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A Compendious History of American MethodismAbel StevensS1C11
A Free Church in a Free State? The Catholic Church, Italy, Germany, France 1864-1914Ernst C. HelmreichS1A34
A Handbook of Church History Samuel G. GreenS1D1
A Handbook on the Papacy William Shaw KerrS1D9
A Handbook on the Papacy Rt. Rev. William Shaw KerrS1C12
A History of the Early Church J. W. C. WandS1H21
A History of the English Church in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries W. W. CapesS1D25
A History of the Medieval Church M. DeaneslyS1E44
A Hymn Lovers CompanionC.P. HancockS1C21
A Modern Magdalen; Eve LavallièreFr. L.L. McReavyS1A9
A Political and Cultural History of Modern Europe Vol. II; A Century of Predominantly
Industrial Society 1830-1935S1C34
A Question of Conscience Charles DavisS1E36
A Second Year’s Talks to Children Edgar P. DickieS1E43
A Short History of Russia Lawrence WolfeS1H36
Abraham Lincoln’s Daily Treasures Thomas FreilingS1D13
American Protestantism Winthrop S. HudsonS1E28
An Historian’s Approach to ReligionArnold ToynbeeS1C22
An Introduction to the History of the Christian ChurchWilfred W. BiggsS1C24
Ancient Christian Writers; Tertullian; Treatises on PenanceTertullian & W. P. Le SaintS1G19
And Would You Believe It? The Story of the Nicene CreedBernard BassettS1C27
Anglicanism W. H. CarnegieS1E47
Anglicanism and the Lambeth ConferencesAlan M.G. StephensonS1F17
Anglicanism in History & Today J. W. C. WandS1H9
Annual Report of the British Group Inter- Parliamentary Union 1996S1C32
Answers to Catholic Claims; A Discussion of Biblical AuthorityJames R. WhiteS1F1
ApostateForrest ReidS1F20
Ballymascanlon C. Daly & S. WorrallS1D17
Bethlehem to Olivet John PalmerS1E21
Bulwarks of the Faith James M. GrayS1E27
But the Bible does not say so Roberto NisbetS1E29
Calvin’s Tracts Vol. III John CalvinS1E14
Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges. Thessalonians.S1A25
Carson H. Montgomery HydeS1H11
Catechism of the Catholic ChurchS1A29
Catholic Catechism. Book OneThe Australian HierarchyS1A33
Catholic Emancipation; Daniel O’Connell and the Birth of Irish DemocracyFergus O’FerrallS1C29
Catholicism in England 1535-1935David MathewS1A1
Charles M. Alexander; A Romance of Song and Soul- Winning H. C. Alexander & J. K. MacleanS1C9
Charter for BritainP.N. Walker TaylorS1G38
Christian England; Its Story to the ReformationDavid L. EdwardsS1G39
Christianity among the New Zealanders William WilliamsS1H28
Christianity and Comparative Religion J. N. D. AndersonS1D16
Church and Society in England; Henry VIII to James IF. Heal & R. O’DayS1C15
Church and State in England & Wales 1829-1906Michael J.F. McCarthyS1G21
Church History Professor KurtzS1D22
Church History Professor KurtzS1D23
Converted on LSD TripDavid ClarkeS1A3
Counterfeit MiraclesB.B. Warfield S1F3
Dissent and Descent; Essays on Methodism and Roman CatholicismBrian Frost, Leo Pyle et al.S1A36
Dr. Isabel Mitchell of Manchura Dr. I Manchura & Rev. F.W.S. O’NeillS1C1
Elisha the Man of Abel- MeholahMrs. O.F. WaltonS1G31
England Before and After Wesley J. Wesley BreadyS1D8
Essays Congregational and Catholic Albert PeelS1H16
Europe of the Dictators 1919-1945 Elizabeth WiskemannS1E25
Evangelical BeliefJohn Broadhurst NicholsS1F41
Evangelical Calvinism Arthur StoneS1E7
Every Man has His Golden Chance; With Other Proverbs Stories for Boys and GirlsMrs J.H. RiddellS1F32
Explanation of the Thirty Nine Articles A. P. ForbesS1E15
Far From Rome Near to God; Personal; Testimonies of Fifty Converted Roman Catholic PriestsRichard Bennett & Martin Buckingham et alS1G10
Final Steps in Christian Maturity Jeanne GuyonS1H32
Foxe’s Book of MartyrsRev. J. FoxeS1F49
Genesis the Third: History, not Fable Edward WhiteS1H43
George Herbert’s Poetical Works George GilfillanS1D21
German Protestantism and the Right of Private JudgmentEdward H. DewarS1G30
Gorbachev Glasnost & The GospelMichael BourdeauxS1G15
Gospel People?: Evangelicalism and the Future of Anglicanism John MartinS1H31
Half-Hour in God’s Older Picture Gallery J. G. GreenhoughS1H38
Hammersmith Protestant DiscussionJ. Cumming & D. FrenchS1A10
Handbooks for Bible Classes and Private Students; the Principles of ProtestantismRev. J.P. LilleyS1F43
Hildebrand and his Times W. R. W. StephensS1E39
How God Wants Us to Worship Him; A Defense of the Bible as the Only Standard for
Modern Worship Joe Morecraft, III S1A4
I Believe! Wilfred G. HurleyS1D32
In God’s NameDavid YallopS1A19
In Understanding Be Men T. C. HammondS1H30
Inside the Council; The Story of Vatican IIRobert KaiserS1G37
Inside the Roman ChurchJ.W. PoynterS1F23
Inside the Roman Church J. W. PoynterS1E40
Invitation to Love Thomas KeatingS1E3
Islington Clerical Conference 1938; The Bible- Its Witness in History and its Relevance Today Multiple Authors S1G9
John Calvin’s Sermons on EphesiansJohn CalvinS1A26
John Gerard; The Autobiography of an ElizabethanJ. Gerard & P. CaramanS1C13
Joseph; Beloved-Hated- ExaltedF.B. MeyerS1C5
Larson’s Book of CultsBob LarsonS1G16
Last Essays of the Earl of Birkenhead Macmillan & BirkenheadS1C33
Lectures and Essays of William Robertson SmithW.R. SmithS1G23
Lessons from the Hymn BookS1E46
Lessons on the Life of Our Lord Eugene StockS1E48
Let God be God Philip S. WatsonS1H27
Letters of Herbert Hensley Henson Evelyn Foley BraleyS1D34
Letters to Butler Robert SoutheyS1D2
Life Chords; With My Song Will I Praise HimFrances Ridley HavergalS1G34
London Letters and Some OthersGeorge W. SmalleyS1C17
LonelinessRobert Hugh BensonS1F15
Luther in Protestantism Today Merle William BoyerS1D28
Man; The Conference Sermon and Papers from the 14 th Annual Conference May 1928Sovereign Grace UnionS1F10
Meekness With Majesty; Finding Reality at the CrossE. David CassellsS1F6
Messages from Heaven; A Biblical Examination of the Queen of Heaven’s Messages
in the End Times Jim TellowS1G3
Michael Ramsey: A Life Owen ChadwickS1D19
Modern Eucharistic AgreementRt. Rev. Alan C. ClarkS1F8
Moral Guidance Edwin F. HealyS1E35
Morals and ManGerald VannS1F35
Night Journey From Rome Clark ButterfieldS1E8
Notes on the Scripture Lessons 1933S1E45
Orangeism: The Canadian PhaseHereward SeniorS1G12
Our Priceless Heritage; A Study of Christian Doctrine in Contrast with RomanismHenry M. WoodsS1A16
Out of the LabyrinthL.H. LehmannS1G8
Outline Studies on I John R. A. TorreyS1H33
Outlines of Bible KnowledgeS. G. MessmerS1E20
Outlines of Prayer Book HistoryW. Prescott UptonS1G24
Pearls from Calvary; Meditations on the Seven Sayings from the CrossJ. Farquharson JonesS1F34
Pearls of WisdomHarry MillnerS1C7
Persons and IdealsWilliam M. MacgregorS1A22
Pope or Gospel? David SamuelS1E12
Pope or Gospel? David Samuel S1E13
Popery in Politics. Vol. IA LaymanS1A28
Popery in Politics. Vol. IIA LaymanS1A27
Popery, Puseyism, JesuitismLuigi DesanctisS1A31
Praying for Unity; A Handbook of Studies, Meditations and PrayersM. Hurley, S.J et al.S1A8
Preaching the Eternities Hamish C. MackenzieS1H12
Priests and People in IrelandMichael J.F.M. McCarthyS1C28
Primitive Christianity; Its Writings and Teachings in Their Historical Connections. Vol. IIIOtto PfleidererS1C18
Protestant Discussion Held at Hammersmith (NOTE: Letter referring to book still within)J. Cumming & D. FrenchS1H22
Protestant IslandArthur BryantS1G36
Protestant PrinciplesJ. Monro GibsonS1F47
Protestant Principles J. Monro GibsonS1H24
Protestant Progress and Papal Claims David CathelsS1H40
ProtestantismRev. W.R. IngeS1F37
ProtestantismRev. W.R. IngeS1F46
ProtestantismRev. W.R. IngeS1F48
Protestantism and Capitalism; The Weber Thesis and Its CriticsRobert W. GreenS1A35
Protestantism in AmericaJerald C. BrauerS1G7
Quiet Talks on Service S. D. GordonS1E41
Radiant Christianity; Life Story of Henry DrummondAlbert H. WalkerS1F12
Real ChristianityWilliam WilberforceS1A15
Reformation and Revolution 1558-1660Robert AshtonS1F26
Religion in Victorian Britain Gerald ParsonsS1H5
Religious Authority in an Age of DoubtRupert E. DavisS1G2
Religious Thought in the Last Quarter CenturyS1C23
Reminiscences of the “Lovingkindness of the Lord” W. E. BondS1D36
Revolution in Rome David F. WellsS1E10
Rills from the Fountain of LifeRev. Richard NewtonS1F21
Roman CatholicismLoraine BoettnerS1A23
Roman Catholicism; The Doctrines of the Church of Rome Briefly Examined in the Light
of the Scripture Rev. Charles H.H. Wright S1F25
Romanism and the Gospel Anderson ScottS1D7
Romans Principal BrownS1H19
Rome and Jerusalem Moses HessS1H8
Rome and Reform. Vol. IT.L. Kington OliphantS1A7
Rome and Reform. Vol. IIT.L. Kington OliphantS1A6
Roughing It Mark TwainS1E32
Runcie; the Making of an ArchbishopMargaret DugganS1F18
Scarlet Ribbons; A Priest with AidsRosemary BaileyS1F28
Scotland & the Papacy; Pope John Paul II’s Visit in PerspectiveJohn CooneyS1A14
Scotland’s Debt to Protestantism Hector MacPhersonS1H41
Secrets of RomanismJoseph ZacchelloS1F5
Set All Afire; A Novel of St. Francis XavierLouis De WohlS1C4
Short Treatise on the Religious StateS1E2
Sketches from Church History S. M. HoughtonS1D12
Smokescreens; Who is the “Whore” of Revelation? A Biblical and Historical AnswerJack T. ChickS1F29
Soldier Saint Bernard WatsonS1H1
Some Moral Proofs of the Resurrection Elmitt BrowneS1D27
Southern White Protestantism in the Twentieth Century Kenneth K. BaileyS1E38
Spiritual Authority in the Church of England Edward Charles RichS1H15
St. Peter’s Banker: Michele SindonaLuigi DiFonzoS1A20
Standing Against the Whirlwind; Evangelical Episcopalians in 19 th Century AmericaDiana Hochstedt ButlerS1C14
Stories of Visions, Dreams & Voices as Recorded in the BibleRev. R. A. WestS1F24
Stronger than Rome W. E. MooreS1E16
Structures of Deceit; Papal SinGarry WillsS1A17
Studies on the Times of AbrahamRev. Henry G. TomkinsS1C10
Summarium Theologiae Moralis Antonius M. ArreguiS1E24
Sundays At Balmoral; Sermons Preached Before Her Majesty the Queen in ScotlandRev. John TullochS1G27
The Anatomy of Power James MargachS1H35
The Answer is God; The Story of Dale Evans & Roy RogersElise Miller DavisS1C2
The Apostle Paul’s Reply to Lord HalifaxWalter WynnS1A5
The Apostolic Ministry Kenneth E. KirkS1D3
The Authority of William JayWilliam JayS1G22
The Baptist Confession of Faith 1689S1E30
The Beast and the End- Time EventZomaya S. SolomonS1G14
The Berean Expositor Vol. XIIS1F9
The Bible in Relation to the Church of Rome and the higher Criticism Florence BartoliS1E18
The Book of Friends: A Year’s Sunday School LessonsS1E42
The British Churches TodayKenneth SlackS1F14
The British Monarchy & The See of RomeMichael McCarthyS1A13
The Broken Cross Piers ComptonS1E37
The Carson TrailSam WilsonS1G28
The Catholic Church Alfred BaudrillartS1H25
The Catholic ReformationPierre JanelleS1G1
The Catholicity of ProtestantismR. N. Flew & R. E. DavisS1F45
The Charismatic Renewal and the Irish Experience Thomas FlynnS1D18
The Children’s Sunday Bookcase; The New Line Upon LineJ.E. Hodder WilliamsS1F36
The Christ, The Church and The Child Carey BonnerS1D6
The Christian Tradition 2; The Spirit of Eastern Christendom (600-1700)Jaroslav PelikanS1F27
The Church Now; An Inquiry Into the State of the Catholic Church in Ireland and BritainJ. Cumming & P. BurnsS1C30
The Church Through the CenturiesCyril Charles RichardsonS1C26
The Classic Preachers of the English Church; Lectures Delivered at St. James’s ChurchJohn E. Kempe et al.S1A21
The Coloured Bible for the YoungS1F33
The Complete Plain WordsSir Ernest GowersS1F19
The Cross, the Font, and the Altar; Addresses for Holy WeekH.T. KnightS1G33
The Divinity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ H. P. LiddonS1D26
The Doctrine of the Prophets A. F. KirkpatrickS1H39
The English Church and the Papacy Z. N. BrookeS1D4
The English Free Churches Horton DaviesS1H20
The Fair HavenSamuel ButlerS1C3
The Free Church of Scotland: The Crisis of 1900 A. Stewart & J. K. CameronS1H6
The Future of catholic ChristianityMichael de la BedoyereS1G25
The God of Truth Peter TrumperS1H4
The Good News of Mark’s Year Silvester O’FlynnS1E1
The Great Evangelical DisasterFrancis A. SchaefferS1F13
The Great Reformation; A Wide- Ranging Survey of the Beginnings of ProtestantismR.Tudur JonesS1A12
The Greatest Thing in the World, and Other AddressesHenry DrummondS1F38
The Hammersmith Protestant Discussion; A Report of The Controversial Discussion
Between Rev. John Cumming and Daniel FrenchCharles Maybury ArcherS1F42
The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow Constance CumbeyS1D15
The Hidden Secrets of Convent Life; Terror Behind Locked DoorsMaria MonkS1F7
The History of the Christian Church F. J. Foakes JacksonS1H2
The History of the Reformation in ScotlandJohn KnoxS1C25
The Holy BibleS1C19
The Hymns of Charles Wesley: A Study of their Structure R. Newton FlewS1H29
The Joy of the Ministry F. R. WynneS1D24
The Laurels and the Tiara; Pope Pius II, 1458-1464R.J. MitchellS1A18
The Life of Christ in the Words of the GospelS1E9
The Life of St Paul James StalkerS1H42
The Life of St. JosephEdward Healy ThompsonS1A11
The Life of St. Patrick and His Place in HistoryJ.B. BuryS1G4
The Life of the Rev. William Arnot A. FlemingS1D5
The Light of the Morning E. G. R. SwainS1H37
The Living Church Hans KüngS1E34
The Living Church Series; The Preachers of the ChurchA.E. Garvie M.AS1A24
The Marvels of GraceOswald J. SmithS1F31
The Ministry of God’s Word Watchman NeeS1D20
The Mystery of IniquityF.V. DaboldS1G11
The Mystery of PortrockAmbrose HaynesS1G32
The New Testament; Its Authorship, Date and WorthJ. Agar BeetS1G26
The Newgate CalendarS1E11
The Number of Man Philip MauroS1H7
The Nun’s Story; Gabrielle Van der MalKathryn HulmeS1C16
The One Hundred Texts of the Irish Church MissionsT.C. HammondS1G5
The One Hundred Texts of the Irish Church MissionsT.C. HammondS1G17
The One Hundred Texts of the Irish Church MissionsT.C. HammondS1G18
The One Hundred Texts of the Irish Church Missions Henry FisheS1E31
The PapacyJohn P. McKnightS1A30
The Pathway to the Stars Lionel B. FletcherS1D35
The Persistent Prejudice; Anti- Catholicism in AmericaMichael SchwartzS1F2
The Persistent Prejudice; Anti- Catholicism in AmericaMichael SchwartzS1F4
The Plotters and Their Victim Robinetta E. OakS1D33
The Poor Man’s Cry; A Collection of Prayers Recorded in the Holy ScripturesS1C8
The Pope’s ArmadaGordon UrquhartS1F40
The Priesthood of The Lord Jesus Christ and Protestant Principles with Conference Sermon.
Seventeenth Annual Conference May 1931. Sovereign Grace UnionS1G35
The Protestant Churches of America John A. HardonS1E22
The Protestant’s ArmoryAnon.S1F44
The Purple and the Scarlet Guy SchofieldS1H10
The Roman Catechism; The Catechism of the Council of Trent.S1A32
The Royal House of Stuart Vol. I Samuel CowanS1D10
The Royal House of Stuart Vol. II Samuel CowanS1D11
The Saints in Art Margaret E. TaborS1E26
The Scottish Church C. Stewart BlackS1E33
The ShroudJohn WalshS1G6
The Story of the Solar SystemGeorge F. ChambersS1F50
The Structural Principles of the BibleF.E. MarshS1G13
The Theology of a Protestant CatholicAdrian HastingsS1C6
The Thirty-Nine ArticlesB.J. KiddS1F39
The Throne of Eloquence; Great Preachers, Ancient and ModernE. Paxton HoodS1A2
The Trinity in Contemporary Theology Claude WelchS1H26
The Unsafe Anchor or “Eternal Hope’, A False HopeRev. C.F. ChildeS1F51
The Wall Between Us B. King & L. JulianaS1E17
The Way it Worked Out G. B. SternS1E5
Thirteen for Christ. Selection of BiographiesMelville Harcourt et al.S1G20
Thirteen Keys; To the 13 Horned Beast of Revelation 13Thomas Bissell WindhamS1G29
This Way To Heaven James McGlincheyS1D30
Thomas Cromwell and the English ReformationA.G. DickensS1F11
Thoughts for the Sundays of the Year H. C. G. MouleS1H3
Tithing R. T. KendallS1E23
To the Church of England Gareth BennettS1H34
Tyndale New Testament Commentaries: Gospel According to St. John R. V. G. TaskerS1H17
Tyndale New Testament Commentaries: Thessalonians Leon MorrisS1H18
Types and Shadows of our Saviour in the Old Testament T. TaylorS1E19
Ways of Worship Pehr EdwallS1H14
What Catholics Really Believe Karl KeatingS1D14
What God Wants Frank WallaceS1H13
What is the Index? Redmond A. BurkeS1E4
What Mean These Stones? The Significance of Archaeology for the Study of the BibleMillar BurrowsS1F22
When the World Will be as One; the Coming New World Order in the New AgeTal BrookeS1F30
When Ye Pray Dom Bernard ClementsS1D31
Which Way? E. J. WhatelyS1H23
William Robertson Nicoll; Life and LettersT.H. DarlowS1C20
Writings of Thomas E. Peck. Vol. IT. E. Peck & T.C. JohnsonS1F16
You and Yours Martin J. ScottS1D29
You Can Lead Roman Catholics to ChristWilson EwinS1C31
You’d Better Come QuietlyLeonard FeeneyS1E6