Times Past

Fifty nine years ago in March 1957 a series of meetings were held by Lord Bannside (then Rev Ian Paisley) and his Father, Rev J K Paisley. The Sunday meetings were in the Town Hall and the week night meetings were in the Gospel Tabenacle. The leaflet announcing these meetings is shown here. After the meetings were held Pastor Paisley gave his son a gift of ‘The Works of Rev Jn Newton’ which you can see from the picture, was well used in the years to come! You can also see his inscription to his son. Ballymena Town Hall played an important role in the ministry of both the Paisley preachers – father and son. Scores of people came to Christ as a result of gospel campaigns held there and the impact of these continues to this day. Times-past-pic-1 Times-past-pic2 Times-past-pic-3 Times-past-pic-4