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Stitt - St1
A Class-Book of New Testament HistoryG. F. MacleanSt1B12
A Companion to the CatechismChrisian Brothers St1A22
A Dogmatic Catechism from the Italian of FrassinettiVariousSt1C21
A History of the Church. Vol. III The Revolt against the Church: Aquinas – Luther P HughesSt1D28
A History of the English ChurchW. R. W. Stephens
A History of the Reformation. Vol IT. M. LindsaySt1D2
A History of the Reformation. Vol. IIT. M. LindsaySt1F6
A Little Manual of LiturgyP. MorrisnoeSt1F13
Adventurers for GodC. W. HallSt1B6
Anecdotes on Bible Texts. The Gospel of LukeS. L. NyeSt1B20
Anglican Teaching. An Exposition of the Thirty-Nine ArticlesW. G. Wilson & J. H. TempletonSt1B2
Archaeology of the Bible: Book by BookG. Cornfield St1A18
Baptismal RegenerationW. PalmerSt1F23
Bible Problems ExplainedJ. M. GraySt1E5
Biblical Commentary on the Gospels. Vol. IIH. OlshausenSt1C7
Black PopesArchbishop RobertsSt1C19
Books to ReadVariousSt1F2
Brighter than the Sun or Christ the Light of the WorldJ. R. MacduffSt1E18
Catechism of the Eastern Orthodox ChurchG. Polyzoides St1A21
Catholic Sermons of Cardinal Newman C. S. Dessain St1A4
Christian Reunion: Historic Divisions ReconsideredJ. S. WhaleSt1D4
Christian Words and Christian MeaningsJ. BurnabySt1E15
Christianity and the Roman EmpireW. E. AddisSt1E23
Credo. A Practical Guide to the Catholic FaithM. HarrisonSt1E28
Daily Hand-BookJ. F. StarkSt1C9
Decreta Synodi Plenariae Episcoporum HiberniaeAnon.St1D20
Dictionary of Ecclesiastical TermsJ. S. PurvisSt1D11
Dog-Collar DemocracyG. Studdert-KennedySt1D12
Dying PenitentsAnonSt1E24
Ecclessiastical MeditationsA Catholic ClergymanSt1F16
Ecumenism and the BibleD. HedegardSt1E12
Edmund CampionE. WaughSt1D23
Edward (1066-1272) Vol. IIW. HuntSt1F5
Fatima – The FactsJ. de MarchiSt1F7
First Steps to PriesthoodM. FarrellSt1F19
For Catholic SchoolsJ. RickabySt1C22
Foxes and Firebarands or A Specimen of the Danger and Harmony of Gallowglass, or Life in the Land of the PriestsM. McCarthy St1A24
George Whitefield – The Awakener A. D. Belden St1A3
God’s Adventurers M. H. Tiltman St1A12
God’s Other Book N. Hope St1A7
Gospel Magazine 1869 Various St1A14
Gothic Style and CivilisationG. HendersonSt1B22
Heart of the SaviourJ. Stierli et al [Ed]St1B3
Holy Trinity, Brompton MagazineAnon.St1C13
How Christ said the First MassJ. L. MeagherSt1E4
In Christ’s Own CountryD. E. GrafSt1D19
In Defence of the ReformationG. G. CoultonSt1E20
IndulgencesA. ManuelSt1E27
Jail JournalJ. MitchelSt1C6
John Brown of Haddington R. Mackenzie St1A11
Lamartine’s Holy LandAnon.St1C4
Layman’s AnswersE. M. BlaiklockSt1E21
Lectures on Foreign History 1494-1789. M. Thompson St1A23
Letters from a Mystic of the Present DayAnon.St1B17
Life and Sermons of the late Rev. J. R. AndersonH. B. PittSt1F10
Life EverlastingT. TothSt1D27
Life’s Greatest Adventure P. Rader St1A6
Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury. Vol. IW. F. HookSt1C1
Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury. Vol. IIW. F. HookSt1C2
Michael and the AngelsVariousSt1E2
Mission HeroesAnon.St1E17
More and More of MemoriesA. PorrittSt1D17
Mysteries of the Mass in Reasoned PrayersW. RocheSt1C20
On Eucharistic Worship in the English ChurchN. DimockSt1B9
On Sermon PreparationVariousSt1E16
Our Guiding Star C. Johnston St1A5
Oxford Conference on Evangelical ChurchmanVariousSt1C17
Palestine ProtrayedS. W. Gentle-CackettSt1D7
Pio Nono. A Study in European Politics and Religion in The 19 th CenturyE. E. Y. HayesSt1D22
Popery and SeparationVariousSt1C23
Religious Freedom in SpainJ. D. Haughey St1A20
Roads to RomeJ. Godfrey RaupertSt1C10
Robert Raikes of Gloucester F. Booth St1A13
Roman Dogma and Scripture TruthA. StewartSt1C11
Rome and CanterburyE. Amana de MendietaSt1F8
Salvation … When?C. MurrellSt1E8
Salvation and How to Posses itVariousSt1F11
Selected Papal Encyclicals 1828-1932J. Keating [Ed] St1A9
Sermons on Several OccasionsJ. WesleySt1E13
Service Book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic Apostolic ChurchF. HapgoodSt1D3
Sidelights on the Catholic RevivalF. J. SheedSt1D6
Social Wellsprings. Fourteen Epochal Documents by Pope Leo XIII J. Husslein St1A19
Solid Joys and Lasting Treasure T. Whittle St1A17
Some Aspects of the Dogma of Extreme UnctionA. QuinnSt1D18
Stuart Tracts 1603-1693C. H. FirthSt1D1
Summarium Theologiae MoralisA. M. ArreguiSt1D16
The Age of MartyrsG. RicciottiSt1B4
The Ancient Near EastJ. B. Pritchard St1E22
The Athanasian Origin of the Anthanasian CreedJ. S. Brewer St1A10
The Autobiography of a Fallen ‘Christ’A. J. HalbleibSt1D14
The Book of ProverbsB. E. NichollsSt1B19
The Canon LawS. WoywodSt1D15
The Cardinal Archbishop of WestminsterJ. OldcastleSt1D21
The Complete Works of St Alphonus de Liguori Vol. XIIE. GrimmSt1F20
The Cradle of the Bible. Vol. XMgr. LegendreSt1F21
The Divine Liturgy of St. John the ChrysostomG. L. PapadeasSt1D9
The Divine OfficeA. de LiguoriSt1B7
The English Church from its Foundaiton to the Norman Conquest (597-1066) Vol. IW. HuntSt1F4
The English Church from the Norman Conquest to the Accession of the English Church in the 14th and 15th CenturiesW. W. CapesSt1B16
The English Church in the Reigns of Elizabeth and James IW. H. FrereSt1F3
The Evening and the MorningA. BlackSt1B18
The Fifth French Republic D. Pickles St1A15
The Fundamentals. A Testimony to the Truth. Vol. IR. A. TorreySt1C15
The Gospel According to St. Matthew. Scripture Manuels
The Gospel of the Pentateuch C. Kingsley St1A8
The Greater Men an Women of the Bible. Vol. IJ. HastingsSt1B13
The Greater Men and Women of the Bible. Vol. IIIJ. HastingsSt1B5
The Halo on the SwordM. PurcellSt1F17
The History of the Salvation Army. Vol. IIR. SandallSt1B11
The Holy Spirit. His Personality, Nature, WorksH. L. BolesSt1C14
The Ivory Gate. A Book of Verses for Children. Part 3R. MoorhouseSt1E6
The Last Days of Papal Rome 1850-1870 R. De Cesare St1A1
The Liberation Theology DebateR. GibelliniSt1B23
The Life and Times of Herod the GreatS. PerowneSt1B21
The Life of Benjamin Disraeli. Vol. IW. F. MoneypennySt1B14
The Life of Benjamin Disraeli. Vol. IIW. F. MoneypennySt1B15
The Life of R. W. Dale of BirminghamA. W. W. DaleSt1C3
The Life of Samuel JohnsonJ. BoswellSt1C16
The Logic of LourdesJ. J. CliffordSt1E9
The Loving Kindness of the Queen of HeavenA. DenisSt1E25
The Memoirs of the Rt. Hon. The Earl of WooltonAnon. St1B1
The Miracles of UnbeliefF. Ballard St1A16
The Nature of Christ’s Presence in the Eucharist. Vol. IW. GoodeSt1C5
The Official Report of the Church Congress held at Birmingham in 1893C. Dunkley [Ed.]St1F1
The Organism of Christian TruthJ. DickieSt1E19
The Pathways and Abiding-Places of our LordJ. M. WainrightSt1E26
The Priest of TodayT. O’DonnellSt1F18
The Prophecies of St Malachy and St ColumbkilleP. BanderSt1E3
The Religions of the WorldVariousSt1E14
The Reservation of the Blessed SacramentJ. WrightSt1E10
The Right to Life of the Unborn ChildH. Treub [et al]St1D26
The Right to MarryA. P. HerbertSt1C18
The Roman Church and the Modern ManH. D. A. MajorSt1E11
The Sacred Ceremonies of Low MassF. ZualdiSt1F22
The Sacred HeartJ. A. KellerSt1E1
The Seven Words Spoken by Christ on the CrossBellarmineSt1F15
The Sinlessness of JesusC. UllmanSt1C8
The Sublimity of the Holy EucharistM. MeschlerSt1B8
The Theology of the Mystical BodyE. MerschSt1D10
The Value of the Bible and other SermonsH. Hensley HensonSt1E7
The Victory of the VanquishedAnon.St1F12
Theology of the Reformers T. George St1A2
Thomas Shillitoe – The Quaker Missionary and Temporance PioneerW. TallackSt1F9
To the Golden Shore. The Life of Adoniram JudsonC. AndersonSt1D24
To Vincentian MartyrsG. de MontgestySt1F14
Who’s Bugging You?B. MunnellySt1D13
Ye are the BodyB. SpencerSt1D8
Year of Doom 1975 – The Inside Story of Jehovah’s WitnessesW. C. StevensonSt1C12
Yesterday’s RadicalsD. G. Wigmore-BeddoesSt1D5
Young Mr. NewmanM. WardSt1D25