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Reading Room – Judy – Ju

A Biography of John SungLeslie T. LyallJu1D13
A Book about the Clergy John Cordy JeaffresonJu1E31
A Book about the Clergy John Cordy JeaffresonJu1E32
A Catechism of the Catholic Religion Joseph DeharbeJu1C20
A Christian in East Germany Johannes HamelJu1H37
A Commentary on Canon Law. Book III Vol. IVRev. P. Chas. AugustineJu1G14
A Commentary on Canon Law. Book III Vol. VRev. P. Chas. AugustineJu1G18
A First Church History Vera E. WalkerJu1B26
A Modern Priest Looks at His Outdated Church James KavanaughJu1C6
A Modern Priest Looks at His Outdated Church James KavanaughJu1C7
A New Pilgrim’s Progress Geoffrey T. BullJu1H2
A Short History of the Presbyterian Church in Canada Neil G. Smith, Allan L. Farris & H. Keith MarkellJu1G16
A Text a Day Keeps the Devil Away IRKPJu1E23
A Tinker and a Poor Man; John Bunyan and His Church, 1628-1688Christopher HillJu1A11
A Treatise of the Pope’s Supremacy Isaac BarrowJu1B10
A Week at Bridge of AllanCharles RogerJu1G28
After Conversion – What? Lionel B. FletcherJu1E49
American Democracy & the Vatican Stephen D. MumfordJu1E50
AnglicanismP. E. More & F. L. CrossJu1D11
Apostles of Error; An Examination of Liberalism, Neo- Orthodoxy and Particularly New Evangelicalism, With Special Reference to Their Attitude to ScriptureAlan CairnsJu1A30
Approach to the Crucified Hubert Van ZellerJu1C28
Babylon: The Scarlet Woman A. CloseJu1C38
Between the Flood and the Rainbow D. Preman NilesJu1E12
Brethren; the Story of A Great RecoveryDavid J. BeattieJu1A7
Britain’s Last Struggle. Part of the Two Witnesses SeriesRev. James WrightJu1D28
British History and Papal Claims. Vol. I. 1066-1760James PatonJu1D3
British History and Papal Claims. Vol. II. 1760-1892James PatonJu1D2
Butler’s Lives of the Saints Vol. 1 Alban ButlerJu1C2
Butler’s Lives of the Saints Vol. 12 Alban ButlerJu1C4
Butler’s Lives of the Saints Vol. 2 Alban ButlerJu1C3
Butler’s Lives of the Saints. Vol. IIIRev. Alban ButlerJu1A20
CalvinEmanuel StickelbergerJu1A25
Canonization and Authority in the Western Church Eric Waldram KempJu1H23
Cardinal ManningArthur W. HuttonJu1A15
Catholic Approaches Lady PakenhamJu1C5
Charismatism: Awakening or Apostasy? O. Talmadge SpenceJu1E1
Charles Simeon Handley C. G. MouleJu1H27
Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith C. H. SpurgeonJu1B33
Christ Lore; the Legends, Traditions, myths, Symbols, Customs and Superstitions of the
Christian Church. Fredk. WM. Hackwood Ju1G4
Christian Foundations IRKPJu1E27
Christianity in America; A HandbookMark. A Noll & OthersJu1G31
Common Roots: New Horizons Hans UckoJu1E17
Contemporary Christologies: a Jewish Response Eugene B. BorowitzJu1B29
Contemporary Rome Viewed Through History Clive GillisJu1B16
Conversions H. T. Kerr & J. M. MulderJu1E45
Conversions; The Christian ExperienceH.T. Kerr, J.M. Mulder et al. Ju1G29
Cornbread and Caviar Bob JonesJu1H34
Cosmo Gordon LangJ.G. LockhartJu1A13
Crimes of Christianity G.W. Foote & J.M. WheelerJu1H16
Crossing the Threshold of Hope Pope John Paul IIJu1C10
Dictionary of the Council J. Deretz & A. NocentJu1H25
Disciples of All Nations; The Story of Christian ExapansionBasil MatthewsJu1A41
Dissent in its Relation to the Church of England G. H. CurteisJu1B6
Dissolution of the Monasteries G. W. O. WoodwardJu1E43
Dixon’s History of the Church of England. Vol. IRichard Dixon WatsonJu1A8
Dixon’s History of the Church of England. Vol. IIRichard Dixon WatsonJu1A9
Documents of the Christian Church Henry BettensonJu1E39
Ecumenicalism and RomanismPeter J. DoeswyckJu1D20
Ecumenism & Youth David DevadasJu1E10
Ecumenism and Charismatic Renewal: Theological and Pastoral Orentations Cardinal SuenensJu1H32
England’s Fight with the Papacy Walter WalshJu1H7
Erasmus and Other EssaysMarcus DodsJu1A19
Evangelical Influence in English Life James Theodore InskipJu1E44
Every Day with Andrew Murray; A Daily Guide to Scriptural PrayerAndrew MurrayJu1A34
Every Day; Bible Readings for Each Day of the YearScripture UnionJu1A35
Everyman’s LibraryErnest Rhys & OthersJu1G24
Expository Sermons IRKPJu1E26
Faith and History Reinhold NiebuhrJu1B27
Father Luigi Gentili and His Mission (1801-1848)Denis GwynnJu1A23
First Bishop in Western China W. W. CasselsJu1H4
Five Great EncyclicalsPopes Leo XIII & Pius XIJu1G20
For Such a Time as This IRKPJu1E20
Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster: 50 th Anniversary IRKPJu1B24
George Whitefield; A BiographyJoseph BelcherJu1D16
Glory Today for Conquest Tomorrow Robert G. LeeJu1E40
Grace HymnsVariousJu1B17
Grow Old Along With Me IRKPJu1E21
Handbook for the New RubricsFrederick R. McManusJu1B21
Hear My Prayer Samuel Taylor ColeridgeJu1H18
Heart Culture Theodore CuylerJu1C24
Heavenward Bound E. T. W. BranscombeJu1C9
Henry Martyn: Confessor of the Faith Constance PadwickJu1E54
Hero WorshipThomas CarlyleJu1A32
History of Protestant Theology. Vol. IIDr. J.A. DornierJu1G1
History of the Papacy During the Reformation. Vol. IM. CreightonJu1D25
History of the Papacy During the Reformation. Vol. IIM. CreightonJu1D26
History of the Papacy During the Reformation. Vol. IIIM CreightonJu1D27
History of the Reformation in GermanLeopold Von RankeJu1D6
History of Theology Bengt HagglundJu1E51
Holiness Triumphant Martin Wells KnappJu1C19
How to Obtain Fulness of Power R. A. TorreyJu1C42
How to Obtain Fulness of Power R. A. TorreyJu1C43
How to Study the Bible for Greater Profit R. A. TorreyJu1C44
I Step, I Mount: The Vision of John Henry Newman John H. NewmanJu1C34
Infallible? Hans KüngJu1B14
Interpretation of the ScripturesArthur W. PinkJu1A38
Into the Millennium IRKPJu1E22
John Wesley S. Reed BrettJu1H30
Journal of a Soul Pope John XXIIIJu1B8
Jungle Pilot: Nate Saint Russell T. HittJu1B25
Lectures to Young Men VariousJu1C35
Let God Be True Watch Tower Bible & Tract SocietyJu1A29
Letters on RomanismRev. William A. ButlerJu1G2
Life of ST. Vincent De PaulHenry BedfordJu1A3
Listening with the Heart David ForresterJu1C26
Liturgical Asides Dom Hubert Van ZellerJu1C18
Liturgy and Worship; A Companion to the Prayer Books of the Anglican CommunionW.K. Lowther Clarke et al.Ju1G26
Lives and Legends of Apostles and Evangelists Myrtle Strode-JacksonJu1C39
Livingstone the Liberator James I. MacnairJu1B32
Man of the Century: The Life and Times of Pope John Paul II Jonathan KwitnyJu1H12
Mansel’s Bampton Lectures; The Limits of Religious ThoughtRev. Henry ManselJu1G13
Manual of Theology for the Laity P. GeiermannJu1C13
MariologyRev. M.J. ScheebenJu1G22
Medieval Studies G. G. CoultonJu1B23
Memoir and LettersJames Kidwell PophamJu1G32
Memories Edward CloddJu1H19
Men and Manners in the Days of ChristJ.P. ArendzenJu1G6
Men and Movements in the Church F. A. IremongerJu1E48
Modern Rome in Modern England Philip SidneyJu1E38
Monthly Recollection Father VictorJu1C33
Moral theologyRev. Heribert JoneJu1G9
Mother of the Redeemer, Mother of the RedeemedOliver TreanorJu1A22
Mother Teresa: Her People and Her Work Desmond DoigJu1C32
Mussolini and the New ItalyAlexander RobertsonJu1G23
Mysticism and Catholicism Hugh E. M. StutfieldJu1E30
Newly Enlisted T. L. CuylerJu1C30
Nineteenth Century Studies B. WilleyJu1H26
Old Paths Being Plain Statement on Some of the Weightier Matters of ChristianityJ.C. RyleJu1A37
One is Your Master: The Story of One hundred Years of the Wesleyan Reform UnionJu1E46
Our Lady in Our Life Père BarnadotJu1B19
Outlines and Illustrations for Preachers, Teachers and Christian WorkersJ. EllisJu1A36
Palestine; The Land of My AdoptionJ.W. ClaphamJu1A6
Pat Robertson: The Authorized Biography John B. DonovanJu1E47
Perils of the Latter DaysLouis R. PatmontJu1D5
Peter’s City T. E. MooreJu1H1
Petronilla S. N. SedgwickJu1C37
Pius XII: Priest and Stateman Kees Van HoerJu1C29
Pope Paul VI Roy MacGregor-Hastie Ju1H9
Popular Objections to Revealed Truth Christian Evidence SocietyJu1H14
Population Perils and the Churches’ Response James B. Martin-SchrammJu1E19
Press, Preachers and PoliticiansHarry JeffsJu1A1
Protestantism J. Leslie DunstanJu1C16
Recollections of the Last Four Popes Cardinal WisemanJu1B1
Recollections of the Last Four Popes Cardinal WisemanJu1B2
Reformation: Retrospect, Introspect and Prospects Jack SinJu1E4
Refuting Evolution Jonathan SarfatiJu1H21
Religion in Victorian Britain. II ControversiesGerald Parsons & OthersJu1G30
Religious Freedom in a Changing World Ninan KoshyJu1E18
Respectable Sins Hugh ElderJu1B18
Reveries and Realities F. B. MeyerJu1H3
Revival Addresses R. A. TorreyJu1C1
Revival CameosPeter W. GentryJu1G17
Robert Runcie; A Portrait by His Friends.David L. Edwards & OthersJu1A16
Roman Customs and PracticesPeter J. DoeswyckJu1D23
Roman Hellenism and the New Testament Frederick C. GrantJu1H35
Runcie: The Making of the Archbishop Margaret DugganJu1E35
Ruth and Esther with Photogravures After Gilbert JamesGilbert JamesJu1G11
Saints and Sinners of the Fourth CenturyMarjorie StracheyJu1D10
Seek Ye FirstCardinal GriffinJu1A21
Seven ArchbishopsSidney DarkJu1A14
Singing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land William D. WatleyJu1E13
Sixty Holy Hours Raphael ClynesJu1C8
Springs in the ValleyMrs. Chas. E. CowmanJu1G27
Studies in History and Religion Ernest A. PayneJu1B20
Studies in Muslim EthicsDwight M. DonaldsonJu1A24
Sword of the Spirit Dhyanchand CarrJu1E16
Synoptical Dictionary of Scripture Parallels C. H. LambertJu1C40
T.R. Glover; A BiographyH.G. WoodJu1D14
The Ancient Scriptures for the Modern JewDavid BaronJu1A39
The Art of Prophesying with The Calling of the MinistryWilliam PerkinsJu1A5
The Autobiography of Mervyn Stockwood Mervyn StockwoodJu1E34
The Beginning of Western Christendom L. E. Elliott-BinnsJu1B28
The Book of Job and the Enigma of the AgesCharles H. WelchJu1A17
The Bridge Builders; Nine Great AnglicansH.A.L. RiceJu1D9
The Cambridge Companion to the BibleJu1H22
The Cathedrals of England Harry BatsfordJu1H8
The Catholic Reformation H. Daniel-RopsJu1H33
The Church in Rome in the First Century George EdmundsonJu1E33
The Church of England as Catholic and Reformed W. L. Paige CoxJu1H15
The Church of Our FathersRoland H. BaintonJu1G3
The Church Universal and The See of RomeHenry Edward SymondsJu1G5
The Clue to Pascal Emile CaillietJu1H13
The Comedy of Convocation in the English Church ChasubleJu1B5
The Confession after God’s Own Heart L. J. M. CrosJu1C12
The Confessions of Augustine Library of Spiritual Works for English CatholicsJu1D17
The Counter Reformation 1550-1600B.J. KiddJu1D19
The Death of a ChurchCarl McIntireJu1A40
The Ecumenical Era in Church and Society Edward J. JurjiJu1B22
The Ever Changing ChurchPeter J. DoeswyckJu1D21
The Faith and Modern Man Romano GuardiniJu1C25
The Foot of the Cross Frederick William FaberJu1C15
The Fraudulent Gospel Bernard SmithJu1E7
The Garments of Christ IRKPJu1E24
The Good Seed; The Story of the Children’s Special Service Mission and the
Scripture Union J.C. PollockJu1A10
The Greatest Story Ever Told Fulton OurslerJu1C21
The Grey NunBeth Coombe Harris
The Hallelujah Revolution; The Rise of the New ChristiansIan CottonJu1D8
The History of the Parson’s Wife Margaret H. WattJu1H31
The History of the Popes During the Last Four Centuries Vol. I Leopold Von RankeJu1B13
The History of the Romeward Movement in the Church of EnglandWalter WalshJu1D24
The Holy SpiritJasper Abraham HuffmanJu1G34
The Home BeyondRev. Ashton OxendenJu1G7
The Household of God Lesslie NewbiginJu1B7
The Identity of the New Testament TextWilbur. N. PickeringJu1A18
The Inter-Faith Movement Herbert J. PollittJu1E5
The Keys of St. Peter Roger PevrefitteJu1E53
The Law of Liberty in the Spiritual LifeEvan HopkinsJu1A26
The Life and Times of Prince Charles Stuart. Alex. Charles EwaldJu1G33
The Life and Times of St. CyprianGeo. Ayliffe PooleJu1D4
The Life of Madame GuyonThomas C. Upham
The Life of Neville Chamberlain Keith FeilingJu1E36
The Massacre of St. Bartholomew IRKPJu1B30
The Meeting of the Waters George CareyJu1E6
The Missionary Speaker and LeaderW.E. CuleJu1G21
The Mother MindszentyJu1C22
The Nearest in Affection Stuart BrownJu1H17
The New Topical Text Book R. A. TorreyJu1C41
The Next Steps for Churches Together in PilgrimageJu1E2
The Orations of Demosthenes Against Philip of MacedonJoseph StockJu1G15
The Personal Touch in ServiceJ. Wilbur ChapmanJu1G12
The Pill and Birth Regulation Leo PyleJu1C27
The Pope Jean CarrèreJu1B9
The Pope and the Council JanusJu1H10
The Pope and the Council JanusJu1H11
The Pope and the World Anton HenzeJu1H5
The Pope, The Kings and the People Vol. I W. ArthurJu1B11
The Pope, The Kings and the People Vol. II W. ArthurJu1B12
The Prayer Book; It’s History, Language and ContentsEvan DanielJu1A12
The Prelude to the Reformation R. S. ArrowsmithJu1E41
The Prevailing Word R. H. BoydJu1C36
The Priest in the World Josef SellmairJu1C14
The Primitive Saints and the See of Rome F. W. PullerJu1H24
The Protestant Faith and Challenge R. PykeJu1B4
The Protestant Sentinal N. H. ShawJu1H20
The Question Box Bertrand L. ConwayJu1C23
The Question- Box Answers; Replies to Questions Received on Missions to Non- CatholicsRev. Bertrand L. ConwayJu1G8
The Reformation and Its HeroesRev. Richard NewtonJu1D15
The Reformation; A Narrative History Related by Contemporary Observers and ParticipantsHans J. HillerbrandJu1D18
The Reformation’s Conflict with Rome Robert L. ReymondJu1E9
The Rent Veils at Calvary IRKPJu1E25
The Roman Catholic Church in ItalyAlexander RobertsonJu1G25
The Roman Way of SalvationPeter J. DoeswyckJu1D22
The Royal Priesthood of the Faithful Cyril EastwoodJu1E42
The Shorter Catechism: What it means James L. M. HaireJu1H6
The Silent Roots K. M. GeorgeJu1E11
The Solitary ThroneDr. S. M. ZwemerJu1A33
The Soul of the Question & The Question of the SoulIRKPJu1E29
The Spiritual Life Adolphe TanquereyJu1C31
The St. Andrew Seven S. Piggin & J. RoxboroughJu1E52
The Story of F.W. BorehamT. Howard CragoJu1D12
The Three Freds and AfterHorace BannerJu1A31
The Trial and burning of John Huss! Fra Poggius Ju1E3
The Triple CrownValérie PirieJu1D1
The Triple Crown Valérie PirieJu1B3
The Unity of Christians Augustin Cardinal BeaJu1H29
The Vision Lives; A Profile of Mrs. Charles E. CowmanB.H. PearsonJu1A27
The Works of Flavius Josephus Flavius Josephus Ju1C45
The World’s Greatest Sermons Grenville KleiserJu1B31
This is the Mass Henri Daniel-RopsJu1C11
Those Dutch Catholics M. van der Plas & H. Suèr Ju1H36
To Be the Church Konrad RaiserJu1E15
Union of Christendom Vol. IIKenneth Mackenzie et al.Ju1G10
Vatican Imperialism in the Twentieth CenturyAvro ManhattanJu1G19
Vicars of Christ; The Dark Side of the PapacyPeter de RosaJu1D7
Waiting on God Simone WeilJu1C17
Walking in the Same Direction Jeanne HintonJu1E14
What a Friend We Have in Jesus! IRKPJu1E28
What in the World is the World Council of Churches? Philip PotterJu1E8
Who was the First Bishop of Rome? C. de Lisle ShorttJu1B15
Winston Churchill as I knew Him Violet Bonham CarterJu1E37
With Hearts on Fire; The Story of Robert & Ivy MillikenDr. Chris ClementJu1A28
Your Death Warrant?: The Implications of Euthanasia Jonathan GouldJu1H28