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Reading Room – Bishop – B

500 New Notes for Bible ReadingsS.R. Briggs & OthersB1F2
A Book about BooksFrederick HarrisonB1B2
A Bundle of MemoriesHenry Scott HollandB1F23
A Century of English EssaysAnonB1E25
A Century of Protestant TheologyAlisdair I.C. HeronB1H32
A Class Book of Old Testament HistoryG. F. MaclearB1E4
A Dictionary of Dates Brought Down to the Present DayEric F. SmithB1G29
A Dictionary of the BibleJohn D. DavisB1G24
A Heroine of the French Revolution; Marie Adelaide De Cicé Marie Adelaide & John JoyceB1H25
A Manual of EthicsJohn S. MackenzieB1F13
A Simple Explanation of Low MassJ. O’ConnellB1E32
A System of TheologyRev. John LockeB1F20
Advanced Bible Course for Schools. Life of Christ & Christian EthicsJohn D. RoseB1F3
All Things NewAnne BieżanekB1G11
An Anthology of Modern MemoirsF. W. TicknerB1E6
An Eight Days’ RetreatBertram WolferstanB1B31
An Exposition of the Epistle to the RomansIRKPB1F6
AquinasF.C. CoplestonB1A9
Archbishop Davidson and the English ChurchSidney DarkB1F17
Begat; The King James Bibe & the English LanguageDavid CrystalB1D18
Behind the Purple CurtainWalter M. MontañoB1A28
Believe God. Rev. H. Tydeman ChilversB1D25
Bible; The Story of the King James Version 1611-2011Gordon CampbellB1A11
Biblical LightsChas. E. LittleB1B17
Broad HorizonsIvor PowellB1G20
Catholics, Anglicans & PuritansHugh Trevor-RoperB1G16
Christ is Alive! G.R. Beasley MurrayB1F7
Christ our Life our LoveRev. Timothy Harris B1A3
Christian FoundationsIRKPB1E37
Church and People 1789-1889S. C. CarpenterB1B7
Church MilitantArthur LongleyB1H20
Churchill the Great; The Best StoriesVictor Sims & OthersB1F21
Classics of Protestantism. Vergilius Ferm, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards & Others.B1H21
Commenting and CommentariesC. H. SpurgeonB1E40
Contraception and HolinessThomas D. RobertsB1G12
Daemonolgia Sacra Vol. 1Richard GilpinB1B11
Daemonolgia Sacra Vol. 2Richard GilpinB1B12
David Rea; Evangelist-His Life and LaboursTom ReaB1A26
Dictionary and Concordance of Scriptural NamesT. & T. ClarkB1D1
Dictionary of Religion, Philosophy, Politics and LawSamuel BeetonB1E8
Discuss and Discover; A Book of Group Discussion MaterialCharles MartinB1F16
Divorce and Re- Marriage in AnglicanismA.R. WinnettB1H5
Early ChristianityS. B. SlackB1G23
Edinburgh Lectures on Non- Intrusion Rev. Archibald Bennie, Rev. William Cunningham & OthersB1F10
Elements of LogicRichard WhatelyB1F14
English Literature in the Sixteenth Century Excluding Drama C. S. LewisB1G25
English Social History; A Survey of Six Centuries Chaucer to Queen VictoriaG.M. TrevelyanB1A8
Eternal Sonship of the Lord Jesus ChristJ. C. PhilpotB1B10
Facets of FaithA. Wylie BlueB1B27
Faith & FreedomBilly KennedyB1E12
Famous English SermonsAshley SampsonB1G30
First Battles & How to Fight ThemF. A. AtkinsB1E16
Forty English and Welsh MartyrsClement TigarB1G17
Four Foundation Truths Revs. Walter Abbott, A.E. Barnes- Lawrence, R.B. Girdlestone, E.A. Eardley- WilmotB1F26
GenesisW. H. Griffith ThomasB1B6
Giants Cast Long ShadowsR. H. Bruce LockhartB1B15
Gibbon’s: The Decline and Fall of the Roman EmpireD.M. LowB1A34
God’s Light on Dark CloudsT. L. CuylerB1E17
God’s MiddlemanIan MacphersonB1B25
God’s Program of the AgesFrederik A. TatfordB1F5
God’s Wonder BookMarie St. S. EllerkerB1B19
Grey Steel; A Study in ArroganceH.C. ArmstrongB1D7
Handbook to the Controversy With RomeKarl von HaseB1D2
History of the Jews Vol. IHenry Hart MilmanB1E24
History of the Jews Vol. IIHenry Hart MilmanB1E23
History of the Popes Vol. IILeopold Van RankeB1E19
History of the Popes Vol. IIILeopold Van RankeB1E20
How the Irish Saved CivilizationThomas CahillB1G15
How to See the VaticanDouglas SladenB1A29
Illustrated Notes on English Church History Vol. II C. Arthur LaneB1G32
Illustrations and Meditations or Flowers from a Puritan’s Garden C. H. SpurgeonB1E10
In Pursuit of Purity: American Fundamentalism Since 1850David O’BealeB1G2
Information and Illustration for Sermons, Lectures, ConversationG. S. BowesB1E41
Inspiration of ScriptureGeorge WaringtonB1B23
Jesus; The Model of Religious. Vol. II; From Pentecost to Advent A Religious of the Congregation of St Charle BorromeoB1H3
John Conscience of KingsealRev. John M. BamfordB1F8
John WesleyRobert SoutheyB1B28
John Wesley and the Catholic ChurchJohn M. ToddB1A7
Lectures on the Seven ChurchesJohn CummingB1B16
Legends of the MadonnaMrs. JamesonB1E42
Letters of George Burrow to the Bible Society George Burrow & T.H. DarlowB1F27
Life and Letters of Mandell Creighton Vol. IMrs. M. CreightonB1F29
Life and Letters of Mandell Creighton Vol. IIMrs. Mandell CreightonB1B32
Life of Bishop Wilberforce Vol. II Reginald G. WilberforceB1B8
Life of Hannah MoreAnna BucklandB1E39
Life TriumphantW. W. MartinB1G27
Look Through LukeJohn BlanchardB1E36
Lord Shaftesbury and Social- Industrial ProgressJ. Wesley BreadyB1F19
Masters of the English Reformation Marcus L. LoaneB1E1
Michael Ramsey: A LifeOwen ChadwickB1B5
Moral and Pastoral Theology Vol. IIHenry DaviesB1G34
Moral and Pastoral Theology Vol. III Henry DavisB1G19
Moral and Pastoral Theology Vol. IVHenry DavisB1F18
My Catholic FaithLouis LaRavoire MorrowB1G1
My Utmost for His Highest; Selections for Every DayOswald ChambersB1H1
NapoleonEmil LudwigB1D3
New Age Bible VersionsG.A. RiplingerB1A16
No Abiding CityBede JarrettB1B30
Notitia EucharisticaW. E. ScudamoreB1G4
Objections to Roman Catholicism Michael de la Bedoyere, Magdalen Goffin, John M. Todd & OthersB1H17
On Englishing the BibleRonald KnoxB1G9
On the Art of ReadingQuiller-CouchB1B1
On the Study of Words LecturesRichard Chenevix TrenchB1E7
OrbitJohn.J Nance.B1A12
Our Bible Hour; AmosCharles H. WallerB1A20
Our Bible Hour; HoseaCharles H. WallerB1A19
Our Protestant Heritage. John Bright, Balmer H. Kelly & OthersB1H19
Our Religious HumoristsGeorge ShawB1A27
Peace, Print & Protestantism 1450-1558C. S. L. DaviesB1G14
Priests and People in IrelandMichael J.F. McCarthyB1D27
Protestant Christianity John Dillenberger & Claude WelchB1H29
Protestant Patriarch: The Life of Cyril LucarisGeorge A. HadjiantoniouB1G7
ProtestantismJ. Leslie Dunstan & OthersB1H30
ProtestantismJ. Leslie DunstanB1G5
ProtestantismJ. Leslie Dunstan & OthersB1H33
Protestantism of the Prayer BookDyson HagueB1G8
Protestantism; The Spirit of ProtestantismJ. Leslie Dunstan & OthersB1H10
Pulpit Assistant Vol. IIIThomas HannamB1E31
Pusey’s Minor Prophets; Joel & ObadiahRev. E.B. PuseyB1D15
Religion and the Rise of Capitalism. An Historical StudyR.H. TawneyB1D17
Religion in the Victorian EraL.E. Elliott- BanksB1D10
Religions of the World John A. HardonB1G36
Report on the VaticanBernard WallB1B4
Roads from Rome; A Series of Personal NarrativesRev. C.S. IsaacsonB1H6
Romanism and Ritualism in Great Britain and Ireland. The National Protestant CongressB1H8
Salvation from Start to FinishJames M. GrayB1D21
Scared to LiveStephen BoothB1A12
Science and the BibleHenry M. MorrisB1A25
Scottish Catechism of Christian DoctrineB1G13
Scruples: Words of ConsolationPatrick J. GearonB1B29
Select Editions: Under Orders.Dick Frances B1A12
Sermons by Rev. C.H. SpurgeonC.H. SpurgeonB1A10
Short Meditations on the Psalms J. G. BellettB1G33
Slave Religion; The ‘ Invisible Institution’ in the Antebellum SouthAlbert J. RaboteauB1A6
Spectrum of Protestant Beliefs Rev. Robert Campbell,
Dr. Bob Jones Jr. & OthersB1H12
Splendid Sons of SinAngelo S. RappoportB1B24
St. Stephen’s in the Fifties. The Session 1852-1853Edward Michael WhittyB1D8
Sunset Glory; Sermons Preached in Carluke Original Secession ChurchAlexander SmellieB1H2
Synthetic Bible Studies; Containing an Outline Study of Every Book of the Bible, with Suggestions for Sermons, Addresses & Bible ExpositionsJames M. GrayB1F25
Taking Liberties; The Criminal Jury in the 1990’sS. Enright & J. MortonB1D23
The Angels Little Instruction BookEileen Elias FreemanB1E29
The Armenian File; The Myth of Innocence ExposedKamuran GürünB1A32
The Autobiography of Joseph JeffersonJ. JeffersonB1D11
The BibleB1F9
The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel; A New InterpretationRev. James SmithB1F4
The British HeritageMultiple Authors B1A1
The Cambridge Modern History. Vol. II. The Reformation Lord Acton, A.W. Ward, G.W. Prothero & Stanley LeathesB1D14
The Catholic Church and Modern ChristianityBernard J. OttenB1E30
The Catholicity of Protestantism; Report to the Archbishop of Canterbury R. Newton Flew & Rupert E. DavisB1H28
The Christian Family AnnualRobert PeddieB1G6
The Christian YearJohn KebleB1E21
The Church of Rome at the Bar of HistoryWilliam WebsterB1D22
The City- Road Magazine for 1872. First Series Vol. IIB1D26
The Classified BibleJohn EadieB1E9
The Companion Bible The Authorized Version of 1611 with Notes and 198 AppendixesB1F31
The Counter Reformation 1559-1610Marvin R. O’ConnellB1G21
The Country party in the Reign of William IIID.A. RubiniB1F1
The Decay of the Church of RomeJoseph McCabeB1A33
The Design and Use of Holy Scripture; The Twenty- Second Fernley LectureRev. Marshall RandlesB1D12
The Divine Inspiration of the BibleArthur W. PinkB1D20
The English Reformation to 1558T.M. ParkerB1F22
The English Saints; The Hampton LecturesWilliam Holden Hutton B1A31
The Evangel of the Strait GateW. M. ClowB1G18
The Family Text- Book for Daily Reading in the HomeB1A24
The First Three Kings of Israel; Part IIRobert TuckB1A22
The Flame 1969B1D4
The Fourth GospelDavid M. M’IntyreB1E22
The Genius of ProtestantismR. M’Cheyne EdgarB1H14
The Gospel EchoWilliam WilemanB1E33
The Gospel in Modern PoetryHugh T. KerrB1B3
The Great Apostacy; The Church of Rome Proved Not to be the Church of ChristAnonB1A30
The Great SacrificeWm. Hoste & R. McElheranB1G31
The Greatness of Christ J. H. TrevvettB1G22
The Guest ChamberStuart C. ParkerB1A14
The History of the CreedsJ. Rawson LumbyB1A35
The History of the Papacy in the XIXth CenturyFredrik NielsenB1B18
The Home University LibraryEdward William WatsonB1E27
The HusbandDean KoontzB1A12
The Imitation of Christ Thomas A. KempisB1E34
The Key Words of The BibleA.T. PiersonB1A18
The Life of Edward Henry Bickerstaff; Bishop and PoetFrancis Keyes Aglionby B1A4
The Life of PrayerBaron Friedrich von HügelB1E28
The Massacre of St. BartholomewIRKPB1E38
The Master’s Questions to His Disciples; Thoughts Devotional and Practical for the Silent
Hour Rev. G.H. KnightB1F28
The Minor ProphetJ.G. BellettB1D19
The Miracles of Our SaviourWilliam M. TaylorB1D5
The New International Commentary on the New Testament; The First and Second Epistles
to the Thessalonians. F.F. Bruce & Leon MorrisB1F15
The New Marked Reference Bible ConcordanceB1B21
The New Testament 1526William TyndaleB1G28
The New Testament Pocket Commentary Henry, Scott, Doddridge & Burkitt and OthersB1A21
The New Testament; RSV Catholic EditionB1B20
The Old Testament in the Light of the Ancient East Vol. IIAlfred JeremiasB1D24
The Other Side of RomeJohn B. WilderB1H31
The Popish Plot John PollockB1G3
The Post VictoriansRev. W.R. IngeB1D16
The Prayer Book with Scripture Proofs and Historical NotesTheodore WirgmanB1E5
The Presence of ChristAnthony W. Thorold B1A15
The Progress of a BiographerHugh KingsmillB1D28
The Protestant Crusade 1800-1860; A Study of the Origins of American NativismRay Allen BillingtonB1H23
The Protestant MinistryDaniel JenkinsB1H9
The Protestant Pulpit; An Anthology of Master Sermons from the Reformation to
Our Own Day Andrew Watterson Blackwood & OthersB1H36
The Protestant TraditionJ.S. WhaleB1A2
The Protestant TraditionJ.S. WhaleB1H35
The Protestant Tradition; An Essay in InterpretationJ.S. WhaleB1H22
The Protestant Tradition; An Essay in InterpretationJ.S. WhaleB1H24
The Protestant’s Treasury; A Manual of the Roman Catholic ControversyA. Le LievreB1H7
The Public Life. Vol.IJ.A. SpenderB1D6
The Purchase Price Annie S. SwanB1E11
The Reader’s Handbook; Famous Names in Fiction, Allusions, References, Proverbs,
Plots, Stories and Poems E. Cobham Brewer B1F30
The Religion of Protestants -The Church in English Society 1559-1625. The Ford Lectures Patrick CollinsonB1H11
The Religious State According to the Doctrine of St. ThomasJules DidiotB1F11
The Romance of ProtestantismD. AlcockB1H4
The Saga of Citeaux, Second Epoch. The Family that Overtook ChristM. RaymondB1A23
The Salt- Cellars; A Collection of Proverbs Together with Homely Notes ThereonC.H. SpurgeonB1A17
The Scriptural Doctrine of HadesRev. George BartleB1A5
The Speaker’s Desk BookMartha LuptonB1E13
The Spirit of St. LiguoriA Catholic PriestB1E35
The Story of the BibleCharles FosterB1B22
The Story of the Pilgrim PreachersP. W. PetterB1E26
The Testament of ImmortalityT. S. EliotB1E18
The Theology of the New Testament G.B. StevensB1E3
The Theory of PreachingAustin PhelpsB1G35
The Tractarian Movement 1833-1845Rev. E.A. KnoxB1H18
The Triple Crown; An Account of the Papal Conclaves from the 15th Century to Modern
Times Valérie PirieB1H27
The Two St. Johns of the New TestamentJames StalkerB1A13
The Unification of the Four GospelsUnknownB1G26
The Victorian Church Part I Owen ChadwickB1E2
The Water and the FireGerald VannB1G10
The Works of Mr. Richard Hooker Vol. IIsaac WaltonB1B14
The Works of Mr. Richard Hooker Vol. II Isaac WaltonB1B13
The World’s Best Seller and Why?F. J. MilesB1E15
The World’s BirthdayProfessor GaussenB1F12
The Wycliffe New Testament 1388W. R. CooperB1B26
The Young LutherMichael ElderB1B9
Thirty Thousand Thoughts. Sections I-V Rev. Canon H.D.M. Spence, Rev. Joseph S Exall & Rev. Charles NeilB1D13
To Irish ProtestantsRisteárd Ó GlaisneB1H34
Torments of Protestant SlavesEdward ArberB1H15
Torments of Protestant SlavesEdward ArberB1H16
Types and CharactersWalter SichelB1D9
Vision and Action: The Problems of EcumenismL.A. ZanderB1H26
W. P. Nicholson: Tornado of the PulpitIRKPB1E14
When the Cheering Stopped; The Last Years of Woodrow WilsonGene SmithB1F24
World ProtestantismWillem H.Van de PolB1H13