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Reading Room – Pat – P

A Brief Outline of the Book of the RevelationT. NewberryP1D2
A Case for a Retrial of the UDR 4: EvidenceP1G68
A Charismatic Approach to Social ActionL. ChristensonP1B55
A Chat with Young MenS. J. FosterP1D38
A Closer Walk: Prayers as a way of lifeVarious P1B71
A Concise History of Lisburn and NeighbourhoodP1E7
A Declaration of IndependenceR. HelmerP1E17
A Dictionary of SynonymsAustin GrayP1H11
A Grief ObservedC. S. LewisP1E94
A Handbook to the PsalmsAnon.P1F44
A History of Baptist Separation B.V. Bartlett P1C88
A House not made with Hands – St Columba’s KnockBetty RainsfordP1G40
A Layman’s Account of His Faith and PracticeP1G115
A Legacy of TearsD. PattersonP1E34
A Look into EternityJ. T. Mawson P1A89
A Manual of Sermon ConstructionR. J. Wardell P1B79
A Map of LifeF. J. SheedP1E21
A Memorial Sketch: Townsend St. Presbyterian Church, Belfast P1C62
A New Day is Dawning: ‘No Mores’ of RevelationDavid GordonP1G33
A New Testament Who’s WhoJ. CrawfordP1D66
A Pastor’s Dilemma – Billy GrahamE. HulseP1G66
A Pastor’s ReverieF. Kirby P1A80
A Plain Man’s Prayer BookP1G114
A Practical Guide to the First Study of the Greek TestamentE.B.P1F18
A Primer of Roman CatholicismCharles WrightP1H4
A Prince in Israel: David BaronR. McCracken P1C90
A Roman Catechism with a Reply TheretoJ. WesleyP1E97
A Roman Catechism with a Reply TheretoJ. WesleyP1E98
A Short Study of Esau-Edom in JewryC. F. ParkerP1E26
A Startling Exposure: Billy Graham and the Church of RomeIRKP P1E18
A Very Present HelpW. Dobbie P1B97
According to Matthew HenryL. F. Church P1A31
Acres of DiamondsR. H. ConwellP1A70
Acres of DiamondsR. H. Conwell P1B37
Active Service with ChristSir W. DobbieP1E30
Adam Clarke- Saint and ScholarRobert GallagherP1F53
Aldophe Monod’s Farewell [Translated]O. Thomas P1A87
All Things for GoodThomas WatsonP1F5
Almah: Virgin or Young Woman?G. L. Lawlor P1A60
Altered Translant on of Genesis II:5 B. W. Newton P1B30
America’s Debt to UlsterIRKP P1A3
America’s Debt to UlsterIRKP P1A4
America’s Debt to UlsterIRKP P1A5
America’s Debt to UlsterIRKP P1A6
America’s Debt to UlsterIRKP P1A68
America’s Debt to UlsterIRKP P1B11
America’s Debt to UlsterIRKP P1B96
An Anglo American Interpreter Horwill P1B22
An Antidote against ArminianismChristopher NessP1G42
An Antidote against ArminianismChristopher NessP1G43
An Antidote against ArminianismChristopher NessP1G44
An Antidote against ArminianismChristopher NessP1G45
An Antidote against ArminianismChristopher NessP1G46
An Antidote against ArminianismChristopher NessP1G47
An Antidote against ArminianismChristopher NessP1G48
An Antidote against ArminianismChristopher NessP1G49
An Antidote against ArminianismChristopher NessP1G50
An Antidote Against ArminianismChristopher NessP1H16
An English Library F. Seymour Smith P1C9
An Examination of DispensationalismW.E. CoxP1F74
An Irish DimensionP1F96
Angus: Our PrecentorIsabel CameronP1F54
AntichristIRKP P1C16
Antichrist – All the Popes say ‘I am Christ’IRKPP1G10
Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine M. Sheehan P1C69
Apostles of ErrorAlan CairnsP1F22
Apostles of ErrorAlan CairnsP1F23
Apostles of Error A. Cairns P1B33
Apples of Gold for 1904 C.R. Parsons P1B78
Armageddon: Oil and the Middle East CrisisWalvoord & Walvoord P1C47
Attitude to AfricaLewis/Scott/Wright et al P1C85
Baffled to Fight BetterO. ChambersP1E83
Baptism and the New Covenant P. MauroP1C12
BarnabasG. Buchanan RyleyP1G95
Basic Fundamentals of FaithT.C. Danson SmithP1G87
Battle of the Boyne 1690H. MurtaghP1E36
Be Filled with The SpiritLehman StraussP1H23
Be Sure: Seven Rules for Public SpeakingIRKPP1E71
Before You Lose It AllD. A. NorrisP1D25
Beyond ReligionD. JenkinsP1D19
Bible CharactersD. L. Moody P1A16
Bible Class PrimersJohn SkinnerP1H39
Bible Manners and CustomsG. M. MackieP1G98
Bible QueriesH E WalterP1G35
Bible ReadingsH. Moorhouse P1A28
Bible TrinitiesMary BazeleyP1G91
Biblical Answers to Bothersome QuestionsDr. B. Jones III P1B91
Biblical Separation DefendedG. CohenP1D69
Billy Bray: The King’s SonF.W. BourneP1G15
Billy Graham – The Pastor’s Dilemma [3 Copies]B. Graham P1A63
Borderlines- PoetryLeland Bardwell (Ed.)P1F67
Born to Write: Biograph of A.W. PinkR. P. Belcher P1C20
BoycottClifford SmythP1G2
Brave Boys of DerryW. Chantry P1A79
Bringing Others to JesusNoel GrantP1F33
Britain Opens a GatewayS. S. PerryP1E20
Broadcast TalksC. S. LewisP1H25
Building and Battling for GodBrian GreenP1F31
Calendar of Presbyterian College Belfast 1965-1966P1F42
Call The Sabbath a DelightW. Chantry P1A78
Call to The UnconvertedR. BaxterP1B57
Calvin and the CalvinistsPaul HelmP1F70
CampbellismA. Campbell P1A10
Can A Young Man Trust his God?P1E81
Cardinal Pole K. B. McFarlane P1A36
Chapels and Meeting HousesDavid A BartonP1G63
Cheering Words Annual 1943 P1B95
Christ and the BahaullahG. TownsendP1E62
Christ is ComingT. H. SalmonP1D51
Christ of the GospelsSchaffP1D35
Christ or the Kremlin?L. Buxton GrestyP1H15
Christ’s Second ComingBenjamin W. NewtonP1G101
Christ’s Standard BearerG. H. FindlayP1A46
Christian DoctrinePresbyterian BoardP1C59
Christian LoveHugh BinningP1G96
Christian TerrorA. LewisP1D42
Christian TerrorFather A. LewisP1A12
Christianity in NorthamptonshireCommittee MembersP1E35
Churches Together in PilgrimageBCC & CTSP1G51
Churches Together in PilgrimageBCC and CTSP1G82
Clovis Chappell – Preacher of the WordW. D. ChappellP1E3
Come Ye ApartJ. R. Miller P1B1
Coming to ChristC. C. BlakelockP1H28
Confess Your SinsJohn R.W. StottP1E112
Consider Him- Sermons on the Pre-eminence of ChristI.R.K.P & OthersP1F73
Constitutional and Administrative LawD. Cockain P1C81
Contemporary Rome- Viewed Through HistoryClive GillisP1F60
Convent Life UnveiledEdith O’ GormanP1F47
Convent Life UnveiledEdith O’ GormanP1F48
Convent Life UnveiledEdith O’ GormanP1F49
Convent Life UnveiledEdith O’ GormanP1F50
Counsels to Sunday School TeachersJ.A. CooperP1G25
CounterblastsW. ShawcrossP1D57
Countess of Huntington – Narrative toP1D73
Cowper’s Letters with MemoirDr. Macaulay (Ed)P1H50
Crime and Punishment in West BelfastLiam Kennedy (Ed)P1G27
Crime and the Criminal LawB. WootonP1B53
Cross Every Mountain: The Story of Lily Boal, MissionaryP1G37
Crusader for Christ: The Story of Billy GrahamJean WilsonP1E92
D. P. Thompson: Personal EncountersP1E40
Daily DutiesRev. J. McDonnell P1B50
Daniel’s Prophecy of the 70 WeeksA. J. McClain P1B89
David Recovered All B. Singh P1B32
DementiaJ. Keen P1C89
Democratic Values and the CurrencyMichael PortilloP1G73
Difficulties in the BibleR. A. TorreyP1E78
DivorceJohn MurrayP1F64
DivorceJohn MurrayP1G79
Divorce and Remarriage in the ChurchS. A. EllisonP1D67
Do Miracles then ContinueRonald CookeP1F61
Documents of The Christian ChurchEdited by H. BettensonP1E75
Don’t Fence Me InRay DaveyP1G54
Down to EarthH. WilliamsP1E66
E. L. Mascall – Grace and Glory edited by the Archbishop of York EditedP1A71
Ecclesiastical Polity – A Reply to the Work of Thomas WitherowR. H. CarsonP1H2
Education for a World AdriftSir R. Livingstone P1A61
El MuhraqaE. Friedman P1B36
Elements of InstructionCharles WordsworthP1H21
Elements of LogicT. K. AbbottP1E86
Elements WithinW. E. JackelP1E19
English Catholicism 1558-1642A. Dures P1B45
English Letters of the XVIII CenturyJ. Aitken P1A21
English LiteratureStopford A. BrookeP1H46
English PronouncedC. Whitaker-WilsonP1H43
Enough Already and other Church RhymesRichard S ArmstrongP1G75
European Prospects B.W. Newton P1B23
Evangelical and CongregationalGordon T BoothP1G34
Everlasting Punishment W. T. HobsonP1D1
Evolution at the BarP. Mauro P1C15
Excellent Thoughts from the Word of GodJ. F. Gray P1B94
Faith in Bomb CityB. FordeP1E49
Faithful Unto Death: The Martyrs of East AngliaP. Brand P1C7
Fifty Million CaliforniansLeon BouvierP1F99
Fifty Sermons by a London MinisterAnon. P1B85
Finding GodJ. JonesP1D55
Floods Upon the Dry GroundS. Jardine P1B26
For Christ’s SakeO. Fielding Clarke P1C29
Forty Years in the Morman Church R. C. EvansP1E32
Foundation Truths of the FaithJ. Ritchie P1A25
Four Front Doors to N.T. ChurchesS. E. AndersonP1B61
Fourscore and MoreL. Glegg P1A82
Fourteenth Conference of European Young Christian Democrats P1G8
Friends and Acquaintances of Henry CookeT. JacksonP1H59
From Coalpit to PulpitP. MackenzieP1D39
From Fear to FaithM. Lloyd JonesP1E69
From the Palace to PrisonG. ArmstrongP1E91
From Vision to VictoryKaren HeggartyP1G64
Full Fifty YearsS.Farrant Russell P1C5
Fundamentalist Mis-information on Bible VersionsD. A. WaiteP1H53
Future Punishment of the WickedW.S. AllenP1F83
Gambling and BettingR. H. Charles P1E1
Giants of BritainJ. Foster ForbesP1D44
Gladstone, Disraeli and later Victorian Politicians P. AdelmanP1D63
Gleanings from the GreekAlfred MarshallP1F11
God Answers PrayersJ. Wilkinson P1B67
God Wrote Only One BibleJasper James RayP1H51
God’s Greatest WonderM. Goodman P1A11
God’s Witness to Chronology in the Great PyramidA. K. Herbert P1B27
Going StraightF. Lemon P1C44
Gold from GolgothaR. Bradley JonesP1D5
Great Christian BooksH. Martin P1A77
Great Personal Workers F. Witesell P1C67
Guilty Clergy!P. W. PetterP1E70
Guns in UlsterBrookeboroughP1B10
Hannah MoreJ & M CollingwoodP1D65
Hard Words for Hard TimesC. Y. BlissP1E108
Harvest Preaching [8 Sermons]Various authors P1A15
Health and HolinessF. Thompson P1A13
Heart Talks on HolinessColonel Brengle P1C60
Heaven and How To Get ThereD. L. Moody P1B72
HenceforthEvan HopkinsP1F101
Henry VIII M. D. PalmerP1D64
Henry Ward Beecher in the PulpitH. R. Haweis P1A14
Heritage: A Study of DisruptionG. D. Henderson P1B19
His Passion ForeverD. A. LordP1B54
His Touch Has Still its Ancient PowerT. B. Rees P1A27
Historical Sketch of Reformed Presbyterian Church Grosvenor Road, BelfastP1E5
Historical Sketch of Reformed Presbyterian Church Of Scotland R. NaismithP1D52
Historical Sketch of the Gospel Standard BaptistsS.F. PaulP1F36
Historical Tablets: John Wesley’s ChapelT. F. Hulme P1A76
History of the CrossHenry D. WardP1F69
History of the New Tribes MissionPaul FlemingP1G16
Holiness: The False and the True H. A. Ironside P1A34
Holy CommunionW.H. RidleyP1G116
Honest to GodJ. RobinsonP1E63
How Beautiful [Short Sermons] A. SmithP1D26
How Great Thou Art [3 in 1 Issue] Benson, Tozer and Nicholson P1C23
How to Get Your Prayers AnsweredCharles BishopP1G26
How to Instruct a ConvertA. Gits P1C78
How to Mark Your BibleMrs Stephen MenziesP1H52
How to Master the English BibleJames M. GrayP1G94
How to Organise and Administer a Great Sunday SchoolL. EntzmingerP1F93
How to Point a Soul to Christ R. E. Ford P1B84
How To PrayR. A. TorreyP1G107
How To PrayR.A. Torrey P1C3
Howell Harris: 18 th Century Welsh RevivalEyewitness AccountP1F55
Human Relations and the South African SceneDutch Reformed ChurchP1G7
HumilityWilliam Thomson JrP1H5
If Ye Shall AskO. Chambers P1C64
In All Their AfflictionM. Campbell P1C42
In Search of the TruthN. Bennet P1B69
In the Footprints of the LambG. SteinbergerP1D27
In the Steps of the CovenantersA.S. Horne & J.B. Hardie P1B51
In Their Own WordsChristopher GillP1G55
InspirationHodge & WarfieldP1G85
Intercepted LettersA. S. McNairn P1A57
Into a Large Place: Missionary Adventures in the AmazonWilliam McCombP1G17
Introducing the Christain FaithA.M. Ramsey P1B31
Ireland; Why Britain Must Get OutPaul FootP1F84
Irish MethodismF. JeffreyP1D37
Irvingism, Tongues and the Gifts of the Holy SpiritD. M. Panton P1B49
Is All Scripture Inspired?J. C. RyleP1G72
Is Higher Criticism Scholarly? R. Wilson P1B29
Is That Lamp Going Out? Anon P1B13
Is The Antichrist at Hand?O. J. Smith P1A20
Is the Higher Criticism Scholarly? R.D. WilsonP1F58
Isaac Watts RememberedDavid FountainP1F66
Jazer J. IronsP1D47
Jerusalem Through the StereotypeJ. L. Hurlbut P1A86
Jesus Rediscovered Malcolm MuggeridgeP1F20
John CalvinA. T. DaviesP1E54
John KensitJ. C. Wilcox P1A48
John Kensit; Reformer and MartyrJ.C. WilcoxP1F82
John KnoxD. Shaw P1C91
John Knox: The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women P1B74
John Ploughman’s TalkC. H. SpurgeonP1E27
John Ploughman’s Talk C.H. Spurgeon P1C65
Jonah: A Study in CompassionO. P. Robertson P1B25
Jonah: Patriot and RevivalistF.S. Webster P1C1
Jonathan EdwardsI.R.K.PP1F59
Jonathan EdwardsIRKPP1A52
Joy Bells ReciterVarious P1C68
Jubilee Services – Ebenezer Chapel, Biddenden, KentP1H30
Judges C. Y. BlissP1E56
Kept for the Master’s UseF. R. Havergal P1A72
Kept for the Master’s UseFrances R HavergalP1H44
Key to Church History (Ancient)BluntP1F52
Key to Revised English GrammarA. S. WestP1D34
Kikuyu MartyrsE. M. WIsemanP1G78
Knowing the FutureAlbert JansenP1F45
Knowing the Mind of GodWestminster ConferenceP1G84
Lady Glenorchy and her ChurchesD. P. ThompsonP1G80
Landmarks of Church HistoryHenry CowanP1G110
Latin New TestamentP1H40
Laurence OlivierF. Baxter P1C82
Lausanne 77: 50 Years of Faith and Order WCCP1G32
Leading Roman Catholics to ChristW. EwinP1D29
Lectures to my StudentsC.H. SpurgeonP1F68
Lessons of the SanctuaryJ. N. StoreyP1G108
Lest We Forget: The Source of IRA/SFJ. A. Kensit P1G41
Lets Weight the EvidenceBarry BurtonP1F30
Letters to Young ChurchesJ. B. Phillips P1B16
Life in the WordPhillip MauroP1H6
Life More AbundantJ. KhanP1D50
Lift Up a StandardA. E. Hughes P1A45
Lift Up a StandardA.E. Hughes P1C39
Lift Up A Standard (100 years of the Irish Church Mission)A. E. HughesP1G88
Living Stories of Famous HymnsE. K. EmurianP1E45
Lord Radstock and the Russian AwakeningD. FountainP1E14
Lord Radstock and the Russian AwakeningD. Fountain P1B60
Loyalist Parades in PortadownBryan, Fraser & DunnP1E39
Luther and his KatieD. MacCuishP1D28
Luther: A Short BiographyJ.A. Froude P1C73
Making Christ Known S. Seymour P1A17
Man – The Dwelling Place of GodA. W. TozerP1G111
Maria Monk P1A88
Martin Luther – The ManR. Gordan Short P1C54
Memories of a Wayfaring ManM. CampbellP1E43
Men and Movements in the Primitive ChurchF. F. BruceP1E29
Men Who Shaped AmericaR. Flood P1A81
Messengers, Watchmen and StewardsA. F. Winnington IngramP1B82
Methodism & the Irish ProblemFrederick JefferyP1F92
Michel Lorio’s CrossHesba StrettonP1G104
Mighty MomentsLionel B FletcherP1G38
Mill Hill ChapelL. Schroeder P1B66
Minutes of Conference: Methodist Church in Ireland, Cork 1974P1C71
Modern Eucharistic Agreement ARCICP1E104
Monday’s Prayer Letter on The AirJ. Jackson P1B40
Morality, Law and GraceJ. N. D. AndersonP1D72
More Pioneers [Biographies of Baptist Missionaries] H. L. Hemmens P1A74
Mormon Claims AnsweredM. CowanP1E9
Morning and Evening: Daily ReadingsC.H. Spurgeon P1C102
Morning MessagesJ.C. MasseeP1F40
Moses, Child of FaithBenjamin W. NewtonP1G102
Moses, Child of FaithBenjamin W. NewtonP1G103
Mount of Olives: Lectures on PrayerJ. HamiltonP1E10
Mr ProtestantIRKPP1H58
Mrs C. H. SpurgeonC. Ray P1B35
Mussolini and ItalyC.C. Bayne-Jardine P1C21
My WordH. WilliamsP1E58
Mystery 666D. E. Stanton P1B75
Mystery Doctrines of the New TestamentE. Wilson P1C14
Neighbours [Memorial Lectures 1978-9]C.C. O’Brien P1A51
Neo-Orthodoxy C. Ryrie P1C87
Newmills Congregation 1796-1947Joseph NimmonsP1G29
No Pope HereI.R.K.PP1F75
No Pope HereIRKPP1G86
None Other NameH.T. ChilversP1F91
Northern IrelandH. ShearmanP1E68
Northern IrelandH. Shearman P1A83
Northern Ireland 1920-82J. D. ClareP1E6
Northern Ireland: Questions of NuancePadraig O’MalleyP1G24
Not Knowing WhitherO. Chambers P1B15
Old Scottish Psalm TunesJ.S.AP1F25
Old Testament CriticismJ. KennedyP1H24
Oliver Cromwell- A Ladybird Adventure BookP1F17
Oliver PlunkettT. O’Fiaich P1C8
On Behalf of the CreaturesJ. Todd FerrierP1E64
On Towards the GoalW. P. NicholsonP1D4
Only Two Religions (And Other Gospel Papers) H. A. Ironside P1B38
OrangeismAnon P1A7
Origin and Witness of the Irish Evangelical ChurchW.J. GrierP1C84
Our Daily HomilyF. B. MeyerP1E76
Our Judaeo – Irish Labour PartyJ. BanisterP1E96
Our Lady of Sorrows [Translated]F. J. Sheed P1B47
Our Lord’s IllustrationsR. PeskerP1E73
Our Nearest KinsmanR. Hession P1B4
Out of the Devil’s Pawn ShopS & L Murray P1C18
Over the River to CharlieC.H. SpurgeonP1F81
Paisley and Mystery Babylon the GreatRonald CookeP1F62
Papal Theology and America TodayR. CookeP1E77
Papal Theonomy and America TodayRonald CookeP1F63
Papers Commemorating the Quarter Century of the Scottish ReformationP1G19
Papers Commemorating the Quarter Century of the Scottish ReformationP1G20
Papers Commemorating the Quarter Century of the Scottish ReformationP1G21
Papers Commemorating the Quarter Century of the Scottish ReformationP1G22
Paradise LostJohn MiltonP1E113
Paroles De JésusJ. Jeremias P1B9
Pillars of the Perfect LifeJ. G. Ridley P1C83
Pioneers of the Heavenly WayT. Austin SparksP1G74
Pocket Commentary: Exodus 1-8B.F.C. Akinson P1C35
Pocket Commentary: Exodus 15-21B.F.C. Akinson P1C37
Pocket Commentary: Exodus 21-28B.F.C. Akinson P1C38
Pocket Commentary: Exodus 28-40B.F.C. Atkinson P1C48
Pocket Commentary: Exodus 8-14B.F.C. Akinson P1C36
Pocket Commentary: Genesis 22-31B.F.C. Akinson P1C32
Pocket Commentary: Genesis 31-41B.F.C. Akinson P1C33
Pocket Commentary: Genesis 41-50B.F.C. Akinson P1C34
Pocket Commentary: Leviticus 1-4B.F.C. Atkinson P1C49
Pocket Commentary: Leviticus 14-24B.F.C. Atkinson P1C51
Pocket Commentary: Numbers 18-31B.F.C. Atkinson P1C50
Pocket Commentary: Numbers 31- Deuteronomy 5 B.F.C. Atkinson P1C53
Pocket Commentary: Numbers 7-18B.F.C. Atkinson P1C52
Poems of a Parachute PadreJ. W. JohnstonP1E37
Poland of Today [1956]P1E22
Power From On HighD. L. Moody P1C43
Practical and Perplexing Questions AnsweredR. A. Torrey P1A69
Praying AlwaysFrans BakkerP1G28
Preacher and ProphetW. Lamb P1C63
Preaching on JohnR. C. H. LenskiP1D76
Preaching: A SymposiumEdited by J.M. Feehan P1C80
Precious Promises (No. 5) J C Kyle Paisley (Ed)P1H60
Precious Promises [Edited]J. C. K. PaisleyP1D56
Prevailing Prayer and RevivalJ. GoforthP1H49
Private Eye: The Fourth and Final Diary of John MajorP1G3
Prologue – A Drama of John HusBob JonesP1E8
Pronouncing Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names W. Mowat P1A2A
Proofs: Messiah, the Son of DavidJ. C. ReichardtP1E82
Prophetic InsightsJ. RaffertyP1D6
PSelected Poems by G. M. HopkinsEdited by J. Reeves P1A47
PThe Death of the CrossH.H.S. P1C55
Pulpit Equipment A. R. KellyP1B14
Puritanism in the Old and New TestamentA. SimpsonP1D70
Pursued – Holocaust Story of J. Vera Schalmm B. Friedman P1B43
Put God on Main StreetRex HumbordP1G83
Questionable AmusementsFrederick P WoodP1F24
Reconciled BeingM. McAleese P1A53
Reformed Presbyterian Testimony Part II HistoricalP1H29
Religion – Red and RottenH. R. PikeP1D33
Religion: Red and RottenH. Pike P1A84
Reminiscences for 30 Years of Gospel WorkSamuel BlowP1G89
Rev Thomas JoyceRev. R. J. BeggsP1E31
Revised Texts and MarginsG. V. Smith P1B18
Revival Behind the Iron CurtainJames StuartP1G77
Revival Scriptural and HistoricalJ. Lormer/J. Munroe P1A44
Revolt from the ChurchDonald GillesP1G60
Revolt from the ChurchDonald GillesP1G61
Richard WurmbrandM. Drewery P1B41
Rightly Divining the Word of TruthC. I. Scofield P1C76
Roman Catholic Version of the BibleA ClergymanP1G59
Romania: Then Came MorningM. GuilerP1E102
Romania: Then Came MorningM. GuilerP1E103
Romanism and Evangelical ChristianityF. J. PaulP1D23
Romanism and ProtestantismRobert WeirP1H48
Romans 1 & 2B. Wills NewtonP1D8
Romans VII ConsideredB. W. Newton P1B5
Rome – Our EnemyC. SmythP1E33
Rome Behind Sinn FeinJ.A. KensitP1F98
Rome Our EnemyC. SmythP1E111
RSV of the Old Testament; an IntroductionRevision Committee P1F65
Rudolf BultmannI. Henderson P1C27
Ruth Henry MoorhouseP1H8
Satan’s Masterpiece: The New ASV P.S. RuckmanP1G58
Satanic Conflict of the AgesH. Lockyer P1C70
Scarva Street CongregationRev. T. BoydP1F6
Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology: Summer 1993VariousP1H55
Scottish Catechism of Christian DoctrineP1D62
Scottish Catechism of the 2 nd ReformationP1E24
Scottish Catechisms of the 2 nd ReformationP1G4
Scriptures Concerning the SaviourH. F. G. Cole P1A66
Select Addresses for BelieversR.C. Chapman P1B64
Selected Readings in PreachingVariousP1E13
Sermons on the CovenantC.H. Spurgeon P1C17
Set Forth Your CaseC.H. PinnockP1F88
Seven ChurchesM. Neal P1B92
Shadowlands B. SibleyP1D80
Short Family PrayersLord Bishop of ChesterP1F1
Short Guide to European Convention of Human RightCouncil of EuropeP1G36
Similitudes Used in Holy ScriptureW. J. Trower P1A29
Sing Emmanuel J. Capon P1B42
Sing with UnderstandingWilliam Clark P1B98
Sir Edward CarsonAlvin JacksonP1G71
Soldiers of the KingW. LuffP1D11
Some Northern ChurchmenJ.F. MacNeiceP1F80
Songs of the BibleJ. GuyonP1E57
Sorrows turned into JoyA. PullengP1G23
Soul and SpiritJ. Penn-Lewis P1A33
Soul Surgery H. A. Walter P1B81
Sould, Sounds and Scenes of an Egyptian VillageArthur Steel P1F41
Sponsa VerbiDom Columba MarmionP1F51
St PatrickH. McDonnellP1E74
St. MatthewH. Thorne P1B6
St. Paul’s EpistlesF. Fenton P1A43
Stained Glass in the Burrell CollectionLinda CannonP1G76
Standing Orders of the House of Commons (1972)P1H17
Step into my WorldKathleen KingP1F35
Strange Cults in AmericaBob LarsonP1H34
Strange FiguresJ. NeilP1D40
Stranger than Fiction: The Life of William KiffinB. A. RamsbottomP1E89
Studies in EphesiansW.L. Tucker P1C40
Studies in Galatians [Condensed Commentary]M. LutherP1D9
Studies in Parts of the Gospel of JohnP1F21
Studies of The TabernacleA. R. Habershon P1A8
Summary of Testimony of the Reformed Presbyterian Church Of Scotland Committee P1C99
Summary of the BibleW. MacDonaldP1E4
Sunshine on the SoapsudsB. Jones P1A30
Sussex MartyrsE. T. Stoneham P1B20
Swedish History in BriefAnderson & WeibullP1G53
Taylor’s Lectures on the Seven ChurchesP1E42
Teilhart de Chardin ExplainedJoseph KoppP1F56
Ten to OneJ. A. ClappertonP1H22
The ‘Down Grade’ ControversyC.H. SpurgeonP1G81
The ‘Down Grade’ ControversyC.H. Spurgeon P1C22
The Advancement of LearningF. BaconP1E11
The Anglosphere’s Broken CovenantM. Wagner P1C92
The Apostolic ChurchThomas WitherowP1H54
The Appeasement of Terrorism and the Anglo Irish Agreement Patrick RocheP1G13
The Approach to PreachingW. E. SangsterP1E59
The Art of Man FishingT. BostonP1E51
The Art of the AdvocateRichard Du CannP1F7
The BeginningsP. Helm P1C24
The Beginnings of Non-Conformity – Hubbert LecturesVarious P1B21
The Best of Luther’s Table TalkR. CookeP1D77
The Bible and the Child G. Campbell-MorganP1D14
The Bible and the CrossG. Campbell Morgan P1B68
The Bible Book for TodayJ. R. W. StottP1E67
The Bible: Is it a Revelation from God?A. H. Burton P1B62
The Bible: The Word of GodH.D. Brown P1C10
The Blessed Virgin and the PriesthoodRev. P. Phillippe P1B73
The Blood of JesusWilliam ReidP1E105
The Blood of JesusWilliam ReidP1H36
The Blood of JesusWilliam ReidP1H47
The BookDick CiminoP1F16
The Book of JobP1G113
The Book of RevelationS.P. TregellesP1C86
The Book of Ruth [Hebrew Text]A. R. S. Kennedy P1B80
The Book They Couldn’t BanAndré Morea P1C45
The Bright CityAnon.P1F4
The British in IrelandG. BellP1D68
The Carson TrailSam WilsonP1G5
The Catholic Church and EducationM. O’Leary P1C72
The Changed OnesWhitefieldP1H20
The Christianity of Jesus ChristMark Guy PearseP1F3
The Church and New Religious GroupsMartin TierneyP1G18
The Church of Old [Exposition of 1 Cor. 12-14]P1D7
The Church Subtly DeceivedA. SeibelP1E100
The Citizen’s PoemsAmado YuzonP1F72
The Confessional in the Church of EnglandWeeks & NeilP1E46
The Convert’s Catechism of Catholic DoctrinePeter GeiermannP1H10
The Counter ReformationMichael MullettP1F71
The Crown Rights of King JesusIRKPP1B58
The Darjeeling Disaster A. Lee P1B28
The Day and Hour Jesus Will ReturnColin DealP1H57
The Day God DiedL. StraussP1D31
The Day Is At HandB. C. Mowll P1B8
The Day of the PreacherM. Warren P1C30
The Death Penalty: EssaysT. R. Ingram (Ed)P1A73
The Decline and Fall of Mr. HeathI. Robinson & D. SimsP1F34
The Diocesan Year Book 1961P1F10
The Divine PityG. Vann P1C74
The Early Years of the Modern Tongues MovementG. H. LangP1H62
The Elder and his WorkD. DicksonP1D32
The English Republic 1649-1660T. Barnard P1B46
The Enthroned ChristianF. J. HuegelP1H18
The Essex Martyrs [Compiled]FoxeP1D12
The Excited PrinceE. Rice HandfordP1D46
The Force of TruthThomas ScottP1F100
The Forty DaysG. R. KingP1D13
The Four Winds of EthiopiaAlfred BuxtonP1G92
The Fundamentals - A Testimony Vol. 10P1D18
The Fundamentals - A Testimony Vol. 8P1D16
The Fundamentals - A Testimony Vol. 9P1D17
The Fundamentals – A Testimony Vol. 7P1D21
The Fundamentals IIAnon.P1F29
The Fundamentals IIIAnon.P1F28
The Fundamentals IVAnon.P1F27
The Fundamentals VAnon.P1F26
The Fundamentals Vol. 1 Compliments of Two Christian Laymen AnonP1A42
The Fundamentals Vol. 2 Compliments of Two Christian Laymen AnonP1A39
The Fundamentals Vol. 3 Compliments of Two Christian Laymen AnonP1A40
The Fundamentals Vol. 4 Compliments of Two Christian Laymen AnonP1A41
The Fundamentals Vol. VIII [A Testimony]Anon. P1B99
The Fundamentals Vol. XI [A Testimony] Anon. P1B100
The Fundamentals: A TestimonyAnonP1B52
The Garden Tomb, GolgothaJerusalem AssociationP1G93
The Genesis BridesSamuel CarsonP1G39
The Glorious Garments of Israel’s High Priest W. Mullan P1A19
The Glorious RevolutionJ. Miller P1C13
The Golden HighwayLionel FletcherP1H3
The Good ShepherdVariousP1H38
The Gospel in the Feasts of IsraelV. BuksbazenP1D71
The Gospel of the Son of GodWilliam GilmoreP1F19
The Grace of GivingS. OlfordP1D22
The Great Brain Robbery – Creation or Evolution?D. WatsonP1E60
The Great ConventionGordon LucyP1G69
The Great Physician Charles S. PriceP1F14
The Greatest Drama Ever StagedD. L. Sayers P1B83
The Greatest Thing in the World – An Address P1C56
The Greatest ThingsArthur S. WoodP1H31
The Harmony of the Reformed ConfessionsP. SchaffP1C58
The High Calling of GodJ. KhanP1D49
The High Calling of GodJordan KhanP1G112
The History and Significance of the Lord’s DayH. WilsonP1H37
The History of the Canadian WestVariousP1G11
The History of the House of Orange and William and MaryJ. A. MoatP1B24
The History of the ReformationSalmon (Ed)P1H19
The HittitesA. H. Sayce P1A90
The House of GodC.A. Coates P1C6
The Humiliation and Exaltation of Our Redeemer J. Allen P1A1
The Idea of UnionJohn W Foster (Ed)P1G62
The Ivory Palaces of the KingJ. Wilbur ChapmanP1H45
The Jerusalem Sinner SavedJ. Bunyan P1C25
The Jewish ProblemLouis GoldingP1F77
The Journey and Its EndA. J. PollockP1H33
The Joy of LightSamuel McGeraldP1F57
The Kindergarten Phase of EternityJames WilkinsP1G56
The Knowledge of the HolyA. W. Tozer P1A23
The Larger EvangelismJohn R MottP1G30
The Letters of An Apostate Mormon to his SonHans Freece P1C100
The Liberty of the Citizen; Lectures F. Thomas, J. Mortimer & Lord HuntP1F79
The Life and Hymns of Philip DoddridgeH. J. Garland P1B7
The Life of John GoodwinH. W. Clark P1A9
The Life of PrayerBaron F. von HugelP1D3
The Life of Rev. James FisherJ. Brown P1B88
The Lord our ShepherdJ. D. MacmillanP1D61
The Lord our ShepherdJ. Douglas MacMillan P1C19
The Lord’s Testimony and the World NeedT. A. S.P1E87
The Lure of RomeJohn BoydP1F12
The Malvinas’; S. Georgia’s; and South Sandwich Islands’ Conflict with BritainL. DestefaniP1G31
The Massacre of St BartholomewIRKP P1C96
The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s EveIRKP P1A62
The Midnight CryH. A. Ironside P1A24
The Millennial ReignAndrew BrownP1G106
The Mind of JesusJ.R. MacduffP1F15
The Ministry of the WordF. D. Coggan P1A65
The Minor ProphetsJ. G. BellettP1H1
The Mission of and Praying in the Holy SpiritH. A. Ironside P1B70
The Modern Gift of TonguesG. H. LangP1H61
The Moral Glory of the Lord JesusJ.G.B. P1B87
The Moral Glory of the Lord Jesus ChristJ. G. B. P1A38
The Morning WatchJ. P. Struthers P1B63
The New TheologiansVariousP1E65
The Number Seven in ScriptureS. A. Blackwood P1A26
The Nutcracker Boy – This is My StoryH. LockyerP1D78
The Nutcracker Boy – This is My StoryH. LockyerP1D79
The Old, Old StoryW. W. Fereday P1A37
The Ordinance of the PassoverMarcus RainsfordP1H9
The Origin and Witness of the Irish Evangelical ChurchW. J. Grier P1A35
The OvercomerL. Din P1B65
The Oxford MovementW. WardP1D53
The Paddle Steamer Duck & Broadcast TalksJ. McClellandP1E99
The Physical Cause of the Death of ChristJ. MacCormac P1B86
The Plainsong Evening PsalterP1G100
The Pocket Commentary of the Bible B.F.C. Atkinson P1C97
The Pocket Commentary of the Bible – Part 2B. AtkinsonP1D20
The Practice of HistoryG. R. Elton P1B2
The Prayer Book CompanionL.B. JaquesP1F39
The Preacher and His WorkJ.D.K.P1H35
The Present Testimony – A Paper on the Psalms P1A55
The Primitive Faith and Roman Catholic DevelopmentsP1E61
The Printed English Bible 1525-1885R. Lovett P1B76
The Psalms Vol. 1Meyer P1B101
The Psalms Vol. 2Meyer P1B102
The Puppetteers [Africa Group of the Monday Club] Soref & Greig P1C75
The Pursuit of GodA.W. Tozer P1C46
The Record of European JewryCecil RothP1G109
The Reformation in EnglandW. H. BeckettP1H13
The Relevance of PreachingP. MarcelP1D75
The Rent Veils at CalvaryIRKPP1F37
The Revolution MythFisher & ChambersP1D60
The Rise and Fall of the Roman Catholic ChurchF. Paul PetersonP1F89
The Rise and Fall of the Roman Catholic ChurchF. Paul PetersonP1F90
The Rise of the Labour Party [1880-1945] P. Adelman P1B44
The Role of the Individual in HistoryG. V. Plekhanov P1B17
The Root of RighteousnessA. W. Tozer P1A22
The Saving Life of ChristAnonP1E53
The Saviour KingEdward OsborneP1H32
The Scottish ReformationD. Hay FlemingP1H14
The Scottish Sabbath School Teacher’s Book – Part IIIP1D58
The Scottish Sabbath School Teacher’s Book – Part IVP1D59
The Servants of ScriptureJ. W. BurgonP1E48
The Seven Words C. ChappellP1E79
The Severity of GodD. E. Hart P1B34
The Shorter Catechism and Notes by Haire & ThompsonHaire & ThompsonP1F87
The Significance of J. Gresham Machen Today Paul WoolleyP1G14
The Significance of the Westminster Standards B.B. Warfield P1C57
The Small MissalP1G99
The Song of HiawathaH. W. Longfellow P1A75
The Song of SongsHamilton SmithP1H27
The Soul Winner and Soul Winning J. Kemp P1A67
The St. Andrew’s Lectionary of Bible LessonsVarious AuthorsP1F9
The Story of My LifeK. P. Hughes P1E2
The Story of the New English TestamentJ.A. Wainwright P1C77
The Story of the ProdigalVariousP1E88
The Sympathy of the PassionF. W. IsaacsP1D54
The Task and Other PoemsW. Cowper P1C2
The Teaching of Christ with Respect to the Future Punishment Of the Wicked W. Shepherd Allen P1C41
The Ten CommandmentsPeter HammondP1G52
The Tome of Pope Leo The Great E.H. Blakeney P1C79
The Topical Bible ConcordanceD.M. Miller (Ed.)P1F78
The Trial and Burning of John HusEyewitness AccountP1F38
The Trial and Burning of John HussEyewitness AccountP1G6
The Trial of Christ [2 Copies] D. K. Breed P1B39
The Twelfth- What it Means to MeG. Lucy & C.F. WatkinsP1F85
The United Reformed Church Kenneth SlackP1F8
The Unlettered Believer’s Interpretation of the Song of SongsF.C.P1H26
The Unseated BookS.H. FrenchP1F94
The Use of Scriptures in CounsellingJ. Adams P1B48
The Valley of BlessingAnna ShiptonP1H41
The Virgin Birth of Our LordEarl H. Tschudy P1A18
The Vision LivesB. H. PearsonP1G90
The Voice of the Psalms M. Loane P1C93
The Voice, Value, Virtue, Vitality and Victory of the BloodIRKPP1B56
The Well is DeepR.R. Williams P1C28
The Will of GodD. GeeP1D45
The Wit and Wisdom of Thomas FullerT. FullerP1E12
The Wondrous CrossH. Irvine P1A54
The Wondrous Joy of Soul-winningR. A. Torrey P1A56
The Work of EldershipT. G. CampbellP1D36
The World Around UsTony SheldonP1F2
The World’s Greatest Scandals of the 20 th CenturyN. BlundellP1D74
There is an Alternative Burkitt, Baimbridge & WhymanP1F32
These Seventy YearsW. GilmoreP1B59
They Call Me Mother GrahamM. C. GrahamP1E93
Things Which Must BeC. Y. BissP1E101
Thirty-Nine ArticlesD Broughton KnoxP1E109
This Ageless ManJ. Francis P1A3
This is EcumenismVatican Grail Team P1A59
Thomas MoreJ. McConicaP1D30
ThoughtsR. W BarbourP1G97
Three Sermons Bishop ButlerP1E44
Through the Holy Land L. Pearson P1C101
Thy Great RedemptionO. ChambersP1E80
Till Christ be FormedD. Lange P1C66
To Win The PrizeW.P. Nicholson P1C26
Too Soon to DieD. PotterP1D48
Topics of TodayJ. C. RadcliffeP1D24
Torchbearers of the TruthA.S. Horne P1C4
Towards Reconciliation: Anglican-Methodist Unity CommissionP1H56
Townsend St. Presbyerterian Church, Belfast 1883-1933P1C31
Tramp after God: William MullanG. & D. KnowltonP1E90
Transformed; The History of the River ThiefJerry McAualeyP1F97
Transposition and Other AddressesC. S. LewisP1E41
Treasures of DarknessD. FrancisP1E84
Trench Pictures from FranceMajor W. RedmondP1G9
Trials of British FreedomT.W. Jackson P1C61
Truth to TellH. MontefioreP1E85
Turton’s PillarJames TurtonP1G105
Twelve Sermons on the Second Coming of ChristC. H. SpurgeonP1E23
Twelve Stones C. R. ErwinP1E15
Two Centuries of EcumenismGeorge TavardP1F76
Two Men See LifeC. E. Wright P1B3
UDUP Silver Jubilee Yearbook 1971-1996P1E25
Ulster and the Irish RepublicWilliam A CarsonP1G1
Unbelief and RevolutionG. Groen van Prinster P1B93
Under His WingsH. G. Murphy P1B77
Understanding and Cooperation in IrelandCooperation North P1C94
Unionism RestatedDermot NesbittP1G70
Unity and PurityI.M. Hay P1C98
Unlocking the Word of GodPreface by IRKPP1E72
Venture into HealingE. Roy JeremiahP1H12
Vietnam: Why Did We Go?A. Mantatton P1A85
Vindication of the Mosaic History of CreationC.F. WatkinsP1F86
Violence and Civil Disturbances in N.I. 1969Lord ScarmanP1E38
Wake Up!N. Dixon P1A50
What a Friend we have in JesusIRKPP1E50
What a Friend we have in JesusIRKPP1E95
What About The Jews? A. FrankP1B12
What Does it Mean to be Born Again? John Wesley WhiteP1F13
What is HeavenF. E. MarshP1H42
What is History?E. H. CarrP1E47
What is The Gospel?C. G. Trumbull P1B90
What Went Wrong with the 20 th Century? W. Bonner P1C11
When Christ Calls: Evangelistic AddressesD. P. Thompson P1A64
When He ComethT. H. SalmonP1E55
Where Are Our Dead?F. B. MeyerP1E28
Where we Sported and PlayedTeddy DelaneyP1G12
Who Killed Cain?C. Hunt P1A58
Whom’ ResistF.J. PerrymanP1F43
Why Believe?A. Rendle ShortP1F46
Why Spain? The Spanish Gospel MissionE. Stuart Brown P1G65
Why Sunday?A London JournalistP1E110
Will The Church Escape the Great Tribulation?E. Shackleton P1A49
With God in Solitary ConfinementRichard WIrmbrandP1F95
Without Profit or ProphetsE. BirnieP1E16
Wonders of the Hebrew AlphabetW.E. Steele-SmithP1D10
Words and Wonders of the Cross G. H. GirodP1E52
Words of William BoothCyril Barnes P1C95
WycliffEdwin RobertsonP1E106
Ye Are SanctifiedF Hixon IrvingP1E107
Ye are SanctifiedJ. Nixon IrvingP1D15
You Can Lead Roman Catholics to ChristWilson ErwinP1G67