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Reading Room – Dexter

The Commandments of JesusRobert F HortonDX1A1
The New Testament and its TransmissionGeorge MilliganDX1A2
The Principle Truths of our Holy ReligionThomas F WardDX1A3
The Historic ChurchJ C V DurrellDX1A4
Sabbath Evening readingsJohn CummingDX1A5
Dogmatic CatechismFrassinettiDX1A6
Catechism of the Catholic Religion Canons of the first Four General Councils of Nicaea, Constantinople,Joseph DeharbeDX1A7
Ephesis and CholcedonWilliam BrightDX1A8
Liberal Religious ThoughtW Copeland BowieDX1A9
Lectures on the Church of GodF G PattersonDX1A10
The Eucharist (law and practice)P DurieuxDX1A11
Annals of the Christian ChurchMrs ParkerDX1A12
Victorian NonconformityJohn Briggs and Ian SellersDX1A13
Aspects of ProtestantismA Herbert GrayDX1A14
The Faith of our FathersJames Cardinal GibbonsDX1A15
Not the Whole TruthJohn C HeenanDX1A16
The New OrderJ B SDX1A17
The Impending CrisisJ A WylieDX1A18
The Bible for Young PeopleH Oort and I HooykaasDX1A19
Life of Matt TalbotSir Joseph A GlynnDX1A20
A Cardinal and His ConscienceGraham HopeDX1A21
Grace, Grit and GumptionGeraint FielderDX1A22
Sharia LawDenis MacEoinDX1A23
Building and Battling for GodBrian GreenDX1A24
Building and Battling for GodBrian GreenDX1A25
Valiant for the TruthBen C PierceDX1A26
Valiant for the TruthBen C PierceDX1A27
Valiant for the TruthBen C PierceDX1A28
Victorious Christian who changed the worldPeter HammondDX1A29
Victorious Christian who changed the worldPeter HammondDX1A30
Victorious Christians who changed the worldPeter HammondDX1A31
Victorious Christians who changed the worldPeter HammondDX1A32
Victorious Christians who changed the worldPeter HammondDX1A33
Love RevolutionGaylord EnnsDX1A34
What happens at the MassWilliam BardenDX1A35
Robert Hugh Benson: The Angelic CardinalReginald Pole & C M AnthonyDX1A36
The glories of the Sacred HeartHenry EdwardDX1A37
Catholic Profiles Series1Michael de la BedoyeDX1A38
ModernismCardinal MercierDX1A39
Catholic Social Guild Pamphlets Series 2Henry ParkinsonDX1A40
Pope Pius X77- Priest and StatesmanKees Van HoekDX1A41
Instructions for first ConfessionF H JaegersDX1A42
Selected Papal Encyclicals and Letters Vol II 1931-37Pius XDX1A43
The Pope and the PeoplePope Lea XIIIDX1A44
BuddhismChristmas HumphreysDX1A45
The Divine Redeemer and His ChurchEdward DouglasDX1A46
Works of Rev Robert Hawker DD Vol 2John WilliamsDX1B1
Second Series of Lectures to my StudentsC H SpurgeonDX1B2
The early Church and the WorldCecil John CadouxDX1B3
Book Of FireBrian MognahanDX1B4
Chambers Dictionary of World HistoryBruce P Lenman and Katharine BoydDX1B5
The Thirteenth Century 1216-1307Sir Maurice PowickeDX1B6
Authority in ReligionJ H LeckieDX1B7
History of the Scottish Church Vol IIW StephenDX1B8
Illuminating Angels and DemonsSimon CoxDX1B9
The Power, Passion and Purpose of PrayerR H CreaneDX1B10
The King James Bible- Its History and ExcellenceJ R BroomeDX1B11
Faith and RationalismGeorge P FisherDX1B12
A Short History of IrelandJ C BeckellDX1B13
Cautions for the TimesAnonDX1B14
Christian Hymn-WritersElsie HoughtonDX1B15
A Testimony Founded For EverJames H SightlerDX1B16
Anatomy of the VaticanPaul HofmannDX1B17
Testimony of St Paul to ChristR J KnowlingDX1B18
The Classic Collection on PrayerE H BoundsDX1B19
The Eucharist- Pasch of God’s PeopleJ M R TillardDX1B20
The Dawn of the English ReformationHenry WarsleyDX1B21
The Decline and Fall of the Roman ChurchMalachi MartinDX1B22
Destinies and Perils of the ChurchE EB ElliottDX1B23
Our Protestant HeritageW St Clair TaylorDX1B24
Catholic BeliefJoseph Faa Di BrunoDX1B25
Peace of SoulFulton SheenDX1B26
Catholic Church in Modern WorldE E Y HalesDX1B27
White Robe, Black RobeCharles L MeeDX1B28
The Cecil King Diary 1970-74Cecil KingDX1B29
Faith and Modern ManRomano GaurdiniDX1B30
A Modern Priest looks at his Outdated ChurchJames KavanaghDX1B31
Milner RefutedCharles Hastings ColletteDX1B32
Spititual ExercisesSt IgnatiusDX1B33
New Southern Presbyterian ReviewMorecraftDX1C1
Leaders of the Church – Dr LiddonGeorge W E RussellDX1C2
Digest of the Law of EvidenceJames Fitzjames StephenDX1C3
Him that EnduredE W RodgersDX1C4
The Life of Sir George WilliamsJ E Hodder WilliamsDX1C5
The English Country ParsonWilliam AddisonDX1C6
A Leader LedGuy H KingDX1C7
More Things that MatterLord RiddellDX1C8
The Law Relating to SundayPhilip F SkottoweDX1C9
The Origin of the JesuitJames BrodrickDX1C10
The Jesuits Memorial for the Intended Reformation of England underEdward GeeDX1C11
Their First Polish Prince
The Jesuits – Their Moral MaximsJ A WylieDX1C12
Gury’s Doctrine of the JesuitsM Paul BertDX1C13
Gury’s Doctrine of the JesuitsM Paul BertDX1C14
Pocket Law LexiconA W MotionDX1C15
A Sequel to the Female JesuitMrs S LukeDX1C16
The Female Jesuit – or Spy in the SkyMrs S LukeDX1C17
The JesuitsAlban Goodier S JDX1C18
Smuts of South AfricaDorothy WilsonDX1C19
The Secret World of Opus DeiMichael WalshDX1C20
Ecclesiastical Biography Vol I AAR-BARWalter Farquhar HookDX1C21
Ecclesiastical Biography Vol 4 CHIL-ERAWalter Farquhar HookDX1C22
A Good Poor Man’s WifeClaudia L BushmanDX1C23
The Desert of the Exodus Vol IE H PalmerDX1C24
The Flowering of New EnglandVan Wyck BrooksDX1C25
Alexander Raleigh: Records of His LifeMary RaleighDX1C26
Voices of To-DayHugh SinclairDX1C27
History of the JesuitsG B NicoliniDX1C28
Jesuitism: or Catholic ActionS HannaDX1C29
The Proof of GuiltGranville WilliamsDX1C30
LettersSamuel RutherfordDX1C31
Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManJames JoyceDX1C32
Ireland:The Rock whence I was HewnDonn ByrneDX1C33
Peter Mackenzie – His Life and LaboursJoseph DawsonDX1C34
The Bible Hand-Book – Intro to the Sacred ScripturesJoseph AngusDX1D1
Studies in the Life of ChristA M Fairbairn D.D.DX1D2
The Problem of the Old TestamentJames OrrDX1D3
Church History Vol 2Professor KurtzDX1D4
Christianity Rightly So CalledSamuel G CraigDX1D5
Biblical Theology: Old and New TestamentsGeerhardus VosDX1D6
Thunder on the Right, Protest and FundamentalistsGary K ClabaughDX1D7
We dare to say Our FatherLouie EvelyDX1D8
The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary ChronicleAnonDX1D9
These Hundred Years 1831 - 1931Albert PeelDX1D10
Oswald Chambers – His Life and WorkDinsdale T YoungDX1D11
Colton Mather The Puritan PriestBarrett WendellDX1D12
Rome and the Early ChristiansLucius M PisaDX1D13
The Student’s Catholic DoctrineCharles HartDX1D14
The Scottish Church 1688-1843Andrew L Drummond andDX1D15
The Gospel Magazine and Protestant BeaconAnonDX1D16
The Christian Witness and Church Members’ MagazineAnonDX1D17
The Expectation of the PoorGuillermo CookDX1D18
History of the Jesuits Vol 3Andrew SteinmetzDX1D19
The Commandments explainedRev A DevineDX1D20
Compendium of ChronologyF H JaquemetDX1D21
The Giants and How to Fight ThemR NewtonDX1D22
Daniel Quorm and His Religious NotionsMark Guy PearseDX1D23
The Party – Coloured MindDaniel ReidDX1D24
History of the Reformation Vol 1J H Merle D’AubigneDX1E1
History of the Reformation Vol 2J H Merle D’AubigneDX1E2
History of the Reformation Vol 3J H Merle D’AubigneDX1E3
History of the Reformation Vol 4J H Merle D’AubigneDX1E4
A History of Political TheologyGeorge H SabineDX1E5
Soeur Therese of LisieuxSister TeresaDX1E6
The English Church and NationR H MaldenDX1E7
Mountain Trailways for YouthMrs Chas E CowmanDX1E8
The Unclouded FaceJohn A PattenDX1E9
The New Year of GraceVictor GollanczDX1E10
The Book of the Twelve ProphetsGeorge Adam SmithDX1E11
Israel’s Settlement in CanaanC F BurneyDX1E12
Catholic Doctrines ExplainedP RyanDX1E13
An Outline History of the Catholic ChurchReginald WalkerDX1E14
Mother Mary of the PassionDominic DevasDX1E15
The Present Darkness and Coming LightJames M GrayDX1E16
English Church in the Seventeenth CenturyC Sydney CarterDX1E17
General Beckwith – His Life and LaboursJ P MeilleDX1E18
Isaac and Jacob – Their Life and TimesGeorge RawlinsonDX1E19
Abraham – His Life and TimesWilliam DeaneDX1E20
Famous English SermonsAshley SampsonDX1E21
Collected Writings of J N Darby Vol 6J N DarbyDX1E22
The Hopes of the Church of GodJ N DDX1E23
Dissertations on the Prophesies Vol 2Thomas NewtonDX1E24
The Sayings and Doings of Benjamin BobbinBenjamin BobbinDX1E25
The Life of Rev Thos CollinsSamuel ColeyDX1E26
Believing BishopsSimon Lee and Peter StanfordDX1E27
ChapelKenneth YoungDX1E28
The Faith of MillionsJohn A O’BrienDX1E29
The Bible as History RevisedWerner KellerDX1E30
A Hundred Years War 1865-1965Bernard WatsonDX1E31
Martin LutherEdwin P BoothDX1E32
Dissertation on the Prophesies Vol 1Thomas NewtonDX1E33
Opium of the PeopleMichael BordeauxDX1F1
Memoirs of the Verney FamilyFrancis and Margaret M VerneyDX1F2
People’s Commentary on the Gospel according to LukeEdwin W RiceDX1F3
The Bible Triumphant in 2oth Century ResearchC WrquhartDX1F4
Lectures on M Renan’s ‘Vie de Jesus’John TullockDX1F5
Children’s Sunday AfternoonsCharles E StoneDX1F6
Seventy Sermon OutlinesHenry WoodcockDX1F7
The Forty Days of ScriptureW J P WalstonDX1F8
Revelation I - XIW J Limmer StoppardDX1F9
History of the ReformationJ H Merle D’AubigneDX1F10
OrangeismM W Dewer/John Brown/S E LongDX1F11
Moral and Pastoral TheologyHenry Davis SJDX1F12
Halley’s Bible HandbookHenry H HalleyDX1F13
In the Light of His ComingPhilip YoungDX1F14
Between Malachi and St MatthewGeorgina M FordeDX1F15
The Teacher’s Assistant and Bible-class Magazine Vol 17AnonDX1F16
Let Wisdom JudgeCharles SimeonDX1F17
The Teaching of the Catholic Church Vol 2George D SmithDX1F18
The Teaching of the Catholic Church Vol 2George D SmithDX1F19
The Soul of PrayerP T ForsythDX1F20
At the Gate called BeautifulO G WhitfieldDX1F21
The Punctuality of GodIan MacphersonDX1F22
The Cross in Holy ScriptureJames LittleDX1F23
Epochs of Ancient HistoryR Bosworth SmithDX1F24
Paisley -The Man and His MessageIan R K PaisleyDX1F25
MiscellaniesHenry Edward ManningDX1f26
Anatomy of a ChurchMario RinvolucriDX1F27
Islington Clerical Conference 1932- ProtestantismAnonDX1F28
Christ is All – Gospel of the PentateuchHenry LawDX1F29
The Shorter Catechism Explained by ScriptureThomas VincentDX1F30
The Great Folk of Old MaryleboneMargaret Baillie SaundersDX1F31
The American ChurchesWillam Warren SweetDX1F32
The Demon World of JesusSpiros ZodhiatesDX1F33
Cataracts of RevivalG J MorganDX1F34
The Presbyterian Magazine, Vol 1AnonDX1F35
The History of the Gospel Standard Magazine 1935 - 1985B A RamsbottomDX1F36
Comprehensive Dictionary of Original Greek Words Vol 1W E VineDX1G1
Setona Hill – Knockbreda Parish 1737 - 1987Ernest WoodDX1G2
History of the Reformation Vol 4J H Merle D’AubigneDX1G3
The Ministers’ Concordance to the New TestamentA M A GrahamDX1G4
Twelve years in a MonasteryJoseph McCabeDX1G5
Bible EchoesJames WellsDX1G6
Notes on the Book of GenesisAnonDX1G7
The Devotional Commentary Vol 2C H Irwin & A R BucklandDX1G8
Thoughts for Young MothersElsie D HolsingerDX1G9
Questions asked and answered by Our LordH W MorrowDX1G10
These Remarkable MenJohn A PattenDX1G11
Priests, Women and FamiliesJ MicheletDX1G12
Our Lady of FatimaFinbar Ryan O.P.DX1G13
Prophetic Light for the Last DaysJ J GillattDX1G14
A Quiver of ArrowsThomas DouglasDX1G15
Christian Workers’ Commentary on the Whole BibleJames GrayDX1G16
The Bible History in PicturesWerner KellerDX1G17
The Unity of the PentateuchA H FinnDX1G18
The Contemporary Pulpit Vol 9 – Jan – June 1888AnonDX1G19
The Presbyterian ChurchesJames MoffattDX1G20
A Strong CityJohn Monro GibsonDX1G21
The Age of Humanism and ReformationA C DickensDX1G22
Divine Mercy in my SoulSister M Faustina KowalskaDX1G23
Mary Jones and Her BibleMary CarterDX1G24
The Biblical Treasury Vol 1AnonDX1G25
The Scripture Exposition Vol IIICharles HollandDX1G26
The Convent – A Narrative founded on FactR McCrindellDX1G27
The Scripture Exposition Vol IVCharles HollandDX1G28
CalvinismA DakinDX1G29
The Glories of LourdesChanaine RousseilDX1G30
Thirty Thousand ThoughtsH D M Spence/Joseph S Exell/Charles NeilDX1G31
Thirty Thousand ThoughtsS Exell/ CharlesDX1G32
Some Questions of TodayHenry VaceDX1H1
Excelsior – Helps to progress in Thought and Action Vol. 3AnonDX1H2
A Treatise on the True Devotion to The Blessed Virgin Louis-Marie GrignonLouis-Marie Grignon De MontfordDX1H3
Joseph the PioneerGeorge A ParkinsonDX1H4
Challenging YouthFrederick WoodDX1H5
Gods GardenCharles Brown & 13 OthersDX1H6
Hymns of Ter Steegen Suso and othersFrances BevanDX1H7
Twenty Years with Billy SundayHomer RodenheaverDX1H8
Chronicles of the Schonberg-cotta FamilyAnonDX1H9
A Bedside Book of Irish SaintsAloysius RocheDX1H10
Songs of the Glens of AntrimMoira O’NeillDX1H11
The Study of the BibleErnest Cadman ColwellDX1H12
How I Study my BibleWilliam EvansDX1H13
What a child ought to know about the BibleH R StevensonDX1H14
Some old Testament ParablesJ Stuart-HoldenDX1H15
A Treatise on the Church of ChristJohn Williams WhittakerDX1H16
Sunday Afternoons with my Old ScholarsJohn AttenboroughDX1H17
Whatsoever Things are TrueSimon HarverterDX1H18
Discourses on the Book the RevelationAlex GregoryDX1H19
The Hive – A Storehouse of Material Vol 6AnonDX1H20
The Hive – A Storehouse of Materials Vol 5AnonDX1H21
How Shall I Study My BibleM E &F A MarkhamDX1H22
Sermons in MinitureAlfred G MortimerDX1H23
The Fundamentals – A Testimony to the TruthR A TorreyDX1H24
Methodist Magazine 1819 Vol 42AnonDX1H25
Eternal RetributionWilliam Elbert MunseyDX1H26
History of the Church of Christ Vol IIIJoseph MilnerDX1H27
A Five Years’ Course of Bible and Prayer Book TeachingHobson/Sweetapple/WagstaffDX1H28
The Coming Prince – The Last Great Monarch of ChristendomRobert AndersonDX1H29
Through the Ages Vol 2Francis E BarkerDX1H30
The Three CrossesJ W FalconerDX1H31
Personal Evangelism among CatholicsAniceto M SparagnaDX1H32
People, Church and State inModern RussiaPaul B AndersonDX1H33
The Jews from Cyrus to HerodNorman H SnaithDX1H34
England in the Twentieth CenturyDavid ThomsonDX1H35
Freeway to BabylonTalmage WilsonDX1H36
The Dynamic of All-PrayerG Granger FlemingDX1H37
The Glory of MaryJames Augustine StothertDX1H38
Our Lady of FatimaWilliam Thomas WalshDX1H39
Forty Years in the Church of ChristCharles ChiniquyDX1H40
The Priest, the Woman and the ConfessionalFather ChiniquyDX1H41