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Reading Room – Broxy – BX

A Chain of Prayer Across the Ages; Forty Centuries of PrayerSelina Fitzherbert FoxBx1H31
A Commentary on the Holy Bible Vol. II. Psalms- MalachiMatthew PooleBx1H40
A Defence of the Sincere and True Translations of the Holy Scriptures into the English
Tongue Against the Cavils of Gregory Martin William Fulke Bx1E11
A History of the Church of ScotlandA.R. MacewenBx1E12
A History of the Popes Fernand HaywardBx1G31
A Home of FellowshipArthur PorrittBx1E10
A Modern Exposition of the 1689; Baptist Confession of FaithSamuel E. WaldronBx1H14
A New Pentecost? Léon Joseph Cardinal SuenesBx1H8
A Plea for the Old FaithJohn TuckwellBx1F10
A Popular Dictionary of Protestantism K. Wilkinson WiddleBx1G29
A Popular History of PriestcraftWilliam HowittBx1F14
A Popular History of Priestcraft William HowittBx1F1
A Primer of Roman Catholicism Charles H. H. WrightBx1G28
A Short History of the Free ChurchesRev. J.A. HoulderBx1E18
A Source Book for Ancient Church HistoryJoseph Cullen AyerBx1E33
A Survey of Old Testament Introduction Gleason L. ArcherBx1G9
Anglican Initiatives in Christian Unity; Lectures Delivered in LambethBx1F31
Baffled to Fight BetterOswald ChambersBx1H30
Bible OccupationsGeorge SinclairBx1F19
Catholicism in England 1535-1935 David MathewBx1G22
Chains to be BrokenRobin EamesBx1G4
Church and State; Uneasy AlliancesStewart LamontBx1H1
Church UnityC. A. BriggsBx1F39
Concerning JesuitsVarious AuthorsBx1F12
Constitutional History of England George Burton AdamsBx1G17
Contraception and Holiness; The Catholic Predicament Thomas D. RobertsBx1H20
Development of Roman Catholicism John A. BainBx1G26
Dictionary of JudaismDagobert D. RunesBx1E9
Duncan Matheson; The Scottish EvangelistRev. J MacphersonBx1H5
English Church Reform 1815-1840 William Law MathiesonBx1G10
Essays in Evangelical Social Ethics David F. WrightBx1G2
Essays on Renewel Léon Joseph SuenensBx1G19
Europe in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (1789-1939) A.J. Grant & Harold
General View of the Papacy Vol. 1Andrew WilletBx1G32
General View of the Papacy Vol. 8Andrew WilletBx1G33
Great Britain and the Holy SeeMatthias BuschkühlBx1F34
Great Truths Simply Explained H. J. BurkittBx1G39
His Part and OursJ. Sidlow BaxterBx1H3
History of Latin Christianity. Vol. IHenry Hart MilmanBx1E22
History of Latin Christianity. Vol. IIHenry Hart MilmanBx1E23
History of Latin Christianity. Vol. IIIHenry Hart MilmanBx1E24
History of Latin Christianity. Vol. IVHenry Hart MilmanBx1E25
History of Latin Christianity. Vol. IXHenry Hart MilmanBx1E30
History of Latin Christianity. Vol. VHenry Hart MilmanBx1E26
History of Latin Christianity. Vol. VIHenry Hart MilmanBx1E27
History of Latin Christianity. Vol. VIIHenry Hart MilmanBx1E28
History of Latin Christianity. Vol. VIIIHenry Hart MilmanBx1E29
History of the JesuitsAndrew SteinmetzBx1F28
House of Commons Manual of Procedure in the Public Business 1964Bx1F27
I Married a Priest Rose Fe ArrienBx1F9
I Was a PriestLucien VinetBx1F8
In The PilloryJohn BondBx1F38
In the Vatican Peter HebblethwaiteBx1G7
Inquisition and LibertyG. G. CoultonBx1F33
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. IBx1D1
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. IIBx1D2
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. IIIBx1D3
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. IVBx1D4
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. IXBx1D9
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. VBx1D5
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. VIBx1D6
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. VIIBx1D7
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. VIIIBx1D8
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. XBx1D10
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. XIBx1D11
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. XIIBx1D12
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. XIIIBx1D13
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. XIVBx1D14
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. XIXBx1D19
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. XVBx1D15
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. XVIBx1D16
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. XVIIBx1D17
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. XVIIIBx1D18
International Library of Famous Literature Vol. XXBx1D20
Introducing the World Council of ChurchesMarlin VanElderenBx1G15
Jesuitism: Its Rise, Progress and Insidious WorkingsJ. A. WylieBx1F24
Judson of BurmaAlfred MathiesonBx1F2
Just the Way I Am; The Ivan Thompson Story Noel DavidsonBx1H26
Lectures to my StudentsC.H. SpurgeonBx1E21
Letters for the Little OnesEvelyne D. ScottBx1H6
Lift up a StandardA. E. HughesBx1F32
Martin Bell; An Accidental MPMartin BellBx1H33
Martin Luther’s 95 ThesesKurt AlandBx1F35
Michael Ramsey; A LifeOwen ChadwickBx1H27
Modern Discoveries Which Help us to BelieveGeorge McCready PriceBx1E31
Moral TheologyHerbibert JoneBx1F21
My Lady of the Chimney CornerAlexander IrvineBx1E16
National and Social ProblemsFrederic HarrisonBx1E3
No Alternative: The Prayer Book Controversy David Martin & Peter MullenBx1G12
Northern Voices; Poets from UlsterTerence BrownBx1H2
Notes on the Prayer BookRev. John MacbethBx1E8
On the Claim of the Roman ChurchSanderson RobinsBx1G6
Only One Life; Biography of Stephen F. OflordJohn PhillipsBx1H35
Our Daily WalkF.B. MeyerBx1H36
Outreach for the Unreached A. V. WashburnBx1F15
Pageant of the Popes John FarrowBx1G25
People’s Commentary on The ActsEdwin W. RiceBx1H39
Proof of Rome’s Political Meddling in AmericaThe Fellowship ForumBx1F6
Protestantism in Answer to Romanism, Anglo-Catholicism & Modernism Report of United Protestant CongressBx1E13
Religion Since the Reformation; Eight LectureLeighton PullanBx1E17
Saints in Politics; The ‘Clapham Sect’ and the Growth of FreedomErnest Marshall HowseBx1E7
Scenes and Services in South AfricaRobert MoffatBx1F5
Sermons and Society: An Anglican Anthology Paul A. WelsbyBx1G24
She Flies Beyond Pauline WebbBx1G13
Synopsis of the Books of the Bible Vol. 5 (Colossians - Revelation) J. N. DarbyBx1G3
The “Upper Room” of BabylonE.L. GordonBx1H9
The Anatomy of the Catholic Church Gerard NoelBx1G8
The Anglican-Methodist Conversations and Problems of Church Unity Lord Fisher of LambethBx1G41
The AntipopeAlec GlasfurdBx1H7
The Baptist Faith and Roman CatholicismWendell Holmes RoneBx1H15
The Beginnings of English ChristianityW.E. CollinsBx1E6
The Book of Revelation E. F. ScottBx1G27
The Bulwark Vol. XIBx1F36
The Calvi Affair; Death of a BankerLarry GurwinBx1H10
The Captivity and Triumph of Winnie DaviesDavid M. DaviesBx1F4
The Carnarvon Series; Conduct and Duty W.T. PykeBx1H21
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. IBx1C1
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. IIBx1C2
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. IIIBx1C3
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. IVBx1C4
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. IXBx1C9
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. VBx1C5
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. VIBx1C6
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. VIIBx1C7
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. VIIIBx1C8
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. XBx1C10
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. XIBx1C11
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. XIIBx1C12
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. XIIIBx1C13
The Catholic Encyclopaedia Vol. XIVBx1C14
The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite DescribedJ. B. O’ConnellBx1F37
The Children for ChristAndrew MurrayBx1F17
The Church in the FurnaceF. B. MacnuttBx1F3
The Church of Rome: A Dissuasive R. H. Fuller & R.P.C. HansonBx1G14
The Claims of the Church of Scotland G. D. HendersonBx1G38
The Daisies of NazarethHugh MacmillanBx1E5
The Doctrines of Ministerial Order in the Reformed Churches of the 16th and 17th CenturiesJ. L. Ainslie Bx1G1
The Dollar and the VaticanAvro ManhattanBx1H24
The Fatal Flaw; Do The Teachings of Roman Catholicism Deny the Gospel? James R. WhiteBx1H11
The Fundamentals Vol. IIVarious AuthorsBx1F20
The Gospel of the Old Testament Samuel MatherBx1F16
The Growth of Papal Government in the Middle Ages Walter UllmannBx1G20
The History of the Papacy in the XIXth (19 th ) CenturyDr. Fredrik NielsonBx1H25
The Impatience of a ParsonH.R.L. SheppardBx1E4
The Lively OraclesErnest Marshall HowseBx1G37
The Long Road HomeWendy GreenBx1H34
The Making of the Popes Andrew M. GreeleyBx1G35
The Making of the Popes Andrew M. GreeleyBx1G36
The Man Who Leads the Church; An Assessment on Pope John Paul II John Whale & Peter HebblethwaiteBx1H28
The Massacre of St. BartholomewIRKPBx1H38
The Meaning of Protestantism; An Account of its Origin and DevelopmentJames NicholsBx1H18
The Meaning of Protestantism; An Account of its Origin and DevelopmentJames NicholsBx1H19
The Ministry of the SpiritA. F. GordonBx1H4
The Panoply of GodTydeman ChilversBx1F25
The PapacyRev. J.A. WylieBx1E15
The Papal QuestionG. Bayfield RobertsBx1F26
The Pentecostal Movement in the Catholic ChurchEdward D. O’ConnorBx1H37
The Pre- Conquest Church in EnglandMargaret DeaneslyBx1H16
The Progress of Dogma; The Elliot Lectures 1897James OrrBx1E32
The Protestant Reformation in Europe Andrew JohnstonBx1G16
The Reformation in EnglandMaurice PowickeBx1G18
The Reformation, Catholicism and Freedom J. W. PoynterBx1G34
The Religious Persecution in France 1900-1906J. Napier BrodheadBx1E20
The Rising Son; The Manifestations of the Sons of GodRichard W. RundellBx1H13
The Rome of the Early Church Albert G. MackinnonBx1G40
The Saint and his SaviousC. H. SpurgeonBx1F11
The Salvation of God UnknownBx1F13
The Second SinThomas S. SzaszBx1H29
The ShroudJohn WalshBx1F30
The Theology of P. T. ForsythGwilym O. GriffithBx1F22
The Third and Fourth Books of Maccabees W. O. E. Oesterley & G. H. BoxBx1G30
The Third World Conference on Faith and Order. Lund 1952Oliver S. Tomkins & OthersBx1E1
The Transition from Roman Britain to Christian England A.D. 368-664Gilbert SheldonBx1G5
The Unicorn in the Sanctuary; The Impact of the New Age on the Catholic ChurchRandy EnglandBx1H12
The Valley of Vision Arthur BennettBx1G21
The Vatican Against EuropEdmond ParisBx1H23
The Wagoner of the Alleghanies, Sheridon’s Ride and Summer StoryThomas Buchanan ReadBx1H32
The Work of ChristPeter Taylor ForsythBx1F29
Theological Translation Library Vol. VI Adolph HarnackBx1G23
Those Women… Whose Names are in the Book of LifeRev. James MackeyBx1E19
To The Church of EnglandGareth BennettBx1H22
Transubstantiation and the Sacrifice of the Mass Critically Examined Charles Hastings ColletteBx1F7
Turn or Burn The Lewes Protestant Martyrs’ Memorial Volume Rev. F.J. Hamilton & W. Stanley MartinBx1E14
Vancouver to Canberra 1938-1990 Thomas F. BestBx1G11
Warning to the Churches J. C. RyleBx1F18
When All Drank and ThereafterConrad Henry MoehlmanBx1F23
Who killed Cain? A Quiz on Biblical, Religious and Allied SubjectsCecil HuntBx1H17