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Reading Room – Patch – Pa

‘366’ Graces’ John AllportPa1E10
A Backdoor to HeavenLionel BluePa1A12
A Book of PrayersCampbell FraserPa1A22
A Brief History of Missionary Enterprise in 1910Pa1H35
A Brief Synopsis of the Public History of the ChurchG.H.S. PricePa1E36
A Call to PrayerJ.C. RylePa1C35
A Divine Cordial Thomas WatsonPa1B89
A Golden Treasury for the People of GodC.H.V. BogatzkyPa1H49
A Handbook of Protestant NonconformityWm. EdwardsPa1F45
A History of the Book of Common PrayerJ.H. MaudePa1G50
A Light that is Shining (An Intro. to the Quakers) Harvey GillmanPa1B22
A Modern Restatement of Christian FaithHenry L. DuffPa1D10
A Path DirectedJames CassidyPa1D37
A Pope LaughsK. KlingerPa1E73
A Priest's Outlook; Passages from the Letters of Laurence Enderwyck Rev H.F.B. Mackay & L. EnderwyckPa1A40
A Primer of AssyriologyA.H. SaycePa1D27
A Rational Advance for the Labour PartyJohn LloydPa1E32
A Selection of PoemsEzra PoundPa1C64
A Total Abstinence Book John PyperPa1F3
A Treasury of Funeral MessagesPa1G48
A Trumpet in Zion- a Home Course StudyPa1D67
A Voice to the FaithfulVariousPa1G42
A Widening Atlantic? Domestic Change & Foreign PolicyRalf DahrendorfPa1C62
Abstract of Minutes of Council on Education, 1856Pa1F29
Acquainted with GriefGeorge ShawPa1E11
Acres of DiamondsRussell H. ConwellPa1A5
Adam ClarkeRobert GallagherPa1F9
Adorning the DoctrineWestminster ConferencePa1C4
Advancing in Adversity; 1991 Westminster Conference VariousPa1D53
All Preachers Great and SmallP. GammonsPa1E57
All the Doors Were OpenedJohn GoldsteinPa1E53
All Things NewJessie Penn- LewisPa1G53
America's Debt to UlsterIRKPPa1C40
Amnesty for Terrorism D. C. Van dre SpuyPa1B92
An Alarm to Unconverted SinnersJoseph AlleinePa1A1
An Introduction to the CreedsG.F. MaclearPa1G63
An Outline of the Book of Nehemiah Hamilton SmithPa1B95
Anglican and Puritan ThinkingVariousPa1D50
Another Gospel? An account of the growing involvement of the Anglican Church in
secular politics Rachel TinglePa1C49
Answers to Tough Questions About Christian FaithJ. McDowell & D. StewartPa1H40
Antichrist IRKPPa1B28
Antichrist; An exposition by Ian RK Paisley IRKPPa1C36
AreopagiticaJohn MiltonPa1G56
Around the Wicket GateC.H. SpurgeonPa1E61
At His TableConstance CootePa1E17
Back to the Bible in Christian MissionsSamuel VilaPa1A37
Balliol College- Annual Record 1980VariousPa1D58
Ballymena Photo Record Jack AdamsPa1B56
Be Sure: Seven Rules for Public SpeakingIRKPPa1A17
Behold the ManG. BrettPa1E74
Believe and LiveVariousPa1E41
Between Heaven and EarthMarvin L. FieldhousePa1D25
Bible Characters of the Old and New TestamentsCharles BakerPa1D2
Bible History and PropheciesJ.E. McQuatPa1D56
Bible RemembranceJ. CobbinPa1F51
Billy Graham- The Pastor's DilemmaErrol HulsePa1C57
Billy SundayWilliam EllisPa1G22
Biographical SketchesVariousPa1G18
Blessed be Drudgery and other PapersWilliam C. GannettPa1G16
Blinded EagleH.C. WhitleyPa1F1
Bradford's the Defence of ElectionJohn BradfordPa1A58
Bread From my ovenMrs. M. ParkerPa1F4
Bringing Children to JesusJ.C. GersonPa1E16
Britain Under Siege Alan O'ReillyPa1B21
Building a Sure Foundation; Westminster Conference 1994VariousPa1D17
C. H. Spurgeon and the Modern Church R. J. SheehanPa1B13
Call BackE & L HarveyPa1C20
Calvin- His Life and TimesT. LawsonPa1F15
Can a Young Man Trust his Bible? Arthur GookPa1A32
Can We Trust the New TestamentJohn A.T. RobinsonPa1E14
Cantiques et PsaumesJean Joseph HeintzPa1A18
Catalogue of Books Relating to IrelandEmerald Isle BooksPa1C19
Centennial Anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church Knoxville TennesseeRev James ParkPa1C32
Charles Brett. An Irish SoldierCharles BrettPa1C71
Charles Brett. An Irish SoldierCharles Brett Pa1C72
Chiang Kai- SHek and the Unity of ChinaJoyce ReasonPa1G23
Choice SayingsR.C. ChapmanPa1G37
Cholesterol and Coronary Heart Disease: Consensus or Controversy? Bernie J O'BrienPa1C29
Christ for Me and Me for ChristP.W. PetterPa1G39
Christian StandardsJohn EddisonPa1E60
Christian Unity: Some of the IssuesJ. HurtablePa1H33
Christianity and Catholicism and Mary the Mother of our LordP W PetterPa1C11
Christmas Sermons; An Exposition of the MagnificatD. Martin Lloyd- JonesPa1A91
Churches Together in Pilgrimage BCCPa1C23
Churches Together in PilgrimageBCCPa1D36
Claremont Street Hospital Diary 1966Pa1G41
Collected Poems 1978VariousPa1F42
Collins Welcome to IsraelDymphna ByrnePa1A51
Companions for a Quiet Hour. Luther's Table TalkDr. Macauley & M. Luther Pa1A60
Congo Saga- Unevangelical Fields MissionDavid TrubyPa1G27
Congo Saga- Unevangelical Fields MissionDavid TrubyPa1G28
Consider Him- Sermons in the Pre-eminence of ChristIRKP and OthersPa1D44
Contagious ChristianityC.T. RaePa1F24
Conversations with GiantsP.S. ProkopPa1H13
Cotton YarnsBishop CottonPa1A53
Course of TimeWalter ScottPa1E48
Cranmer's Selected Writings Carl S. MeyerPa1B36
Cultural Conquest of IrelandKevin CollinsPa1D64
Daily Light- Daily ReadingsPa1F69
Day by Day with Saint Matthew's Gospel Part IRichard GutzwillerPa1C15
Day by Day with Saint Matthew's Gospel Part IIRichard GutzwillerPa1C12
Dictionary of BlundersPa1F46
Directions for Daily Communion with God Matthew HenryPa1B14
Diversities of Gifts; Westminster Conference 1980VariousPa1D19
Divisions and Dissensions (1987 Westminster Conference) VariousPa1D70
Doddridge’s Rise and Progress of Religion in the SoulP. DoddridgePa1H8
Don’t CensorPa1F8
DUP Silver Jubilee YearbookDUPPa1C28
Early Christian DoctrineLeighton PullanPa1G49
Early Christianity and it's RivalsG.H. BoxPa1A75
Ecumenism and The BibleDavid HedegardPa1C14
Effective Speech Dwight E. WatkinsPa1B86
Eglise Saint-Thomas, StrasbourgPa1D60
Elijah of the AlpsDon P. ShidlerPa1F17
England in the Eighteenth Century J. H. PlumbPa1B91
Essays of Today and YesterdayAndrew LangPa1D3
Evangelical CalvinismArthur StonePa1C39
Factfile: Facts and figures about children in the UKNCHPa1A6
Faith for TodayW. Martin SmythPa1C78
Faith that WorksJohn L. BirdPa1E12
Far From Rome, Near to God; Testimony of 50 Converted Catholic PreistsPa1D69
Father Tom and the Pope Michael HeffernanPa1B5
Five years' Course of Bible and Prayer-Book Teaching H. D. S. SweetapplePa1B6
For Christians OnlyHerbert StewartPa1D31
Four Minute EssaysFrank CranePa1G38
Four Minute Essays. Vol. 10Frank CranePa1F63
Four Minute Essays. Vol. 3Frank CranePa1F58
Four Minute Essays. Vol. 5Frank CranePa1F59
Four Minute Essays. Vol. 6Frank CranePa1F60
Four Minute Essays. Vol. 7Frank CranePa1F61
Four Minute Essays. Vol. 8Frank CranePa1F62
Fox’s Book of MartyrsJohn FoxPa1F55
Free Indeed (African- American Christian Struggle for Freedom)VariousPa1E3
Free to LiveDr. Paul S. ReesPa1A90
Freedom Under Fire Andre AudinotPa1B55
From Cobbler's Bench to President's Church. (Samuel Bradburn)Rev. Benjamin GregoryPa1A88
From Fear to Faith D. Martin Lloyd-JonesPa1B38
From the Great Awakening to the Evangelical RevivalB. NightingalePa1E6
From Witchcraft to Christ Doreen IrvinePa1B48
From Year to YearE.H. BickerstaffPa1H12
Fruitful and Responsible LovePope. J.P. IIPa1H42
Fundamentalism and the Word of GodJ.I. PackerPa1E35
Future Punishment Joseph AngusPa1B82
Gadsby’s HymnsW. GadsbyPa1H25
Gideon Ouseley- The Wonderful Irish EvangelistT. McCulloughPa1F44
God is Faithful- Papers Read at 1999 Westminster Conference VariousPa1D48
God, Man and Mrs. ThatcherJonathan RabanPa1E31
God’s Grace in HistoryCharles DavisPa1E9
God’s StandardDuncan CampbellPa1G25
Gospel Bells J. WisemanPa1B8
Gospel EchoesClement WilemanPa1A50
Gospel Questions and Answers James DenneyPa1G60
Great Souls at PrayerMary W. TilestonPa1H11
Grim show of HaworthGeorge G. CraggPa1C51
Haggerston Catechism: The Commandments H.A. WilsonPa1F36
Haggerston Catechism: The CreedH.A. WilsonPa1F35
Haggerston Catechism: The Lord’s PrayerH.A. WilsonPa1F34
Handbook of the Romish ControversyC.S. StanfordPa1F21
Hard words for Hard Times: Judges C. Y. BissPa1B79
Harvest Preaching: First SeriesS. Baring-Gould & OthersPa1A69
Hawthorne and the BrontësWR MitchellPa1C73
Hear the Other Side Thomas ConnellanPa1B51
Hebrew English LexiconPa1G13
Helps to the Study of the BibleOxfordPa1C34
HenceforthH.E. HopkinsPa1E47
Hidden Government J. Creagh ScottPa1B39
Highway Witnessing: Words to Open-Air WorkersFrank CockremPa1A28
History of the Kings of Judah and IsraelDr. WhitePa1A27
Hold Your TonguesFrank McClellandPa1D63
Hold your Tongues! Frank McClellandPa1B26
Hours With JesusP. O’MaraPa1E15
How Beautiful. A Series of Short SermonsAndre SmithPa1A47
How to Learn The BibleWilliam EvansPa1A86
How to Succeed in the Christian Life R. A. TorreyPa1B73
Hudson TaylorThompsonPa1C43
Hugh Price Hughes- Pioneer and ReformerArthur WaltersPa1G20
Hymns of the NativityHoratius BonarPa1E22
I Believe in VisionsK.E HaginPa1A59
If That Were Christ, Would You Give Him Your BlanketRichard WurmbrandPa1F14
Important Truths that All Should KnowJ. McKendrickPa1H45
In God’s Image After AllP.D. AckermanPa1D59
In Great CompanyMcEwan LawsonPa1A81
In His Pathway: The Story of Rev. William McCreaWilliam McCreaPa1A7
In the Hour of SilenceA. SmelliePa1H19
In the Secret PlaceAlexander SmelliePa1E42
Industrial Development in Northern Ireland and the Republic of IrelandJames F BradleyPa1C22
Infallibility in the ChurchVariousPa1D39
Inspiration Three: Three Famous Classics in One Book. Vol II Henry Drummond, William Allen Knight's & Brother LawrencePa1A73
Instruction for New ConfessionsCalvatoriPa1F26
Ireland and the Land Question 1800-1922 Michael J. WinstanleyPa1B60
Irish Proverbs and Sayings Padraic O'FarrellPa1B27
Is All Scripture InspiredJ.C. RylePa1A62
Is the Bible True- Seven DialoguesJ. White & E. OwenPa1G1
Is the higher Criticism Scholarly? Robert DickPa1B76
Is There But One Return of ChristPa1A63
It Happened Last SummerIda D. MartinPa1D65
Jewels in the Breastplate F. J. WilliamsPa1B32
John Calvin Alfred T. DaviesPa1B44
John Howard the PhilanthropistH.H. ScullardPa1A35
John HuntJoseph NettletonPa1F7
John Hunt: Pioneer Missionary and SaintJ. NettletonPa1H29
John Jasper William E. HatcherPa1B45
John Know and His HouseCharles John GuthriePa1D9
John Knox and His HouseCharles John GuthriePa1D8
John Wesley Dorothy MarshallPa1B4
John WyclifR. Corlett- CowellPa1H37
John Wycliffe David J. DeanePa1B72
Jonathan Edwards- Theologian of RevivalIRKPPa1D43
Jonathan Edwards- Theologian of RevivalIRKPPa1E66
Judson of BurmaB.R. PearnPa1D23
Just for MeLaura A. Barter- SnowPa1G32
KesBarry HinesPa1C56
Kneeling to ConquerLionel B. FletcherPa1A89
Lancelot AndrewsFlorence HighamPa1A41
Later Evangelistic SermonsW.E. BiderwolfPa1E63
Later Evangelistic Sermons W.E. BiderwolfPa1E62
Layman ExtraordinaryJohn R. MottPa1G7
Lays of the Pious MinstrelJ.B.H.Pa1G55
Leading Roman Catholics to ChristWilson EwinPa1C25
Leading Roman Catholics to ChristWilson EwinPa1C26
Leading Roman Catholics to ChristWilson EwinPa1C27
Leading Roman Catholics to Christ Wilson EwinPa1B23
Lenten SermonsRev P. SabelaPa1C41
Lessons on Scripture Biographies John Kyle Pa1B57
Letters of a Matchmaker John B. Keane Pa1B25
Letters of a Successful T.D. John B. KeanePa1H34
Letters on a Subject on InterestJ.B.SPa1H47
Letting the Lion Loose Eric HaydenPa1B12
Life in the WordPhilip MauroPa1A2
Life of GladstoneHerbert W. PaulPa1G58
Light from John Bunyan and Other PuritansVariousPa1D49
Lives that Moved the World Horace ShippPa1B3
Livy Book II (Ch. 27-47)M. KeanPa1F22
Lord Radstock of MayfieldDavid FountainPa1C21
Love So Amazing, Meditations in Isaiah Fifty-ThreeRobert MoyerPa1A74
Luther and AnecdotesDr. MacaulayPa1F6
Luther’s Table TalkM. LutherPa1F56
Making Shipwreck of the FaithKevin ReedPa1C70
Man of Geneva E. M. JohnsonPa1B41
Manual of Unitarian BeliefJ.F. ClarkePa1H32
Martin Luther Had a WifeWilliam PetersonPa1D21
Martin Luther had a Wife William J. PetersenPa1B74
MeditationsJ.B. StoneyPa1A39
MeditationsJ.B. StoneyPa1G34
Meeting for Prayer Dom Robert PetitpierrePa1B47
Memoir of the Rev. John VinallJ. Vinall & E. VinallPa1A70
Memoirs of Joseph Stewart J.R Diack, J Stewart & J MegawPa1C59
Memoirs of the Principal Hymn- Writers & Compilers of the 17th, 18th & 19th centuriesJohn GadsbyPa1A49
Memories of Sandfields Bethan Lloyd-JonesPa1B77
Memories of Sandfields Bethan Lloyd-JonesPa1B78
Miller on CreedsSamuel MillerPa1A24
Mini Political Atlas of the WorldPa1H7
Mission ImpossibleHans KristianPa1E2
Modern Doctrines Respecting Sinlessness ConsideredBenjamin Wills NewtonPa1A43
Modern Faith HealingRev. W. McDonaldPa1D1
More Than One Way? Lilian A. WalshPa1A72
Morrison on the MillenniumC. MorrisonPa1G33
Mosaic CosmogonyB.W. NewtonPa1E59
Mr Churchill: A PortraitPhilip GuedallaPa1C60
Mr Protestant- The Life of J.C. RyleI.R.K.PPa1E69
Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon Charles RayPa1B11
Murby's Scripture Manuals I KingsThomas MurbyPa1A25
Murby's Scripture Manuals The ActsThomas MurbyPa1A26
Musings on ScriptureJ.G. BellettPa1F65
My Bible- How to Study ItF.T. EllisPa1D46
My Changeless FriendF.P. Le BuffePa1F71
My Changeless FriendFrancis Le BuffePa1H10
My Sunday Missal ExplainedFather StedmanPa1H26
My Uncle GeorgeAlastair PhillipsPa1C50
Naaman the SyrianMark Guy PearsePa1G47
Nehemiah: (Biblical Manuals)Henry LintonPa1E4
New Britain: My Vision of a Young CountryTony BlairPa1C65
New Ireland: Sell out of opportunity? John RobbPa1B24
New Neutralism IIJohn E. AshbrookPa1D52
News Letter (A History of the Oldest British Daily Newspaper) Hugh ShearmanPa1B16
No Pope HereIRKPPa1D33
No Pope HereIRKPPa1D34
No Pope HereIRKPPa1E68
No Strangers HereCecil NorthcottPa1D4
Noble Martyrs of Kent G. Anderson MillerPa1B42
Norris- Wallace DebateJ.F Norris & F.E WallacePa1C69
Northern IrelandHugh ShearmanPa1C42
Notes on St Paul's First Epistle to the CorinthiansWilliam RodgersPa1C33
Notes, Questions and Answers on the Lord’s ParablesA. WilsonPa1E21
Of the Christian AltarJ.N. ComperPa1D57
On Reading the Bible A. D. NorrisPa1B33
Order OderHon. G. Thomas M.P.Pa1H36
Origin of Sunday Observance W.E. Straw Pa1D12
Our Protestant Heritage W. St. Clair TaylorPa1C38
Out of the DepthsJohn NewtonPa1E50
Ovid: Metamorphoses Book XIIIRalph HarveyPa1E51
Papers Commemorating the Quarter- Centenary of the Scottish ReformationPa1D47
Pastoral Addresses J.A. JamesPa1E56
Perfecting the Church BelowWestminster ConferencePa1C3
Personal PietyC.T.Pa1F54
Plain Proofs of the Great Facts of Christianity F. R. WynnePa1B90
Playing the Public Inquiry Game Wendy Le-LasPa1B17
Popery- A Gigantic Spindle of The DevilRobert BrownPa1C16
Popery- A Gigantic Spindle of The DevilRobert BrownPa1C17
Popery- A Gigantic Spindle of The DevilRobert BrownPa1C18
Popery: A Gigantic Swindle of the Devil Robert BrownPa1B30
Portrait of CalvinT.H.L. ParkerPa1F16
Prayer D. Greenwall & P. T. ForsythPa1G61
Prayer in the New AgeVariousPa1F52
Prayer: Conversing with GodRosalind RinkerPa1A21
Prayer: The Common Book of PrayerPa1H14
Prayers of St. GertrudePa1F47
Preaching and Revival; Westminster Conference 1984Pa1D13
Precious Promises (Exodus, Joel, Acts)VariousPa1D32
Presbyterianism John M. BarkleyPa1B88
Pressure Points Peter MeadowsPa1B52
Progressive PresbyterianismR. McCheyne EdgarPa1G29
Prologue- A Drama of John HusBob JonesPa1C77
Protestant Catechism- an Examination of the Errors of PoperyJohn McDonaldPa1F19
Public School Verse 1920-1921John MasefieldPa1C44
Queen of Heaven LaurentinPa1B2
Rainbows for Rainy DaysCatherine CampbellPa1D24
Reconciliation in Northern IrelandEamon HannaPa1C31
Redemption SongsPickering & InglisPa1A68
Reflections on the Affections and Passion of ChristPa1H9
Reformed Presbyterian Testimony Part II HistoricalPa1E55
Reformed Presbyterian Testimony Pt. 1 Doctrinal and PracticalSynod’s CommitteePa1D6
Rent Heavens (The Revival of 1904) R. B. JonesPa1B83
Revival in Practice. Patrick Fairbairn & others. Ministers of the CoSPa1A44
Rivers of Living Water. How Obtained- How MaintainedRuth PaxsonPa1A45
Roman CatholicismE.W. HadwenPa1E71
Roman Catholicism and the BibleOliver BeguinPa1F23
Roman Catholicism TodayH.M. CarsonPa1F37
Roman Catholicism TodayH.M. CarsonPa1F38
Romania Myron GuilerPa1B40
Romanism in the Light of the GospelE.J. WhatelyPa1A77
Rome - Our Enemy Clifford SmythPa1B49
Rome - Our Enemy Clifford SmythPa1B70
Ronald Reagan. A man true to his wordR. Reagan & J. S. BradyPa1A9
Round the Bible Henry ThornePa1B9
Sabbath School Convention, Belfast, 1867Pa1E30
Sabbath School TheologyJohn HallPa1A65
Sacerdos SantificatusSt. Alphonsus LiguoriPa1G44
Sacred Prose WritersVariousPa1H18
Sadhana- A Way to GodA. De MelloPa1H41
SalvationCheyenne BradyPa1C45
Salvation by Substitution Benjamin Wills Newton Pa1B43
Satan’s SeatShaun WilcockPa1E46
Scripture History Q and AIsaac WattsPa1G30
Scripture VeritesD. PledgePa1E77
Seeing the Funny SideJohn A. BurnsidePa1C52
Selected English EssaysW. PeacockPa1G19
Selected Modern English EssaysVariousPa1H52
Selections from the Works of John HoweW. WilsonPa1H30
Seneca on Benefits (Translated)T. LodgePa1F25
SermonsS. SearsPa1H21
Sermons and MeditationsRev. James A. TallachPa1C79
Sermons in CandlesC.H. SpurgeonPa1G26
Sermons of E. LewisE. LewisPa1G54
Sermons on the CardHigh LatimerPa1A61
Shaded Lights on Men and Books; Selected EssaysPa1H17
She Stoops to Conquer. Oliver Goldsmith. & The School for ScandelRichard B. SheridanPa1A11
Short PapersJ.B. CroslandPa1E49
Should We Speak in TonguesMyron K. GuilerPa1D40
Signs of the ApostlesWalter ChantryPa1E39
Simplicity in PreachingJ.C. RylePa1A64
Soul DifficultiesCanon AitkenPa1E38
Spiritual Worship; Westminster Conference 1985VariousPa1D15
ST. Paul from the TrenchesGerald W. CornishPa1C53
Still Waters- Daily ReadingsPa1F70
Straight Talking in EuropeRoger HelmerPa1D42
Strength for Service to God and CountryNorman NygaardPa1E1
Strength for Service to God and CountryNorman Nygaard (Ed.)Pa1G51
Studies in the Faiths of IslamA.H. Small & J.M. DentPa1A19
Studies in the Gospel and Epistles of JohnW.H.M.H. AitkenPa1A36
Suggestive TopicsRev. R. LoganPa1E44
Sukey Harley- a Memoir by the Late Rector’s Daughter Pa1F41
Sunny Subjects for All SeasonsRev. J. SmithPa1G31
Synopsis of Church HistoryG.H.S. PricePa1F66
Table TalkJohn SeldemPa1G62
Take This ChildDoreen WoodbridgePa1C47
Taken HomeJohn E. WilmhurstPa1E25
Ten Myths about ChristianityM. Green & G. CarknerPa1A8
Tennyson (8 Works)Pa1H48
Tenses and Senses of Sin and SinlessnessA.M.A. GrahamPa1D30
The 'Detached Recollections' of General D.F. O'LearyR.A. HumphreysPa1C75
The "Fifty Nine" Revival IRKPPa1B29
The 10 Commandments in the 20th Century Frank McClellandPa1B59
The Answer of a Good ConscienceVariousPa1D11
The Antichrist BibleIRKPPa1A23
The Antichrist Bible- R.S.VIRKPPa1E52
The Apostolic Church. Which is it? Thomas WitherowPa1A16
The Apparition of the Blessed VirginSister M.F. ClarePa1A84
The Arts of the Church- Church MusicM.F. BellPa1E19
The Autobiography of Benj. Franklin Benjamin FranklinPa1B10
The Baptism of The Spirit: Speaking with TonguesW.Graham ScroggiePa1A57
The Barrel- Organ and MeBill JonesPa1F13
The Beautiful Lie of RomeR. Le GalliennePa1F39
The Bible and The NewspaperC.H. SpurgeonPa1E27
The Bible in Five YearsG. Campbell MorganPa1F18
The Bible Marker; a Simple and Comprehensive System for 1 Year A.R.WPa1E40
The Bible True and Infidelity WickedWM.S. Plumer Pa1A20
The Biblical Who’s WhoA. Sims & G. DentPa1E20
The Biretta Blight J. Warren Pa1B87
The Blood of ChristJ.S. EphgravePa1A10
The Book of Bible PrayersJohn B. MarshPa1A66
The Book of FreedomRev. John PattenPa1C76
The Book of the Founding FathersV. Wilson JrPa1C63
The Boyhood of Well-Known Christian Men Pa1A4
The Boys ArmouryWilliam H. GroserPa1G43
The Breakfast Half- Hour. Addresses to Working MenHenry R. BurtonPa1A67
The Cameo Poets: WhittierPa1G4
The Carnival of DeathH.W. VomBruchPa1E65
The Carson TrailSam WilsonPa1D14
The Century of the New TestamentE.M. BlaiklockPa1A48
The Chained Book Emma LesliePa1F10
The Christian After DeathRobert Ervin HoughPa1A83
The Christian LifeW.P. NicholsonPa1F33
The Church and Modern ThoughtVivian PhelpsPa1H1
The Church Before the Watching WordF.A. SchaefferPa1E72
The Church Marches InTom ReesPa1C13
The Church: Its Ministry and AuthorityDarwell StonePa1G6
The Churchman's Almanack 1902. The Parish Church S. John Baptist, GloucestershirePa1A31
The City Temple Hammond, Dewey & WeatherheadPa1D62
The Coming of the Son of ManE.J. Poole- ConnorPa1A54
The Coming of the Son of ManE.J. Poole- Connor Pa1A55
The Conflict of the AgesA.C. GaebelienPa1D51
The Conquered WorldR.P. HortonPa1H46
The Corinthian CatastropheG.E. GardinerPa1E28
The Coronation StoneS.G.A. RogersPa1F11
The Council AssignedMary R. S. AndrewsPa1C6
The Covenant of Grace Henry WallacePa1B71
The Crisis of the ReformationNorman SykesPa1E13
The Cross as a Tree Percy W. EvansPa1B7
The Dark Arts in The BibleW.J. McCormickPa1D22
The Dates and Chronology of ScriptureAnon.Pa1E23
The Decline and Fall of Mr Heath I. Robinson & D. SimsPa1B93
The DiaryRobert TraillPa1E67
The Diary of John Evelyn (Reign of Charles II)Pa1G36
The Downgrade ControversyC.H. SpurgeonPa1D26
The Dreamer of Bedford GaolMary EntwhistlePa1A79
The Durham Affair William LedwichPa1B54
The EarthJ.H. PoyntingPa1A82
The Elements of PerspectiveAaron PenleyPa1A13
The Elixir Vitae- Eureka! Florence DickerPa1C37
The Eloquent DivineR. NewtonPa1H51
The End of Religious ControversyJ. MilnerPa1H31
The Epistles of ST. PaulRev. W.J. ConybearePa1A14
The Evangelical Succession in the Church of EnglandVariousPa1E29
The Fight for Light and Other SermonsPaul RaderPa1A46
The Fire Divine; Westminster Conference 1996VariousPa1D18
The Five Points of CalvinismDavid N. SteelePa1C30
The Forgotten Talent J. Cameron PeddiePa1B46
The Fragment Minute for Every DayWilhelmina StitchPa1A80
The Fundamentals2 Christian LaymenPa1F20
The Garden of the Soul Pa1H23
The Garden Tomb Golgotha A. W. Crawley-BoeveyPa1B37
The Geographical Journal Vol. 154 pt 3Pa1C2
The Geographical Journal Vol. 155 pt 3Pa1C1
The Gist of the LessonsR.A. TorreyPa1H27
The God Who is Real Henry MorrisPa1B66
The Golden ScalesLeonard S. IngramPa1E45
The Great PyramidDiscipulusPa1D66
The Greatest Drama Ever Staged D.L. SayersPa1D54
The Greatest Fight in the WorldC.H. SpurgeonPa1D29
The Hebrew ProphetsR.L. OffleyPa1G5
The HerosCharles KingsleyPa1F12
The Holy Scriptures and "The Higher Criticism"Rev. John R. PalmerPa1A71
The Ice ManIan BrownPa1C24
The Incredible ChristianA.W. TozerPa1A33
The Jerusalem Sinner Saved and the Heavenly FootmanJohn BunyanPa1E26
The Jesuits Alban GoodierPa1B15
The Judgement of the Court of Archers and of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
in the Case of Rowland Williams Benjamin W NewtonPa1C68
The King and the CommonsHenry MorleyPa1H6
The Layfolk’s RitualPa1F48
The Legal Control of Marches in N.ITom HaddenPa1B62
The Legal Control of Marches in N.I. Tom HaddenPa1B61
The Life of Hardy Tydeman Chilvers H. H. GladstonePa1B75
The Life of JosephJohn MacGowanPa1H44
The Life of the Rev George WhitefieldRev. John GilliesPa1A30
The Little Office of the Blessed VirginC.C. MartindalePa1H4
The Loneliness of the Long Distance RunnerAlan SillitoePa1C55
The Massacre of St. BartholomewIRKPPa1E7
The Massacre of St. BartholomewIRKPPa1E8
The Meaning of ProtestantismJas NicholsPa1F27
The Menace of Free Masonry to the Christian ChurchC. Penny HuntPa1F32
The Middle East- Bridge or Barrier? C.S MilfordPa1C54
The Monk who Shook the World Cyril DaveyPa1B68
The Morning Watch J. P. StruthersPa1B64
The Mother Dove and Other GemsRev. Jn. ToddPa1G12
The Mystery of the True VineA. MurrayPa1H22
The Mystic WayGeorge WilliamsPa1A3
The Naked Bow of GodWilliam HuntingtonPa1E18
The Night of WeepingHoratius BonarPa1G57
The Office and the Work of a Minister; Westminster Conference 1986VariousPa1D16
The Office of Holy Week - The Roman Missal & BrevieryPa1A29
The Old HelmetAnon.Pa1H43
The Oracles of God: Shall we Surrender the Trust? Romans iii. 2Rev. John UrquhartPa1A52
The PapacyA.L. MaycockPa1A76
The ParablesM. KerrowPa1H39
The Patrons of the British IslesTalbotPa1G40
The Perfect TributeMary R. S. AndrewsPa1C5
The Perfect Tribute Mary R. S. AndrewsPa1B84
The Pilgrim's ProgressJohn BunyanPa1A56
The Popes and Their ChurchJoseph McCabePa1E34
The Power of PrayerR.A. TorreyPa1F28
The Practice of the Presence of GodBrother LawrencePa1G17
The Priest and His ServersR.H. Le MessunierPa1G46
The Primer of Church LatinR.F.R. ConderPa1F43
The Ransom Prayer Book. The Guild of Our Lady of RansomPa1A78
The Real Yorkshire Ripper Revealed Noel O'GaraPa1B94
The Recovery & Maintenance of the TruthA.J. GardinerPa1E5
The Redeemed: Who Are They? Rev. James M SangarPa1C66
The Religious Question in FranceC.A. SalmondPa1D35
The Reminiscences of Sir Henry HawkinsBaron BramptonPa1G52
The ResurrectionF.E. MarshPa1H2
The Return of God's Glory Bakht SinghPa1B80
The Rise and Spread of Christianity in EuropeW.H. SummersPa1H5
The Rising of the SunIvor PowellPa1C61
The Sacrifice We Offer- Explanation of the MassHubert McAvoyPa1G45
The Scottish ReformationD.H. FlemingPa1E37
The Seed BasketJ. EllisPa1E43
The Selected Poems FergusonPa1B69
The Sermons of Mr. Yorick Marjorie DavidPa1B81
The Seven Lamps of PreachingE.G. NightingalePa1E58
The Shepherd Psalm F.B. MeyerPa1F2
The Sinfulness of Little SinsJohn JacksonPa1F49
The Song of the New CreationH. BonarPa1F68
The Source of the IRA/Sinn Fein J. A. KensitPa1B19
The Source of the IRA/Sinn Fein J. A. KensitPa1B20
The Sovereignty of GodA.W. PinkPa1D7
The Spare Half Hour C.H. SpurgeonPa1E24
The Spirit of St. Frances de SalesJean Pierre CamusPa1F50
The Spiritual Grasp of the EpistlesRev. C.A. FoxPa1G11
The Story of the Prayer BookV. Johnstone & E. EvansPa1A87
The Temperance Witness BoxC. BullockPa1F57
The Temple BibleLord Bishop RiponPa1G9
The Theology of St. JohnPa1F40
The Things Which Shall be HereafterSeptimus SearsPa1E33
The Tinker of Bedford W. Stanley MartinPa1B63
The Treatment of Political Prisoners in Ireland E. Dwyer GrayPa1B67
The Trials of PuritanismPa1D71
The Under Shepherd: A Brief Sketch of the Life and Labours of the Rev. R. HumphreyMrs R. HumphreyPa1A15
The Unity and Symmetry of the BibleJ.M. GibsonPa1G15
The Visions and Prophecies of Zechariah R. L. WheelerPa1B50
The Voice Value Virtue Vitality Victory of the Blood of the LambIRKPPa1D5
The Way He Takes MeL.T. PearsonPa1E64
The Way of LifeT.T. CarterPa1F53
The Word and the WorkStuddert KennedyPa1G24
The Word of GodCharles H. WallerPa1G59
The Yoke of BondageG. STebbingPa1D55
Theological Books. Emerald Isle BooksJohn A GambelPa1C46
Things Old and NewJames SpillingPa1F5
This Man Loved Me Ian MacphersonPa1B34
Thomas Walsh; Wesley’s Typical HelperRichard GreenPa1H28
Thoughts of God and Words of JesusJ.R. MacDuffPa1F64
Time of the End- SeriesB.W. NewtonPa1G3
Titus AndronicusShakespearePa1G2
To God be the GloryW. “Speedy” MoorePa1D41
To Win the PrizeW.P. NicholsonPa1E70
Today’s Gospel- Authentic or Synthetic? W.J. ChantryPa1F30
Todd’s Student ManualToddPa1G35
Tortured for His FaithH. PopovPa1H15
Tortured for His FaithH. PopovPa1H16
Towards Christian Democracy Stafford CrippsPa1B1
Towards DemocracyEdward CarpenterPa1G14
Truth as I See ItW.F SalterPa1C48
Twelve Interesting Letters "Kirwan", AmericaPa1B31
Twelve Select Sermons Andrew GrayPa1B53
Twelve Selected Soul- Winning Sermons C. H. SpurgeonPa1B65
Ulster The FactsIRKP and OthersPa1C67
Ulster the FactsIRKP and OthersPa1C7
Under the SurfaceFrances Ridley HavergalPa1H3
Understandist Thou? F.J. MilesPa1A85
Union and Communion; Westminster Conference 1979VariousPa1D20
Unity in the Dark Donald GilliesPa1B35
Unlocking the Word of GodIRKPPa1G10
Vadenecum 1984 (EP Members List)Pa1F31
War on ModernismAvary H. ForbesPa1A38
Waymarks for PilgrimsJas InglisPa1F67
Wesley and His TimesRev. W. Morley PunshonPa1C58
What a Friend we Have in JesusIRKPPa1D28
What a Friend we Have in JesusIRKPPa1E54
What a Friend we have in Jesus! IRKPPa1A42
What the Bible TeachesWilliam MacdonaldPa1C74
What Think Ye of Christ?Alexander M. SutherlandPa1A34
When Free Men Shall StandJ. HelmsPa1E75
When in Rome George BuchananPa1B58
Who is the ApostateA. SaphirPa1H20
Why Believe? Roger CarswellPa1G8
William & the Boyne Ian AdamsonPa1B18
William OwenS. Parkes CadmanPa1H50
Wilson at VersaillesTheodore P. GreenPa1D45
Words of Truth IAnon.Pa1H24
Workbook Nairobi 75; World Council of Churches 1975Pa1D68
World Council of Churches Uppsala 1968Pa1D38
Wyclif- Morning Star of the ReformationE. RobertsonPa1H38
Wycliffe and English Non-Conformity K. B. McFarlanePa1B85
You are the Body of ChristJohn KearneyPa1G21
You Can Lead Roman Catholics to ChristW. ErwinPa1E76
You Can Lead Roman Catholics to ChristWilson EwinPa1C10
You Can Lead Roman Catholics to ChristWilson EwinPa1C8
You Can Lead Roman Catholics to ChristWilson EwinPa1C9