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1 & 2 ThessaloniansH. A. IronsideT3A20
1 & 2 ThessaloniansH. A. IronsideT3A21
A Christian Theory of KnowledgeC. van TilT2B29
A Dean’s ApologyC. A. AlingtonT3F5
A Fame of Fire. The Life and Work of Dr. Rowland AylesburyJ. H. HunterT3B14
A Giant in GhanaC. LeonardT3C41
A Grain of Wheat and other SermonsW. Benwell HinsonT3C17
A Guide for DisciplesJ.G. PikeT2B25
A New Heaven and a New EarthA. HughesT2A15
A Procession of Passion PrayersE. Milner-WhiteT3B4
A Prophet Without Honour. John WylieA. CairnsT2D34
A Purtian speaks to our Dying NationR. L. Hymers JrT3E24
A Table in the WildernessW. NeeT3H15
A Terrible BeautyM. Marix EvansT3G16
A Treasury of English Aphorisms L. Pearsall SmithT3B16
Above Rubies. Memorials of Christian GentlemenMiss BrightwellT2D12
Abundant GraceW.P. MackayT2B16
After the Heavy RainS. S. HimmT2E37
After the Heavy RainS. S. HimmT2E38
Alexander DumasJ. Lucas-DubretonT3A17
Alexander the CorrectorE. OlivierT3E15
Alexander, Govenor-General of CanadaJ.A. RobinsonT2C1
All In A LifeG. FitzgeraldT2C17
All My Road Before MeC. S. LewisT3D25
An Enemy called ApathyK . Al HabtoorT2F10
An Exposition to the Romans – Prepared in the Prison CellIRKPT3H28
An Introduction to the Study of the PropheciesR. HurdT3B7
An Introduction to the Theology of the New TestamentA. RichardsonT3F9
Analytic Psychology, Vol. IG.F. StoutT2B7
Andrew A. Bonar – Diary and LettersM. Bonar (Ed)T3B20
Annabel – An Unconventional LifeA. GoldsmithT3D22
Anthologie des Poetes lyriques francaisC. SaroleaT2D15
Archbishop Davidson and the English ChurchS. DarkT3G8
Aristotelian Society, Vol. VIIIT2A16
Arthur James BalfourK. YoungT3A13
Assessments and AnticipationsW.R. IngeT2D5
Atheniensium RespublicaAristotleT3D32
Atlantis MagicJ. JamesT3D15
Autobiography of Peter CartwrightC. L. WallisT3G20
Babylon in EuropeD. HathawayT2E32
Bailliere’s Nurses’ DictionaryT2C9
Balcony Empire. Fascist Italy at WarR & E PackardT2A17
Baptist World Alliance, Eleventh Congress, Miami Beach 1965T2A24
BeaverbrookT. DribergT3A4
Better TogetherD. WarlockT2D29
Bible HighwaysI. PowellT3C16
Bible MiniaturesA. R. WellsT2D32
Biblical SeparationE. PickeringT2C3
Billy BraeW. F. BourneT3F31
Billy Brae or the King’s SonF. W. BourneT3H22
Billy Graham and AsiaG. BurnhamT2D27
Blood and FireR. HattersleyT3B23
Bonnie Prince CharlieG. A. HentyT3G18
Born AgainC. ColsonT3F20
Botha Smuts and South AfricaB. WilliamsT2D16
Britons Forging the Nation 1707-1837L. ColleyT3D26
BrookeboroughB. BartonT3E18
Broughton, Bishop of AustraliaF. T. WhittingtonT3B12
Building on PeaceAnonT2E30
C.T. Studd. Cricketer and PioneerN. GrubbT2C34
Calvinism and the Political OrderG. L. HuntT3F19
Castle Edgeworth and the AbsenteeM. EdgeworthT3G13
Catherine the GreatI. GreyT2B17
Chalmers of New Guinea and Griffith John of GhanaW. Seton & N. BrittonT3E6
Charles C. FinneyB. MillerT3E4
Charles Dickens 1812-1870U. Pope-HennessyT3G5
Charles Grandison Finney 1792-1875K. J. HardmanT3F6
Charles InwoodA.M. HayT2D7
Children in RevivalH. SprangeT3C21
Christ Knocking at the Door of Sinners’ HeartsJ. FlavelT3C7
Christian FoundationsIRKPT2A19
Christian FoundationsIRKPT3E29
Christianity: The Witness of HistoryJ. N. D. AndersonT2E44
Church Teaching for the Junior Child, Book IVH.W. DobsonT2B31
ChurchillR. Rhodes JamesT3A12
Claverhouse [English Worthies]M. MorrisT2D11
Colloquia PeripateticaJ. DuncanT2B2
Come out of her my peopleI. ChapmanT3H32
Commissioner RailtonE. Douglas & M. DuffT3F4
Communism – Its Faith and FallaciesJ. D. BalesT2B28
Complete Hip and Thigh DietR. ConleyT3C36
Coningsby, or the New GenerationB. DisraeliT3G7
Contemporary PersonalitiesEarl of BirkenheadT3F24
Contes du Jour et de la Nuitde MaupassantT2A11
CredoK. BarthT3F10
Crying in the WildernessA. GaileyT3C26
Custodian of the Two Holy MosquesF. Al-FarsyT2F6
Damaged SoulsG. BradfordT3B18
Daniel DefoeJ. MorleyT2B9
Dashnagtzoutinn has nothing to do anymoreH. KatchaznouniT2E43
Days of God’s Right HandT. CookT2D25
Democracy in FranceD. ThomsonT3H19
Discipleship HandbookP. HammondT2E31
Doing Irish Local HistoryR. Gillespie & M. HillT2C19
Down The YearsA. ChamberlainT2B13
Dynamite in EuropeStuart WattT2A9
Early Church HistoryE. Blackhouse & C. Taylor T2A6
Earnestly Contend for the FaithC. SextonT2F13
Edward VII and his CircleV. CowlesT3H3
Elizabeth and EssexL. StracheyT3G2
Elizabeth FryJ. WhitneyT2E3
Elizabeth the Last?B. McMillan & E. Sadler T2A36
Elizabeth TudorSir A. Salusbury MacNaltyT3H1
Elocution and OratoryT. C. EdwardsT3C4
Emperor Charles V - Vol. 1W. RobertsonT3G22
Essays and Addresses on the Philosophy of ReligionF. von HügelT2B19
Essentials of Understanding PsychologyR. S. FeldmanT3F11
Every Day for Every ManS. AnterburnT2E21
Exodus IIS. LightleT2A35
Expository SermonsIRKPT2E19
Eye on TVAnonT2F4
Farewell to PriorsfordO. DouglasT3F15
Father Stanton’s Last SermonsE. F. RussellT3A25
Fergus FergusonJ. H. LeckieT3A18
Few Saints, Many SinnersB. A. MyersT3E25
Fifty Years in the Church of RomeC. ChiniquyT3E8
Figgis of BrightonJ. Westbury-JonesT3A19
Flame of GodG. EgertonT2E42
Focus on Infinity: A Life of Phillips BrooksR. W. AlbrightT3A5
Following Christ and Fishing for MenC. SextonT2F19
Football in IrelandR. M. PeterT3B29
Forty Years in the Church of ChristC. ChiniquyT3D4
Forty Years in the Church of ChristC. ChiniquyT3F22
Francis James ChavasseJ.B. Lancelot T2A2
From Behind a Closed DoorB. BartonT3D1
From Workhouse to WestminsterG. HawT2B36
Gleanings by a Watchman – AutobiographyE. AshdownT2C24
Global VoiceJ. NyeT2F7
GM CropsR. PickardT3C39
God’s BankerR. CornwellT3C30
God’s PoliticiansG. DaleT3C27
Golden Jubilee CongressA. T. OhrnT3F23
Grace and TruthW.P. MackayT2B26
Gracie Fields – Her AutobiographyG. FieldsT2D20
Great Britain has Fallen!W. BabatundeT3E23
Grow Old Along With MeIRKPT2E25
Guidelines: Anglican Evangelicals Face the FutureJ. I. PackerT2E45
Guy FawkesW. Harrison AinsworthT2E12
Hazlitt’s Lectures on the English Poets and Spirit of the AgeT2A20
Heaven Came Down – The 1859 RevivalJ. WeirT2C31
Held in Sacred MemoryA. Talbott McPhersonT2D28
His Last WordsH. DurbanvilleT3C9
His Name was TomJ. ReesT3C10
Historic Dress of the ClergyG.S. TyackT2D21
Historie de Charles XIIG. Eugéne-FasnachtT2D14
History of Dissenters Vol. 1D. Bogue & J. BennettT2E13
History of Dissenters Vol. 2D. Bogue & J. BennettT2E14
Homer, Odyssey XIII-XIVW. W. MerryT3H20
Homeri Opera [The Works of Homer] Vol IIIT. W. AllenT3D30
Hours With The BibleC. GeikieT2A26
How We ThinkJ. DeweyT3B24
Hume’s Treatise on Human Nature, Vol. IIHumeT2A25
I Fight to LiveR. BoothbyT3A3
I Want to be a ChristianJ. I. PackerT3C8
In Defence of the Faith, Vol. IC. van TilT2B37
In Defence of the Faith, Vol. IIIC. van TilT2A22
In Defence of the Faith, Vol. IIIC. van TilT2A23
In the East CountryE. MarshallT3A10
In TrainingA. T. HoughtonT3E14
Into the MillenniumIRKPT2E23
Irish VerseB. Kennelly [Ed]T3D18
IslandersD o’Peicin CiT2E41
Issues of Life Answered from the BibleC. Sexton T2F12
It’s Me, O LordM. Hollings & E. GullickT3C23
J.M. BarrieJ. DunbarT2C22
James CraigP. BucklandT2D30
James FlanaganD. CraneT2E11
John Bright. A MonographR. Barry O’BrienT2D33
John CliffordC. T. BatemanT3E9
John Edward BlakeneyW. OdomT3A14
John EliasE. MorganT3G6
John Wilkes BoothA. B. ClarkeT2E10J
John WyclifL. SergeantT2C35
Joseph Cook’s Monday Lectures: Certainties of Religion and Speculations of ScienceT2A38
Journey to IslamM. W. HofmanT2E36
Just Say No (To the Euro)J. RedwoodT3A2
King Charles IIA. BryantT2D24
King Edward VIIIH. BolithoT3G10
Knox, Calvin and ColignyJ. GibsonT3E3
La France d’Aujourd’huiB. WendellT2C4
La Tulipe NoireA. DumasT2C6
Lady ColquhounJ. Hamilton T2A3
Last Words of Saints and SinnersH. LockyerT2B5
Legends of Harry CookeH. CookeT3F21
Letters of Lord ActonH. PaulT2C27
Letters of Thomas Erskine of LinlathenW. HannaT3H2
Lex, Rex, or The Law and the PrinceS. RutherfordT3D13
Life of Dr. AndersonAnonT2C26
Life of Joseph Chamberlain Vol III 1895-1900J.L. GarvinT2A4
Life of St. AnselmR.W. ChurchT2C28
Light and LifeA. deTourvilleT3D7
Light on Life’s ProblemsJ. Oswald SandersT3C15
Literature and DogmaM. ArnoldT3E2
Lives of Alexander Henderson and James GuthrieAnon.T2D2
Living WaterR. Baird-SmithT3E10
Living Water – Vol. 1D. M. Lloyd-JonesT2E17
Living Water – Vol. 2D. M. Lloyd-JonesT2E18
Long Shadows Cast BeforeC.E.B. BrettT2C12
Long Walk to FreedomN. MandelaT3E17
Lord BothwellR. Gore-BrownT3B11
Lord Send a RevivalC. SextonT2F15
Lord, Teach Us How To PrayA. WhyteT2A39
Lost IconsR. WilliamsT3F28
Lough ViewsA. RiceT2E27
Mary Baker Eddy – The Years of DiscoveryR. PeelT3H7
Mediaeval Latin Lyrics WaddellT2A7
Medieval EnglandN. SaulT2F5
MemoirsC. G. FinneyT3A27
MemoirsDr R. BlakeyT3D11
Memoirs of James Begg Vol. IIT. SmithT3B10
Memoirs of the Lie of Colonel HutchinsonL. HutchinsonT2D3
Memorials of a Quiet Life. Vol 1A.J.C. HareT2D1
Men and Power 1917-18Lord BeaverbrookT3B8
Men of the AftermathH. BéraudT2A14
Michael CollinsR. TaylorT2D10
Michael Collins [Copy 2]R. TaylorT2D17
Michael Paget BaxterN. WisemanT3G14
Minority VerdictM. HayesT3E16
Minotaur – Poetry and the Nation StateT. PaulinT3D20
Mission SermonsW.H. AitkenT2A31
Molyneaux – The Long ViewA. PurdyT3E19
Moments of MemoryH. AsquithT2B35
Moments of MemoryH. AsquithT3H10
Monk and KnightF. W. GunsaulusT3G9
More Precious Than GoldJ & B VaughnT2E40
Morocco and the SaharaM. CherkaouiT2F3
Mr. By-Ends of FairspeechL. KeithT2B34
Mundesley Bible Conference, 1908T2C2
My Life with Martin Luther King JrC. Scott KingT2B20
My Pilgrimage – An AutobiographyF. W. BorehamT3H24
My Plea for the Old SwordIRKPT2E22
Narnia: The Last BattleC. S. LewisT3H14
Newry’s War DeadMourne District CouncilT2E29
No Rusty Swords. Vol. 1D. BonhoefferT2E5
None of These DiseasesS.I. McMillenT2C21
Norman BirkettH. Montgomery HydeT2D35
Norman BurketH. Montgomery HydeT3B13
Norris-Wallace DebatAnonT3C13
Northanger Abbey and PersuasionJ. AustenT3D8
Northern Ireland – A Chronology of the Troubles 1968-1999P. Bew & G. GillespieT3D21
Northern Ireland Census HMSOT2F8
Northern Ireland: A Political Directory 1968-83W. D. FlackesT3B30
Northern Ireland. The ChoiceK. Boye & T. HaddenT2C14
Northern ProtestantsS. McKayT3A16
Not Such a Bad LifeS. DarkT2D4
Notes on the First Epistle to the CorinthiansI. CobbinT2A13
Nuclear PowerW. C. PattersonT3A6
Of Civil GovernmentJ. LockeT3A1
Old Bible CharactersG.E. MorganT2A8
Oliver Cromwell and the Puritan RevolutionM. AshleyT2D18
P. P. Bliss – His Life and WorkM. Whittle & W. GuestT3H29
Pages from MemoryJ. GriffithsT2D36
Paisley and The ProvosB. RowanT3D31
Papa was a PreacherA. PorterT3C38
Parliament and CommunityA. Cosgrove & J. McGuireT3B27
Paul et VinginieBernardin de Siant-PierreT2C5
Paul, Luther, WesleyT. LockyerT2D22
Perfect FreedomT. C. HammondT3D29
Petronius and SenecaE. Capps et al [Ed]T3D12
Philip Eulenbury – The Kaiser’s FriendE. Colburn MayneT3H5
Philosoply and the Christian FaithC. BrownT2A34
Poems from the French of Madame de la Mothe Guyon Selected and TranslatedW. CowperT3H18
Political Though in Ireland since the Seventeenth CenturyD. G. BoyceT3F18
Ponder These ThingsR. WilliamsT3E27
Portrait of BarrieC. AsquithT2C20
Portrait of BarrieC. AsquithT3B9
Prevailing PrayerD. L. MoodyT3C18
Primate Alexander, Archbishop of ArmaghE. AlexanderT2C29
PsychologyB. Clarke-Stewart & R. Wickens T3F12
Queen ElizabethC. AnthonyT3H6
Queen ElizabethK. AnthonyT3G4
Quiet Talks with Eager YouthS. D. GordonT3E11
Ralph Goodrich FrinchAnonT2E4
Reasonable Doubt: The Case for the UDR 4Ian Paisley JrT2C18
Recollections Literary and PoliticalJ. H. Balfour BrowneT2E6
Recollections of Alexander DuffL. BehariT2B8
Religion and Society in England 1850-1914H. McLeodT3D17
ReminiscencesL. AbbottT3A11
Republicans and ImperialistsD. McMahonT3H35
Rev. John Fawcett. Life, Ministry and WritingsAnon.T2D9
Rev. William GrantAnon.T2C32
Revival AddressesA.D. BrownT2A30
Revival ManG. J. MitchellT3E22
Revolution, Counter-Revolution and Union [2 copies]J. SmithT3B22
Robert the BruceN. TranterT3H27
Robert the BruceN. TranterT3H9
Rough Talks by a PadreG.A. Studdert KennedyT2C13
Saint Augustine and his AgeJ. McCabeT3G17
Satan – His Person, Work, Placy and DestinyF. C. JenningsT3D16
Sawdust Caesar [Mussolini]T2B11
Scots WorthiesJ. HowieT2C7
Sculptors of LifeT. YatesT3B25
Selected SpeechesE. ClarkeT2B14
Sermons, Vol. IIJ.H. EvansT2B27
Servant of the Cecils. The Life of Sir Michael HickesA.G.R. SmithT2D8
Service and InspirationA. SmellieT3C5
Service of Our Lives. Last Speeches as Prime MinisterS. BaldwinT3F17
Shooting BackC. van WykT2E28
Sir Robert AndersonA. P. Moore-AndersonT3H26
SpeechesW. ChurchillT2D23
Spinoza’s EthicsErnest RhysT3F26
St. Aldhelm – His Life and TimesG. F. BrowneT2E8
St. AugustineJ. V. BartletT2B33
St. Francis de SalesAnonT2E7
Stanley BaldwinG. M. YoungT3B19
Strongholds ShakenD. LeggeT2E16
Studies in Contemporary BiographyJ. BryceT3B15
Studies in LiteratureA. Quiller-CouchT3H16
Studies in LiteratureA. Quiller-CouchT3H17
Sunset SermonsW. Y. FullertonT3F1
Surprised by JoyC. S. LewisT3H13
Ten Bible LessonsR. C. PutnamT3B6
The Acts of the ApostlesJ. EdgarT3G1
THE AMANTA (Greek volume)T2A21
The AntichristA. W. PinkT3H8
The Art of the Possible: MemoirsLord ButlerT3A8
The Authentic Life of Billy the KidP. F. GarrettT3F25
The Autobiography of Richard BaxterN. H. Keeble (Ed)T3H23
The Bacchae of EuripidesJ. E. SandsT3B28
The Birth of UlsterC. FallsT3E21
The Burrell CollectionJ. J. NorwichT3H36
The Calendar of SaintsA.C. CozensT2C11
The Captivity and Triumph of Winnie DaviesD.M. DaviesT2B12
The Case Against Neville ChamberlainRecorderT2D31
The Celtic Church in IrelandJ. HeronT2E15
The Child in the ChurchW. McNeillT2B30
The Child in the MidstE. H. HayesT3C12
The Christian HomeC. SextonT2F17
The Christian in Industrial SocietyH. F. R. CatherwoodT3E28
The Christian PhilosopherT. DickT3C19
The Christian PhilosopherW. GordonT2B6
The Church of England – Where is it Going?D. HollowayT3E26
The Church Through the CenturiesC. C. RichardsonT2B21
The Complete SermonsR. CecilT3C6
The Conclusion of the Whole Matter Vol. 1C. SextonT2F24
The Conclusion of the Whole Matter Vol. 2C. SextonT2F25
The Country Girls TrilogyE. O’BrienT2E39
The Cycles of American HistoryA. M. Schlesinger JrT3D27
The Dawkins LettersD. RobertsonT2E24
The Diary of a Freed MasonD. W.M. VaughanT2C37
The Doctrine of the Greek ArticleT.F. MiddletonT2A32
The Dynamic of Redemption or The Blood of JesusA. Paget WilkesT3C40
The Ecumenical MovementN. GoodallT3C31
The English BibleB. Foss WestcottT3C20
The Faith of our FathersF. HighamT3C34
The Fifty-Nine RevivalIRKPT2B4
The Future Life – A Defence of the Orthodox ViewVariousT3D19
The Garments of ChristIRKPT3H12
The Genesis of GenesisD. E. Hart-DaviesT3E32
The Golden Book of ColeridgeS. A. BrookeT3H33
The Grace of Law – A Study of Puritan TheologyE. F. KevanT3D5
The Great ControversyE. C. WhiteT3A7
The Great DeliveranceE. GeorgeT3G12
The Greatest Stories Ever Told Vol. 1C. SextonT2F22
The Greatest Stories Ever Told Vol. 2C. SextonT2F23
The Human MindJ. G. MurphyT3D23
The Imaginary World of the Young – C. S. LewisW. Hooper (Ed.)T3C25
The Infernal World of Branwell Brontë D. du MaurierT3H21
The InquisitionE. BurmanT3A15
The Laird of LagA. FergusonT2E9
The Lamp of ProphecyH. A. IronsideT3D24
The Law of the OffendersA. JukesT3B3
The Lay PreacherF. WagstaffT3A24
The Leaven of the SadduceesE. GordonT2B38
The Letters of Charles Haddon SpurgeonC. Spurgeon Jr.T2D37
The Life and Correspondence of William Connor MageeJ. C. MacdonnellT3F7
The Life and Correspondence of William Connor MageeJ. C. MacdonnellT3F8
The Life and Diary of the Rev. Ebenezer ErskineH. ErskineT3F13
The Life and Times of James ConnollyC.D. GreavesT2D19
The Life and Work of Archibald G. BrownG. Holden PikeT3H25
The Life and Writings of John EvelynW. BrayT3G3
The Life of Adam ClarkeT.M. NewnesT2C8
The Life of Baron von HügelM de la BedoyéreT3D10
The Life of Charlotte BrontëE. GaskellT2C33
The Life of Edward IrvingA. DallimoreT2D6
The Life of FroudeH. PaulT2E1
The Life of Ian FlemingJ. PearsonT2E34
The Life of JosephC. SextonT2F11
The Life of Mary Baker Eddy and the History of Christian ScienceG. MilmineT3H4
The Life of Rev. William MarshBy His DaughterT2E20
The Life of Thomas Cook, Evangelist – Copy 1H. T. SmartT3G25
The Life of Thomas Cook, Evangelist – Copy 2H. T. SmartT3G26
The Light of Asia, or The Great RenunciationE. ArnoldT2D13
The London Heretics 1870 – 1914W. S. SmithT3E12
The Lord is my ShepherdC. SextonT2F14
The Lord’s PrayerN. HillT3D3
The Lottery DebateSir D. JonesT2F1
The Luggage of LifeF.W. BorehamT2B3
The Man on a DonkeyH.F.M. PrescottT2A28
The Martyrs of Spain and the Liberators of HollandD. & C. CazallaT3F2
The Meaning of the 21 st CenturyJ. MartinT2E35
The Meddlesome FriarM. de la BedoyereT3A9
The Mind of Christ in St. PaulJ. G. GreenhoughT3C1
The Miracles of Jesus Vol. 1C. SextonT2F20
The Miracles of Jesus Vol. 2C. SextonT2F21
The Monopoly of CreditC. H. DouglasT3C35
The Narrow Ground – Patterns of Ulster HistoryA. T. Q. StewartT3D28
The New Topical Text BookR. A. TorreyT3B1
The New Unhappy LordsA.K. ChestertonT2A40
The Perfect WifeD. LeslieT3H30
The Politician’s Quotation BookG. Brandreth T3C32
The Power of PrayerR. A. TorreyT3F27
The Prayers of the New TestamentD. CogganT3E30
The Presbyter, 1945-1949T2A5
The Printer Boy (Benjamin Franklin)W. ThayerT2E2
The Problem of PainC. S. LewisT3D9
The Protestant’s TreasuryA. Le LiévreT3F3
The Puritan HopeI. H. MurrayT2A27
The Real Robinson CrusoeR. L. MégrozT3G23
The Recreations of a Country ParsonAnon.T2B15
The Reformation and its Bearing on some Modern ProblemsVariousT3G11
The Rets of FaithD.M. McIntyreT2B23
The Ritual ‘Reason Why’T. I. BallT3B5
The Ritual of the AltarO. ShipleyT3D14
The Role of the Member of Parliament Since 1868M. RushT3E13
The Rule and Exercises of Holy LivingJ. TaylorT3C3
The Sherborne Register 1550-1950Anon.T3C29
The Small WomanA. BurgessT2C23
The Soul of the QuestionIRKPT3B2
The Spirit of LifeT. ReesT3A23
The Spring of the DayH. MacmillanT3D6
The Story of ParliamentJ. FieldT3D2
The Story of PeterQ. HoggT3E31
The Story of Sir James BarrieD. MackailT2C30
The Straight RoadM. L. C. PicthallT3C33
The Theology of Saint LukeH. ConzelmanT3D33
The Trial of the Sky PilotC. L. CowanT3G21
The View from No. 11N. LawsonT3G27
The Will to LoveW.E. LutyensT2B22
The Windlesham/Rampton Report on Death on the RockLord Windlesham & R. Rampton T3C37
Theodore BezaH.M. BairdT2B18
These Fifty Years. Free Presbyterian Church of UlsterB. McClungT2A29
Thomas EllwoodF. A. BudgeT3F14
Thoughts and AdventuresW. ChurchillT2B32
Thoughts on PrayerW.E. WinksT2A12
Thoughts on PreachingD. MooreT3E34
Three PlaysStrindbergT2A10
Thrilling Voices of the PastT. C. InnesT3C11
Thy Will Be DoneA. MurrayT3B21
To God be the GloryM. HeaneyT3C28
To Whom Ye YieldR. MornishT2A33
Tomorrow is Another CountryA. SparksT3H11
Tomorrow is Another CountryM. HarrisT2E26
Training for TriumphE. HutchingsT2B24
Treasures of the Boyne ValleyP. HarbisonT3G15
Triumph of the People – The Sandinista Revolution in NicaraguaG. BlackT2A18
Truths every Christian Needs to KnowC. Sexton T2F16
Typical Foreshadowings in GenesisW. LincolnT3C22
Under Siege. Ulster Unionism and the Anglo-Irish AgreementA. AugheyT2C15
Understanding UlsterA. AlcockT3E20
Unimaginable RevolutionariesM. WardT3E7
United Free Church SermonsH. L. Simpson & D. P. Thompson T3B26
Unneutral IrelandTrevor C. SalmonT2C10
Uttermost Part of the EarthE. Lucas BridgesT3H31
Victor Emmanuel IIG. S. GodkinT3F16
Viscount SamuelJ. BowleT3E1
Voices of the ProphetsC. J. VaughanT3C2
W. Lindsay Alexander – His Life and WorkAnonT2C25
War and the World 1450-2000J. BlackT3H34
Was Monty’s DoubleM.E. Clifton JamesT2C36I
We Will Remember Them (8 Copies)Sir K. BloomfieldT2F9
Weighed in the BalancesD. L. MoodyT3C14
What About Tongue Speaking?A. A. HoekemaT2A37
What every Mother must Teach her ChildrenC. SextonT2F18
What is His Name?J. MaceathT3B17
What Is Your Life?W. Hay & M. H. AitkenT2B1
What’s It All AboutM. CaineT2C16
When Home is HeavenJ. Wilbur ChapmanT3E33
Where are the Prophets?T. WinnT2F2
Who’s Who in Public AffairsAnonT2E33
Why can’t I fall in LoveS. BoteachT3C24
Why Not The Best?J. Carter T2A1
William CareyS. Pearce CareyT3A22
William Chalmers BurnsP. MatthewmanT3G24
William DawsonA. E. KeelingT3A26
Wilson Carlile and the Church ArmyA. ReffoldT3F30
Winston Churchill as I Knew HimV. Bonham CarterT2B10
Winston Churchill – Great ContemporiesAnon.T2D26
Winston Churchill 1874-1945L. BroadT3E5
Women who have Worked and WonJ. ChappellT3G19
Yours ReverentlyO. WillmottT3F29