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Reading Room – Birdie

The World of AnecdoteEdwin Paxton HoodBR1A1
The Jesus of HistoryJ R GloverBR1A2
Modern Saints and SeersJean FinotBR1A3
God-Centered EvangelismR B KeiperBR1A4
Abide in ChristA MBR1A5
Out of the EarthE M BlaiklockBR1A6
Break of DayRussell ElliottBR1A7
The Life of the Rev John NewtonJohn NewtonBR1A8
The Bible Tells us SoR B KeiperBR1A9
Great Christian BooksHugh MartinBR1A10
Lectures for the TimesJ CummingBR1A11
Life of Cardinal MercierHenry Louis DublyBR1A12
The World’s First LoveFulton J SheenBR1A13
Enchiridion ClericorumAnonBR1A14
Discourses and SermonsJames Cardinal GibbonsBR1A15
InasmuchJohn E HazeltonBR1A16
How to Study the Bible for Greater ProfitR A TorreyBR1A17
Notes on the ApocalypseAnonBR1A18
Ordinary Men – Extraordinary HeroesDexter Yager & Ron BullBR1A19
Two Thousand ConfessionsThomas ColemanBR1A20
The Infallibility of the ChurchGeorge D SalmonBR1A21
Lectures Introductory to the Study of the Earlier Historical Books of The Old TestamentW KellyBR1A22
Open your BibleSherwood Eliot WertBR1A23
Classic Sermons on SufferingWarren W WiersbeBR1A24
Predestination & Other PapersPierre MauryBR1A25
The Glories of the Sacred HeartHenry EdwardBR1A26
Lectures of Great MenFrederick MyersBR1A 27
The Revelation of St JohnWilliam MilliganBR1A28
The Regeneration of New ChinaNelson BrittonBR1A29
Batak Blood & Protestant SoulPaul B PedersenBR1A30
The Maker’s MarkRoy HattersleyBR1A31
The Encyclopedia of Religious QuotationsFrank S MeadBR1A32
The Eternal PriesthoodCardinal ManningBR1A33
The Young PriestCardinal VaughanBR1A34
Canon Law ListJ Lincoln BouscardenBR1A35
New Discoveries in Babylonia about GenesisP J WisemanBR1A36
Young Men of ScriptureW T P WatsonBR1A37
Bread to the FullJohn McNeillBR1A38
Meditations and Readings for Every Day of the Year – Pt 3John Bapt CoyleBR1B1
The Life of Blessed Martin de PorresJ C KearnsBR1B2
Let Rome speak for HerselfJohn E MillheimBR1B3
Justification as Revealed in ScriptureJames BennettBR1B4
History of Latin Christianity vol1Henry Hart MilmanBR1B5
History of Latin Christianity vol 2Henry Hart MilmanBR1B6
History of Latin Christianity vol 3Henry Hart MilmanBR1B7
History of Latin Christianity vol 4Henry Hart MilmanBR1B8
History of Latin Christianity vol 6Henry Hart MilmanBR1B9
In a Jesuit NetH C CoapeBR1B10
Ann the WordRichard FrancisBR1B11
Religious Thought in the Oxford MovementC C J WebbBR1B12
Sermons for Black Letter DaysJ M NealeBR1B13
The Jesuits in HistoryHector MacPhersonBR1B14
The Jesuits in HistoryHector MacPhersonBR1B15
The Jesuits in HistoryHector MacPhersonBR1B16
The Jesuits in HistoryHector MacPhersonBR1B17
Lectures on the ChurchCardinal WisemanBR1B18
A Call for Revision of the Book of Common PrayerJohn Nash GriffinBR1B19
The Rt Hon Joseph ChamberlainN Murrell MarrisBR1B20
Absolutely Null and Utterly VoidJohn Jay HughesBR1B21
What is Catholicism?David L EdwardsBR1B22
David – Shepherd and KingCharles GulstonBR1B23
Dictionary of Bible Words and SynonymsRobert YoungBR1B24
An Encyclopedia of ReligionVergilius FermBR1B25
English Biblical TranslationA C PartridgeBR1B26
The Gospel Applied to Our LivesD S PhelanBR1B27
Doctors and CouncilsJ W C WandBR1B28
Billy Graham and the Church of RomeIan R K PaisleyBR1B29
Is there a God?Thomas Ralph PriceBR1B30
The Biretta BlightRev J WarrenBR1B31
Why I an not a Roman CatholicKenneth RossBR1B32
Points of Church LawT SlaterBR1B33
The Foundation of Biblical AuthorityJames Montgomery BaiceBR1B34
The Pagan Religion of the Ancient British IslesRonald HuttonBR1B35
The Rise and Fall of Fleet StreetCharles WintourBR1B36
MisruleTam DalyellBR1B37
BismarckEmil LudwigBR1C1
Mein KampfAdolf HitlerBR1C2
Roman Catholicism & FreedomCecil John CadouxBR1C3
The Doctrine of the Holy SpiritGeorge SmeatonBR1C4
His Holiness Pope Pius XIMonsignor R FontenelleBR1C5
Mine Eyes have seen the GloryRandall BalmerBR1C6
The Power & Secret of the JesuitsRene Fulop-MillerBR1C7
A History of the Ecumenical Movement 1517 - 1948Ruth Rouse & Stephen Charles NeillBR1C8
The Sacraments – A Dogmatic Treatise Vol 3Arthur PreussBR1C9
Family SermonsHoratius BonarBR1C10
Evangelism IncG W TargetBR1C11
New Marian MissalAnonBR1C12
Treading the WinepressWilliam StephensonBR1C13
Voices of the DeadJohn CummingBR1C14
New Light on GenesisMorris MorrisBR1C15
Lectures on the Epistle of St JohnWilliam LincolnBR1C16
Charles H Spurgeon – The Boy Preacher of the FensKathy TriggsBR1C17
Winsome ChristianityHenry DurbanvilleBR1C18
The Last FirstAlexander Macleod SymingtonBR1C19
Searching the ScripturesDr AndersonBR1C20
Bible HandbookAngusBR1C21
Rediscovering Saint PatrickMarcus LosackBR1C22
Moses & ChristWilliam GlassBR1C23
The Vatican EmpireLino Lo BelloBR1C24
Archeology of the New TestamentR K HarringtonBR1C25
Unholy SmokeG W TargetBR1C26
Rome – Newest Fashions in ReligionRt Hon W E GladstoneBR1C27
Some Vital QuestionsC C BellBR1C28
Geese in Their Hoods – Selected Writings on Roman Catholicism by Charles Haddon SpurgeonTimothy F KauffmanBR1C29
In Defence of the Earlier ScripturesH Sinclair PattersonBR1C30
Ritualism, Romanism & the New TestamentJames CarginBR1C31
Exeter Hall LecturesHenry AlfordBR1C32
The Pilgrim’s ProgressJohn BunyanBR1C33
An Exposition of the Epistle to the RomansIan R K PaisleyBR1C34
Fifty Years in the Irish MissionHamilton MageeBR1C35
Anecdotes of the ClergyJacob LarwoodBR1C36
The Reformation CrisesJoel HurstfieldBR1C37
Third Leaders – Reprinted from The TimesAnonBR1C38
The Public Life Vol 2J A SpenderBR1D1
The Old Churches of LondonGerald CobbBR1D2
The Life of Henry LabouchereAlgar Labouchere ThoroldBR1D3
American Government 2nd EditionRichard H PearBR1D4
Holy Scriptures of the MassMichael MullerBR1D5
Evangelistic Thought & PracticeW C G ProctorBR1D6
Official Handbook of the Religion of MaryAnonBR1D7
Portraits in ProseHugh MacdonaldBR1D8
Life & Work of Reverend Mother Mechtilde of the Blessed SacramentAnonBR1D9
The Roman Mischief-MakerHugh E M StutfieldBR1D10
Christ in His MysteriesDom Columa MarnionBR1D11
The Art of PreachingCharles SmythBR1D12
Practical ReligionJ C RyleBR1D13
The Church of IrelandWilliam Bell & N D EmersonBR1D14
Great Epochs of Sacred HistoryJames M GrayBR1D15
St John Chrysostom on the PriesthoodP BoyleBR1D16
A Retreat for PriestsRonald KnoxBR1D17
Antichrist in 17th Century EnglandChristopher HillBR1D18
Sermons on the Five Points of CalvinismWilliam ParksBR1D19
Moody’s Talks on TempranceJames DunnBR1D20
Stranger than FictionB A RamsbottomBR1D21
The First and Second Prayer Books of Edward VIThomas CranmerBR1D22
The Cambridge SevenJohn PollockBR1D23
A Clerical PilgrimageJames MillerBR1D24
The Beadle, Yesterday & TodayD P ThomsonBR1D25
Story of American ProtestantismAndrew Larsdale DrummondBR1D26
Ahead of His Age – Bishop Barnes of BirminghamJohn BarnesBR1D27
The Great ControversyE G WhiteBR1D28
Eagles’ Wings – Daily DevotionalAlan CairnsBR1D29
Official Handbook of the Legion of MaryAnonBR1D30
Living Light – Selections from the Living BibleAnonBR1D31
Israel & the Nations in ProphesyRichard De HaanBR1D32
The Garments of ChristIan R K PaisleyBR1D33
Treading the WinepressWilliam StephensonBR1D34
Christ’s Appeal for LoveL KeppelBR1D35
I call it Heresy!A W TozerBR1D36
Nine O’clock in the MorningDennis J BennettBR1D37
Helps to the Study of the BibleAnonBR1D38
World History in the 20th CentR D CornwellBR1D39
Paul’s Galation EpistleVladimir GelesnoffBR1D40
Heresies Ancient & ModernJ Oswald SandersBR1D41
Work-Days of GodH W MorrisBR1D42
Testimonies to the BookFrederick SherlockBR1D43
Hadyn’s Dictionary of DatesBenjamin VincentBR1E1
Religion & the European MindAdolf KellerBR1E2
Miscellanies Vol 2Henry Edward ManningBR1E3
Sabbath Morning ReadingsJohn CummingBR1E4
Men in the MakingAmbrose ShepherdBR1E5
Dual HeritageNorman S PrescottBR1E6
Adam Scholl – A Jesuit at the Court of China 1592 - 1666Rachel AttwalerBR1E7
How the Reformation CameJoseph LortzBR1E8
The Free Church of England, Constitution and Canons Ecclesiastical 1983 EditionAnonBR1E9
The Legacy of the King James BibleLeland RykenBR1E10
Our Lady comes to ScottsdaleRobert Farnicy & Lucy RooneyBR1E11
DifficultiesRonald Knox & Sir Arnold LunnBR1E12
A Mind Awake, An Anthropology of C S Lewis C S Lewis (ed. Clyde Kilby)BR1E13
Hugo Gurgery – Prisoner of the Lisbon InquisitionMary BrearleyBR1E14
A Pope for All Christians?Peter J McCordBR1E15
Rainbow ValleyL M MontgomeryBR1E16
“One is Your Master” – The Story of One Hundred Years of the Wesleyian Reform UnionAnonBR1E17
Great Thoughts on Great TruthsE DaviesBR1E18
The Principles of Christian ApologeticsT J WalsheBR1E19
The Complete MonkDenys RutledgeBR1E20
The Age of RenascencePaul Van DykeBR1E21
My PriesthoodWalter CareyBR1E22
Freedom & Catholic PowerPaul BlanshardBR1E23
The Doctrine of the Church and ReunionArthur C HeadlamBR1E24
The Queen’s DaughtersC C MartindaleBR1E25
Padre Pio of PietrelcinaAlberto D’ApolitoBR1E26
A Critical Examination of the Modern Versions of the BibleEdward Francis BarrarBR1E27
The Death of ChristAyme GuerrinBR1E28
A Popular History of the Catholic ChurchPhilip HughesBR1E29
Unprofitable ServantsNivard KinsellaBR1E30
RomanismRobert M ZimsBR1E31
Nine Faces of ChristPeter HannanBR1E32
Flames of FreedomEdwin W LutzerBR1E33
Christ & AntichristSamuel J CasselsBR1E34
Christ & AntichristSamuel J CasselsBR1E35
The Sunday GospelsG L RichardsonBR1E36
The EvangelistWm P NicholsonBR1E37
Prince of DarknessGrant R JeffreyBR1E38
The Cult of the VirginElliot Miller & Kenneth SamplesBR1E39
What it Means to be Born AgainJ C GodwinBR1E40
The Full Blessing of PentecostAndrew MurrayBR1E41
Teach Yourself N T GreekD F HudsonBR1E42
The Rise, Decline & Fall of the Roman ReligionJames Ballantyne HannayBR1F1
The Decay of the Church of RomeJoseph McCabeBR1F2
Through Gates of SplendourCornell CapaBR1F3
Freedom & Catholic PowerPaul BlanshardBR1F4
Witnesses for ChristEdward Backhouse & Charles TylorBR1F5
A Popular History of the Church of EnglandWilliam Boyd CarpenterBR1F6
A Guide for DisciplesJ G PikeBR1F7
12 Steps to DestructionMartin & Deidre BobganBR1F8
Morning Messages given at the Fourth Plenary Congress of the International Council of Christian Churches, USA 1958AnonBR1F9
The City of the Seven HillsH Grattan GuinnessBR1F10
Heaven on ThursdayM K RichardsonBR1F11
Blair’s Lectures & Rhetoric & Belle’s LettersBlairBR1F12
20th Century ProphetJohn McNicolBR1F13
Early Christian Ethics in the WestH H ScullardBR1F14
Protestant Thought from Rousseau to RitschlKarl BarthBR1F15
Cochem’s Examination of the Holy Sacrifice of the MassMartin von CochemBR1F16
The Spiritual Exercises on an Eight Day’s RetreatBonadventure HammerBR1F17
The Faith & Practice of Heretical SectsL V PowlesBR1F18
Life Inside the Church of RomeM Francis Clark CusackBR1F19
The Christian’s Monthly Record 1886AnonBR1F20
Faiths for the FewWilliam J WhalenBR1F21
Documents of the ChristianHenry BettersonBR1F22
Introduction to the Canonical Books of the Old TestamentCarl CornillBR1F23
Songs of Victory – Full Music EdAnonBR1F24
The Sacrifice of the Mass Worthily CelebratedFather ChaignonBR1F25
Europe’s CrisisJames WrightBR1F26
The Near & the Heavenly HorizonsMadame de GasparinBR1F27
Noah and the FloodJohn MetcalfeBR1F28
The Times of ChristLewis A MuirheadBR1F29
The Divine Library: Suggestions How to Read the BibleJ Patterson SmythBR1F30
The Glories of MarySt Alphonsus de LiguoriBR1F31
St Therese of LisieuxT N TaylorBR1F32
St Therese of Lisieux – The Making of a SaintJ B MortonBR1F33
Catholic ApproachesElizabeth PakenhamBR1F34
The Idol Demolished by its own PriestJames Sheridan KnowlesBR1F35
The Christian AgnosticLeslie D WeatherheadBR1G1
The Conflict of the Church & the SynagogueJames ParkesBR1G2
Treatise on the Offices of ChristGeorge StevensonBR1G3
Henry Scott Holland, Memoir & LettersStephen PagetBR1G4
Thematic Thesaurus of the BibleA Colin DayBR1G5
Human CuriositiesColin ClairBR1G6
Sermons for ChildrenMark Guy PearseBR1G7
Old BiblesJ R DoreBR1G8
The Principles of Moral Political PhilosophyWilliam PaleyBR1G9
Memoirs of William PaleyGeorge Wilson MeadleyBR1G10
Light from Old TimesJ C RyleBR1G11
Alone of all Her Sex(The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin Mary)Marina WarnerBR1G12
The Teaching of the Catholic Church                George D SmithBR1G13
The Papal Conquest                                               Alexander RobertsonBR1G14
Pontifical Ceremonies                                                 Pierce Ahearne & Michael LaneBR1G15
Stirring the Eagles Nest                                                              Theodore L Cuyler        BR1G16
Sermons Preached in Stanhope                                              Charles Clayton               BR1G17
James Ussher. Archbishop of Armagh                                                        R Buick KnoxBR1G18
Robust in Faith                                                          Oswald Sanders                          BR1G19
Betrayal of Trust - The Father Brendan Smyth AffairChris MooreBR1G20
England against the papacy                                                                         C T McIntireBR1G21
Ian Paisley - My Father                                                                       Rhonda Paisley   BR1G22
The Story and the Message                                                                            MedugorjeBR1G23
Baa, Baa Blacksheep                                                                                      Henry CookBR1G24
From Faith to Faith                                                                                     W E Orchard BR1G25
Whitfield’s Sermon Outlines                                                                   George WhitfieldBR1G26
The Old Testament in the Light of the Ancient East Vol. 1Alfred JeremiasBR1G27
The Root of the Righteous                                                                               A W Tozer BR1G28
Tortured for Christ                                                                           Richard Wurmbrand  BR1G29
Cults & Isms                                                                                            Oswald SandersBR1G30
The ‘Toronto’ Blessing                                                                               Dave Roberts BR1G31
Pictorial History of the War Vols 1 - 7                                                 Walter Hutchinson BR1G32
 St Paul’s Life of Christ                                                                        Gwilym O Griffith BR1H1
Dialogue and Betrayal                                                                             Ronald Cooke  BR1H2
Elijah & Elisha                                                                                                    H SmithBR1H3
What do you know of the Bible                                                                    H E Sheen    BR1H4
Praying Hyde                                                                                                   Basil MillerBR1H5
The Art of Illustration                                                                              C H Spurgeon    BR1H6
The Preachers’ Treasury                                                                              John MorganBR1H7
Evidences of Christianity                                                                                   W Paley   BR1H8
Manual of Church History Vol 2                                                                                 AnonBR1H9
Life & Work of Mother Mary St Ignatius                                                       AnonBR1H10
Life and Work of St Paul                                                                      Frederic W Farrar  BR1H17
The Gospel for a World of Sin                                                                 Henry Van Dyke BR1H18
A Compend of Luther’s Theology                                                Hugh Thomson Kerr      BR1H19
The Decline & Fall of the Roman Church                                          Malachi Martin         BR1H20
Lectures to my Students. 1st Series                                                            C H SpurgeonBR1H21
Annual Report of British Group Inter- Parliamentary Union 2011AnonBR1H22
Companion to The Bible                                                                                    AnonBR1H23
Warnings to the Churches                                                                                     J C RyleBR1H24
The English Bible                                                                                 Sir Herbert GriersonBR1H25
The Triumph of Presbyterianism                                                                  W M CampbellBR1H26
The God of the Children                                                                            Bedford Pollard BR1H27
Companion to Standing Orders, 2013                                                        House of Lords BR1H28
Bible Illustrations Vol                                                                                    James Lee   BR1H29
Hood’s Own                                                                                               Thomas Hood  BR1H30
Society and Religion in Elizabethan England                                    Richard L Greaves BR1H31
Sermons                                                                                                          George Hill BR1H32
Genesis to Deuteronomy                                                                           C H MackintoshBR1H33
The Gates of New Life                                                                         James S Stewart    BR1H34
Mystical City of God                                                                                     Fiscar MarisonBR1H35
The Mishnah                                                                                            Herbert Danby   BR1H36
John Wesley - The Man & His Mission                                                        G Holden PikeBR1H37
Protestant Thought -Before Kant                                             Arthur Cushman McGiffert  BR1H38
Christ’s Coming & the World Church                                 Guy DutyBR1H39
I Never Heard the Like of it - More Humour from Northern IrelandAnonBR1H40