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Archive Room – Bannside – B1

A Bible Commentary for Bible Students – Vol. V – Jer – MalC. J. Ellicot B3B10
A Commentary on the Holy Bible – Vol. I – Genesis to JobM. Poole B2F7
A Commentary on the Holy Bible – Vol. III [Matthew-Revelation] M. Poole B3A3
A Commentary on the Holy Scripture – The Books of the KingsP. Schaff B2F3
A Concordance of SubjectsC. R. Joy B3A10
A Dictionary of All ReligionsT. Williams B3A23
A Dictionary of Christian Antiquities – Vol. I A-JW. Smith & S. Cheetham B2F6
A Dictionary of Christian Biography – Vol. I A-DW. Smith & H. WaceB2F5
A Dictionary of Christian Biography – Vol. II E-HW. Smith & H. Wace B2F9
A Dictionary of Christian Biography – Vol. III H-MW. Smith & H. Wace B2F10
A Greek Dictionary of the Bible B2F4
A History of the Sacred Scriptures in Every Language and Dialect into which translations have been made B3F7
A Homiletic EncyclopaediaR. D. Dickinson B2F18
A Map Book for Bible StudentsF. Fay B3B29
A Protestant DictionaryC.Carter & G.E.A. Weeks B2F11
A Protestant DictionaryC.H.H. Wright & C. Neil B2F2
About the New English BibleG. Hunt B3B28
Aids to Bible Study B3B31
Analogy of the Old and New Testament – Vol. I B2E15
Analogy of the Old and New Testament – Vol. II B2E16
Analytical Concordance to The BibleR. Young B3A1
Annotations on the Pentateuch and the Psalms – Vol. IIH. Ainsworth B3A6
Annotations upon the five Books of Moses, 1639 AinsworthB2C16
Art Bible – New Testament B3A17
Bible Atlas and Scripture Gazetteer H. Courtier B3A20
Bible Commentary – Genesis to I ChroniclesTrapp B2E4
Bible Commentary – Hosea to MalachiTrapp B2E6
Bible Commentary – Proverbs to DanielTrapp B2E5
Bible Commentary Vol. I – Genesis to DeuteronomyClark B2D11
Bible Commentary Vol. II – Joshua to EstherClark B2D12
Bible Commentary Vol. III – Job to SolomonClark B2D13
Bible Commentary Vol. IV – Isaiah to MalachiClark B2D14
Bible Commentary Vol. V – Matthew to RomansClark B2D15
Bible Commentary Vol. VI – 1 Corinthians to RevelationClark B2D16
Bible Handbook – An Abbreviated Bible CommentaryH. H. Halley B3B27
Biblical and Theological DictionaryJ. Farrar B3B12
Brown’s Bible B2A10
Brown’s Bible B2A9
Cambridge Companion to the Bible B3B20
Chambers Mini Dictionary [Copy 1] B3F18
Chambers Mini Dictionary [Copy 2] B3F20
Christ Dying and Drawing Sinners to HimselfS. Rutherford B3F9
Christ Testament – Vol. IR. Gordon B3A5
Christian Age – 1889-1890 B2C2
Christian TreasuryVarious B3A13
Chronicle of the Kings of England B2C1
Church DictionaryW. F. Hook B3A14
Collins Gem Dictionary of English Usage B3F17
Collins Gem English Dictionary B3F16
Colloquia Mensalia, or The Familiar Discourses of Dr. Martin LutherH. Bell B3F2
Commentary on HebrewsW. Gouge B2E20
Commentary on the Holy Bible – Vol I – Gen-JobM. PooleB3B16
Commentary on the Holy Bible – Vol II – Psa-MalM. PooleB3B17
Commentary on the Holy Bible – Vol III – Matt-RevM. PooleB3B18
Commentary on the Old Testament – Jeremiah to Lamentations B2E17
Commentary on the Old Testament – Joshua-Ruth J. P. Lange B2B8
Complete Concordance to the Old and New TestamentA. Cruden B2E19
Cyclopaedia of Illustrations for Public SpeakingR. Scott & W. Styles B2E18
Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels – Vol. IJ. Hastings B2E9
Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels – Vol. IIJ. Hastings B2E10
Dictionary of Old Testament Words for English Readers A. Pick B2F19
Dictionary of Phrase and FableE. C. Brewer B3B8
Dictionary of Quotations from Ancient and ModernJ. Wood B3A24
Dictionary of Religious Anecdote, 1890R. D. Dickinson B2E11
Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names B3B32
Dictionary of the Apostolic Church – Vol. IJ. HastingsB2E7
Dictionary of the Apostolic Church – Vol. IIJ. Hastings B2E8
Earthly Footsteps of the Man of Galilee J. H. Vincent B2D6
Ecclesiastical Memories – Vol. IStrype B2D17
Ecclesiastical Memories – Vol. IIStrype B2D18
Ecclesiastical Memories – Vol. III [Missing] Strype B2D19
Ecclesiastical Memories – Vol. IVStrype B2D20
Ecclesiastical Memories – Vol. VStrype B2D21
Ecclesiastical Memories – Vol. VIStrype B2D22
Encyclopaedia of 7700 Illustrations, Signs of the Times B3F12
Encyclopaedia of Religious Knowledge – Vol. ISchoff-Herzog B2E14
Exhaustive Concordance of the BibleStrong B2F1
Family Treasury 1879 B3A16
Family Worship – Blackie and Son B2D4
God’s Word – Special Margin Edition B1C12
Greek English Lexicon to the New Testament B3B35A
Greek New Testament B1A30
Hebrew & Greek Key Study Bible B1D14
Help to the Reading of the Bible – Revised by H. HousmanB. E. Nicholls B3B24
Helps to the Study of the Bible B3B26
History of Religions – Vol. IG. F. Moore B3B11
History of the Bible – Vol. I [Missing]T. Stackhouse B2E12
History of the Bible – Vol. IIT. Stackhouse B2E13
History of The Reformation, Vol. IG. Brandt B2C13
History of The Reformation, Vol. IIG. Brandt B2C5
History of The Reformation, Vol. IIIG. Brandt B2C6
History of The Reformation, Vol. IVG. Brandt B2C7
Holy Bible B1A10
Holy Bible B1A13
Holy Bible B1A17
Holy Bible B1A18
Holy Bible B1A19
Holy Bible B1A20
Holy Bible B1A21
Holy Bible B1A22
Holy Bible B1A23
Holy Bible B1A24
Holy Bible B1A25
Holy Bible B1A28
Holy Bible B1A29
Holy Bible B1A7
Holy Bible B1A8
Holy Bible B1A9
Holy Bible B1B16
Holy Bible B1B19
Holy Bible B1B2
Holy Bible B1B24
Holy Bible B1B25
Holy Bible B1B4
Holy Bible B1B6
Holy Bible B1B8
Holy Bible B1C13
Holy Bible B1C14
Holy Bible B1C15
Holy Bible B1C3
Holy Bible B1D10
Holy Bible B1D8
Holy Bible B1D9
Holy Bible B2B1
Holy Bible B1B1
Holy Bible B1B15
Holy Bible B1B22
Holy Bible B1B23
Holy Bible B1B29
Holy Bible B1B3
Holy Bible B1B30
Holy Bible B1B32
Holy Bible B1B34
Holy Bible - 1611 Edition B1B28
Holy Bible with Daily Readings B1B10
Holy Bible - Matthew – Revelation B1D22
Holy Bible - FPC 1951-1991 B1B9
Holy Bible - Genesis – Joshua B1E17
Holy Bible - Red Letter EditionB1B7
Holy Bible - Red Letter Edition B1B12
Holy Bible - Russian Edition B1B13
Holy Bible - Russian Edition B1B18
Holy Bible - Spirit of 88 EditionB1B17
Holy Bible – 1951-1992 B1E22
Holy Bible – Arabic B1E21
Holy Bible – Blackie & Son [Copy 2] B2A6
Holy Bible – Commemorative Editon 1611-2011 B1B27
Holy Bible – Commentaries of Henry & Scott B1F5
Holy Bible – Commentaries of Henry and Scott [2 Copies] B2A3
Holy Bible – Commentary by Robert YoungB1F7
Holy Bible – D’Oyly and Mant, Vol. I – Genesis to Job B2A7
Holy Bible – Genesis – Psalms B1F3
Holy Bible – German Edition B1C4
Holy Bible – Giant Print B1D11
Holy Bible – Giant Print Edition B1C19
Holy Bible – Giant Print Edition B1D13
Holy Bible – Giant Print Edition B1D15
Holy Bible – HaydockB1F6
Holy Bible – Illustrated B2A1
Holy Bible – Joshua to Samuel, Wordsworth B1D3
Holy Bible – Judges – Job B1E18
Holy Bible – Large Print B1D12
Holy Bible – Martyrs MemorialB1A15
Holy Bible – Martyrs MemorialB1A14
Holy Bible – Martyrs Memorial B1D25
Holy Bible – Martyrs Memorial B1E23
Holy Bible – Martyrs Memorial B1E24
Holy Bible – Matthew Henry with Marginal References B1F1
Holy Bible – New Scofield Reference Edition B1B33
Holy Bible – NewberryB1D19
Holy Bible – Official Replica of original KJV 1611 B2B10
Holy Bible – Oxford B2A2
Holy Bible – Pool’s Annotations Vol. III Matthew-RevelationB1A1
Holy Bible – Pool’s Annotations. Vol. II B2B7
Holy Bible – Psalms – Malachi B1D21
Holy Bible – Psalms – Malachi B1E19
Holy Bible – Red Letter Edition B1C2
Holy Bible – Reference Edition B1C16
Holy Bible – Rev John BrownB1F4
Holy Bible – Romans – Revelation B1E20
Holy Bible – Russian Editon B1A26
Holy Bible – Sandown Road B1A16
Holy Bible – Sandown Road, TBS B1A11
Holy Bible – Scofield References B1B20
Holy Bible – Self-explanatory B1C6
Holy Bible – Silver Jubilee Elizabeth II 1952-77 B1A12
Holy Bible – Study Edition B1B31
Holy Bible – The Pentateuch, Wordsworth B1D2
Holy Bible – The Word of God B1C20
Holy Bible – The Word of God B1C21
Holy Bible – The Word of God B1D20
Holy Bible – UndefinedB2B2
Holy Bible – Undefined Edtion B2A5
Holy Bible – Vol. II – Samuel to IsaiahB1D4
Holy Bible – Welsh Edition B1A33
Holy Bible – Words of Christ in Red B1D24
Holy Bible [Mrs M A Robinson] B1D17
Holy Bible & Common Prayer B1A27
Holy Bible & Common Prayer B1A32
Holy Bible and Psalter B1B5
Holy Bible Vol II – Oxford B2B5
Holy Bible with ConcordanceB1B14
Holy Bible with Concordance Dictionary B1B21
Holy Bible with Family Additions B2B3
Holy Bible with handwritten notes B1A6
Holy Bible with Notes and Illustrations – Blackie & Son B2A4
Holy Bible with notes by C. Wordsworth. Vol. V, Part II – Jeremiah – Ezekiel B2B12
Holy Bible with References B1C7
Holy Bible with typewritten notes B1A5
Holy Bible, Kitto Vol. I – Genesis – Job B1E15
Holy Bible, Kitto Vol. II – Psalms – Revelation B1E16
Holy Bible, The Mind of God B1C18
Holy Bible, Wordsworth – Job-Song of Solomon Index B1E14
How to Enjoy the Bible E. W. Bullinger B3B19
Hugo Dutch Dictionary B3F19
Israel’s Watchman 1879 B3B1
Israel’s Watchman 1880 B3B2
Israel’s Watchman 1881 B3B3
Israel’s Watchman 1882 B3B4
Israel’s Watchman 1883 B3B5
Israel’s Watchman 1884 B3B6
Jerusalem Chronicles, News of the Past. Vol. 1 [Abraham – Ezra] B3F3
Jerusalem Chronicles, News of the Past. Vol. 2 [Second Temple-Rise of Christianity] B3F4
Keyword ConcordanceBagster B3B30
Memoirs of the Life, Character and Writings of Matthew HenryJ. B. Williams B3A26
Morning and Evening Daily ReadingsC. H. Spurgeon B3B39
New Cyclopaedia of Prose IllustrationsE. Foster B2F8
New Testament – Irish Language Edition B2B4
New Testament & Psalms B1A31
New Testament in Chronological and Historical Order Vol I. B1C8
New Testament in Chronological and Historical Order Vol II B1C9
New Testament with Psalms B1B11
New Testament, 1526 Edition B1B26
Old and New Testament Prideau B2C8
Old Testament B1C5
Old Testament – Hebrew and English B1A4
Old Testament HistoryW. Hole B2C3
Old Testament Worthies – A Gallery of Portraits, 1853 B2D5
Oxford Bible Atlas B3A19
Paisley – The Word of God [notes]B1A2
Paisley, Holy Bible, The Word of God
Paraphrase and Commentary on the New Testament D. Whitby B2C12
Paraphrase and Commentary on the New Testament Vol. IID. Whitby B2C4
Pronouncing Parallel Bible B2A8
Protestant DictionaryC. S. Carter & G.E.A. Weeks B2F12A
Scott’s Bible Vol. 1 B1E2
Scott’s Bible Vol. 2 B1E3
Scott’s Bible Vol. 3 B1E4
Scott’s Bible Vol. 4 B1E5
Scott’s Bible Vol. 5 B1E6
Scott’s Bible Vol. 6 B1E7
Scrapbook of Newspaper Cuttings 1859W. Summersford B3F1
Secular Annotations on Scripture TextsF. Jacox B3B37
Space B2B6
Study Bible – Matthew Henry B1D23
Synopsis for the Books of the Bible – Vol.I – Gen-2ChrJ. N. Darby B3B21
Synopsis for the Books of the Bible – Vol.III – Matt-JohnJ. N. Darby B3B22
Synopsis for the Books of the Bible – Vol.IV – Acts-PhilJ. N. Darby B3B23
The Altered Translation of Genesis 2:5B. W. Newton B3B33
The Analytical and Chaldee LexiconB. Davidson B2F15
The Annals of the Old and New Testament J. Ussher B3F6
The Apocrypha, Version 1611 Revised 1894 B3B9
The Bible AtlasS. Arrowsmith B3F8
The Bible Educator – Vol. III B3A21
The Bible Educator – Vol. IV B3A22
The Bible in its Ancient and English VersionsH.W. Robinson B3B25
The Bible Text Cyclopedia [Copy 1]J. Inglis B3A8
The Bible Text Cyclopedia [Copy 2]J. Inglis B3A9
The Biblical Illustrator – St. MarkJ. S. Exell B3B7
The Book of Psalms with 24 Coloured PlatesF. C. Pape B2F14
The Book of the Prophet IsaiahE. Henderson B3A11
The Books of Ezekiel, Daniel and the Minor ProphetsA. Maclaren B3A7
The Chambers Dictionary, New Edition B3F11
The Christian Herald and Signs of Our Times – July – December 1923 B2D3
The Christian Portrait Gallery with Biographic Sketches B3A18
The Compagnon Bible B1C17
The Compagnon Bible – Part I B1E8
The Compagnon Bible – Part II [missing] B1E9
The Compagnon Bible – Part III [missing] B1E10
The Compagnon Bible – Part IV B1E11
The Compagnon Bible – Part V B1E12
The Compagnon Bible – Part VI B1E13
The Companion Bible B1D16
The Companion Bible B1D7
The Defined King James Bible B1C22
The Defined King James Bible B1D18
The Doré Bible – Genesis – Lamentations B1F2
The Exposition of Holiness – 1889-1890B2F16
The Exposition of Holiness – 1893-94 B2F17
The Expositor 1891-2 B3A12
The Expositor’s Dictionary of Texts – Vol. INicholl, Stoddard, Moffatt B2E1
The Expositor’s Dictionary of Texts – Vol. IINicholl, Stoddard, Moffatt B2E2
The Holy Bible with Notes and Introductions [Joshua-Ruth]C. Wordsworth B3A2
The Holy Scriptures – Newberry B1C11
The Holy Scriptures – Newberry Large Type B1D6
The Home PreacherVarious B2C14
The Illustrated Bible TreasuryW. Wright B3A25
The Key Words of the BibleA. T. Pierson B3B34
The King’s Business 1920B3A15
The New Book of Martyrs B2D2
The New Testament – Translated by Tyndale 1534 B2B9
The New Testament translated from the Latin in 1380J. Wyclif B3F5
The Newberry Bible B1D5
The Numerical Bible with Expository Notes – The Psalms B2B11T
The Nuttall Dictionary of Quotations B3F13
The Old Testament arranged in Historical and Chronological OrderG. Townsend B3A4
The Oxford Cyplopedic Concordance B3B38
The Paragraph Bible B1C1
The Prayer Book DictionaryG. Harford/M. Stevenson B3F10
The Rhyming DictionaryJ. Walker B3F14
The Romance of Bible Chronology – Vol. I, The TreatiseM. Austey B2E3
The Self-Interpreting Bible Vol. I B2D7
The Self-Interpreting Bible Vol. II B2D8
The Self-Interpreting Bible Vol. IIIB2D9
The Self-Interpreting Bible Vol. IV B2D10
The Shorter Catechism for Teachers and Parents R. Steel B3B36
The Story of the Bible - Vol. II B2C9
The Story of the Bible - Vol. III B2C10
The Story of the Bible - Vol. IV B2C11
The Students’ Commentary on the Holy Bible – Vol. IJ. M. Fuller B3B14
The Students’ Commentary on the Holy Bible – Vol. IIJ. M. Fuller B3B15
The Unity of The BibleH. H. Rowley B3B13
The Word of God – Genesis – Job B1C23
The Young People’s Bible, Illustrated B1D1
Three Treaties, 1658 E. Reynolds B2C15
Treaties between Charles I and his Parliament, 1662]B2D1
Ultra Thin Reference Bible [5 copies] B1E1
Universal Pocket Dictionary B3F15
Variocum Teachers’ Bible Apocrypha B1C10
Wilhelm Genesius’ Hebraisches and Chaldaisches Handworterbuch uber das Alte Testament, Leipzig 1878 B2F13