption Times Alex BeithD2H25
Memories of Teilhard de ChardinHalmut de TerraD2E17
Men & Affairs William BarclayD2H32
Men and Things as I Saw them in Europe KirwanD2F13
Men from God’s School; Sketches of Bible CharactersJ. Oswald SandersD6G28
Men of PurposePeter MastersD2E39
Men of the AftermathHenri BéraudD2C20
Men of the Knotted Heart Thomas CassellsD3E6
Men of the Knotted Heart Thomas CasselsD3G35
Men of Unity Stephen NeillD2F24
Men of VisionJohn FosterD3H26
Men on Trial Peter HowardD2F21
Men With a MessageJohn R.W. StottD4E16
Men With a Mission: Hugh Latimer James J. EllisD5E33
Men Worth Imitating W. H. GroserD3E18
Men Worth Remembering; Henry MartynC.D. BellD6F10
MethodismRupert E. DaviesD6E31
Methodist Heroes in the Great Haworth Round. 1734- 1784J.W. LaycockD6F28
Mifcellany Sermons, Preached by Sundry DivinesRev. John Welch & OthersD3D22
Mighty Messengers of Christ; Luther, Bunyan, SpurgeonPickering & InglisD4C32
Mildred MildredD2B16
Mine Eyes Have SeenDaniel A. PolingD6G8
Ministers and Men in the Far North Alexander AuldD1F3
Minute Biographies Nisenson & ParkerD1H12
Miscellaneous; Biographies of PoliticiansMultiple AuthorsD5D10
Miscellanies: Literary and Historical Vol. I Lord RoseberyD2F12
Miscellanies: Literary and Historical Vol. II Lord RoseberyD2F25
Mission Completed; T.S. Mooney of Londonderry 1907-86 Rev. Robert Dickinson, John T. Carson & OthersD6D17
Missionary Explorers R. M. A. IbbotsonD1H7
Missionary Heroes Charles D. MichaelD1C28
Missionary Heroes in Many LandsSyndey C. Lucker & Others D2G34
Missionary Memorial H. W. PiersonD2D28
Missionary to the New Hebrides (First Part) John G. PatonD5B30
Missionary to the New Hebrides (Popular Edition) John G. PatonD5B10
Missionary to the New Hebrides (Second Part) John G. PatonD5B9
Missionary Travels David LivingstoneD5E3
Mistranslated Passages in Our BibleRev. J.H. MurrayD3A6
Mistress to an Age; A Life of Madame de StäelJ. Christopher HeraldD6G17
Misunderstood ScripturesRev. Robert NevinD4B20
Misunderstood Texts of ScriptureRev. Asa MahanD4B19
Modern Discovery and The BibleRendle ShortD1B36
Modern EssaysN. G. Brett- James et al.D2E29
Monty Python’s Flying Circus Vol. 1 & 2D4A7
Moody Without Sankey; A BiographyJ.C. PollockD6D13
Moody’s Anecdotes & Illustrations Dwight L. MoodyD3G37
More Years of My MinistryRev. W. HaslamD3F25
Morrison of Wellington; A MemoirChristine M. MorrisonD6E35
Moses Right and Bishop Colenso WrongRev. John CummingD6B4
Mothers of the BibleRev. Chas. LeachD2E33
Mountbatten; The Official BiographyPhilip ZieglerD6D22
Movements in European HistoryD.H. LawrenceD6G24
Mr Speaker, Sir Selwyn LloydD5E16
Mr Speaker, Sir Selwyn LloydD5E17
Mr. By-Ends of Fairspeech and Other Sketches from BunyanLeslie KeithD2G19
Mr. Crofts The King’s Bastard. A Biography of James, Duke of Monmouth (1649-1685)Lewis MelvilleD4E10
Mr. Prime Minister 1867-1964Bruce HutchisonD3F32
Mrs Penn-Lewis - A Memoir Mary N. GarrardD5B16
My Bible; An ApologeticW.B. RileyD6B7
My Boyhood in a ParsonageThomas W. LamontD6F17
My Call to the Ministry C. A. JoyceD2D27
My Enemy the QueenVictoria HoltD1G33
My Father: An Aberdeenshire Minister W. Robertson MicollD2B31
My FriendsBob JonesD5C29
My Glimpses of GloryPaul W. GreevesD1G28
My Lord of CanterburyGodfrey TurtonD2E15
My Schools and SchoolmastersHugh MillerD6D20
My Sermon- Notes. Old TestamentC.H. SpurgeonD6G3
My Sermon-Notes: Genesis to Proverbs C. H. SpurgeonD2F7
My Study Windows James Russell LowellD3G25
My Yesterday, Your Tomorrow Lord BoothbyD2H22
Nansen of Norway Charles TurleyD3B35
Napoleon; The Last PhaseLord RoseberyD3A33
Napoleon’s Heritage B. FortescueD2B27
Narrative of H. J. Marks Henry John MarksD2B30
Near to Greatness; A Life of Earl WintertonAlan Houghton BrodrickD3D11
Nehemiah; His Character and WorkT. Campbell FinlaysonD5H5
Nettleton and His Labours Andrew A. BonarD2B21
New Discoveries in Babylonia About GenesisP.J. WisemanD1B20
Newman Hall; An AutobiographyNewman HallD3F30
Newman: A Man for Our Time Henry Chadwick et al.D2B26
Nineteenth Century Preachers John EdwardsD3E40
No Greater Heritage Charles GulstonD2H3
No Laurels for de GaulleRobert MenginD5A31
No Man Knows My History; the Life of Joseph Smith, the Mormon ProphetFawn M. BrodieD5A15
Noble WomenC.C. CairnsD5D4
Northcliffe: The FactsLouise OwenD3A16
Northcliffe: The FactsLouise OwenD4E30
Northern Ireland: A Chronology of the Troubles 1968-1993 Paul Bew & Gordon GillespieD4G24
Northern Ireland: A Sociological Analysis Ken HeskinD4G29
Northfield Echoes; An Illustrated Magazine Vol. I. June 1894D1D14
Northfield Echoes; An Illustrated Magazine Vol. III. June 1896D1D16
Northfield Echoes; An Illustrated Magazine Vol. X. 1903D1D15
Notable Officers of the Salvation Army Mrs CarpenterD5G8
Notable Women of the Reformation W. ChapmanD4D6
Notes on Politics and HistoryViscount MorleyD6H8
Notes on Things Written Aforetime William RodgersD4D20
Nothing but the TruthBrain H. EdwardsD6B6
Nuclear Disaster in the UralsZhores A. MedvedevD4E8
Number in The BibleA. Kenney- HerbertD3C15
Obiter Dicta (First Series)D3G26
Obiter Dicta (Second Series)D3G27
Occasional Thoughts in Verse A. B. TaylorD1F18
Old Bibles; An Account of the Early Versions of the English BibleJ.R. DoreD4B28
Old Memories Henry JonesD5C25
Oliver Goldsmith Washington IrvingD1F29
On The Authorized Version of the New TestamentDean of WestminsterD4B16
On The Written WordRev. J, Oswald DykesD1B28
One Day I’ll See YouPeter JacksonD2A20
Only for Jesus; Memorials of the Late William M. MacgregorLewis MunroD5D26
Onward Christian Soldier; A Life of Sabine Baring-Gould 1834-1924 William PurcellD3A23
Orations on the French War William PittD3B10
Origin of the Doctrine of the Trinity Hugh T. StannusD5G29
Our English Bible; The Story of Its Origin and GrowthH.W. HoareD1B12
Our English Bible: Its Translations and TranslatorsJohn StoughtonD3A10
Our God- Breathed Book; The BibleDr. John R. RiceD2A12
Our National Life; A Christian Perspective on the State of the Nation Allister Vale, Lord Mackey of Clashfern & OthersD4E39
Our Neighbour; Martin Luther. Chronicles of the Schönberg- Cotta FamilyElizabeth Rundle CharlesD4C11
Our Own English BibleW.J. HeatonD1B25
Our Own English Bible: Its Translators and Their WorksRev. W.J. HeatonD3A11
Our Presidents James MorganD1H10
Out of the Darkness Into Light. The Story of My LifeJoseph F. HessD2G3
Out of the Devil’s Pawn ShopSyd & Lily MurrayD4E5
Outline of Great Books J. A. HammertonD2D7
Outline Studies in the Books of The Old TestamentW.G. MooreheadD5F11
Parishes of County Antrim II 1832-8 A. Day & P. McWilliamsD4G28
Parliamentary Reminiscences William JeansD5C32
Passages from the Five Volumes of the Diary of a Country Parson; Rev. James WoodfordeJohn BeresfordD6G5
Pastor C.H. SpurgeonDanzy SheenD5H15
Pastor Jacob Primmer in RomeDunfermline Citizen OfficeD4H6
Pastor NiemöllerDietmar SchmidtD3A15
Pastor NiemöllerDietmar SchmidtD4B35
Patrick Hamilton; First Scottish Martyr of the ReformationG. Galloway & OthersD3F18
Peden the ProphetRev. Kirkwood HewatD3A22
Peden the Prophet of the CovenantJohn C. JohnstonD3A18
Peeps at History: Holland John FinnemoreD1A14
Pen-Portraits and Character-Sketches A. E. M. BaylissD2F30
Personal Reminiscences of Charles Haddon Spurgeon W. WilliamsD1F13
Personal Work For ChristGeorge SoltauD5A9
Personality in Politics Arthur SalterD4D7
Peter Howard; Life & LettersAnne Wolrige GordonD1G9
Peter Mackenzie as I Knew HimDinsdale T. YoungD6F38
Peter Mackenzie; His Life and LaboursRev. Joseph DawsonD6F13
Peter Mackenzie; His Life and LaboursRev. Joseph DawsonD6F14
Peter Mackenzie; His Life and LaboursRev. Joseph DawsonD6F39
Philip II of Spain Charles PetrieD3B9
Philip Melanethon; The Wittemberg Professor and Theologian of the ReformationDavid J. DeaneD6F15
Philippian Studies and Bible ReadingsJames ShieldsD5H1
Pictorial History of American Presidents John & Alice DurantD1H16
Pioneer of Boyhood Roger S. PeacockD4A33
Pioneers of the Reformation in EnglandMarcus LoaneD5D7
PittLord RoseberyD3A25
Pius XII and the Third Reich Saul FriedländerD3B11
Plutarch’s Lives of Greek Heroes PlutarchD3E21
Poems and Ballads of Protestantism T. C. O’ConnorD4A18
Poems of John DonneJohn DonneD1H35
Pole Power. Poland’s Energy in the EURichard MerseyD4E42
Political Violence and the Law in Ireland Politics in PracticeGerard Hogan & Lord WindleshamD4G30
Politics, Parties & Pressure GroupsV.O. Key, Jr.D4B27
Popery in its Social Aspect; Immortaility and Intolerance of RomanismRev. R.P. BlakeneyD5F21
Portrait of a Dictator: Francisco Solamo Lopez R. B Cunningham GrahamD5E7
Portrait of a Master Craftsman; Raymond McKeownJames HandysideD6E33
Portraits of the Nineties E. T. RaymondD3G15
Power in PreachingW.E. SangsterD5H8
Powers of Speech; A History of Standard Telephones and Cables 1883-1983Peter YoungD5H23
Praying Hyde; A Man of PrayerBasil MillerD3F27
Praying Hyde. A Challenge to PrayerJohn HydeD2G11
Praying Hyde. A Challenge to PrayerJohn HydeD2G5
Preacher’s Kids Grace Nies FletcherD5G25
Pressing Problems of the Closing AgeChristabel PankhurstD3A8
Primeval Man UnveiledJames GallD3C14
Princes of the Church W. Robertson NicollD1C3
Princes of the Church W. Robertson NicollD2D32
Principal James Morison: The Man and his Work Oliphant SmeatonD4G5
Profiles in Evangelism Fred BarlowD4D21
Prophets of the Century Arthur RickettD3E7
Prophets of Yesterday John KelmanD2D26
Prophets Priests and KingsA.G. GardinerD2E37
Prose & Poetry With Boswell’s Characte, Macaulay’s Life and Raleigh’s EssaySamuel JohnsonD2E23
Protestant Biblical InterpretationBernard RammD5F1
Psalm Paraphrases and Hymns F.P.C.UD2D21
Psalms, Paraphrases and HymnsFPCUD3D13
Psalms, Paraphrases and HymnsFPCUD3D14
Public and PrivateHumphrey TrevelyanD3D8
Pushing to the FrontOrison Swett MardenD6H10
Putting Ten Thousand To FlightJean ReesD2C37
Q.E.D. or New Light on the Doctrine of CreationGeorge McCready PriceD3D27
Q.E.D. or New Light on the Doctrine of CreationGeorge McCready PriceD4B5
Queen of the Reformation Charles LudwigD3G38
Queen Victoria and Her Prime Ministers Algernon CecilD4A9
Quest for Democracy. John Gwynne. Timothy & Douglas A. KearnD6G6
R. C. Morgan: His Life & Times George E. MorganD4G4
R.C. Morgan; His Life and TimesGeorge E. MorganD6F18
Real Lace: America’s Irish Rich Stephen BirminghamD1A4
Recollections of D.L. MoodyJ.M.D3F4
Records of the English BibleAlfred W. PollardD4B29
Redemption Song; The Joe Peden StoryJ. Peden & J. McClellandD2G38
Reflections on ViolenceGeorges SorelD5H20
Reformation Heroes Richard NewtonD4D9
Religions, Mythologies, Folklores: An Annotated BibliographyKatharine Smith DiehlD4H4
Religious Controversies of the Elizabethan Age Peter MilwardD1C2
Religious Controversies of the Jacobean Age Peter MilwardD1C1
Remarkable Conversations & Striking IllustrationsDr. H.C. MorrisonD6E30
Remember, I Am Coming Soon! A Symposium on the Second AdventGilbert W. KirbyD4H3
Reminiscences J. Scott LidgettD5E9
Reminiscences 1828-1906Joseph Bryant RotherhamD5D39
Reminiscences and ReflectionsHeber L. HartD2G8
Reminiscences of Dr. Thomas ChalmersJohn AndersonD3H14
Reminiscences. Vol. IJustin McCarthyD4E11
Reminiscences. Vol. II.Justin McCarthyD4E12
Report on Southern Africa Basil DavidsonD1H18
Representative Men of the Scottish Church J. B. SturrockD2D36
Representative Men of the Scottish Church J.B. SturrockD4D30
Res Judicate; Papers and EssaysAugustine BirrellD2A25
Retreat From GloryR.H. Bruce LockhartD4C16
Retrospect: The Memoirs of the Rt. Hon. Viscount SimonViscount SimonD4A4
Rev. John Mackay; Student, Pastor, General Assembly’s Highland EvangelistRev. Alexander MackenzieD5F37
Rev. John Murker of Banff; A Picture of Religious Life and Work in The North of ScotlandRev. James StarkD6D21
Revelation and InspirationJames OrrD1B39
Revision or New Translation? Oswald T. AllisD3C24
Revival AddressesR.A. TorreyD5F5
Revival; A Study in Biblical PatternsDavid Boyd LongD6C20
Richard Nixon; The Man Behind the MaskGary AllenD5F2
Richard Savage; A Mystery in BiographyStanley V. MakowerD5A16
Rightly Dividing The WordClarence LarkinD1B6
Rightly Dividing the Word of TruthR.A. McKayD4B26
Rising DawnHarold BegbieD6F20
Road to ElizabethJohn RidgwayD3F9
Roadmakers and Roadmenders John MacbeathD3G10
Roads to ChristRev. C.S. Isaacson et al.D2C23
Robert G. Lee; The Authorized BiographyJohn E. HussD6E9
Robert Henderson. The Story of a Missionary Greatheart in IndiaJ. Sinclair StevensonD1G6
Robert Mitchell of the Inland J. R. FiddianD4F15
Robert Moffat. His Life and LaboursD6D24
Robert Morrison; China’s PioneerErnest H. HayesD6F31
Robert Murray M’Cheyne Andrew BonarD4F1
Robert Murray M’Cheyne J. C. SmithD2B20
Romance of Psalter and Hymnal Rev. R.E. Welsh & F. G. EdwardsD3F17
Royal DukesRoger FulfordD1E18
Rudyard Kipling’s Verse 1885-1918 Rudyard KiplingD3B7
Running for Revival Ruth N. B. McGavinD2H29
Sacred SymbologyJohn MillsD3C19
Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the GulfJ.Miller & L. MylroieD3F8
Saints & Non-Saints Christa Gingery HabeggerD3G39
Saints and Leaders H. F. B. MackayD2D14
Saints of Yesterday Josiah FlewD5G34
Samuel Logan Brengle: Portrait of a Prophet Clarence W. HallD2H23
Samuel MarsdenCyril J. DaveyD6E38
Samuel Rutherford and His FriendsFaith CookD4H13
Saved By His Life; Thoughts on the Present Word of ChristMartin H. RickettsD2C47
Savonarola Frances E. CookeD5G3
Savonarola: His Life and Times W. R. ClarkD4A2
Savonarola: Italian Preacher and Martyr W. Elwin OliphantD5G15
Scottish Nationality and Other PapersRev. John KerD2G23
Scripture Characters and MiscellaniesRobert S. CandlishD4H34
Scripture Itself and The IllustratorRev. G.S. BowesD6B3
Searching for Light. An Autobiography by Hewlett JohnsonHewlett JohnsonD6F5
Seeing Greater Things Northcote DeckD2F26
Select Sermons and Letters of Dr. Hugh LatimerH. LatimerD6E16
Select Sermons of George Whitefield, J.C. Ryle, Dr. D.M. Lloyd-JonesVariousD4H23
Selected Essays by A. Hayward. Vol. IA HaywardD3H39
Selected Essays by A. Hayward. Vol. IIA HaywardD3H40
Selected Essays on Literary Subjects George W. E. RussellD3G21
Selected SpeechesSir Edward ClarkeD2E16
Selected to Live Johanna-Ruth DobschinerD1H37
Selections from Wodrow’s Biographical CollectionsRev. Robert LippeD1D21
Self-Help Samuel SmilesD3G29
Sermons by the Rev. Henry GambleRev. Henry GambleD1E6
Sermons for Parochial and Domestic Use, Chiefly Adapted to the Service of Particular Sundays in the YearRichard MantD4H8
Sermons for Parochial and Domestic Use, Designed to Illustrate and Enforce the Most Important Articles of Christian Faith & PracticeRichard MantD4H22
Sermons Preached on Various Occasions John Henry NewmanD4G36
Sermons: Biographical and Miscellaneous Benjamin JowettD4D8
Set Your House in Order Albert W. EdsorD2F19
Seth Joshua and Frank Joshua; the Renowned EvangelistsRev. T. Mardy ReesD6C12
Seven Archbishops Sidney DarkD3G28
Seven Men of the KirkBeatrice Mair SawyerD1E19
Seven Men of the KirkBeatrice Mair SawyerD1E20
Seven, The Sacred NumberRichard SamuellD3C18
Seventeenth Century France G. R. R. TreasureD1A28
Short Studies on Great Subjects. Vol. IIJ. A. FroudeD6C27
Signs of Our Times; A Weekly Journal of Religious Intelligence of Special InterestRev. M BaxterD2E40
Simon Peter; Apostle and Living StoneW.W. FeredayD5F29
Simon Peter: His Life and LettersW.T.P. WolstonD5F15
Sir Martyrs of the Scottish ReformationW.D. CarslawD5D2
Sir Robert Peel Lord RoseberyD3B16
Six CrisesRichard M. NixonD3A32
Six Makers of English Religion 1500-1700 Tyndale, Cranmer, Foxe, Milton, Bunyan & WattsGordon RuppD5H4
Six Saints of the Covenant Vol. I Patrick WalkerD4D25
Six Saints of the Covenant Vol. II Patrick WalkerD4D26
Sketches of Imposture, Deception and CredulityR.A. DavenportD1E11
Sketches of the Life and Character of Patrick HenryWilliam WirtD3F10
Social Change in Latin America Today Richard N. Adams et al.D1A12
Soldiers & Servants of Christ Anna LehrerD3G23
Some Nineteenth Century ScotsmenWilliam KnightD2G33
Some of the Great Preachers of WalesOwen JonesD2G36
Some Worthies of the Irish ChurchGeorge Thomas StokesD5D9
Sovereign Grace O’er Sin Abounding Alfred DyeD1H28
Sowers Reapers BuildersJ.G. HutchinsonD2E30
Speeches and Letters of Abraham Lincoln 1832-1865A. LincolnD6E18
Speeches at Home and Abroad C. H. SpurgeonD1F39
Spirit Driven Men Wil. R. JohnsonD1F5
Spiritual ArithmeticReginald T. NashD4B24
Spoiled Priest Gabriel LongoD5E27
Spotlight on Spurgeon Eric W. HaydenD1F35
Spurgeon Arnold DallimoreD1F22
Spurgeon and his Friendships A. Cunningham BurleyD1F40
Spurgeon: Heir of the Puritans Ernest W. BaconD1F25
Spurgeon: Heir of the Puritans Ernest W. BaconD1F26
Spurgeon: The People’s Preacher D. C. BoulgerD1F23
Spurgeon: The People’s Preacher D. C. BoulgerD1F24
Spurgeon’s Boyhood and Wonderful Life Charles F. PerryD1F14
Spurgeon’s SermonsC.H. SpurgeonD3H20
St. Andrews and Elsewhere Andrew K.H. BoydD1C5
St. Paul the Traveller and The Roman CitizenW.M. RamsayD4H2
Stephen Jeffreys; The Beloved EvangelistEdward JeffreysD6C11
Stonehenge and Other British Stone Monuments Norman LockyerD1C6
Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War (Vol. I) G. F. R. HendersonD5C26
Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War (Vol. II) G. F. R. HendersonD5C27
Stories of Christian Heroes J. H. GillespieD1F8
Story of the TunesHezekiah ButterworthD3F21
Straight Left Paddy DevlinD1H15
Strange TalesJohn AshworthD5F28
Stranger Than FictionJean A. ReesD2C45
Stray Leaves from My Life StoryJ. Manton SmithD5A4
Strictly PersonalCecil KingD2C48
Striking Incidents of Saving GraceRev. H. BreedenD5D35
Studies in Contemporary Biography James BryceD1H3
Studies in the Life and Character of St. PeterH.A. BirksD5F26
Studies of Men G. W. SmalleyD1H4
Stumbling Stones Removed from The Word of GodArthur T. PiersonD1B22
Sturm’s Reflections for Every Day in the YearMr. C.C. SturmD5F23
Successor to C.T. Studd; The Story of Jack HarrisonNorman GrubbD3F29
Such A Candle: The Story of Hugh Latimer Douglas C. WoodD5E2
Summer and Winter of the Soul Erskine NealeD4D5
Susanna Wesley and the Puritan Tradition in MethodismJohn A. NewtonD3F1
Syllabus for New Testament StudyA.T. RobertsonD3A9
Syllabus for Old Testament StudyJohn R. SampeyD4B22
Take This Child Mary Warburton BoothD4D16
Tales of the Golden CompanyPhil J. FisherD1B13
Teachers of the Faith and the Future B. Newton & S. TregellesD3E17
Telling AustraliaEdwin Orr & OthersD2G17
Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Far From the Madding Crowd and The Mayor of CasterbridgeThomas HardyD2G1
The “Keep On Going” SpiritTed LewisD4E40
The “Red” Dragon and the Black ShirtsSir Percival PhillipsD5H37
The Abdication of Edward VIIIJ. Lincoln WhiteD3D19
The Aeneid of Virgil J. W. MackailD1A29
The Aeneid of Virgil J. W. MackailD1A30
The Age of Catherine de MediciJ.E. NealeD5H31
The Age of Louis XIVVoltaireD5A34
The Age of Louis XIV VoltaireD5E28
The Agnes Hancock StoryJames McClellandD5D37
The Amiable Prussian Charles DrageD1H19
The Anatomy of VillainyNigel BalchinD3H21
The Ancient and Modern Library of Theological LiteratureGeorge HerbertD3D28
The Anglo-Irish Agreement Tom Hadden & Kevin BoyleD4G40
The Apostle John; His Life and WritingsDr. W.H. Griffith ThomasD6G21
The Apostles of India J. N. OgilvieD5B6
The Apostles of Our LordA.M. SymingtonD5F13
The Archbishop and the Lady; The Story of Fénelon and Madame GuyonMichael de la BedoyereD6G4
The Arithmetic of HeavenR.D. JohnstonD4B23
The Ark of God; W.T. Whitely Lecture for 1960Douglas StewartD4E19
The Authority of the BibleC.H. DoddD2A9
The Autobigraphy of J. Angell JamesJ. Angell JamesD6C14
The Autobiography of Sir Patrick HastingsSir P. HastingsD2G7
The Autobiography of William JayWilliam JayD6A9
The Ayes & The Noes C. Hollis & CummingsD2D18
The Backwoods PreacherPeter CartwrightD3F36
The Bampton Lectures 1893; Early History and Origin of the Doctrine of Biblical InspirationW. SandayD1B18
The Baptist Handbook 1965. The Baptist Union of GB & IrelandD3D26
The Battle of Faith; 100 Sermon SuggestionsEdward S. KiekD6G19
The Best I Remember Arthur PorrittD3B27
The Best of Both Worlds Tom DribergD1H21
The Betrayal of Bramwell Booth Frank SmithD2H31
The Bible and Contemporary HistoryRev. W.H. PinnockD6D30
The Bible and the British MuseumAda. R. HabershonD1B42
The Bible and the CriticsRev. John McEwanD6B12
The Bible and The Monuments; Primitive Hebrew Records in the Light of Modern ResearchW. St. Chad BoscawenD6B9
The Bible at the BarRev. W.M. RobertsonD1B19
The Bible in SpainGeorge BurrowD2A6
The Bible Student’s Handbook. An Introduction to the Study of The Holy ScripturesThe World LibraryD4B6
The Bible Under TrialJames OrrD1B3
The Bible Word-Book; A Glossary of Old English Bible Word J. Eastwood & W. Aldis WrightD1E7
The Bible; True to ItselfA. Moody StuartD6B19
The Bible: 400 Years After 1538Rev. G. Campbell MorganD4B21
The Bible’ Its Revelation Inspiration and EvidenceJohn RobsonD1B31
The Billy Sunday Book: Life, Evangelism, Message William T. EllisD5G28
The Biographical History of PhilosophyGeorge Henry LewisD6A30
The Bishops in the Tower Herbert Mortimer LuckockD5E15
The Blind Seer; George MathesonJohn Crew TylerD6F23
The Book of BooksWilliam EvansD4B31
The Book of BooksWilliam EvansD6B11
The Book of Martyrs John Foxe D2D19
The Book Which Demands a Verdict Mildred Cable & Francesca FrenchD1B29
The Boyhood of Martin LutheHenry MayhewD4C20
The Boyhood of Martin LutherHenry MayhewD4C19
The Boyhood of Martin LutherHenry MayhewD4C21
The Brave Old English Confessors Rev. Thomas Morgan, J.G. Whittier & OthersD2E36
The Breakers of the Yoke J. S. MacIntoshD2D33
The Bridge of LifeRev. Dr. D. Frazer-HurstD3F22
The Call in the SkyHugh C.C. McCulloughD4E20
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vol. II. The End of The Middle AgesD3C1
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vol. III. Renascence and ReformationD3C2
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vol. IV. Prose and PoetryD3C3
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vol. IX. From Steele and Addison to Pope and SwiftD3C8
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vol. V. The Drama to 1642 Part ID3C4
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vol. VI. The Drama to 1642 Part IID3C5
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vol. VII. Cavalier and PuritanD3C6
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vol. VIII. The Age of DrydenD3C7
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vol. X. The Age of JohnsonD3C9
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vol. XI. The Period of The French RevolutionD3C10
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vol. XII. The Nineteenth Century ID3C11
The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vol. XIII. The Nineteenth Century IID3C12
The Cecil King Diary 1970-1974 Cecil KingD4G35
The Character of the Good Ruler; Puritan Political Ideas in new England 1630-1730T.H. BreenD6H20
The Charismatics and the Word of GodVictor BudgenD3A7
The Chosen Twelve J. Golder BurnsD1F7
The Christian EvangelJohn McNicolD2C41
The Christian Leaders of the Last Century J. C. RyleD3E8
The Christian’s Handbook of Manuscript EvidencePeter S. RuckmanD3C28
The ChrysalisLeslie HaleD1G14
The Clump of BushesJohn S. HoylandD1G16
The Colditz StoryP.R. Reid & John WattonD5A28
The Companion Bible; Part III. Psalms to the Song of SolomonHenry FrowdeD5F24
The Consecration of Matthew Parker J. C. WhitebrookD3B25
The Contradiction of ChristianityDavid E. JenkinsD2A35
The Course of Europe Since Waterloo Walter Phelps Hall & William Stearns DavisD6B32
The Craft of Sermon IllustrationW.E. SangsterD5H3
The Craft of the SermonW.E. SangsterD4H10
The Daily Biographer J. P. ShawcrossD3E33
The Day Lincoln was Shot Jim BishopD5E19
The Day of The CrossW.M. ClowD4H35
The Dear Monster G. R. HalkettD1A27
The Design and Use of Holy Scripture; 22 nd Fernley LectureRev. Marshall RandlesD3D35
The Development of the European Nations 1870- 1914J. Holland RoseD6H3
The Devil & John Foster DullesTownsend HoopesD3H27
The Devil to Pay Dorothy L. SayersD4D19
The Diary of George MüllerA. Rendle ShortD3A36
The Diary of Samuel PepysS. Pepys & G. G. Smith.D3A29
The Difficulties of the SoulW. Hay M.H. AitkenD4B2
The Divine Authority of Paul’s WritingsMalcolm MacgregorD1B15
The Divine Inspiration of the BibleArthur W. PinkD1B32
The Divine Origin of the BibleR.A. TorreyD1B40
The Divine Origin of the BibleR.A. TorreyD1B41
The Divine Unity of ScriptureA. SaphirD1B7
The Dog- Watch MeetingsAlexander StewartD4E18
The Door Wherein I WentLord HailshamD1G31
The Drama of William of Orange L. H. LehmannD5B19
The Dukes Brian MastersD1H29
The Dutch Nation; an Historical StudyG.J. RenierD6A21
The Early Christians in Rome H. D. M. Spence-JonesD5G17
The Early Years C. H. SpurgeonD1F37
The Earnest Methodist; A Memoir of Mr. Thomas DixonRev. Joseph DixonD1E12
The End of European PrimacyJ.R. WesternD6H23
The End of the Beginninhg; War Speeches by the Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill. Charles EadeD3F35
The English Ideology George WatsonD2D8
The English MartyrologyCharlotte ElizabethD2C21
The English Spirit A. L. RowseD3G3
The Enthusiast Arthur Calder-MarshallD5E41
The Essential ErasmusJohn P. DolanD5A19
The European Inheritance. Vol. I. Readers Union, Sir Ernest Barker, Sir George Clarke and Prof. P. VaucherD6H1
The European Inheritance. Vol. II. Readers Union, Sir Ernest Barker, Sir George Clarke and Prof. P. VaucherD6H2
The Evangelical Revival S. Baring-GouldD1C8
The Evangelical Succession; A Course of LecturesOwen, Bunyan, Boston et alD2E25
The Evangelistic CyclopediaRev. G.B.F. HallockD6G31
The Evidence and Authority of Divine RevelationRobert HaldaneD1B27
The Expositor Vol. VRev. Samuel CoxD3C21
The Expository Value of the Revised VersionProf. George MilliganD6C30
The Eye- Witness Histories. Book Two Muriel Masefield & B.I. MagrawD5H26
The Failure of Eden Government Richard LambD5C10
The Faithful Shepherd; The Life and Times of Godfrey MasseyDawson MasseyD4E23
The Family Prayer & Sermon Book. Vol. II. July to DecemberRev. C.J. VaughanD1D3
The Fate of Henry of NavarreJ. Bloundelle BurtonD1G17
The Fathers of the Church Vol. IIIW. J. E. BennettD3E9
The Feast, The Famine and The FlameJ.T MawsonD4E26
The Final Solution; The Attempt to Exterminate the Jews of Europe 1939- 1945Gerald ReitlingerD6A2
The First EuropeC. Delisle BurnsD2A3
The Forbidden Books of the New TestamentD6B25
The Forgotten Spurgeon Iain MurrayD1F34
The Forty DaysGeoffrey R. KingD2C40
The Foundations of the BibleR.B. GirdlestoneD6C26
The Frank Muir Book Frank MuirD1A3
The French Revolution, A HistoryThomas CarlyleD6H14
The Fulfilling of The Scripture Vol. IRobert FlemingD6B10
The Gates of the City; Vignettes of Triumphant EvangelismJ. Newcombe GoadD6H25
The Gates of the City; Vignettes of Triumphant EvangelismJ. Newcombe GoadD6H26
The Gay Galliard; the Love Story of Mary Queen of ScotsMargaret IrwinD4E9
The Gentleness of Jesus and Other SermonsMark Guy PearseD4H1
The German Occupation of the Channel Islands Charles CruickshankD1A33
The Glorious Years Harry Cozens-HardyD1F32
The Gospel and the LawSir Edward ParryD3D18
The Gospel of the Grace of God” Sermons Thomas SpurgeonD1F36
The Graduate School Catalog University of Maryland D4G39
The Grain of Wheat; An AutobiographyFrank LongfordD4C24
The Grand Old BookA. McCaigD5F6
The Great Christian DoctrinesJames HastingsD6C25
The Great Cloud of Witnesses; Joshua to DavidWilliam LandelsD5H9
The Great Controversy Between Christ and SatanEllen G. WhiteD3D32
The Great Enterprise; The History of the Spanish ArmadaStephen UsherwoodD6H18
The Great Experiment; An Introduction to the History of the American PeopleFrank ThistlewaitheD6A24
The Great Light James AtkinsonD5C2
The Great Marquis of Montrose Mrs. Hugh PryceD4F14
The Greatest Book in LiteratureDr. F.E. MarshD3A3
The Hamlyn Lectures; Forty- Second Series. The United Kingdom and Human RightsClaire PalleyD4E38
The Hebrew TragedyColonel C.R. ConderD6B26
The Heptadic Structure of ScriptureR. McCormackD3D36
The Heroes Charles KingsleyD3B6
The Hibbert Lectures 1883Charles BeardD3D25
The Highland ClearancesJohn PrebbleD6H17
The Historians’ History of the World Vol. 25 Henry Smith WilliamsD2D6
The History of FranceJean DuchéD6H28
The History of Freedom and Other EssaysJohn E.E. Dalberg- ActonD5H28
The History of his Own Times Bishop BurnetD1C25
The History of Napoleon Buonaparte John Gibson LockhartD2B23
The History of Protestantism. Vol. IRev. J.A. WylieD1D19
The History of Protestantism. Vol. IIRev. J.A. WylieD1D18
The History of Protestantism. Vol. IIIRev. J.A. WylieD1D17
The History of Scotland Index J. H. BurtonD1C9
The History of Scotland Vol. I J. H. BurtonD1C10
The History of Scotland Vol. II J. H. BurtonD1C11
The History of Scotland Vol. III J. H. BurtonD1C12
The History of Scotland Vol. IV J. H. BurtonD1C13
The History of Scotland Vol. V J. H. BurtonD1C14
The History of Scotland Vol. VI J. H. BurtonD1C15
The History of Scotland Vol. VII J. H. BurtonD1C16
The History of Scotland Vol. VIII J. H. BurtonD1C17
The History of Ulster Vol. IV Ramsay CollesD2D15
The Holy Spirit Basil the GreatD5G33
The Homes and Hanuts of LutherJohn StoughtonD4C5
The Homes and Haunts of Luther John StoughtonD5C3
The Homes, Haunts and Battlefields of the CovenantersA.B. ToddD5D11
The House of God; Places of Worship Around the WorldMarion GeisingerD6D1
The Huguenots and The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Vol. IHenry M. BairdD6D29
The Huguenots in FranceSamuel SmilesD6H30
The Impregnable Rock of Holy ScriptureW.E. GladstoneD6B17
The Infallible WordHenry VarleyD1B35
The Infallible Word. Westminster Theological SeminaryD1B21
The Inspiration and Accuracy of The Holy ScripturesJohn UrquhartD1B24
The Inspiration and Accuracy of The Holy ScripturesJohn UrquhartD6C21
The Inspiration and Authority of Holy ScriptureJ. Monro GibsonD1B33
The Inspiration and Authority of The BibleB.B. WarfieldD2A11
The Inspiration of Holy ScriptureWilliam LeeD1B34
The Integrity of ScriptureJohn SmithD2A5
The Intellectual History of EuropeFriedrich HeerD6B33
The Intellectual Life of Colonial New EnglandSamuel Eliot MorisonD6H21
The International Dictionary of 20 th Century BiographyE. Vernoff & Rima ShoreD2G39
The Intimate Papers of Colonel House. Vol. ICharles SeymourD1G1
The Intimate Papers of Colonel House. Vol. IICharles SeymourD1G4
The Ireland Anthology Seán DunneD4G31
The Irish Guyed Shamus O’ShamusD2F28
The J. Frank Norris I Have Known for 34 Years Louis EntzmingerD2B15
The Journal of George Fox Norman PenneyD1F20
The Journal of Joachim HaneC. H. FirthD3H36
The Joyous Servant; The Life Story of Laura Anna Barter SnowBy Her DaughtersD2G35
The King’s ChampionsBrynmor Pierce JonesD2A27
The King’s Champions Brynmor Pierce JonesD1F15
The Kirk in Scotland 1560-1929 J. Buchan & G. A. SmithD2D11
The Korean Pentecost William Blair & Bruce HuntD3E34
The Last Days of John HusAnonymous & W.R. MorfillD6G13
The Last Days of John Hus. A Historical RomanceW.R. MorfillD3H37
The Last Jews in BerlinLeonard GrossD6H7
The Last Twelve Verses of the Gospel According to St. MarkJohn W. BurgonD3C25
The Last Words and Dying Testimonies of the Scot Worthies William McGavinD5D27
The Later Evangelical FathersM. SeeleyD3E19
The Later Evangelical Fathers M. SeeleyD2F31
The Later Herods; The Political Background of the New TestamentStewart PerowneD5D19
The Library of Biblical Literature Vol. ID5G30
The Library of Biblical Literature. Vol. IIID6G10
The Life and A Selection of Letters of the Late Rev. Henry VennRev. John VennD6G34
The Life and Correspondence of Arthur Penrhyn StanleyRowland E. ProtheroD5A11
The Life and Death of LeninRobert PayneD6E4
The Life and Labours of Asahel Nettleton B. Tyler & A. BonarD2B32
The Life and Labours of Rev. William JohnstonRev. Samuel PrenterD6C7
The Life and Letters of Robert Leighton D. ButlerD5E26
The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page (Vol. I) Burton J. HendrickD5B11
The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page (Vol. II)Burton J. HendrickD5B12
The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page (Vol. III)Burton J. HendrickD5B13
The Life and Ministry of Caleb MorrisD. Tyssil EvansD6D23
The Life and Ministry of Edward Cooney 1867-1960Patricia RobertsD3H33
The Life and Times of Dr. George LawsonRev. John MacfarlaneD6E8
The Life and Times of Godfrey MassyDawson MasseyD6F12
The Life and Times of James ConnellyC. Desmond GreavesD2E11
The Life and Times of Jesus the MessiahAlfred EdershamD6C8
The Life and Times of Lord Palmerston. Vol. IJ. Ewing RitchieD1D4
The Life and Times of Lord Palmerston. Vol. IJ. Ewing RitchieD1D6
The Life and Times of Lord Palmerston. Vol. IIJ. Ewing RitchieD1D5
The Life and Times of Lord Palmerston. Vol. IIJ. Ewing RitchieD1D7
The Life and Times of Lord Palmerston. Vol. IIIJ. Ewing RitchieD1D8
The Life and Times of Lord Palmerston. Vol. IVJ. Ewing RitchieD1D9
The Life and Times of Lord Palmerston. Vol. VJ. Ewing RitchieD1D10
The Life and Times of Lord Palmerston. Vol. VIJ. Ewing RitchieD1D11
The Life and Times of Martin LutherJ.H. Merle D’AubignéD4C23
The Life and Work of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Vol. IG. Holden PikeD6D2
The Life and Work of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Vol. IIG. Holden PikeD6D3
The Life and Work of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Vol. IIIG. Holden PikeD6D4
The Life and Work of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Vol. IVG. Holden PikeD6D5
The Life and Work of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Vol. VG. Holden PikeD6D6
The Life and Work of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Vol. VIG. Holden PikeD6D7
The Life and Work of D. L. Moody J. Wilbur ChapmanD2F14
The Life and Writings of John Gill John RipponD1F30
The Life of Alfred Salter: Bermondsey Story Fenner BrockwayD4A24
The Life of Algernon Charles SwinburneEdmund GosseD5A8
The Life of Andrew JacksonMarquis JamesD6C17
The Life of Arthur W. Pink Iain H. MurrayD5B18
The Life of Arthur W. Pink Iain H. MurrayD5B3
The Life of Charles Silvester HorneW.B. SelbieD1G32
The Life of David Brainerd President EdwardsD2H11
The Life of Dwight L. MoodyW.R. MoodyD6D12
The Life of Edward Irving Arnold DallimoreD5G22
The Life of Francis Drake A. E. W. MasonD1H32
The Life of Francis Drake A. E. W. MasonD1H33
The Life of George MathesonD. MacmillanD6E25
The Life of Gideon OuseleyRev. W. ArthurD5F7
The Life of Henry Ward Beecher J. T. LloydD2H20
The Life of James Radcliffe Francis John Angus SkeetD1F21
The Life of Latimer R. DemausD5E34
The Life of Ludwig II of Bavaria Hans SteinbergerD5C16
The Life of Marshall HallEdward MarjoribanksD1G5
The Life of Martin Luther IllustratedD4C8
The Life of Martin Luther. Vol. IHenry WorsleyD4C3
The Life of Martin Luther. Vol. IIHenry WorsleyD4C4
The Life of Mr Robert Blair Robert BlairD2H40
The Life of NelsonRobert SoutheyD2B33
The Life of Richard Cobden Vol. I John MorleyD5G9
The Life of Richard Cobden Vol. II John MorleyD5G10
The Life of The Rev. John BrownD2H14
The Life of the Rev. Joseph William AdamsonD2B7
The Life of William Ewart Gladstone. Vol. IJohn MorleyD3F33
The Life of William Ewart Gladstone. Vol. IIJohn MorleyD3F34
The Life of William Jennings Bryan Genevieve Forbes HerrickD2H19
The Life of William Morley Punshon F. W. MacDonaldD3B29
The Life of William Morley Punshon F. W. MacDonaldD3B30
The Lives and Characters of Eminent MenRev. William TwisseD5D34
The Lives of Robert & Mary Moffat John S. MoffatD4F8
The Lives of the English and Foreign Reformers William GilpinD2D25
The Lord’s Anointed Henri De VriesD2F23
The Lord’s Horseman; John Wesley the ManUmphrey LeeD3H29
The Lost Books of The Bible and the Forgotten Books of EdenD6B28
The Love Affairs of The Vatican Angelo S. RappoportD4A10
The Macaroni Parson Gerald HowsonD1H23
The Makers of the Kirk T. Ratcliffe BarnettD3E11
The Making & Meaning of the BibleGeorge BarclayD1B14
The Making of a Minister Clarence E. MacartneyD2B36
The Making of the HighlandsMichael BranderD6A5
The Man and the Hour Arthur BryantD1H6
The Man in the Pulpit James DouglasD1H22
The Man in the Pulpit James DouglasD2D34
The Man with the BookJohn Matthias WeyllandD2E20
The Maréchale James StrahanD5G5
The Maréchale; Founder of the Salvation Army in France and SwitzerlandJames StrahanD2C24
The Mathers; Three Generations of Puritan Intellectuals 1596- 1728Robert MiddlekauffD5F38
The Measure of the Years Robert MenziesD4F6
The Message and The ManJ. Dodd JacksonD6C10
The Middle East; Bridge or Barrier? C.S. MilfordD6H31
The Monk Who Lived AgainB.H. PearsonD2C39
The Moral Glory of the Lord JesusJ.G. BellettD6C22
The Mother of the Wesleys John KirkD2F32
The Mute Christian Under the Smarting RodThomas BrooksD4H21
The New Europeans Anthony SampsonD1A25
The New Knowledge About the Old TestamentSir Charles MarstonD2A8
The New Legions Donald DuncanD1H36
The New Look Harry HopkinsD2D10
The New Park Street Pulpit; Sermons by C.H. Spurgeon. Vol. IVC.H. SpurgeonD4H30
The Newer CriticismProfessor Robert WattsD2A13
The Norman IslesBasil C. de GuerinD6A17
The Northern Ireland Peace Process 1993-1996 Paul Bew & Gordon GillespieD4G23
The Obligations of the World to The BibleGardiner SpringD1B17
The Old Brick ManseArthur Wentworth HewittD4E13
The Old Fox Iain AdamsonD2H6
The Old Gospel Ever New; The Story of Naaman or Sin and its CureCharles BullockD5H2
The Old- Time ParsonP.H. DitchfieldD3A21
The Open- Air Preacher’s HandbookGawin KirkhamD2C43
The Original Secession Magazine for 1867-68. Vol. VIIID3D33
The Other Side of the Coin Patience StrongD4G32
The Oxford Companion to English Literature Margaret DrabbleD5G1
The Oxford Methodists: Memoirs of Rev. Messrs. Clayton, Ingham, Gambold, Hervey and Broughton Rev. L. TyermanVariousD4B33
The Oxford Reformers F. SeebohmD1C29
The Path to LeadershipField- Marshal MontgomeryD6F33
The Pauline Theory of the Inspiration of Holy ScriptureWilliam Erskine AtwellD2A10
The People’s Earl; Life of Lord ShaftesburyM. St. J. FancourtD3D12
The People’s PreacherC.H. SpurgeonD3H19
The Peoples Church and Its PastorOswald J. SmithD2G18
The Perfect Life Doris LeslieD5C8
The Pilgrim ChurchE.H. BroadbentD6B5
The Pilgrim’s ProgressJohn BunyanD5H13
The Pioneer Series Donald MunroD5E11
The Plenary Inspiration of the Holy ScripturesL. GaussenD1B16
The Poacher Turned Preacher; John Preston of YeadonBenjamin GregoryD2G37
The Political History of England Vol. I (Up to 1066) Thomas HodgkinD4F18
The Political History of England Vol. II (1066 - 1216) G. B. AdamsD4F19
The Political History of England Vol. III (1216 - 1377) T. F. ToutD4F20
The Political History of England Vol. IV (1377 - 1485) C. OmanD4F21
The Political History of England Vol. IX (1702 - 1760) L. S. LeadamD4F26
The Political History of England Vol. V (1485 - 1547) H. A. L. FisherD4F22
The Political History of England Vol. VI (1547 - 1603) A. F. PollardD4F23
The Political History of England Vol. VII (1603 - 1660) F. C. MontagueD4F24
The Political History of England Vol. VIII (1660 - 1702) Richard LodgeD4F25
The Political History of England Vol. X (1760 - 1801) William HuntD4F27
The Political History of England Vol. XI (1801 - 1837) G. C. Brodrick &
J. K. FotheringhamD4F28
The Political History of England Vol. XII (1837 - 1901) Sidney Low & L.C. SandersD4F29
The Pomp of PowerLaurance LyonD5A27
The Poor Man’s Commentary on the Bible Robert HawkerD4D23
The Pope Confounded and His Kingdom ExposedMartin LutherD4C2
The Power of NonviolenceRichard B. GreggD3A13
The Power of Prayer; The New York Revival of 1858Samuel PrimeD5F16
The Practice of Political Spirituality McKendree R. LangleyD3B4
The Praying Christ; Jesus’ Doctrine and Practice of PrayerJames G.S.S. ThomsonD5F19
The Preachers James MorrisD3G1
The Prelude to the ReformationR.S. ArrowsmithD6G14
The Princes’ PalacePrincipality of MonacoD1A1
The Principality and Power of Europe Adrian HiltonD2D5
The Prisoner at Laeken Emile CammaertsD5E12
The Problem of Authority in the Continental ReformersRupert E. DaviesD4C22
The Prophets of Christendom Bishop of RiponD1C30
The Psalmists. Hugo Gressmann H. Wheeler Robinson et alD5H12
The Psalter Vol. I. Psalms 1-41W. Graham ScroggieD5H11
The Psalter Vol. I. Psalms I to XLI (1-41)W. Graham ScroggieD5H19
The Psalter Vol. II. Psalms XLII to LXXXIX (42- 89)W. Graham ScroggieD5H10
The Public LifeJ.A. SpenderD5A2
The Public Life J. A. SpenderD4A32
The Pulpit Commentary; Acts Vol. II Rev. H.D.M. Spence & Rev. Joseph S. ExellD4H26
The Pulpit Commentary; Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther Rev. H.D.M. Spence & Rev. Joseph S. ExellD4H36
The Pulpit Commentary; II Chronicles Rev. H.D.M. Spence & Rev. Joseph S. ExellD4H32
The Pulpit Commentary; Numbers Rev. H.D.M. Spence & Rev. Joseph S. ExellD4H33
The Pulpit Commentary; St. John Vol. II Rev. H.D.M. Spence & Rev. Joseph S. ExellD4H27
The Pulpit Commentary; St. Matthew RRev. H.D.M. Spence & Rev. Joseph S. ExellD4H28
The Rapture of SaintsHerbert LockyerD2C42
The Rash Adventurer Margaret ForsterD4A22
The Reading of The BibleSir Frederic KenyonD4B25
The Rebel Countess; The Life and Times of Constance MarkieviczAnne MarrecoD6D25
The Reformation of the Church; A Collection of Reformed and Puritan Documents on Church IssuesIain H. Murray D4H15
The Reformers Minister of the United Presbyterian ChurchD1C26
The Reformers and their StepchildrenLeonard VerduinD3G16
The Reformers. Ministers of the United Presbyterian ChurchD2C19
The Remarkable Young ManCecil RobertsD2E28
The Report of the Hansard Society Commission on the Legislative ProcessThe Hansard SocietyD1E1
The Resurrection of the Old Roman EmpirL. Sale- HarrisonD5H32
The Revolt of Martin LutherRobert Herndon FifeD6C15
The Revolt of the Protestants of The CevennesMrs. BrayD6H19
The Rhymes of G.A. Studdert KennedyG.A. Studdert KennedyD3H35
The Riddle of Erskine ChildersAndrew BoyleD3F38
The Rise and Influence of Rationalism in EuropeW.E.H. LeckyD6H4
The Rise of Babylon; Sign of the End TimesCharles H. DyerD3F5
The Rise of the Dutch RepublicJohn Lothrop MotleyD6A19
The Rising Sun. An AutobiographyLeonard B. MullanD5D33
The Rollicking Chronicles of Touchard-Lafosse Vol. I G. S. TaylorD5G13
The Rollicking Chronicles of Touchard-Lafosse Vol. II G. S. TaylorD5G14
The Romance of Biography Edwin Paxton HoodD4D11
The Romance of Madame Tussaud Louis TussaudD2F11
The Romance of Missionary HeroismJ.C. LambertD4C34
The Romance of the American Camp Meeting John Franklin GrimesD3E1
The Royal Albert Hall Campaign 1944. Rev. T.M. Bamber, Mr Robert A. LaidlowD4H11
The Sabbath of ScriptureRev. John KelmanD4H29
The Sacred Tenth: Studies in Tithegiving Vol. 1 Henry LansdellD1A11
The Sacred Tenth: Studies in TithesgivingHenry LansdellD6A28
The Sad VarietyNicholas BlakeD5A18
The SaracensArthur GilmanD6H5
The Saving Life of ChristMajor W. Ian ThomasD6G18
The Scots Worthies John HowieD4D29
The Scourge of the SwastikaLord Russell of LiverpoolD6H6
The Seceders (1829-1869) J. H. PhilpottD3B18
The Seceders (1829-1869) Vol. III S. F. PaulD3B19
The Secrets of the HohenzollernsDr. Armgaard Karl GravesD6A1
The Seeking SaviourDr. W.P. MackayD2E35
The Set of the SailsJ.C. PedlowD2E5
The Shall Be Mine John TallachD3G19
The Shall Be Mine John Tallach D3G20
The Shepherd of the Ocean; A Biography of Sir Walter RaleighJ. Adamson & H.F. FollandD3D20
The Sisters; Frances Ridley Havergal & Maria V.G. HavergalCharles BullockD1G11
The Slave and His Champions C. D. MichaelD3G31
The Soong Sisters Emily HahnD2F17
The Speeches of Right Hon. Edmund Burke James BurkeD2H27
The Spiritual Awakeners Keith J. HardmanD2D37
The Spiritual Sequence of The BibleJohn GambleD3C16
The Starting Place Series No. 5; The Starting Place of TruthA.H. FinnD6B13
The Story of a Life in the Love of God W. Graham ScroggieD4A3
The Story of a Life in the Love of God; An AutobiographyMrs. J.J. ScroggieD5A17
The Story of an IrishmanJustin McCarthyD6D26
The Story of Christianity; 2000 Years of Faith Michael Collins & Matthew A. PriceD1D1
The Story of Isaac Levingsohn: A Polish Jew Isaac LevingsohnD5C7
The Story of John Howard; The Prison ReformerD3F14
The Story of Martin LutherMiss WhatelyD5C14
The Story of Our HymnsG.A. LeaskD3F16
The Story of ParliamentA. W. HollandD6B34
The Story of the BibleSir Frederic KenyonD1B9
The Story of the British People in PicturesOdhamsD6A3
The Story of the British Race Vol. 10 (The Empire) Harold F. B. WheelerD1C19
The Story of the British Race Vol. 9 (1901-1919) Harold F. B. WheelerD1C18
The Story of the English Cardinals Charles S. IsaacsonD3E28
The Story of the Jubilee Singers With Their SongsJ.B.T. MarshD2A29
The Story of the Pilgrim Preachers and their 24 Tours throughout Britain John W. NewtonD3B21
The Story of the Shadows Mike ReadD4A5
The Story of the World M. B. SyngeD1A19
The Story of Winona LakeV. H. Gaddis & J. A. HuffmanD2G22
The Structural Principles of the BibleF. E. MarshD6B22
The Summer Soldiers A. T. Q. StewartD4G18
The Superhuman Origin of the BibleHenry RogersD1B5
The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham LincolBurke McCartyD6E17
The Sword & The Umbrella James Graham-MurrayD5G21
The Symbolical Numbers of ScriptureRev. Malcolm WhiteD3C17
The Symmetrical Structure of ScriptureRev. John ForbesD3D34
The Terror Dossier and GreeceCem BaşarD6H16
The Tragedy of Charles II 1630-1660Hester W. ChapmanD3H32
The Tramping MethodistSheila Kaye- SmithD5D40
The True Faith and How I Found It; The Remarkable Experience of an Irish Roman CatholicS. M’GeraldD1E5
The True Nature of Imposture; The Life of MahometHumphrey PrideauxD6F21
The Twenty-Seventh Wife Irving WallaceD4D13
The Two St. Johns James StalkerD5G19
The Two Worlds of Joseph RaceSteve RaceD6G15
The Ulster Unionist Party 1972-92 David HumeD4G8
The Uncanonical and Apocryphal ScripturesRev. W.R. ChurtonD4B32
The United Kingdom: A Political History Vol. I Goldwin SmithD1A31
The United Kingdom: A Political History Vol. II Goldwin SmithD1A32
The UVF 1966-73; An Anatomy of Loyalist RebellionDavid BoultonD6A32
The Victorian Age R. B. MowatD1C24
The Village Blacksmith; A Memoir of the Life of Samuel HickJames EverettD3F24
The Vintage of MemoryThomas M. JohnstoneD6C5
The Vision Dante AlighieriD1H30
The Voice of one Crying in the WildernessJosephine ButlerD3H13
The Waggon and the StarWalter A. MursellD5D14
The War Lords A. G. GardinerD1F10
The Wars of The HuguenotsWilliam HannaD6H29
The Way of Peace; Peace Amidst the Conflict in Northern IrelandCecil KerrD6A22
The Weekly Pulpit Vol. IIID5G32
The White Plumes of NavarreS.R. CrockettD6A6
The Whole Works of Robert Leighton John Norman PearsonD5C11
The Wild Seventies. Vol. IIDenis Tilden LynchD6A18
The Wisest Fool in Christendom; The Reign of King James I and VIWilliam McElweeD6C18
The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln H. Jack LangD5E20
The Wizard of God Victor NischikD2B25
The Work God BlessesOswald J. SmithD4H18
The Works of John Bunyan; Allegorical, Figurative and Symbolical Vol. IIIGeorge OfforD6C23
The Works of John Bunyan; Allegorical, Figurative and Symbolical Vol. IIGeorge OfforD6C24
The Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes; The Autocrat of the Breakfast TableOliver Wendell HolmesD1E22
The Works of Rev. Sydney SmithMultiple AuthorsD5A3
The Works of Thomas M’Crie Vol. IV Thomas M’CrieD4F10
The Works of Thomas McCrie. Vol. IThomas McCrieD6E21
The Works of Thomas McCrie. Vol. IIThomas McCrieD6E19
The Works of Thomas McCrie. Vol. IIIThomas McCrieD6E20
The World’s Greatest EventsH.W. Dulcken & OthersD5H29
The Writings of the Doctrinal PuritansS. CharnockD4H16
The Years of Fulfilment Norman MacLeanD4F11
The Years of Fulfilment Norman MacLeanD4F12
The Young Woodcarver of Geneva Grace SinclairD1F6
Theodosia Ernest; The Heroine of FaithRev. J. CliffordD1E23
Theories of Revelation: An Historical Study 1700-1960H.D. McDonaldD1B10
These Remarkable MenJohn A. PattenD2C31
These Remarkable MenJohn A. PattenD5D21
These Seventy Years Thomas LewisD5G18
These Seventy Years; An AutobiographyThomas LewisD6F29
These Seventy Years; An AutobiographyThomas LewisD6G12
They EnduredThe MaréchaleD2C46
They EnduredThe MaréchaleD2E34
They Escaped from HellFrank JenningsD4E28
They Finished Their Course James AndersonD1H8
They Knew Their God (Book One) Harvey and HeyD3E13
They Knew Their God (Book Two) Harvey and HeyD3E12
They Shall Be MineJohn TallachD5D38
Things Concerning Himself: Studies on the Psalms Charles W. LepperD5G31
Thirteen AppreciationsAlexander WhyteD4E14
This is My Story Tom B. Rees, Gladys Aylward, Leonard Moules & OthersD5D36
This Time: Our Constitutional Revolution Anthony BarnettD4G11
This Was John CalvinThea B. Van HalsemaD3H9
Thomas CarlyleWilliam MeisterD2E2
Thomas Chalmers N. L. WalkerD2H36
Thomas Chalmers and the DisruptionHugh WattD3H7
Thomas Chalmers; A Biographical StudyJames DoddsD3H4
Thomas Chalmers; Apostle of UnionAdam PhilipD3H1
Thomas Chalmers: A Biographical Study James DoddsD2H37
Thomas Collins; A Typical EvangelistRev. Simpson JohnsonD2E13
Thomas Jackson of WhitechapelWilliam PotterD2C38
Thomas Jackson of WhitechapelWilliam Potter D4E15
Thomas M’Cullagh; A Short Story of a Long lifeH.H. M’CullaghD1E3
Those Europeans Sisley HuddlestonD4D17
Thoughts on Religious Experience Archibald AlexanderD5G27
Three Generations of Suffering Georgi VinsD4A16
Three Studies in European Conservatism E. L. WoodwardD1A15
Thrilling Voices of the PastT. Christie InnesD3A4
Through Central AfricaWilliam J.W. RoomeD5H40
Through Flood and Flame; Adventures and Perils of Protestant HeroesHenry Charles MooreD2E19
Through the AgesFrancis E. BakerD4E34
Through the Enemy’s LinesHerbert StrangD5A33
Through the YearR.A. TorreyD1E21
Thus It Is WrittenRev. W. St. Clair TaylorD3A5
Titles and Forms of Address; A Guide to Their Correct UseA. & C. BlackD6C31
Tito Speaks Vladimir DedijerD1H26
Titus; A Tale of The ChristFlorence M. KingsleyD5F4
To Live AgainCatherine MarshallD6E22
Tombstone Walter Noble BurnsD1A13
Tornado of the Pulpit: Sermons by W. P. Nicholson IRKPD2F27
Tornado of the Pulpit: Sermons by W. P. Nicholson IRKPD2F39
Tory Lives John Biggs-DavisonD5C4
Tramp After God; The Story of Willie Mullan Willie Mullan, Gladys Knowlton & Derrick KnowltonD6E13
Travels and Researches in South AfricaDavid LivingstoneD4E46
Twelve PortraitsHoward W. FerrinD4E36
Twelve Reformation Heroes G. A. NeilsonD1C27
Twelve Selected Soul Winning Sermons C. H. SpurgeonD2F6
Twice-Born MenHy. PickeringD2C28
Twice-Born Men Hy. PickeringD3G30
Two Noble Lives: John Wicliffe and Martin Luther D. J. DeaneD4A11
Two Noble Lives: John Wicliffe and Martin Luther D. J. DeaneD4A17
Two Studies in Virtue Christopher SykesD4D15
Typical English Churchmen from Parker to Maurice William Edward CollinsD2F37
Ulrich Zwingli: Selected Works Ulrich ZwingliD1F16
Under Calvin’s SpellDeborah AlcockD3H8
Under Two Masters; The Story of JacobyJ. Kennedy MacleanD5A35
Valiant for the Truth; A Treasury of Evangelical WritingsDavid Otis FullerD5D1
Van Loon’s Lives Hendrik Willem van LoonD4A14
Vanya Myrna GrantD2F34
Venture into Healing Roy JeremiahD2F22
View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages Henry HallamD2D9
Vignettes of the Great RevivalEdwin Paxton HoodD5D6
Vindication of LutherJulius Charles HareD4C14
Visions of SinJames Hope MoultonD1E2
Voice of the Watchmen. A Collection of Sermons by Preachers in Castle Street Welsh Church, LondonByron EvansD6G22
Volume 2: The Full Harvest C. H. SpurgeonD1F38
W. P Lockhart: Merchant and Preacher Mrs W. P. LockhartD5E29
Walton’s Lives Jessica MartinD4D31
War Pacifism and PeaceRobert CorkeyD6A31
Warrior of God. The Life and Death of John HusP. Roubiczek & J. KalmerD3F11
Water Under the Bridges; The Diplomatic Reminiscences of Sir Nevile HendersonSir Nevile HendersonD1G20
Waymarks of My Pilgrimage Anna ShiptonD4A31
We Endeavour Charles Haddon SpurgeonD1F27
We Saw It HappenIvor PowellD5D41
Weaver Stephen Joseph ParkerD5B26
Welsh Calvinistic Methodism; A Historical Sketch of the Presbyterian Church of WalesWilliam WilliamsD4E41
Wesley’s One-And-Twenty Visits to Ireland; A Short SurveyRobert HaireD4E25
West with the NightBeryl MarkhamD3F7
Western Roots in EuropeMassimo SalvadoriD3A14
Westminster Man Austin MitchellD4G37
Westminster Voices; Studies in Parliamentary SpeechesJames JohnstonD5D13
What God can do! Lal DinD1H34
What Hath God Wrought Richard HobsonD3E2
What Hath God Wrought; An Autobiography by Rev. Canon Richard HobsonRev. Cn. Richard HobsonD1G23
What He Did for Convicts and Cannibals Anne E. KeelingD5E37
What is the New Age? Michael Cole, Jim Graham,
Tony Higton & David LewisD2E26
What Me BefellJules JusserandD2A31
What Saith My Lord? Laura A. Barter SnowD5F20
When Iron Gates Yield Geoffrey T. BullD2H13
When Smuts GoesArthur Keppel- JonesD2A18
White MischiefJames FoxD5D29
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? David FrostD3H34
Whose are the Fathers? John HarrisonD1D2
Why God Used D.L. MoodyR.A. TorreyD3F6
Why Lincoln Laughed Russell H. ConwellD5E21
Why Not for the World? M. Cable & F. FrenchD2F40
Wild Men of SydneyCyril PearlD5D42
Will it Lift? The Story of a London FogJ. Jackson WrayD5D18
William CareyJohn Brown MyersD3F37
William Carey S. Pearce CareyD5G11
William Ewart Gladstone And His ContemporariesThomas ArcherD2E1
William Fuller GoochHenry Martyn GoochD4H24
William J. McClureJohn Trew DicksonD4E22
William Jay; An AutobiographyWilliam JayD6A11
William Lloyd A. Tindal HartD5G2
William McKinleyCharles E. BenedictD2G20
William Robertson Nicoll; Life and LettersT.H. DarlowD4B37
William Robertson Nicoll: Life and Letters T. H. DarlowD2B18
William the Silent UnknownD5B27
William Tyndale G. Barnett SmithD5G23
William Tyndale: A Biography Robert DemausD5G16
William Tyndale: Selected Works William TyndaleD5G26
Without Form and VoidArthur C. CustanceD6B23
Women Who Have Worked and Won Jennie ChappellD1F2
Words of Counsel for Christian Workers C. H. SpurgeonD2F8
Work in the WyndsRev. D. MaccollD6D14
Works of Rev. J. Hamilton D. D. Vol III James HamiltonD4D33
World- Famous TrialsCharles FranklinD5D25
World-Famous Books in Outline VariousD1C7
Writings of the Rev. John KnoxRev. John KnoxD2A15
Wycliffe and the Huguenots William HannaD4A25
Wycliffe and the Lollards J. C. CarrickD4A20
Yarns on Women Pioneers Dora NorthcroftD3E37
Yesterday; The Biography of Robert HichensRobert HichensD1G21
You Are My God David WatsonD2F16
Young Calvin in ParisRev. W.M. BlackburnD2C36
Young Man on Fire; The Story of Torrey Johnson and Youth for ChristMel LarsonD6C6
Young Men of The BibleRev. Joseph A. CollierD5H18