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Reading Room – Jack – J

A Brief Synopsis of the Public History of the Church G. H. S. PriceJ1A67
A Controversy on the Infallibility of the Church of Rome and the Doctrine of Article VI of the Church of EnglandBishop Brown & J. BayleeJ1H10
A Dictionary of Poetical Quotations W. Gurney BenhamJ1C52
A History of the English Church and PeopleLeo Sherley- PriceJ1G40
A History of the Modern Church from 1500 to the Present DayJ.W.C. WandJ1D33
A Key to the Prophecies D. SimpsonJ1C55
A Manual of Catechetical Instruction for the Use of Young Persons Edward B. RamsayJ1A51
A New Look at CatholicismGlen SchunkJ1H8
A Pastor's SketchesI.S. SpencerJ1G22
A Present SalvationRev. Thomas LyleJ1B24
A Series of Lectures to Children J. CrawshawJ1C14
A Short History of the Council of TrentRichard F. LittledaleJ1G3
A Short Life of Stephen GrelletAlfred C. GarrettJ1B12
A Voice Full of Money. The Parable of The Great Gatsby, A Warning Against Moral DriftDerick BinghamJ1B41
A Woman Want’s GodMary LacyJ1D53
Aids to Devotion Andrew MurrayJ1A76
Alcoholism: A Reappraisal- Its causes, problems and treatmentNeil Kessel & Henry WaltonJ1G36
All Roads Lead to Rome?Michael de SemlyemJ1G25
Alleine’s Heaven Opened Richard AlleineJ1C32
Amos; Introduction and CommentaryRay BeelyJ1D23
An Alarm to the UnconvertedJoseph AlleineJ1B29
An Antidote Against ArminianismChristopher NessJ1B22
An Exposition of the Shorter Catechism Prof. SalmondJ1A47
Anglicanism in Ecumenical PerspectiveWilliam H. Van de PolJ1F44
Anglo- CatholicismRev. F.G. LlewellinJ1G7
Apostolical Succession Tested by Holy Scripture C. H. WallerJ1C5
Aut Dominus, Aut Nullus Hugh D. BrownJ1A65
Authentic Report of the Dicussion between Thomas Maguire & Richard T. P. PopeT.Maguire & R.T.P. PopeJ1F31
Authentic Report of the Discussion in Rome, Feb. 1872. Catholic Priests and Evangelical MinistersWilliam ArthurJ1G9
Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk Maria MonkJ1A44
Baptism not for InfantsT.E. WatsonJ1B47
Battle for IsraelLance LambertJ1B30
Battle for IsraelLance LambertJ1D28
Beauty for AshesWilliam WilemanJ1F37
Behold My Glory; Studies in the Glory of Christ Revealed in the Gospel of JohnHarold St. JohnJ1B49
Between Man and ManMartin BuberJ1H15
Beyond Borders: Refugees, Migrants and Human Rights in the Post- Cold War EraElizabeth G. FerrisJ1E3
Bible Characters Sketches John BrintonJ1E10
Bible Illustrations Henry FrowdeJ1C35
Bible Problems ExplainedJames M. GrayJ1H21
Bible Problems ExplainedJames M. GrayJ1H22
Biblical Character Sketches Dean FarrarJ1E16
Blessed Edmund CampionL. I. GuineyJ1F8
Book I of the Laws of Ecclesiastical PolityR.W. ChurchJ1B23
Book Of First Communion (Greek & Latin)J1B10
Cassell’s Pocket Concordance to the Holy BibleCassell, Petter & Galpin J1B57
Catholic Truth Publications- Catholic Truth Society of IrelandCTSJ1F4
Celebrating an Authentic Passover SederJoseph M. StallingsJ1H14
Chimes for the Times M. A. ChaplinJ1E8
Christ as Seen in the Offerings R. F. KingscoteJ1A74
Christ’s Famous Titles William DyerJ1C41
Christian DogmaticsDr. H. MartensenJ1E6
Christian Foundations IRKPJ1A57
Christian Progress John Angell JamesJ1A78
Christian Worker’s Commentary GrayJ1E24
Church FolksIan MaclarenJ1G1
Church of England Biographies Society for Promoting Christian KnowledgeJ1D62
Common Prayer General Synod of Church of IrelandJ1C8
Confession from Priest and PenitentJohn C. HeenanJ1B52
Conquering EvangelismLionel B. FletcherJ1B48
Cranmer's Godly Order. Part 1: Liturgical RevolutionMichael DaviesJ1G13
Crossing the Threshold of HopeJohn Paul IIJ1G17
Daily Light on the Daily PathJ1C53
Dalaradia; Kingdom of the CruthinIan AdamsonJ1B28
Dante’s Paradise Henry Francis CaryJ1C18
Day by Day with St. Matthew’s Gospel Pt IIIRichard GutzwillerJ1D51
Devout Musings on the Psalms Vol. IDr. W.F. HookJ1B58
Diary and Journal of David BrainerdDavid BrainerdJ1G29
DifficultiesRonald Knox & Arnold LunnJ1F29
Distortion by Design Billy James HargisJ1A81
Doctrines and Practices of Popery ExaminedMinisters in GlasgowJ1H9
Early Christian WitnessesJames FlemingJ1G28
Early Church – Marshall/Christ in Chicago – Stead/Purpose & Prayer – H. Boobyer/ Vision of God – J. E. B.J1E19
Eccentric Preachers C. H. SpurgeonJ1C37
England's Choice: The Master or the PriestJoseph JohnsJ1H41
English Men of Letters: BunyanJ.A. FroudeJ1B45
Erasmus R. C. JebbJ1A37
Eternal Punishment (A Reply) Phineas HuntJ1A40
Eurostat – Basic Statistics of the Community -1992 J1A49
Every Man A Bible StudentJ.E. ChurchJ1D31
Evolution: The Fossils Say No! Duane T. GishJ1B50
Face to Face J. Penn-LewisJ1A77
Facing Aids- WCC Study DocumentJ1F13
Faith in ‘Bomb City’ Ben FordeJ1A25
Family Walk; Weekly Readings for Your FamilyBruce H. WilkinsonJ1D63
Famous Negro Sermons OliverJ1C45
Fifteen Sermons John Gregory PikeJ1A53
Finney on the SanctificationRev. C.G. FinneyJ1B62
Five English ReformersJ.C. RyleJ1B13
Food for the Faithful London Gospel Tract DepotJ1C27
Food for the Fed UpC. W. WoodheadJ1F38
For Christ’s SakeO. Fielding ClarkeJ1D16
For the Conversion of the ChurchesGroups des DombesJ1F21
Forgotten ScotlandRobert J. DrummondJ1G15
Four Minute Essays Frank CraneJ1C22
Four Minute Essays Frank CraneJ1C23
Four Portraits of ChristGeorge SoltauJ1D43
Foxe’s Book of Martyrs W. St. Clair TaylorJ1A2
Freedom's Foe-The VaticanAdrian PigottJ1F26
From Roman Priest to Radio EvangelistManuel Garrido AldamaJ1G23
Gems of GraceBob StokesJ1B18
Geneva and Oxford J. H. Merle D’AubigneJ1C33
Gleanings from the Teaching of G.V.W.J1B71
Global Communication: Is There a Place for Human Dignity?Dane Sabanes PlouJ1F22
God and the World J. T. MawsonJ1E12
God’s Past Word to Man; Studies in HebrewsG. Campbell MorganJ1B1
God’s Way of Peace H. BonarJ1A50
Gospel Hymns & Poems John KentJ1C38
Gospel of Saint MatthewJ1C24
Gospel Questions and Answers James DenneyJ1C9
Gospel Sonnets Ralph ErskineJ1C46
Great Catholics of Church and StateBernard W. KellyJ1F5
Great Truths Simply ExplainedW. St. Clair TisdallJ1A11
Greek History E. M. WalkerJ1A6
Guilty MenCatoJ1B33
Haggerstan Catechism H. A. WilsonJ1A30
Hand-Books for Bible Classes and Private Students; JudgesRev. Principal DouglasJ1D21
Hints to Parsons A. ParsonJ1A61
His GloryRev. Alexander SmellieJ1D35
His Personal Return Theo M. BamberJ1A59
History of Modern PhilosophyA.W. BennJ1B31
History of Politics Edward JenksJ1A48
History of the English Bible Henry P. CameronJ1E13
History of the Free Churches of England 1688-1891H.S. Skeats & C.S. MiallJ1E5
History of the Irish Citizen ArmyR. M. FoxJ1H34
History of the Later Puritans J. B. MarsdenJ1E30
History of the Pontificate of Pius IXG.B. NicoliniJ1G11
History of the PopesLeopold Von RankeJ1G10
History Sacred and ProfaneAlan RichardsonJ1D64
Honest to God John A. T. RobinsonJ1A21
Hosea; The Heart and Holiness of GodG. Campbell MorganJ1D15
Hostage to the DevilMalachi MartinJ1H37
House of Death and Gate of HellL. J. KingJ1E36
How to Cope James W. AndrewsJ1A20
How to Deliver Souls from Deception and Possession Charles H. UsherJ1A17
Humanity Comes of AgeS. S. Paul & J. A. PaulJ1F12
Hymns and their StoriesA. E. CJ1A10
Hymns of Consecration and FaithJ1B72
I Choose FreedomVictor KravchenkoJ1F2
Interior od Jesus & Mary J. GrouJ1C4
It is Well HillJ1C44
Jack Hyles Speaks on Biblical SeperationDr. Jack HylesJ1B32
Jesus and OurselvesLeslie D. WeatherheadJ1D40
Jesus Himself Andrew MurrayJ1C39
Jewels from the Lips of Thomas GuthrieDr. T. GuthrieJ1B70
John Wesley and the Catholic ChurchJohn M. ToddJ1F42
Jonah and BalaamW.W. FeredayJ1D14
Jonah and the ProphetProfessor GaussenJ1D24
Kept for the Master’s UseFrances Rivley HavergalJ1D4
Kingdom-Makers in Shelter Street and Slum Margaret AllenJ1C47
Lathbury's Popery and Jesuitism from the ReformationRev. Thomas LathburyJ1G6
Latin Lessons for BeginnersW.H. MorrisJ1B44
Law’s Serious CallRev. William LawJ1D11
Le Misanthrope ComedieFerdinand GacheJ1B8
Lectures on the BibleDonald FraserJ1E1
Lectures on the Book of JudgesWilliam KellyJ1D22
Lessons on the Gospel of St. Luke James BonalloJ1A34
Let Me Introduce Some Women of the New TestamentWilhelmina F. ChannonJ1D66
Letters from Vatican CityXavier RynneJ1H33
Letters from Vatican City Xavier RynneJ1E29
Libraries and Literature from a Catholic StandpointStephen J. BrownJ1G32
Life and Death: Moral Implications of BiotechnologyViggo Mortensen Ed.J1E4
Life Words; From Gospel Addresses of D.L. MoodyD.L. MoodyJ1D8
Lift up a StandardA.E. HughesJ1B66
Living Signposts Anne SteeleJ1A63
LourdesEdith Saunders J1F48
Love, Honour and be Free; A Christian Woman’s Response to Today’s Call for LiberationMaxine HancockJ1D67
Luther and the Reformation Leonard D. AgateJ1C2
Mark of the BeastPeter S. RuckmanJ1B42
Martyrs and Saints of the First Twelve Centuries. Society for Promoting Christian KnowledgeJ1G18
Marx oder Jesus? Albert JansenJ1A26
Marx oder Jesus? Albert JansenJ1A27
Mary Immaculate P. P. KinaneJ1C30
Mary Mother of ChristRichard F. QuigleyJ1F47
Mary the Mother of JesusFrank Michel WilliamJ1F49
Master Workmen Richard R. BrewsJ1E23
Meditations on Luke AnonJ1A7
Meg; A True StoryMeg AshleyJ1D47
Memo of I JohnRev. J. Kyle PaisleyJ1D5
Memorials RituumLeonard A. ClarkJ1F33
Men With a MessageJohn R.W. ScottJ1B11
MethodismW. Bardsley BrashJ1D42
Miniature Lives of the Saints H. S. BowdenJ1C34
Ministerial Popularity James KendallJ1A54
Miscellaneous SubjectsSt. AlphonsusJ1H4
Modernism: Is it from Heaven or of Men? Russell ElliottJ1D45
Moments with God Georgette ButcherJ1E17
Moody’s Latest SermonsD.L. MoodyJ1B38
Morals and ManGerald VannJ1G12
Musings on the Epistle to the Hebrews J. G. BJ1A72
My Faith in Jesus ChristJames M. GrayJ1H29
My Journey Your JourneyGeorge CareyJ1F43
My Morning Councellor. (Daily Devotionals)OxfordJ1D13
Nature’s WondersRev. Richard NewtonJ1B64
New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal and HymnalJ1G4
New Testament and PsalmsJ1C54
No Applause in ChurchNeil KevinJ1B53
No Easy Road; Thoughts on Practical PrayerDick EastmanJ1D38
Northern CatholicismN. P. Williams & C. HarrisJ1H12
Not a Solitary WayR. Fung & G. LemopoulosJ1F16
Not Hearers Only John BlanchardJ1A60
Nuns Marcelle BernsteinJ1E34
Objections to Roman CatholicismMichael de la BedoyereJ1H20
Oliver Cromwell R.F. HortonJ1A24
On Missions F. Max Muller & Arthur P. StanleyJ1B56
Opening Services of the United Presbyterian Church Bristol Rev. J. Macfarlane, Rev. Matthew Dickie & OthersJ1B65
Our Bible Hour – St. John 1 W. H. M. H. AitkenJ1A8
Our Bible Hour – The Fourth Gospel David M. M’IntyreJ1A9
Our Happy Dead Hugh D. BrownJ1A5
Outlines of Meditations John Michael KroustJ1C31
Outlines of Old Testament Theology C. F. BurneyJ1C13
Padre João & Co John P. JordanJ1H31
Papal InfallibilityG. G. CoultonJ1H6
Papist PieClement TigarJ1H30
Paradise; the Present Abode of Departed SaintsHenry DyerJ1B39
Parochial Sermons C. ClaytonJ1E9
Pastor’s Pocket Record BookJohn C. WinstonJ1B68
Paterson on the Shorter CatechismAlexander S. PatersonJ1B61
People of God, Peoples of GodHans UckJ1F14
People’s Mass Book Geoffrey ChapmanJ1C49
Pictorial Description of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness John DilworthJ1A23
Plain Reasons Against Joining the Church of RomeR. F. LittledaleJ1H11
Please Come Back to Me and My Son R. VincentJ1E27
Pope John XXIII. A Life of the New PopeAndrea LazzariniJ1D48
Pope Pius XI and World PeaceLord ClonmoreJ1F9
Popery, Puseyism, JesuitismLungi DesanctisJ1H1
Practical and Internal Evidence against CatholicismJoseph Blanco WhiteJ1H19
Practical ReligionJ.C. RyleJ1G27
Praying While You Work H. VanzellerJ1A32
Preparation for DeathSt. Alphonsus M. LiguoriJ1H24
Priests, Women and Families J. MicheletJ1E35
Priests, Women and Families J. MicheletJ1E40
Protestant Island Arthur BrownJ1E31
Rathlin’s Rugged Story from an Islander’s PerspectiveAugustus McCurdyJ1B43
Real ChristianityWilliam WilberforceJ1F19
Reasons for Becoming a Roman CatholicFrederick Lucas J1F36
Reasons Why We Believe the Bible James CoplandJ1C28
Redeeming Creation W. Granberg-MichaelsonJ1E20
Redemption Songs (1000 Hymns and Choruses)J1C15
Religious Developments in WalesThomas RichardsJ1F45
Reminiscences of A Pastorate of Fifty YearsRev. Henry AndersonJ1B6
Repentance and 20 th Century Man C. John MillerJ1A12
Rest for the Weary; The Gospel from the Book of RuthW.T.P. WolstonJ1D20
Reunion and RomePercy DreamerJ1G31
Richard the Third William ShakespeareJ1C12
Rills from the Rock of AgesJames SmithJ1D1
Roman CatholicismDavid QuinlanJ1F34
Roman Catholicism Edward W. HadwenJ1A31
Romanism T. D. WitherspoonJ1A66
Rome in AmericaJustin D. FultonJ1H27
Roses in DecemberGladys M. GortonJ1D36
Sacred Garland W. NicholsonJ1C42
SanctificationRev. Walter MarshallJ1B25
Scripture Imagery Peter GrantJ1C7
Select Gospel Hymns for Evangelistic MeetingsJ1B69
Selected English Essays W. PeacockJ1C3
Shade of his Hand Oswald ChambersJ1E14
Shifting Realities; Information Technology and the ChurchDavid LochheadJ1D44
Shroud; The Search for the Truth About the Shroud of TurinRobert K. WilcoxJ1D60
Sidelights on Two Notable Ministries Rev. Finlay Cook & Rev. Archibald CookJ1B14
Sidelights on Two Notable Ministries Rev. Finlay Cook & Rev. Archibald CookJ1B15
Sister of Mercy Wilma SullivanJ1E38
So You’re Single! Margaret Clarkson Reflects on Singleness M. Clarkson & A. KiemalJ1D65
Soul Difficulties W. Hay M. H. AitkenJ1C25
Spoiling the Vines and Fortune TellingWm. Wilberforce NewtonJ1B60
Spurgeon’s Sermon Notes (Matthew to Acts) C. H. SpurgeonJ1E26
Spurgeon’s Sermon Notes (Romans to Revelation) C. H. SpurgeonJ1E25
St. Paul’s TeachingW.P. PatersonJ1D9
St. Thomas Aquinas On the Truth of the Catholic Faith. Book one: God. St. Thomas Aquinas & Anton PegisJ1G26
Stage Speech L. Charters CoffinJ1A70
Stand up and be CountedR.T. KendallJ1D39
Steps on the Ladder of FaithJames M. GrayJ1H28
Sterne’s Works Laurence SterneJ1C29
Story of Nell GwynPeter CunninghamJ1B17
Strange Tales J. AshworthJ1C50
Strength of WillE. Boyd BarrettJ1F1
Supplement to the Notes on the Rubrics: Penance and MatrimonyJ1A56
The Activities of the Ascended Lord George BodyJ1E15
The Adventures of a Modern Young ManT.T. ShieldsJ1B35
The Anatomy of PoperyDaniel MacAfeeJ1H18
The Anatomy of the Catholic Church Gerard NoelJ1E37
The Angels have Left UsHugh McCullumJ1F23
The Anglican RevivalJ.H. OvertonJ1G20
The Apostasy of English Non-Conformity E. J. Poole-ConnorJ1A69
The Arch Bishop or Romanism in the United StatesOrvilla S. BelisleJ1H26
The Art of ForgivenessGeiko Müller-FahrenholzJ1F25
The Art of Remaking MenPaul CampbellJ1D29
The Augustinians of the Assumption.J1F32
The Belief of CatholicsKevin O'BrienJ1F40
The Better LandA.C. ThompsonJ1B63
The Bible and Modern Medicine A. Rendle ShortJ1C1
The Bible and Modern ScholarshipFrederic KenyonJ1F6
The Bible and The Newspaper C. H. SpurgeonJ1C19
The Bible in the Light of Antiquity William CruickshankJ1A4
The Bible is TrueCharles MarstonJ1F3
The Birthday Scripture TextbookW.MackJ1D2
The Book of Books (The Story of the English Bible) The Religious Tract SocietyJ1C51
The Book of the Bunyan FestivalW.H. Wylie & Rev. J. BrownJ1B46
The Brethren; An Autobiography of a Plymouth Brethren ChildhoodAnnie ArnottJ1D41
The Burning Fire; Essays of a Protestant KindPeter TrumperJ1D58
The Catholic Church Against the Twentieth CenturyAvro ManhattanJ1G14
The Catholic FaithW.H. Griffith ThomasJ1G5
The Catholic QuestionsPhilip HughesJ1H39
The Celebration of Mass J. B. O’ConnellJ1C56
The Christian's Secret of a Happy LifePearsall SmithJ1F18
The Church Catechism of RomRobert BellarmineJ1H5
The Church Hymnary (3 rd Edition)J1C6
The Church of England in the Twentieth CenturyRoger LloydJ1F46
The Clue to PascalEmily CaillietJ1H35
The Code: The Book of Government & Order of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of IrelandJ1A41
The Code: The Book of Government & Order of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of IrelandJ1A42
The Commands of the KingAlbert D. BeldenJ1D52
The Condemnation of Pope Honorius John ChapmanJ1A71
The Confessional UnmaskedC.B.J1B54
The Constitution on the Church of Vatican Council IIGregory BaumJ1G38
The Constitution on the Church of Vatican Council IIGregory BaumJ1G39
The Continuing CityE.W. MooreJ1D10
The Covenant of GraceRev. Henry WallaceJ1B26
The Cross & The Swastika F. T. GrossmithJ1A58
The Cross and the Crescent Richard FlectcherJ1E21
The Cross in Faith and ConductGordon WattJ1B7
The Development of Roman CatholicismJohn A. BainJ1F35
The Development of the PapacyH. Burn- MurdochJ1G33
The Divine Armory of Holy ScriptureRev. Kenelm VaughanJ1G8
The Divine OfficeE. D. MJ1F41
The Doctrine and Practices of the Jesuits Henry Charles GrovesJ1E33
The Eclogues and Georgics of Virgil J. W. MackailJ1A55
The Eight BeattitudesGeorge ChevrotJ1H32
The EvangelistW.P. NicholsonJ1D32
The Faith that Makes FaithfulW.C. Gannett & J.L. JonesJ1D50
The Faithful SayingD.L. MoodyJ1B36
The Faithful SayingD.L. MoodyJ1B37
The Faithful Wife of John Bunyan Ellen C. ClaytonJ1A18
The Feast of RemembranceDr. R.J. SmithsonJ1D26
The First Epistle of St. John Canon AitkenJ1A43
The Gifts of the JewsThomas CahillJ1H13
The God of all ComfortNorman R. PerryJ1D55
The Golden Treasury of the BibleEmily V. HammondJ1D59
The Gospel According to MatthewJ.A. AlexanderJ1D61
The Gospels from the Rabbinical Point of ViewRev G. Wildon PieritzJ1D17
The Great Omission Gene GurganusJ1A80
The High Calling of GodJordan KhanJ1D27
The History and Devotion of the Rosary Richard Gribble J1E41
The Jesuits Henry Charles GrovesJ1E32
The Journey and Its EndA.J. PollockJ1B19
The King’s WheelRev. John IsabellJ1B9
The Ladies Aren’t for Silence! Joan MartinJ1D37
The Land of the Forum and the VaticanNewman HallJ1F39
The Laugh Shall be FirstRev . Dr. James A SimpsonJ1B4
The Life and Adventures of Jim MayzesRev. J.J. CooperJ1D49
The Life of Father FaberJames F. CassidyJ1F7
The Life of John Bunyan E. BakerJ1A19
The Life of Luther The Religious Tract SocietyJ1C40
The Life of Rev. John Newton The Religious Tract SocietyJ1C48
The Life Story of Thomas Langton Isaac C. WatsonJ1C17
The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Catholic Trust SocietyJ1C10
The Liturgy after the LiturgyIon BriaJ1F15
The Medieval PapacyGeoffrey BarracloughJ1H3
The Message from Patmos David S. ClarkJ1E18
The Metamorphoses or Golden Ass of Apuleius of Madaura Vol. IIH.E. ButlerJ1B16
The Minor Prophets (Bible)J1B20
The Moral Glory of the Lord JesusJ.G.B.J1D57
The Movement Towards Catholic Reform in the Early Sixteenth CenturyGeorge V. JourdanJ1B74
The Mysteries of the VaticanTheodor GriesingerJ1F30
The Mystery of Mar SabaJames H. HunterJ1G30
The Noble Women of the Staircase WindowRev. William McNeillJ1G2
The NunMargaret TrouncerJ1F11
The Observer’s Book of Old English Churches Lawrence E. JonesJ1A62
The PapacyJohn P. McKnight J1H2
The Papacy in the XIXth Century Friedrich NippoldJ1E28
The Parable of Our Lord and What They TeachJ1A68
The Path to FreedomE.R. BernardJ1D56
The Pearl of Parables James HamiltonJ1C16
The Pilgrim’s ProgressJohn BunyanJ1B59
The Pledge of His Love H. C. G. MouleJ1C21
The Pope In BritainSociety of St. PaulJ1G16
The Priest in the ChurchJ. Edward FlowerJ1H25
The Principle of AuthorityP.T. ForsythJ1G41
The Print of the Nails T. H. DarlowJ1A79
The Promise of LifeJ.F.B. TinlingJ1B21
The Prophetic Parables of Matthew 13 Arthur W. PinkJ1A38
The Protestant TraditionJ.S. WhaleJ1G21
The Radical Wesley Reconsidered. Bangor Christian Trust and MethodismJ1B2
The Ravenhill Pulpit; The Preaching of Ian R.K. Paisley Vol. IIRKPJ1B3
The Redeemer’s Tears John HowesJ1A22
The Roman Primacy to A.D. 461B.J. KiddJ1G34
The Roman Question Noel BlakistonJ1E39
The Roman RitualJames O'KaneJ1H40
The Romance of RuthGeorge E. GardinerJ1D18
The Romance of RuthGeorge E. GardinerJ1D19
The Round of the Clock. The Story of Our Lives from Year to YearW.R. NicollJ1G19
The Sacraments by Prof. Candlish D.D. T. & T. ClarkJ1A39
The Sacrifice of ChristHenry WaceJ1B51
The Saints’ Everlasting Rest Richard BaxterJ1A52
The Saving Work of the Holy SpiritErnest F. KevinJ1B55
The Scrolls from the Dead Sea Edmund WilsonJ1A28
The Shorter CatechismRev. Dr. SteelJ1G24
The Soldier’s Armoury; Bible Reading Plan with Daily CommentThe Salvation ArmyJ1D30
The Solitary Throne Samuel ZwemerJ1E11
The Son of his LoveW.J. HockingJ1G35
The Spirit of PrayerWilliam LawJ1D6
The Spirit of the Nation The Writers of “The Nation”J1C26
The Spirituality of JudaismRoger le DéautJ1H16
The Stable of BethlehemRev. P. Aug. RoeslerJ1D3
The Story of the Catholic RevivalClifton KelwayJ1H17
The Student's Catholic DoctrineCharles HartJ1H7
The Study of Theology Over Fifty Years in the Church of IrelandW.C.G. ProctorJ1B34
The Sunday Missal (Roman Catholic)J1C11
The Threefold Secret of the Holy Spirit James McConkeyJ1A14
The Truth the Leads to Eternal Life Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society of PennsylvaniaJ1D7
The Two Silver TrumpetsFrank K. WhiteJ1A73
The Union Under FirePeter RobinsonJ1B40
The Vatican Against Europe Edmond ParisJ1A82
The Vatican FinancesCorrado PallenbergJ1F27
The Virgin MaryGiovanni MieggeJ1F50
The Virgin MaryGiovanni MieggeJ1F51
The War Against GodS. Dark & R. S. EssexJ1F17
The Way of SalvationSt. LiguoriJ1B73
The Weekday Living WordElred WilleyJ1F28
The Woman’s Ministry in Church and HomeAlexander Rattray HayJ1D54
The Work of the Holy Spirit D. D. CandlishJ1A15
The World and its God Philip MauroJ1A75
The Year of the HikerJohn B. KeaneJ1B5
Theology Made Easy William H. YarrowJ1A3
There is and Alternative Brian BurkittJ1E22
They Met at Calvary W. E. SangsterJ1A29
Thoughts on Psalm 23 N. H. DawsonJ1C43
Trench Pictures from FranceMajor William Redmond.J1B27
Twentieth-Century Religious Thought: The Frontiers of Philosophy and Theology 1900-‘80 John MacquarrieJ1G43
Unity in the Dark Donald GilliesJ1A35
Unity in the Dark Donald GilliesJ1A36
Uplifting Thought of Hope and CheeJ.EJ1D34
VADE MECVM (European Parliament) 1981J1A46
VADE MECVM (European Parliament) 1982J1A45
Vatican Council II. The Conciliar and Post Concilar DocumentsAustin FlanneryJ1G37
Vaticanism: Political Principles of the Roman Catholic ChurchAlbert LévittJ1E2
VaticanismeGiuliano F. G. FerrariJ1F20
Voyage to VenusC.S. LewisJ1D46
Warburton’s MerciesJohn WarburtonJ1D25
What Ireland NeedsRev W. Fitzpatrick et alJ1D12
What is Heaven? F. E. MarshJ1C20
What the Holiness People Believe Jack FordJ1A13
Whatever Happened to the Big Fisherman? Peter WestcottJ1H38
When Your Money Fails Mary Stewart RelfeJ1A16
Where We Got the BibleHenry G. GrahamJ1A64
White Robe, Black Robe: A Dual Biography of Pope Leo X and Martin LutherCharles M. LeeJ1G42
Whitgift and the English Church V. J. K. BrookJ1A33
Who was the First Bishop of Rome? C. de Lisle ShorttJ1H23
Wholesome Food for Hungry PeopleJ. L. GlascockJ1H36
Whose Ministry?Gillian PatersonJ1F24
Why will Christ Come Back? F. E. MarshJ1A1
Will You Help Me? Handbook of Devotion to Divine MercyVal ConlonJ1B67
Years of History Arthur BryantJ1E7
Zen CatholicismDom Aerled GrahamJ1F10