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Reading Room – Jason – Js

A Catholic Plea for Reunion Father JeromeJs1D11
A Handbook on the Papacy William Shaw KerrJs1D15
A History of the Christian ChurchWilliston WalkerJs1H10
A History of the Papacy from the Great Schism to the Sack of Rome Vol. 1 M. CreightonJs1G28
A Pope for all Christians? An Inquiry into the Role of Peter in the Modern ChurchPeter J. McCord & OthersJs1B26
A Question of ConscienceCharles DavisJs1B42
A Reformation DebateJ. Calvin & J. SadoletoJs1B20
A Textbook of Modern European History 1643-1848George W. SouthgateJs1B17
A Thorn in The SideFr. Pat BuckleyJs1B23
Adventures in Contentment David GraysonJs1F25
All in Each Place; Towards Reunion in England. Ten Anglican EssaysJ.I. PackerJs1B21
American Freedom and Catholic PowerPaul BlanshardJs1B27
An Exposition and Defence of All the Points of Faith Discussed and Defined By the
Sacred Council of Trent - St. Alphonsus M. Liguori Js1A34
An Exposition of the Epistle to the RomansIRKPJs1E31
An Open Letter to Lord Halifax M. F. CusackJs1A15
Angels & SaintsGeorge Otto SimmsJs1E12
Answers to Atheists or Notes on IngersollFr. L.A. LambertJs1B36
Asking them Questions VariousJs1A30
Awful Disclosures of Maria MonkRebecca Theresa ReedJs1H1
Bible Study by Books H. T. SellJs1A21
Broad Horizons Ivor PowellJs1D17
Cambridge Biblical Essays. Members of the University of CambridgeHenry Barclay SweteJs1H18
Catholicism, Social Control, and Modernization in Latin AmericaIvan VallierJs1B19
Catholics in England 1559-1829, A Social HistoryM.D.R. LeysJs1H22
Catholics in England: A Social History M. D. R. LeysJs1F24
Cautions for the TimesArchbishop of Dublin 1868Js1H26
Charles SimeonH.C.G. MouleJs1B22
Christ the Head of Humanity and Other Sermons Basil K. WooddJs1G27
Christian Community Bible; Catholic Pastoral EditionJs1E18
Christian Doctrine J. S. WhaleJs1G13
Christian Theology in OutlineWilliam Adams BrownJs1H33
Christianity Through the Thirteenth CenturyMarshall W. BaldwinJs1H9
Church and State on the European ContinentAdolf KellerJs1E20
Conciliar Fellowship Aram KeshishianJs1D14
Constantinople, Canterbury and Rome F. WoodlockJs1A11
Convictions Donald CogganJs1A6
Crisis For ChristianityWilliam TeelingJs1H2
Crossing the Threshold of Hope John Paul IIJs1A23
Deep Things of God William WilemanJs1D34
Dizzy - The Life and Personality of Benjamin Disraeli Hesketh PearsonJs1G6
Dogma or Doctrine J. M. Lloyd Thomas et al.Js1F20
Dr. Newman and His Religious OpinionsCharles Hastings ColletteJs1E17
Early Church HistoryE. Backhouse & C. TylorJs1H23
Effective Witness in Strategic Centres; A Symposium by University MenRev. F. HoughtonJs1B44
English Nonconformity R. VaughanJs1D23
English Saga (1840-1940)Arthur BryantJs1H6
Erasmus of Rotterdam Maurice WilkinsonJs1D12
Essays in Christian UnityHenry St. JohnJs1H24
Ethnic Conflict and Religion; Challenge to the ChurchesThéo TschuyJs1E15
Europe in the World System Ulrich DuchrowJs1D5
Evangelicalism in EnglanE.J. Poole- ConnorJs1H4
Evangelicals and the Bishops’ Pastoral Letter John J. O’ConnerJs1A22
Exeter Hall Lectures Various AuthorsJs1F11
Exeter Hall Lectures Various AuthorsJs1F18
Exeter Hall Lectures Various AuthorsJs1F19
Fallen Bastions; The Central European TragedyG.E.R. GedyeJs1H3
Foxe’s Book of Martyrs John FoxeJs1F4
Free Church Unity E. K. H. JordanJs1A12
Freedom from Fear; Churches Together in Northern Ireland. Conference ProceedingsSimon LeeJs1B40
George Whitefield- The Awakener; A Modern Study of the Evangelical RevivalAlbert D. BeldenJs1E28
Gipsy Smith: His Life and Works Gipsy SmithJs1D20
History and Destiny of the World and of the Church According to ScriptureRev. Dr. Alexander KeithJs1E25
History of Dogma Vol. II Adolph HarnackJs1A37
History of Religions Vol. 1 G. F. MooreJs1G17
History of the Early Puritans J. B. MarsdenJs1D24
How to Study the Bible Various AuthorsJs1F9
Impressions of English LiteratureW.J. Turner & OthersJs1H8
In & Out of the Box Robert DougallJs1G12
In the Beginning; The Story of the King James BibleAlister McGrathJs1B24
In The Steps of John Wesley Frederick C. GillJs1D32
In Understanding Be MenT. C. HammondJs1A25
Inspiration & Inerrancy C. A BriggsJs1D35
Inspiration of ScriptureH. Martin & R. BremnerJs1H7
Islam and Christian Witness Martin GoldsmithJs1D13
Israel and the Arabs Maxime RodinsonJs1F37
Just A Talker; Sayings of John (‘Rabbi’) DuncanJohn M. BrentnallJs1B12
Landmarks in the History of Early ChristianityKirsopp LakeJs1H25
Lawn Sleeves; A Short Life of Samuel Wilberforce Bishop of OxfordJ.C. HardwickJs1E13
Lessons for the Little Ones Evelyne D. ScottJs1F6
Life of R.W. Dale of BirminghamA.W.W. DaleJs1E4
Light of Christ; Addresses Given at the House of Retreat PlesheyEvelyn UnderhillJs1B2
Literary Lives; John Bunyan W. Robertson Nicoll &
Massacre at MontségurZoé OldenbourgJs1E29
Meditations on the PsalmsJ.G. BellettJs1B1
Memories of Father Healy Father HealyJs1G14
Miscellanies; Literary and Historical. Vol. ILord RoseberyJs1E33
Modern Romanism Examined H. W. DeardenJs1D19
Mozley’s Essays: Historical and Theological J. B. MozleyJs1D22
Murder in the Vatican; American, Russian and Papal PlotsAvro ManhattanJs1E19
Murray’s Handy Classical Maps: Palestine John MurrayJs1D6
Mystery Babylon G. H. PemberJs1G21
New Testament HolinessThomas CookJs1B14
Notes and Comments on Scripture Vol. 1 J. N. DarbyJs1A20
Notes and Comments on Scripture Vol. 5 J. N. DarbyJs1A19
Notes and Jottings from various Meetings with J.N. DarbyJ.N. DarbyJs1B16
Nuremberg Airey NeaveJs1G30
Our Priceless Heritage Henry M. WoodsJs1F15
Our Protestant Heritage W. St. Clair TaylorJs1G32
Our Protestant HeritageJs1G31
Papists and Puritans under Elizabeth I Patrick McGrathJs1A8
Paul Blanshard on Vatican II Paul BlanshardJs1A31
Peter and the Church G. Campbell MorganJs1A32
Phillip Doddridge 1702-1751Geoffrey F. NuttallJs1B30
Plain Word’s: 3 rd Series W. Walsham HowJs1F21
Pope JoanLawrence DurrellJs1B25
Popery in Politics Vol. 1 A LaymanJs1G1
Positive Protestantism Hugh T. KerrJs1A4
Power Without Glory; A Study in Ecumenical PoliticsIan HendersonJs1B43
Primitive Christianity Vol. IV; Its Writings and Teachings in Their Historical ConnectionsOtto PfleidererJs1H29
Prophecies by Bickersteth Edward BickerstethJs1G22
Protestant Christian Evidences Bernard RammJs1A3
Protestant Perceptions of the Peace ProcessDominic Murray & OthersJs1H13
Protestors for Paradise; The Story of Christian Reformers from the 13th – 21st Century F.Gumley & B. RedheadJs1H32
Pure Gold G. D. WatsonJs1F17
Religion and Social Class; The Disruption Years in AberdeenA. Allan MacLarenJs1E32
Religion in ScotlandHenry F. HendersonJs1H17
Religion, State and Society in Modern Britain Paul BadhamJs1G4
Religious Liberty Francesco RuffiniJs1A38
Restoration in the Church; Reports of Revivals 1625-1839 Glasgow Revival Tract SocietyJs1B7
Revelation and the Bible; Contemporary Evangelical ThoughtCarl F.H. HenryJs1B46
Rise and Growth of the English Nation Vol. 1 W. H. S. AubreyJs1F38
Rise and Growth of the English Nation Vol. 2 W. H. S. AubreyJs1F39
Rise and Growth of the English Nation Vol. 3 W. H. S. AubreyJs1F40
Road to Sodom Jean ReesJs1F26
Roman Catholicism Sebastian BulloughJs1A7
Romanism and the Reformation from the Standpoint of Prophecy H. Grattan GuinnessJs1A13
Rome and St Peter John JamiesonJs1A10
Rome and St Peter John JamiesonJs1A9
Saints & Non- Saints; Some Saintly and Not-So- Saintly Figures from Church HistoryChrista Gingery HabeggerJs1B28
Six Thousand Years of the Bible G. S. WegenerJs1G3
Social England Vol. V H. D. TraillJs1D1
SpinozaStuart HampshireJs1B35
Standing on Faith A. B. SimpsonJs1D10
State of the Protestant IrelandJs1F35
The ‘Forty Days’ of ScriptureW.T.P. WolstonJs1H20
The 39 Articles and the Age of the Reformation E. Tyrrell GreenJs1G19
The Advance of Romanism in England J. B. NicholsJs1D9
The Ancient Catholic Church R. RainyJs1D2
The Atonement in the Light of History and the Modern Spirit David SmithJs1F5
The Authorised Biography of the Bishop of London Percy ColsonJs1D3
The Authoritative Inspiration of Holy ScriptureRev. C.H. WallerJs1B29
The Berean Expositor Vol. X. Monthly MagazineC. H Welch & F.P Brininger Js1E30
The Bishops in the Power Herbert Mortimer LuckockJs1F13
The Box and the Puppets Nathaniel MicklemJs1F23
The Cambridge Modern History Vol. II: The Reformation Lord ActonJs1G2
The Catholicism Explained New TestamentJs1G23
The Church and the Papacy Trevor Gervase JallandJs1A2
The Church of England Before the ReformationDyson HagueJs1H15
The Church of the West in the Middle Ages H. B. WorkmanJs1F41
The Class and the Desk James Comper GrayJs1G5
The Collected Writings of J. N. Darby Expository No. 1 Vol. 19 William KerryJs1A16
The Collected Writings of J. N. Darby Expository No. 2William KellyJs1A24
The Collected Writings of J. N. Darby Expository No. 5 Vol. 26 William KerryJs1A18
The Collected Writings of J. N. Darby Expository No. 7 Vol. 28 William KerryJs1A17
The Collected Writings of J. N. Darby Practical No. 1 Vol. 16 J. N. DarbyJs1F27
The Collected Writings of J. N. Darby Vol. 3 William KerryJs1A36
The Collected Writings of J. N. Darby Vol. 4 William KerryJs1A35
The Confessional in the Church of England G. E. Alison WeeksJs1A33
The Conversion of EuropeC.H. RobinsonJs1E3
The Crystal Pointers F. W. BorehamJs1G29
The Dawn of History J. L. MyresJs1G11
The Decline and Fall of the Medieval Papacy L. Elliott BinnsJs1D36
The Difficulties of the SoulW. Hay & M.H. AitkenJs1B15
The Doctrine of the Christian MinistryJohn LineJs1H34
The Dollar and the VaticanAvro ManhattanJs1E21
The Dollar and the VaticanAvro ManhattanJs1E22
The Early Church and the Coming Great Church John KnoxJs1D16
The Early Church; its Orders and InstitutionsA. Hermann ThomasJs1B39
The Eastern Churches and Catholic UnityMaximos IV Sayegh et al.Js1B6
The English Church and the Romish SchismW. Blackwood & SonsJs1B32
The Evolution of Latin Christianity James HeronJs1A14
The First Assembly of the World Council of Churches W. A. Visser ‘T HooftJs1G7
The Foundations of Faith. Brampton Lectures 1879Henry WaceJs1E24
The Foundations of Social OrderRousas John RushdoonyJs1B31
The Giant Masquerade; An Historical Survey of the Roman HierarchyFrank C. RaynorJs1H21
The Gospel According to Saint John B. F. WestcottJs1D37
The Gospel of CertaintyDavid J. BurrellJs1B11
The Great Mantle; The Life of Giuseppe Melchiore Sarto, Pope Pius XKatherine BurtonJs1H27
The Greatest Book in the World Enid BlytonJs1G20
The Heart of the Evangelical Faith Robert ClarkeJs1D18
The Hibbert Lectures 1880; Lectures on the Influence of the Institutions, Thought and
Culture of Rome Ernest RenanJs1E8
The Hibbert Lectures 1885; Influence of the Apostle PaulOtto PfleidererJs1B5
The Holy Bible with Notes by Wordsworth: The Minor Prophets WordsworthJs1F1
The Holy Bible with Notes by Wordsworth: The Pentateuch Vol. 1 WordsworthJs1F2
The Holy Roman Empire James Viscount BryceJs1F33
The Honest to God Debate J. A.T. Robinson & D.L. EdwardsJs1F12
The Irish Preacher: A Collection of Original Sermons by Evangelical Ministers. Rev. William Cairns, Rev. James Carlile, Rev. James Morgan et al.Js1E23
The Jesuits; A HistoryDavid MitchellJs1E5
The King’s Business Lesson NotesJs1D31
The Life and Letters of Sir Henry Jones H. J. W. HetheringtonJs1G16
The Measured Times of the BibleC.G. Ogilvy Van LennepJs1E9
The Men of the Vatican T. B. HowellsJs1F28
The Mysteries of the Vatican Theodore GriesingerJs1F34
The New Cyclopedia of Illustrative Anecdote, Religions and MoralsRev. Donald Macleod et al.Js1B37
The Newer Criticism Robert WattsJs1G9
The Old- Time ReligionDavid J. BurrellJs1B13
The Papal Hierarchy Dr. WylieJs1F32
The People of God Vol. 1 & 2 H. F. HamiltonJs1G18
The Power of the Blood & The Blood of the Cross Andrew MurrayJs1F10
The Realm of Redemption; Studies in the Doctrine of the Nature of the Church in
Contemporary Protestant Theology J. Robert Nelson Js1H19
The ReformationHans J. HillerbrandJs1H31
The Reunion of the Church J. E. Lesslie NewbiginJs1G8
The Riddle of Roman Catholicism Jaroslav PelikanJs1G33
The Rise of PuritanismWilliam HallerJs1H5
The Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales; A Short HistoryE.E. ReynoldsJs1H28
The Roman Catholic Church in ItalyAlexander RobertsonJs1H30
The Roman Church and the Modern ManH.D.A. MajorJs1H14
The Sacraments: An Ecumenical Dilemma Vol. 24 ConciliumJs1A27
The Saying’s & Doings of Benjamin Bobbin and his Folk Book 1 Thomas ChampnessJs1A28
The Secret History of the JesuitsEdmond ParisJs1E26
The Secret History of the JesuitsEdmond ParisJs1E27
The Shadow of Calvary Hugh MartinJs1A29
The Shorter Catechism; With Explanatory NotesJ.L.M. Haire & J. ThompsonJs1B4
The Small MissalJs1F22
The Soul of PrayerP.T. ForsythJs1B41
The Spirit and Forms of ProtestantismLouis BouyerJs1B3
The Story of Religion in EnglandBrooke HerfordJs1H16
The Temperance Bible CommentaryF. Richard Lees & D. BurnsJs1H11
The Temptation F. H. WrightJs1G25
The Ten CommandmentsThomas WatsonJs1B8
The Ten CommandmentsThomas WatsonJs1B9
The Ten Commandments F. H. WrightJs1G26
The True Face of the Kirk; An Examination of the Ethos and Traditions of the Church
of Scotland R. Stuart LoudenJs1E7
The Vatican Jean NeuvecelleJs1D29
The Vatican Connection Richard Hammer’sJs1F29
The Vatican Connection Richard Hammer’sJs1F30
The Vatican Decrees W. E. GladstoneJs1F31
The Vatican Papers Nino Lo BelloJs1D27
The Vatican: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow George SeldesJs1D28
The Waldensians Giorgio TournJs1D7
The Wild Rose of Lough Gill Patrick G. SmythJs1G10
The Wind of the Spirit James S. StewartJs1D33
The Years of Endurance Arthur BryantJs1G15
Their Kingdom Come; Inside the Secret World of Opus DeiRobert HutchisonJs1B38
These Eventful Years; the Twentieth Century in the Making. Vol. I. Encyclopedia BritannicaJs1E1
These Eventful Years; the Twentieth Century in the Making. Vol. II. Encyclopedia BritannicaJs1E2
Things New & Old John SpencerJs1D21
Thirty Minutes to Raise the Dead D. R. DaviesJs1F36
Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition Rafael SabatiniJs1A1
Trial and Triumph Charles BrownJs1F8
True Bible ChronologyBasil StewartJs1E6
True Nobility; Golden Deeds and The Noble Life of Lord ShaftesburyJ.W. KirtonJs1B33
Twice-Born Men H. Y. PickeringJs1F3
Twilight of a Great Civilization Carl F. H. HenryJs1D4
Types of English PietyR.H. CoatsJs1E10
Ulster’s Uncertain Defenders Sarah NelsonJs1A5
Unholy War; The Vatican’s Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-SemitismDavid I. KertzerJs1E16
Universal History on Scriptural Principles Vol. 3 AnonJs1G24
Vatican Assignment Alec RandallJs1D25
Vatican Assignment Alec RandallJs1D26
Vatican Observed John MoormanJs1D30
Vatican; A NovelMalachi MartinJs1E14
Von Hügel and the SupernaturalA. Hazard Dakin. Jr.Js1B45
Wayfarers of the BibleDavid J. BurrellJs1B10
Wendell’s Guardian Angel Bob JonesJs1D8
What is Catholicism? Edmond SchererJs1A26
What is Man? A Christian Assessment of the Powers and Functions of Human PersonalityJ. Stafford WrightJs1H12
What we Have Seen and Heard During Twenty-Five Years Evangelistic LaboursJames McKendrickJs1B34
William Law on Christian PerfectionW. Law & E. RandolphJs1E11
Wonders and Treasures of the Past Unearthed D. WoodsJs1F16
You are Wrong Father Huddleston Alexander StewardJs1F14
Your Study Bible John Weaver WeddellJs1F7