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Reading Room – Captain – C

A Balance of PowerJim PriorC1A28
A Cambridge MovementJ.C. PollockC1F26
A Closer Walk- A Closer Talk; Prayer as a Way of Life. VariousC1F28
A General History of Europe; Europe in the Eighteenth Century 1713/1783S. AndersonC1F12
A General History of Europe; Europe in the Sixteenth Century H.G. Koenigsberger & George L. MosseC1F20
A General History of Europe; Seventeenth Century EuropeD.H. PenningtonC1F21
A General Survey of the History of the Canon of the New Testament Brooke Foss WestcottC1E11
A History of the Papacy from the Great Schism to the Sack of Rome. Vol. IIM. CreightonC1D3
A Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic ChurchC1G24
A Long Struggle; The Involvement of the WCC in South Africa Pauline Webb & Others C1H38
A Plain Reason for Joining the Church of Rome Luke RivingtonC1B29
A Reporter Looks at the VaticanBarrett McGurnC1H21
A Sequel to the Female Jesuit S. LukeC1G2
A Soul of a PriestL.H. LehmannC1F24
Access to History. Britain and the European Powers 1865-1914Robert PearceC1F13
Among the Soviet EvangelicalSamuel NesdolyC1A8
Apostolic SuccessionJohn BrownC1F5
Apostolic Succession in the Church of EnglandArthur W. HaddanC1A33
Babylon and Jerusalem E. J. SheppardC1E25
Beauty and Sensibility in the Thought of Jonathan EdwardsRoland André DelattreC1A29
Bible Characters; Stephen to TimothyAlexander WhyteC1H7
Bible DictionaryC1G33
Bible Themes from Matthew HenryRev. Selwyn Gummer C1F45
Bible WindowsIvor PowellC1A19
Billy Graham and the Church of Rome IRKPC1G15
Billy Graham and the Church of Rome IRKPC1G16
Black PopesArchbishop RobertsC1F30
Calvary TodayRight Rev. Charles FiskeC1D9
Cambridge and the Evangelical Succession Marcus L. LoaneC1E39
Cantionale John DriscollC1G17
Cardinal Hume and the Changing Face of English Catholicism Peter StanfordC1G28
Cardinal Hume and the Changing Face of English Catholicism Peter StanfordC1G30
Cardinal NewmanJ. Lewis MayC1A39
Cardinal Wolsey Mandell CreightonC1E23
Carson- Man of Action J.Allister & P.RobinsonC1H24
Cathedral Quarter A Visitor’s GuideC1E36
Catholic Action and PoliticsTom TrumanC1D30
Catholicism in England 1535-1935David MatthewC1D16
Catholicism: Roman and Anglican A. M. FairbairnC1B21
Christian Hymns and Hymn Writers J. E. PrescottC1E29
Christian Workers’ Commentary on the Old and New TestamentsJames A. GrayC1F16
Christianity and LiberalismJ. Gresham MachenC1A20
Church & Eucharist Michael HurleyC1E18
Church and Society in England 1770-1970 E. R. NormanC1G29
Church and State in Fascist Italy D. A. BinchyC1G11
Church Life and Church-Order; During the First Four Centuries. Birkbeck LecturesJames V. BartletC1D34
Converts to Rome Gordon GormanC1E8
Creative PrayerE. HermanC1H5
Crossroads and Roundabouts; Junctions in German-British RelationsThomas KielingerC1H22
Defenders of the Faith F. WatsonC1E26
Dictionary of Religion, Philosophy and Law Samuel BeetonC1G34
Dissent in its Relation to the Church of EnglandG.H. CurteisC1A23
Divided Christendom M. J. CongarC1G35
Divorce; Vatican StyleOliver StewartC1H27
Doctrines of Popery on Holy Scripture and TraditionB.W. NewtonC1F2
Doctrines of Popery on Holy Scripture and TraditionB.W. NewtonC1F3
Elizabeth Baxter (Wife of Michael Paget Baxter)Nathaniel WisemanC1H13
Famous Ex- PriestsEmmett McLoughlinC1F40
Fifty Years On; A Prejudiced History of Britain Since the WarRoy HattersleyC1A31
First Three Centuries of the Christian ChurchJ.J. BluntC1H33
Freedom’s Foe: The Vatican Adrian PigottC1G9
Friends and Acquaintances of Henry Cooke Terry JacksonC1G13
Further Poems; Scots And EnglishW.D. CockerC1D20
General Introduction to the Study of Holy Scripture Charles Augustus BriggsC1B27
God’s Covenant FaithfulnessGertrude HoeksemaC1F11
Great Lines Divinely Planned Jane T. StoddartC1G27
Hard Questions Frank ColquhounC1E16
Hebrew Religion W. O. E. OesterleyC1B28
Heirs of the Reformation Jacques de SenarclensC1G3
Here I Stand; A Life of Martin LutherRoland BaintonC1A3
Here I Stand; A Life of Martin LutherRoland BaintonC1A4
Here I Stand; A Life of Martin LutherRoland BaintonC1A6
His Holiness Pope John Paul IIJoan CollinsC1F31
History of Christian DoctrineGeorge P. FisherC1D13
History of the Christian Church James Craigie RobertsonC1G25
History of The Inquisition Vol. IWilliam Harris RuleC1H20
History of the Popes of Rome Vol. I Leopold RankeC1B1
History of the Popes of Rome Vol. II Leopold RankeC1B2
History of the Popes of Rome Vol. II Leopold RankeC1B3
History of the Popes of Rome Vol. III Leopold RankeC1B4
Holy- Days and HolidaysEdward M. DeemsC1D11
Home Rule and the Irish QuestionGrenfell MortonC1F14
How the Gospel Came to BritainLucy DiamonC1B15
Howell Harris His Own Story; An Eyewitness Account of the 18 th Century Welsh RevivalHowell HarrisC1A15
I Saw the Light H. J. HeggerC1B33
In the Vatican Peter HebblethwaiteC1B23
Infallible? Hans KüngC1B12
Inside the VaticanCorrado PallenbergC1H16
Introducing New Testament Theology A. M. HunterC1G1
It’s Hurting Lord; Coping with Life After Death. Sam & Lois GordonC1F29
Lectures on the Council of TrentJ.A. FroudeC1F35
Livingstone; Biography of David LivingstonTim JealC1A34
Love in a Time of AIDS; Women, Health the Challenge of HIVGillian PatersonC1D26
Man From a Far Country; A Portrait of Pope John Paul IIMary CraigC1A12
Man From a Far Country; A Portrait of Pope John Paul IIMary CraigC1A13
Manning; Anglican and CatholicJohn FitzsimonsC1A41
Memories of Teilhard de Chardin J. Maxwell BrownjohnC1B20
Michael Paget BaxterNathaniel WisemanC1D19
Michael Ramsey; A LifeOwen ChadwickC1A40
Newbery Magazine Vol. III Griffith, Farran, Okeden & WelshC1D12
NewtWit! Tom ConnorC1G10
No Longer a Secret; The Church and Violence Against WomenAruna GnanadasonC1D27
Notes on the Rubric of the Roman Rituals James O’KaneC1B17
Objections to Roman Catholicism Magdalen Goffin, John Todd & OthersC1D17
One Lord= One FaithVernon JohnsonC1F27
Our Brief Against RomeRev. C.S. IsaacsonC1F42
Our Faith John C. HeenanC1B7
Our Latest Invasion David WilliamsonC1E30
Our Mass Monsignor ChevrotC1B31
Our Own Hymn Book Free Presbyterian Church of UlsterC1E34
Overcoming the Threat of Death; A Journal of One Christian’s Encounter with CancerArie BrouwerC1D28
Palestine; Its Historical GeographyRev. Archibald HendersonC1H6
Political Issues in Ireland Today Neil CollinsC1G14
Pontiff Gordon Thomas & Max Morgan-WittsC1B26
Pope John Paul IIGeorge BalzynskiC1A10
Pope Paul and the SpiritEdward D. O’ConnorC1D22
Protestants & Catholics; Do They Now Agree? John Ankerberg & John WeldonC1F38
Quiet Time; Daily DevotionalsGeorge B. DuncanC1A25
Religion in Victorian Britain Vol. I TraditionsGerald Parsons & OthersC1F19
Religion in Victorian Britain Vol. III. SourcesGerald Parsons & OthersC1D35
Religion in Victorian Britain Vol. IV InterpretationsGerald Parsons & OthersC1F17
Religion in Victorian Britain Vol. IV InterpretationsGerald Parsons & OthersC1F18
Report of the Oxford Movement Centenary Congress 1933 The Catholic Literature AssociationC1H36
Representative Churchmen of Twenty Centuries Hugh WattC1E28
Reservation; Report of a Conference Held at Farnham Castle, October, 1925 Bishops of Wiinchester, Chelmsford, Chichester, Oxford, Manchester & TruroC1D15
Return to Poland; The Collected Speeches of John Paul IIJohn Paul IIC1D31
Rev. C.S. Stanford’s Handbook to The Romish ControversyCharles S. StanfordC1F43
Revolt From the ChurchDonald GilliesC1H30
Roman Catholicism in England; From the Reformation to 1950E.I. WatkinC1A7
Romanism as It Rules in Ireland Vol. I Rev. Mortimer O’Sullivan & Rev. Robert J. McGheeC1H8
Romanism as It Rules in Ireland Vol. II Rev. Mortimer O’Sullivan & Rev. Robert J. McGheeC1H9
Rome and Canterbury, a View from GenevaDonald MacleodC1A2
Romish Indulgences of TodayFulanoC1H28
Sectarianism; A Discussion Documented; Irish Inter- Church Meeting.C1F8
Sermons in ShortsGeoffrey HoylandC1D8
Some Errors Respecting the Rights of Democracy Pope Pius XC1B34
St. Paul and Protestantism Matthew ArnoldC1E19
Taylor Smith: Everybody’s Bishop Maurice WhitlowC1E17
That Catholic Church Leslie RumbleC1E3
The (New Illustrated) Great ControversyEllen G. WhiteC1H1
The Advance of Popery in This CountryJ.C. PhilpotC1F39
The Advance of Popery in This CountryJ.C. Philpot C1F41
The Age of Hildebrand Marvin R. VincentC1E40
The Ages Before Moses; Lectures on GenesisJ.M. GibsonC1D2
The Ancient & Modern Library of Theological Literature B. PlatinaC1E22
The Anglican ReformationWilliam ClarkC1H35
The Archbishop Speaks Geoffrey Francis FisherC1B19
The Arches of the Years Halliday SutherlandC1G26
The Ardent General Liam BrophyC1B30
The Bampton Lectures George Herbert CurteisC1E32
The Best of R.A. TorreyDr. R.A. TorreyC1F7
The Book of Church Law John Henry BluntC1B14
The British at Home PontC1G23
The Call of the CloisterPeter F. AnsonC1H31
The Catenian Association 1908-1983Peter LaneC1H17
The Catholic Church in World Politics Eric O. HansonC1G36
The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described by Adrian Fortescue Adrian Fortescue & J. O'ConnellC1H10
The Changing Vesture of the Faith J. Ernest DaveyC1E12
The Christian ‘ Why Not?’ Series. ‘Why Not Russellism?’ Frank BallardC1A5
The Christian Faith J. NeunerC1G7
The Christian Fathers George G. PerryC1E33
The Christians: Their Practices and Beliefs Peter McKenzieC1E2
The Church Now; An Inquiry Into the Present State of the Catholic Church in Britain & IrelandJ. Cumming & P. Burns C1H32
The Church of England and the Ecumenical Movement; A Catholic AppreciationRev. James GoodC1F15
The Church of the Sixteenth CenturyW.H. HuttonC1A17
The Church of the West in The Middle AgesH.B. WorkmanC1D5
The Counter Reformation B. J. KiddC1G5
The Counter- ReformationMichael MullettC1D14
The Cult of the Mother Goddess E. O. JamesC1E7
The Ecumenical Council, The Church and ChristendomLorenz JaegerC1A30
The Ecumenical MovementNorman GoodallC1H29
The English Church and Nation R. H. MaldenC1B24
The English Church under Henry I M. BrettC1G32
The Essential Writings of Abraham Isaac KookA.I. Kook & B.Z. BokserC1H18
The Faith of Millions; The Credentials of the Catholic ReligionRev. John A. O’BrienC1F1
The Final ConclaveMalachi MartinC1D25
The Gold of the Sanctuary or The Final Criterion T. Austin-SparksC1E24
The Gospel and Its MinistryR. AndersonC1H2
The Great Acceptance: The Life Story of F. N. Charrington Guy ThorneC1E15
The Infallibility of the ChurchGeorge SalmonC1F34
The Jesuit EnigmaE. Boyd BarrettC1D29
The Keys of This Blood; The Struggle for World Dominion Between Pope John Paul II,
Mikhail Gorbachev & The Capitalist West Malachi MartinC1D32
The Leaven of the SadduceesErnest GordonC1H34
The Life of Sir Alexander FlemingAndré MauroisC1H11
The Lives of the Popes. Vol. II B. PlantinaC1B11
The Lost Art of Forgiving Johann Christoph ArnoldC1E38
The Making of the Popes 1978 Andrew M. GreeleyC1B10
The Making of the Popes 1978 Andrew M. GreeleyC1B9
The Martyr’s VictoryEmma LeslieC1A24
The Modern Avernus; The Descent of England: How Far? Junius JuniorC1A22
The Mosaic Era; A Series of Lectures on Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & DeuteronomyJ. Monro GibsonC1D1
The Mountain of Lilies; A Parable of CassinoBetty LovettC1A36
The National Church Hensley HensonC1B18
The National Churches: Italy A. R. PenningtonC1E20
The New Church in the New AgeC. O. RhodesC1B32
The Papacy and Modern TimesWilliam BarryC1A21
The Papal SystemWilliam CathcartC1F36
The PilgrimMichael SerafianC1E4
The Politics of the VaticanPeter NicholsC1A16
The Pope’s Divisions; The Roman Catholic Church TodayPeter NicholsC1D33
The Popes in the 20 th CenturyCarlo FalconiC1D23
The Popes’ New Order Philip HughesC1B13
The PreacherArthur S. HoytC1H4
The Prelatical Doctrine of Apostolic Succession ExaminedThomas SmythC1F4
The Price of PriestcraftHoward EvansC1F25
The Priest and His Vestments James StewartC1E27
The Promise of the Spirit Charles G. FinneyC1E1
The Psalms of David and the Higher CriticismRev. Alexander WrightC1D4
The R.C’s; A Report on Roman Catholics in Britain TodayGeorge ScottC1H19
The Realm of RedemptionJ. Robert NelsonC1H14
The Reformation George P. FisherC1B6
The Reformation in Northern England J. S. FletcherC1G4
The Reformation; A Narrative History Related by Contemporary Observers and ParticipantsHans HillerbrandC1H25
The Reformation; A Narrative History Related by Contemporary Observers and ParticipantsHans HillerbrandC1H26
The Rise of the Papal Power Robert HusseyC1B35
The Roman Catholic Church in ItalyAlexander RobertsonC1D18
The Roman Catholic Church in the Modern State Charles C. MarshallC1E31
The Roman Catholic SystemDr. William HammondC1F9
The Sacramental Society Ryder SmithC1B16
The Silence of Pius XII Carlo FalconiC1B25
The Song of the BirdAnthony de MelloC1A42
The Sorrow, The Sacrifice & The Triumph; The Apparitions, Visions and Prophecies of
Christina Gallagher Thomas W. Petrisko C1A35
The Soul of a PriestL.H. LehmannC1D6
The Spirit of the Counter-Reformation H. Outram EvennettC1G6
The Spiritual Guide Michael MolinosC1G8
The State in its Relations with the Church W. E. GladstoneC1G31
The Story of Commander Allen Gardiner John W. MarshC1E21
The Story of God’s Blessing Sandown David McIlveenC1E37
The Story of the Later Popes Charles S. IsaacsonC1B5
The Story of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland A. C. AndersonC1B22
The Super- AmericansJohn BainbridgeC1D21
The Text of the Old Testament Édouard NavilleC1B8
The Titanic’s Last Hero Moody AdamsC1E35
The Two Babylons; Romanism and Its OriginsRev. Alexander HislopC1F37
The Validity of the Baptism of the Church of RomeJames Henley ThornwellC1H23
The Vatican Council and Christian Unity Bernard LeemingC1E6
The Vatican Versus MankindAdrian PigottC1F10
The Vatican: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow George Seldes C1E9
The Westcountry Preachers Michael J. L. WickesC1G12
The Wheat and the CockleRev. P.J. GearonC1H37
The Wings of the MorningG.H. MorrisonC1H3
The Year of Armageddon; The Pope and the Bomb Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-WittsC1A9
The Year of Three PopesPeter HebblethwaiteC1A1
The Year of Three PopesPeter HebblethwaiteC1A14
Theological Translation Library; History of Dogma Vol. IDr. James MillarC1A32
Theological Translation Library; History of Dogma Vol. IIIDr. James MillarC1A26
Theological Translation Library; History of Dogma Vol. IVDr. James MillarC1A27
Thine is the KingdomJames H. HunterC1H15
This Our Sacrifice; Commentary on Eucharistic RiteL.A.E. Horsfield & H. RileyC1A38
Thomas Chalmers and the DisruptionHugh WattC1D10
Three Cardinals; Newman-Wiseman-ManningE.E. ReynoldsC1D24
Towards a Civilization of Love; Being Church in Today’s WorldCardinal Basil HumeC1H39
Travelling Toward SunriseMrs. Charles E. CowmanC1F23
True Stories from Italian History Bayford HarrisonC1E13
Truth Vs. DogmaJ.C. MacauleyC1F6
Typical Christian Leaders John CliffordC1E14
Unity and Schism T. A. LaceyC1E10
Unity in the Dark Donald GilliesC1G18
Unity in the Dark Donald GilliesC1G20
Unity in the Dark Donald GilliesC1G21
Unity in the Dark Donald GilliesC1G22
Unity in the Dark Donald Gillies C1G19
Variations of Popery by S. EdgarS. EdgarC1F32
Variations of Popery by S. EdgarS. EdgarC1F33
Vicars of Christ; The Dark Side of the PapacyPeter De RosaC1A11
Who was the First Bishop of Rome? Rev. C. De Lisle ShorttC1F22
Who’s Who in the GospelsH.A. GuyC1H12
Whose are the Father’s? J. HarrisonC1E5
Why the Cross? H.E. GuillebaudC1D7
Wife to the Archbishop; The Life Story of Jean CogganAnne ArnottC1A18
Will America Become Catholic? John F. MooreC1F44
Wrestling with ChristLuigi SantucciC1A37